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Washington State Ferries offers a free travel alert subscription service via email or text message. Travel Alerts help you stay informed of conditions on your route, so you can plan ahead.

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Please plan for additional wait times during the morning and afternoon commutes due to the decrease in vessel capacity. Please plan for additional wait times during the morning and afternoon commutes due to the decrease in vessel capacity.

Please plan for additional wait times during the morning and afternoon commutes due to the decrease in vessel capacity. However, fast-ferry customers can pay for their fare with ORCA card, Transit GO Ticket mobile app or cash.

Trucks with a clearance of less than 14” should not travel to/from the north end of Fashion and Point Defiance during the following dates/times: WSF has launched a new and improved rider alerts page.

As a reminder, the Governor’s Safe Start Plan is in effect. Customers are advised to limit travel on ferries to essential purposes only, and to observe physical distancing.

On some sailings, the number of walk-on passengers may be restricted so that riders can maintain physical distance. Passengers are also asked to comply with the Governor’s statewide order requiring that face masks and coverings be worn in public to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Jump to navigationJump to search Overview of ferry transportation in the U.S. state of Washington Ferry routes and terminals, with ownership shown by color.

Fauntleroy–SouthworthSouthworth West Seattle (Fauntleroy) South worth–Fashion South worth Fashion Island 200,672 109,548 Point Defiance–TahlequahTahlequah, Fashion Island Tacoma (Point Defiance) SR 163 812,786 473,924 Keller FerryClarkColville Indian Reservations 21 ? Wahkiakum County operates the Wahkiakum County Ferry between Puget Island, Washington and Westport, Oregon on the lower Columbia River.

The Colville Confederated Tribes operates the M/V Columbia Princess a.k.a. The Alumni Island Ferry, also known as the M/V What com Chief, from Gooseberry Point to Alumni Island is operated by Whatcom County.

From 2004 to April 2007, a private company, the Kit sap Ferry Co., provided passenger-only ferry service between Bremerton and Seattle, during weekday commute times. The service was canceled due to high costs and lack of support from Kit sap Transit, whose district voters failed to pass a sales tax increase for the foot ferry.

The most recent run between Kingston and Seattle, called Aqua Express, shut down after two years of unprofitable service. The M/V El Matador crossed the channel of Grays Harbor, from Ocean Shores to Westport during summer months.

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It was discontinued in 2008 due to the fact that the Ocean Shores Marina has not been dredged, and the vessel is unable to enter without having problems. Vessels geared to tourists ran from Port Angeles to Victoria, British Columbia, and were operated by Victoria Express until it ended its passenger service in 2010.

^ WSD OT GIS Data Download : Published by Washington State Department of Transportation. 2004-2005 Official State Highway Map, Washington State Department of Transportation, retrieved March 15, 2008 ^ a b “WSD OT Ferries Division- overview and fact sheet” (PDF).

^ “King County dives into foot ferries “, Seattle Times November 14, 2007 (accessed May 31, 2008) ^ http://www.ladyofthelake.com/index.php?page_id=1 ^ “Ocean Shores-Westport summer ferry service grounded”, The Daily World via The Seattle Times, Aberdeen, Washington, April 16, 2008, archived from the original on 2014-01-09 These reductions will start at the beginning of the service day Sunday, March 29, and remain in place through at least June 20.

A continued decrease in ridership due to public health recommendations Availability of sufficient crew personnel to meet federal requirements “I know many people depend on our state ferries to get to work, and for goods, services and medical appointments,” said Secretary of Transportation Roger Miller.

“Our top priority remains the safety of our passengers and WSF crew as they continue vital ferry service.” “The suspension of these sailings will give vessel crews and terminal staff more time to spotless and sanitize, making the ferries safer for everyone,” said Amy Carton, head of WSF.

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Recently, many island residents have harbored complaints with the Washington State Ferries (WSF). Some residents and commuter students have struggled to catch ferries due to an unreliable schedule and misleading alerts, with some boats leaving hours behind schedule and filled far below their maximum vehicle capacity.

This has caused many residents to lose trust in the current ferry system and believe that WSF is failing to respond to criticism. “ presentation was completely tone-deaf,” said a community member who attended the last WSF meeting.

As recently as mid October, the ferry line has extended past the 76 gas station in Fauntleroy, a phenomenon usually witnessed only during summer when the island’s population expands due to part-time residents. Additionally, WSF’s spending has some taxpayers worried; in recent years, the system has failed to keep costs under control.

In 2015, WSF bought 6 million dollars worth of generators that turned out to be unable to function on the ferries. The policy is intended to keep students and passengers safe, but many people believe that there wasn’t actually a need for the policy in the first place, and that any problems arising from students could be solved with simple communication (see Oct. 7 issue of The Riptide for more details).

With King County's count of coronavirus infections reaching 39, and its death toll climbing to 10, Washington State Ferries said Wednesday in a press release commuters can rest assured its vehicles are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The release states that, even before the COVID-19 outbreak began, the ferry service's vessels are cleaned before each scheduled departure, including wiping down tables and seats, scrubbing bathroom sinks and faucets and disinfecting all surfaces.

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“Our terminal facilities are also routinely cleaned, including bathrooms, counters, and ticket kiosks,” Washington State Ferries said in the statement. Because not every terminal provides wireless or hands-free ticket scanning, it's not possible to entirely avoid handling money and passes.

|News|1d D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on Congress to investigate the assault on the U.S. Capitol by rioters and hold President Trump accountable. |News|1d D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on Congress to investigate the assault on the U.S. Capitol by rioters and hold President Trump accountable.

Amtrak Cascades encourages its employees, passengers and even the public to practice good hygiene as recommended by the CDC and leave at least a six-foot space between each person to prevent the spread of the virus. As trial balloons go, privatizing the state ferry system is barely inflated.

Right now, nine unions representing ferry workers are negotiating with the governor on new contracts in what’s been described as tense and difficult talks. Workers are trying to preserve a package of pay and benefits generally more generous than what other state employees enjoy.

It appears the governor, backed by ferry administrators and state lawmakers, is committed to making things more equal. Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond and ferries chief David Moseley did converse with the governor before she rolled out her master transformation plan.

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They don’t mind chatting about privatizing, but right now they’re knee-deep in contract talks and cost-cutting reforms and running the ship. In a first swipe at the issue, the governor’s staff found few benefits for the state and pain for the riders.

“If Washington’s ferry system were to be privatized in some form, it would either require a substantial subsidy or service would have to be cut and fares increased,” they told her in a briefing paper. WSF will continue to make its regularly scheduled domestic stops in the San Juan Islands. Reservations made on sailings to Sidney through April 28 will automatically be canceled.

Washington States Ferries has officially launched its new hybrid-ferry new build program at Vigor’s Seattle shipyard. The Olympic class hull form is one of the most efficient in the fleet with less drag through the water and a small wake for a positive environmental impact.

The new hybrid vessels will utilize the existing Olympic class hull form, but will be capable of 100% electric operation on most routes once the infrastructure needed for charging is installed. Over the life of the vessels, WSF expects a 94% reduction in carbon emissions along with the added benefit of significantly reduced operating costs.

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