Are Washington Covid Cases Increasing

Christina Perez
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Officials also said Wednesday the state will move into its next phase of COVID-19 -19 vaccination sooner than expected and will begin inoculating people aged 70 years and older, among others. Health secretary Dr. Mere Shah acknowledged the state’s rollout had been uneven and that the department needed to hasten the pace of vaccination.

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Officials also said Wednesday the state will move into its next phase of COVID-19 -19 vaccination sooner than expected and will begin inoculating people aged 70 years and older, among others, The Seattle Times reported. Health secretary Dr. Mere Shah acknowledged the state’s rollout had been uneven and that the department needed to hasten the pace of vaccination.

Cumulative Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths by CountyCounty Cases HospitalizationsDeaths Adams 1,7308719 Austin 1,2025626 Benton 13,706715184 Ch elan 5,52824145 Callao 852325 Clark 16,506876175 Columbia 93144 Cowling 3,36816137 Douglas 2,93911718 Ferry 197124 Franklin 9,84748188 Garfield 102124 Grant 6,86532053 Grays Harbor 2,76613231 Island 1,1227122 Jefferson 277232 King 74, 5004,6781,191 Kit sap 4,84624558 Hittites 1,9905330 Kickiest 582274 Lewis 3,07119534 Lincoln 294174 Mason 2,0106317 Flanagan 1,96711832 Pacific 630228 Pend Oracle 534364 Pierce 31, 7812,274436 San Juan 9050 Skagit 3,87522246 Ska mania 23491 Snohomish 26, 6251,766467 Spokane 31, 4171,669431 Stevens 1,3808219 Thurston 5,95936265 Wahkiakum 6420 Wall Wall 4,22220648 What com 5,02724959 Whitman 3,0468137 Yakima 23, 4071,191353Unassigned1,436174 Total 296,08716,9394,065 Also, if a hospital did not provide a daily update, then their last reported data is included in the total counts.

Vaccinations by CountyCountyVaccine Doses GivenPeople Initiating VaccinationPeople Fully Vaccinated Adams 57150214 Austin 62633396 Benton 7,9445,2041,025 Ch elan 6,4713,7911,062 Callao 8,5037,874862 Clark 14,10612,1442,581 Columbia 1211792 Cowling 2,0272,804674 Douglas 1751,508398 Ferry 368282105 Franklin 1,4761,578307 Garfield 0171 Grant 2,4292,177436 Grays Harbor 2,6112,192152 Island 3,2732,299437 Jefferson 2,3841,494691 King 126,25891,29716,873 Kit sap 11,81911,4672,267 Hittites 1,9991,677664 Kickiest 1,074587128 Lewis 2,3761,329109 Lincoln 42250812 Mason 1,6471,608363 Flanagan 2,2602,018416 Pacific 912590121 Pend Oracle 867403132 Pierce 37,19629,9106,935 San Juan 42147910 Skagit 4,9324,243500 Ska mania 18620913 Snohomish 23,99828,8383,941 Spokane 21,30719,6501,849 Stevens 1,9991,701234 Thurston 9,4458,8241,395 Wahkiakum 53443615 Wall Wall 3,0312,547639 What com 7,2127,5041,642 Whitman 2,9011,877533 Yakima 8,1676,8231,280Unassigned11,78812,9471,784 Total 335,836281,85050,698 Federal and state holidays (e.g., December 25, January 1) COVID-19 -19 death data is updated Monday-Friday only.

We add the counts collected on weekends to the following Monday and Tuesday reports. COVID-19 -19 vaccination data is updated on alternate weekdays (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Minor time delays in the collection of laboratory testing data, confirming cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations occur regularly due to processing and reporting variation between data sources. This variation is due to differences in individual actions, laboratory capacities, and case confirmation and reporting processes.

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After analyzing time lags between steps, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) increased the period of incomplete reporting for most metrics to 10 days to ensure that 90% of data are accounted for in our posted numbers. The dashboard includes all COVID-19 -19 vaccinations reported to the IIS since the first Emergency Use Authorization was approved (December 11, 2020).

Public health experts agree that the true number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 -19 in Washington greatly exceeds those that have been laboratory-confirmed. Confirmed cases are those where individuals had a positive molecular test result for COVID-19 -19.

Our dashboard includes antigen test results dating back to June 2020, when they were first reported in Washington. Washington State Department of Health (DOH) continues to work on a sustainable solution.

Effective August 25, 2021, DOH changed the methodology for reporting test results. As of December 10, 2020, death counts on our dashboard reflect those in our official vital records database (the Washington Health and Life Events System) where the cause of death was confirmed or suspected to have been COVID-19 -19.

We no longer report preliminary death information recorded in other systems. Share on Pinterest Hospitalizations decreased last week but still remain above 120,000 nationwide.

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Editor’s note: This story will be updated regularly as new statistics are released. As vaccines continue to be slowly distributed across the nation, the number of COVID-19 -19 cases in the United States may finally be starting to decline from the record highs of the first half of January.

Overall, the United States has more than confirmed COVID-19 -19 cases since the pandemic began. An incoming Biden administration official has predicted the death toll could reach 500,000 by mid-February.

One state, Hawaii, is listed as being “lower and staying low.” On Jan. 15, the United States set a record with 2.2 million COVID-19 -19 tests performed.

Reuters reports there were 8 states where new COVID-19 -19 cases rose this past week. In terms of percentage, Wyoming showed the largest increase among states for newly confirmed cases.

In terms of sheer numbers, California remains on top with 277,058 new cases, a decrease of 10 percent from the previous week. Texas is second with 153,843 new positive tests, a dip of 1 percent from the previous week.

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The hospitalization rate dropped this past week for the first time since October. According to data last updated Jan. 20, the state had 20,323 people in the hospital for COVID-19 -19.

Florida is fourth with 7,420 people hospitalized with COVID-19 -19, a slight rise from last week. Georgia is now in fifth place with 5,532 hospitalizations, a slight decrease from a week ago.

Oregon had the highest percentage increase among states at 85 percent with 195 deaths. Additional fact checking on this story was done by Jennifer Check.

Meghan Griffin stands at the entrance of a store offering masks, gloves and hand sanitizer at the Garden State Plaza mall in Para mus, New Jersey, on June 29. A worker cleans and disinfects a table in Times Square, as the coronavirus outbreak continues, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, on June 29.

People walk past the historic Frolic Room bar, which is shuttered along Hollywood Boulevard amid the COVID-19 -19 pandemic on June 29, in Los Angeles, California. Kelly Lain celebrates her birthday at her parents' front lawn, while practicing social distancing, amid the coronavirus disease outbreak, in Pasadena, California, on June 28.

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Musician Elaine Alt wears a device to maintain social distance from others during the coronavirus outbreak before marching from Dolores Park in San Francisco, on June 28 at a protest by gay activists and supporters calling for an end to racial injustice and accountability for police. Cardinal Timothy Dylan receives hand sanitizer as he celebrates mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, in Manhattan, New York, on June 28.

Zinc Goodall wears a face mask as she carries a rainbow flag while walking with friends in the Castro District amid the coronavirus outbreak in San Francisco, California on June 27. As San Francisco Pride turns 50 without its signature parade down Market Street and Civic Center party due to the coronavirus pandemic, LGBTQ individuals and their allies are marking the milestone in other ways.

Fans attend a live stream of a Garth Brooks concert event at Canterbury Village Drive-In Powered by Imagine on June 27 in Lake Orion, Michigan. Due to ongoing coronavirus social distancing restrictions, the one-night drive-in event will have two separate performances broadcasted on large LCD screens with sound played through car radios at over 300 drive-ins throughout the country.

Joel Draft, a photographer, editor and photo archivist, waves toward family, friends and colleagues during a drive-by vehicle parade to celebrate his retirement amid the pandemic, in Katy, Texas, on June 27. Dr. Anthony Fauci, right, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, puts on his mask during a news conference with Vice President Mike Pence, left, and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Agar, center, and other members of the Coronavirus Task Force at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, on June 26.

An aerial view of people in cars lined up to be tested for COVID-19 -19 in a parking lot at Dodger Stadium amid the coronavirus pandemic on June 26 in Los Angeles, California. Florida banned alcohol consumption at its bars on June 26 as its daily confirmed coronavirus cases neared 9,000, a new record that is almost double the previous mark set just two days ago.

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Healthcare professional McKenzie Anderson, left, prepares to take a sample from a patient at a United Memorial Medical Center COVID-19 -19 testing site on June 26, in Houston. Greg Abbott has said that the state is facing a “massive outbreak” in the coronavirus pandemic and that some new local restrictions may be needed to protect hospital space for new patients.

Dancers with the Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company perform a dress rehearsal at a baseball field in Central Park, New York, on June 26. U.S. Rep. Lydia Velazquez talks to Rep. Carolyn Maloney prior to a hearing before the Coronavirus Crisis Subcommittee of House Oversight and Reform Committee June 26, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

The group Mariachi Mexican serenades Ramon Salazar, seated on his porch, in an effort to lift the spirits of older residents who are sheltering at home to reduce their risk of exposure to the COVID-19 -19 pandemic on June 25, in Long Beach, California. Incoming cadets wear masks as they run from the bus to the footprints that were spaced 6 feet apart on June 25, during the In-Processing Day at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Greg Abbott said that the state is facing a “massive outbreak” in the coronavirus pandemic and that some new local restrictions may be needed to protect hospital space for new patients. Luis Chavarría has his temperature taken by Sandra Lazada, medical assistant, while Alexander Paris, nurse practitioner at St. John's Well Child and Family Center, prepares a COVID-19 -19 test, on June 25, in Los Angeles.

The resource drive is for families isolated due to COVID-19 -19 on Navajo, Xalapa, Havasupai and White Mountain Apache tribal lands. D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowler (D) on Monday said she expects a rise in coronavirus cases in the coming weeks, underscoring concerns about holiday travel as leaders across the Washington region lobby the federal government for additional financial relief.

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While it could be weeks before the region sees the effect of Thanksgiving travel, Bowler on Monday pointed to a nationwide jump in cases that is still being felt in the nation’s capital. Neil J. Legal, an assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of Maryland, said it could be weeks before spikes in cases are seen that stem from Thanksgiving travel.

Larry Hogan ® on Monday wrote to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, saying the state’s top priority is another round of stimulus funding to help battle the virus. Hogan, who has advocated for more federal funding since spring, told the transition team that small businesses, as well as state and local governments, need money soon.

Many state and local governments, which are unable to carry a budget deficit, face significant shortfalls as tax revenue declines and costs rise for the public health response to the pandemic. “States are already fighting an uphill battle to rebuild our economies and maintain services in education, health care, emergency operations and public safety,” Hogan wrote.

“Without federal assistance, we could be forced to consider furloughs and job cuts, halts to construction, reductions in government services, and other measures that will cause an increase in unemployment and further delay the economic recovery.” Attorneys general from D.C., Maryland and Virginia on Monday joined 40 others to ask Congress for an extension to Cares Act funding, which otherwise would expire at the end of the year.

John Radicchio, chief of staff for Bowler, said the District has been in touch with Biden’s transition team to discuss additional aid but had not yet made a formal request. Tensions over measures to combat the virus rose in D.C. over the weekend when the city shut down Silicone fitness studio locations.

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Magnum praised Bowler for measures intended to protect city residents and said her studio is working with the administration to “come to a resolution around the operation of group fitness.” Police officials did not respond to questions Monday about whether any officers who worked the Nov. 14 rally that drew supporters of President Trump were among those who have tested positive.

Bowler on Monday also announced a $10 million fund for housing stabilization grants to aid residents and affordable-housing providers who have struggled to keep up with rent payments because of the virus.

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