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Please check our Winter Schedule page for up-to-date information on the camping and day-use statuses of individual parks. Washington State Parks administrative buildings, including our Tum water headquarters, Eastern Region office in Wenatchee and Northwest Region office in Burlington are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19.

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Our call center is contacting campers whose reservations are needing to be changed or canceled. Open marine parks on uninhabited islands in San Juan County include transient use of moo rage and boys.

Washington State Parks will announce reopening of these facilities on its website and through its Facebook and Twitter social media channels. Check in time for roofed accommodations has been changed to 4 p.m. to allow for more cleaning due to COVID-19.

Below are the open /closed status of individual parks roofed accommodations and interpretive centers. Lincoln Rock (cabins) Mount Spokane (rustic shelters) Pacific Beach (yurts) Paradise Point.

Jay Inslee's plan to ease rules imposed to prevent the spread of the virus. Beaches and campgrounds would re- open under the second phase of the plan, although large gatherings would still be banned.

State officials plan to wait at least three weeks between each phase to see how the changes affect infection rates. Some farmers' markets are already open, including one in West Seattle where on Sunday people bought things like asparagus, radishes and onions.

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Chalk arrows pointed to the market entrance, including the words “Yes farms, yes food,” with smiley faces every six feet to designated distance to wait between customers. Washington shellfish resources are managed by both the DOH (safety & water quality) and DFW (harvest regulations).

Closed for all species including clams, produce, scallops, mussels, oysters, snails and other invertebrates (not crab or shrimp). Zoom to County: Callao Grays Harbor Island Jefferson King Kit sap Mason Pacific Pierce San Juan Skagit Snohomish Thurston What com Click on a beach or marine area for more information.

Dragging the vertical bar on the right side of the map will temporarily remove health information. Holding down the shift key while dragging a box on the map will also zoom in.

> NOTE Washington State Parks administrative buildings, including our Tum water headquarters, Eastern Region office in Wenatchee and Northwest Region office in Burlington are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19. If you need assistance, visit our contact page for more information.

> FIND out which parks are open for camping, day use and roofed accommodations rentals. > READ translations of our Guidelines for Responsible Outdoor Recreation and FAQs in 33 languages.

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Visitors may find reduced or limited restroom services as staff begin the process to reopen facilities at wildlife areas and water-access sites. You are advised to bring your own soap, water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper, as well as a mask or bandana to cover your nose and mouth.

If you have symptoms of fever, coughing or shortness of breath, save your outdoor adventure for another day. Rule enforcement puts visitors and staff at risk.

Please follow all rules to reduce the need for interaction with rangers and other park staff. Keep up on personal hygiene and bring your own water, soap and hand sanitizer with you.

While the Washington coast doesn’t have the sunbathers, surfer dudes (unless you’re in Westport), or a lot of sunshine, it makes up for it with drop-dead gorgeous scenery. On any of our Washington beaches, you are likely to encounter iconic sea stacks, incredible hikes, and some of the moodiest scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

In this post, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite Washington beaches and how you can experience this amazing part of the state for yourself. *Northbound Washington Beach Trip: Begin in Portland and work your way up the coast, with optional stops in places like Ocean Shores, Forks, and Port Angeles.

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*Southbound Washington Beach Trip: Begin in Seattle and take the ferry from downtown to Bremerton. (Alternatively, take the Edmonds ferry to Kingston if you’re starting north of Seattle).

Make sure to download The Dirt, the largest campground sourcing app on the market! We have the pro version, which gives us access to offline maps and their road trip planner that helps us track the best campground spots along our route, and honestly, it’s worth every penny.

With rich diversity in landscape, you can explore tide pools, go whale watching, hike old-growth rainforests, and even camp in this amazing Washington state park. This coastal area of Washington was originally used by Native Americans in the summer, and was given the name “vis-à-vis” meaning “place of sand”.

Half Moon Bay has 1,215 feet of shoreline and sizable waves perfect for west coast surfers. Westport is even home to the surf competition, Clean Water Classic, held annually.

Twin Harbors State Park : Explore the tall dune grass, walk along the driftwood-covered shoreline or even storm-watch in winter. Twin Harbors also has a great selection of cabins, yurts, and camping spots for rent at any time of year.

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For the more active beach lovers, we recommend exploring the North Jetty, or braving the cold Washington coast waters and going bodyboarding. North of the Keillor Lodge, you’ll find the most spectacular example of life on all the Washington beaches.

A tree hangs on for dear life, with erosion taking away all the soil out from underneath it. What’s left is the tree, stretching its branches to hang on to both sides of the bluff, suspending its roots in the open air.

This place is named Ruby Beach for the red ruby-like speckles you can find throughout the sand here. On all three beaches, you can discover sea stacks, driftwood, and miles of open shore.

You can easily access tide pools, and explore near a prominent sea stack close to shore. There are endless opportunities to photograph wildlife, take a hike, and discover stunning rock formations.

Note: Overnight backpacking here requires an Olympic National Park Wilderness Permit. They are $8 per person per night, and you can visit the Port Angeles or Lake Pinault Ranger Stations to obtain one.

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Alternatively, you can visit the Port Angeles Wilderness Information Center for more details. If you plan to obtain a permit, come prepared to pay on the spot, and make a copy of your itinerary for the rangers.

We are planning a summer backpacking trip and will report back with more information. While there is technically no beach access, there are several viewing platforms that provide stunning vistas of off-shore sea stacks, islands, and the Pacific Ocean.

At the very end of the trail, make sure to look out to Tattoos Island and spot the offshore lighthouse! This is an area of the coast that opens the Puget Sound to the rest of the Pacific Ocean.

Below we’ve included a Google map of the best ocean beaches in Washington state to help you in your planning. Throw a rain jacket in the back of your car just in case the coast decides to change its mind.

Leaving a fresh change of clothes in the car will allow you to not hold back on any adventures you may come across! There are plenty of accommodations along the Washington state coast that can fit anyone’s budget and comfort level.

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These national park locations (Point of Arches, Shi Beach, Odette Triangle, Rialto Beach, and Keillor to name major areas) all require a National Park Pass for a day visit. For example, Cape Flattery is located on the Make Tribe land, and they require a $10 day fee.

Long Beach is actually considered an official highway, with 28-miles of shore that stretch from Gray’s Harbor to the entrance of the Columbia River. If you decide to purchase a product or service we recommend here, we may receive a small commission.

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