Are Washington Ballots Color Coded

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Blue Inbound Envelope’ve been getting some questions about why we color code our envelopes. Red Return Enveloper envelope colors have nothing to do with politics (Washington voters don’t register with a party, anyway) but actually have to do with helping us and the U.S.

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This helps our office and the Postal Service distinguish your red envelope as a returned ballot. And finally, the green envelopes are used by overseas and service voters to return their ballots.

The woman claims postal workers could simply throw out the ballots from the party they disagree with. San Diego Registrar of Voters Michael VU said primary ballot envelopes are clearly marked with party affiliation.

“The fact is every single active registered voter within our state will be receiving a mail ballot.” In a viral video, a woman claims a barcode on ballot envelopes are marked with a “D” for Democrat or “R” for Republican.

Americans take for granted that, when we step into the voting booth and cast our ballots, the choices we make will remain secret unless we voluntarily reveal them. Yet the secret ballot was essentially unheard of in the United States until the mid-19th century, and it wasn’t adopted throughout the country until the 1890s.

The primary value of the secret ballot is that it enables us to lie about which buttons we actually push when we step into that voting booth. Millions of voters have long since learned to conceal their political views from friends, family members, and co-workers to avoid unnecessary strain on important relationships.

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While the benefits of the secret ballot seem increasingly paltry, the new dangers that it poses may have begun to outweigh its merits. One of the most alarming things about the recent elections is the fact that many voters apparently lied, not only to pollsters but to their families and friends, about supporting Trump.… Voicing your opinion publicly was, until the advent of the secret ballot, an integral and natural part of political life.

“Open voting” would instead provide countless new opportunities for “introducing shame into the calculus of citizenship,” and its primary targets would be voters who dare to cast ballots for the “wrong” candidates. Tonight, regardless of how reluctant the media will be to call key states like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, the outcome will already be obvious when these voters appear at the polls in numbers that cannot be overcome by “late-arriving” mail-in ballots.

Is a viral video showing that ballot return envelopes labeled with an 'R' or a 'D' to indicate the voter's registered party legit? One viral video claims that voting-by-mail could lead to fraud, due to a label on the back of an envelope.

To find out if this video was legit, the Verify Team turned to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, which confirmed on their website that the labeled envelopes were real. These labels are only present on the return envelopes for primaries in Palm Beach County.

“There would be no way to tell the party affiliation of a voter based on their vote by mail ballot envelope,” the spokesperson said. The statement on the Supervisor of Elections website also points out that tampering would be a federal crime, and that they've so far not received any reports of this happening.

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A spokesperson from the Virginia Department of Elections told the Verify Team that “the return envelope of an absentee ballot does indicate party affiliation of the primary for which the voter requested.” The Verify Team looked into an online video, claiming that ballot return envelopes are labeled with either 'R' or 'D', depending on party affiliation.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I got my mail-in ballot about a week ago, my girlfriend got hers yesterday (same address).

We live in Washington County, she recently moved in with me from Multnomah, but she changed her voter registration to the new address long before things were due to mail out. Hers has a pink dashed mark, mine is solid orange.

The crowd was small and fatigued after a late night of protests in the District that kept many demonstrators out into the early hours of the morning. Marchers were urged to sing and chant as they walked, carrying flags, homemade signs and a papier-mâché rendering of a billionaire with a money bag for a head holding a check made out to Fox News.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, compared the Republican effort to cast doubt on the election results in several contested states to actions by authoritarian leaders in other countries. At McPherson Square, a quiet crowd gathered Wednesday afternoon to demand a full vote count in the race for the presidency.

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Toddlers hoisted handmade signs above their heads, a group of veterans stood in silent protest, and community activists delivered speeches from a stage. Every so often, musicians performed beneath a Jumbo tron that read “COUNT THE VOTES,” transforming the crowd of about 100 into a sort of democratic park concert.

“It’s not enough to invite people into democracy to kick them out of it,” Tyson Hobson-Powell, founder and director of policy at Concerned Citizens DC, told the crowd. He later urged the group to continue mobilizing for justice after Trump leaves office, echoing the cautious optimism of many of the event’s left-leaning speakers.

Steven Kernan, a 33-year-old Marine veteran, traveled from Eugene, Ore., to make sure every vote is counted in this year’s presidential election, which he called the most important of his lifetime. “We all served to protect the Constitution and rights of all Americans,” he said, surrounded by members of the liberal veterans group Common Defense.

She posed for a photo in front of the wall of protest art as Mara framed her with the Washington Monument in the distance. If you are a registered voter and do not receive your ballot, contact your county elections department.

The state General Election Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to every household in Washington. Accessible versions, including PDFs, audio files, and a text only format, are available online.

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Call (800) 448-4881 or email if you are unable to easily locate the accessible version. Other sources of information about candidates and issues include local newspapers, television, libraries, political parties, and campaigns.

Your county elections department reviews your signature and compares it to your voter registration records. Each voting center is open during business hours during the voting period, which begins eighteen days before, and ends at 8:00 p.m. on the day of, the primary, special election, or general election.

You can locate your nearest voting center by logging into Vote WA.gov or contacting your county's elections department. COVID-19 update: Voting by mail is safe and does not present a risk of spreading the virus.

You should contact your county elections office to determine what arrangements can be made for in person voting. Washington State law allows all eligible election contests to be voted on this ballot.

Contact your local county elections department when you have destroyed, spoiled, lost, or not received the original ballot. Alternatively, you can obtain a replacement ballot delivered online by logging into Vote WA.gov.

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Washington provides in person same-day registration services at county elections offices and provisional ballots are not common. Your ballot cannot be traced back to you, ensuring the secrecy of your vote.

All ballots are inspected to make sure the tabulating machine will be able to read all votes. Tabulation equipment is tested before every election to make sure it is working accurately.

Return your ballot by official drop box or by mail, no stamp needed. Votes cast are tabulated after 8 p.m. PST on Election Day.

COVID-19 update: Voting by mail is safe and does not present a risk of spreading the virus. You should contact your county elections office to determine what arrangements can be made for in person voting.

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