Are Wallflower Scents Bad For You

Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 7 min read

It's a very popular product and gift at this time of the year, but an Ohio woman said be careful. Here’s what happened to her Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug-in air freshener and what the company has to say about it.

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Theresa Don elan from Sheffield Village in the Cleveland area has bought dozens of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers over the years but just recently she said she had a problem. Unfortunately, other Bath & Body Works customers have had similar problems even posting their own damage.

We found nothing on the outside of the product about keeping it 12 inches from other items and nothing around the scented oils she bought either. The label directs customers to keep a 12-inch clearance above the unit to allow the fragrance oils to disperse appropriately.

It’s actually quite difficult to find a list of ingredients for Bath and Body Works air fresheners online. The issue with air fresheners and this applies to all brands and types, is that they contain loads of synthetic and toxic ingredients.

Headaches, nausea, and generally feeling sick Irritating the throat, nose, and eyes Liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage Potentially causing cancer It’s hard to say that they are toxic, seeing as their air fresheners are allowed to be sold and do go through government regulations and testing.

Also, as this article explains, they have sold products with harmful ingredients before that they were forced to stop using. The important thing here is to be aware of how your pet is reacting if you’re using air fresheners and to stop using them if there are signs they are toxic to them.

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Your pet doesn’t spend time near or in the room where the air freshener is They are coughing or wheezing You notice nasal discharge or the keep pawing at their nose Vomiting or diarrhea Changes in appetite or mood If your pet manages to come into contact with the fluid, or worse still lick it, this can be potentially very serious.

Every pet parent knows that odor control can be the toughest part of living with animals. Plug-in diffusers, sprays, purifiers and wax are the most common and Bath and the Body Works Wallflowers (see selection on Amazon.com) is one of the most popular.

The Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are not completely safe for pets due to the toxins used in them. There are many reports by pet owners saying that their cats repeatedly threw up while using the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers.

Also, cats tend to have an increase in feline asthma as a result of living in a household where air fresheners or incense is used and even just from the smell of cleaning products. Ingesting it can be more dangerous than simply breathing it, causing adverse effects in the gastrointestinal system.

Coughing and sneezing Nasal and eye discharge Vomiting or diarrhea Itching Change in appetite or mood If you suspect your pet is reacting adversely to any air freshener product, seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.

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Variety of compounds have been used over the past two millennia for their abilities to create pleasant aromas or eliminate unpleasant odors. The function of the first modern air freshener was based on a military technology for dispensing insecticides and adapted into a pressurized spray using a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellant.

It has been shown to cause tissue damage and cancer in the lungs of rodents in laboratory studies. Although it makes them an excellent scent dispersal agent, unfortunately, they too have been linked to an increased risk of asthma.

Below are some options to turn to in keeping your home fragrant and at the same time safe for your furry pets. Aside from that, they are also known to increase mood and productivity, enhance concentration and memory and reduce stress and fatigue.

Glade, Febrile and Airsick are the popular drugstore plug-in air fresheners. Other companies such as Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works also offer plug-in fresheners as well.

A plug-in offers a fast and easy way to eliminate odors from the air and keep your space smelling nice and clean, kind of. A room where my family and I come together to spend time and create memories was moments away from destroying any form of life in my house.

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After hours of wondering if my dog had peed near the tree, my family and I started to question why the odd odor was not going away. I would stick my head in between the tree and the wall to check where exactly this smell was coming from, and it was almost an instant headache.

After an hour of waiting anxiously in the kitchen, another place in my house where the aroma of homemade cooking would usually make everyone smile was now a dark room that had a cold breeze running through. The windows were opened to eliminate the harsh smell of burning chemicals.

When I was watching my father replace the outlet, there was an odd oil residue. The day after Thanksgiving, my family and I were excited as ever to start decorating for Christmas.

It was only a matter of time before this outlet caught on fire and destroyed everything in its path. According to the National Resources Defense Council, “NRC’s independent testing of 14 common air fresheners, none of which listed phthalates as an ingredient, uncovered these chemicals in 86 percent of the products tested, including those advertised as ‘all- natural’ or ‘unscented.

Phthalates are known to be in children’s toys and air fresheners, two items any growing family would have. “This chemical can eventually seep into your bloodstream and alter hormone levels and cause birth defects,” according to the NRC.

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A chemical that is in toys that babies play with is essentially the cause of changing hormones and birth defects. Make sure there is a fire alarm on every floor of your house in case of an emergency.

It also found the presence of serpents, which are chemicals often derived from citrus oils that are not inherently dangerous, but react with ozone to form formaldehyde . While these conclusions may seem like cause for alarm, the study also reported that health-related issues would apply mostly to professional house cleaners or janitors who are exposed to high levels of the products .

Likewise, the U.S. National Institute of Health Sciences reported that the chemicals in air fresheners can reduce lung capacity and may hasten respiratory diseases . Around a third of the participants with asthma said air fresheners will aggravate their condition, and 40 percent reacted negatively to scented products in general .

Also, some companies now sell “greener” air fresheners for consumers who are concerned about the health effects with lowered levels of pollutants. Proper ventilation, along with baking soda, coffee grounds or lemon peels (try grinding them up in your disposal) can all disperse and eliminate peevish odors.

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