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YoungWallander Written by Benjamin Harris Jessica Huston Anew Bhagavan Ben Stiffer Of episodes6ProductionProducerBerna LevinRunning time41-52 minutesProduction company Yellow Bird ReleaseOriginal network Netflix Picture format HDTV1080p Audio format Stereo Original release September 3, 2020 (2021-09-03) –present Passion explained that the reimagining (i.e. YoungWallander being set in the present day) made more sense than a straight prequel as it allowed for the social commentary which is a strong element of Mandell's original Hollander.

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This choice of setting the series in the modern day has been criticized in a number of reviews. YoungWallander is a young, edgy, and modern series that sees Henning Mandell’s iconic detective Kurt Hollander investigate his gripping first case.

In fact, The Telegraph has declared YoungWallander to be “the worst TV drama of the streaming era.” Their main sticking point? It’s set in modern day Sweden and its hero is hardly the middle-aged alcoholic cynic, fraying at the bits, that Kurt Hollander is typically supposed to be.

Adam Pålsson‘s Kurt Hollander is a young cop, struggling to get ahead, happy with one beer as a nightcap, and terribly chivalrous when faced with a challenge. However, according to YoungWallander producer Bern Kevin, it’s a prequel/reboot/reimagining that has no intention of messing with Henning Mandell’s canonical work.

Kevin asserts that the show, for all its seeming blasphemies, had the full support of Mandell before his death. “He really wanted to do it,” Kevin told The Guardian, explaining that Mandell had come to her production company with the idea.

Photo: Netflix show’s stars, Adam Passion and Ellis Chappelle, also explained to The Guardian that the show walks a tightrope between setting up the inevitable tragic tone of the Hollander series and reimagining the core relationships for a modern audience. According to Chappelle, who plays Mona, YoungWallander gives the detective’s future ex-wife a bit more agency.

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And in the show, she’s working for an organization that aims to support refugees and asylum seekers. Netflix new Netflix Original series YoungWallander is now on the streaming platform retracing the beloved Swedish detective’s first steps in a murder investigation.

Based on the best-selling Kurt Hollander Mystery novels written by Henning Mandell, Netflix describes this series as a reimagining of the detective in his twenties in present day Sweden. As the first episode begins, Kurt Hollander (Adam Passion) is in fact not yet a detective, but a rookie officer in the Malmö Police Department who has to take care of noise complaints when house parties bother their neighbors.

The teenager, with the Swedish flag painted on his face, is brutally, and quite gruesomely, killed in front of all the inhabitants of the Rosenwald neighborhood of Malmö, where Hollander lives. Kurt is soon taken on the investigation led by Superintendent Hem berg (Richard Village) and detective Frida Rank (Leanne Best) to solve this murder.

Superintendent Hem berg resembles him more, perhaps to offer the viewers contrast between who Hollander is in his twenties compared to whom he will become, his more well-known older self. Hollander is one of the few detective stories that show the emotional and mental impact of witnessing violent crimes for a police officer.

There is an underlining theme about immigration, refugees and the rise of nationalist right-wing thugs, but the show does not offer any real substantial commentary on this. For example, the fact that the youngWallander is preferred over his more experienced colleague, Reza, is rather brushed over without deeper consideration of its implications.

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YoungWallander premiered on Netflix to mixed reviews. There were questions about whether YoungWallander Season 2 would even happen.

At the end of 2020, Netflix confirmed there would be another season of the TV crime drama. Netflix hasn’t released too many details, but we can update this post as more information is revealed.

We’ll keep an eye out closer to the end of the year and share when it is available. There isn’t a synopsis for the season just yet, but we’ll bring that as soon as it’s available.

The complete character of Hollander is written by Henning Mandell, who is a Swedish crime writer. He has dealt with family breakdowns and a traumatic event, which was his daughter’s attempted suicide.

It takes a little time for Netflix to renew the show of this new young Detective. The best part about Hollander is that the source material is massive, giving the creators a chance to explore further.

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If the show continues to follow a similar schedule, then speculations suggest that youngWallander will be back on screen by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 at the latest. The original content’s location is 1917, but this prequel series featuring Hollander is in modern-day Sweden.

The story follows the young Detective Hollander in the city of Malmö, witnessing the terrifying murder of a teenager. If there is going to be any, the second season will look into more horrifying cases, and Hollander plays a significant role in all of them.

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The writers got lazy, and just ended the season abruptly. But the acting and the storyline up until the last episode was wonderful.

I still think I would watch it even with the disappointing ending because the storyline and the characters are really well done. Not Hollander YoungWallander has nothing to do with Hollander, so it's pretty obvious that the creators are trying to just use a pretty internationally recognizable name to sell this show.

They're Swedes in “Sweden” (filmed in Lithuania, with mostly British actors) but they speak English to appeal to a wider audience. Hollander is young i recent time, which obviously isn't right.

The creators explain this with (sic)”Well, you have to bend your imagination...” If the show actually was about a youngWallander in the Swedish '70s, actually filmed in Sweden, it would've been a very interesting take on the character. They could've called it Young Batman” and tell us to use our imagination.

Integrity to consistency missing The fans of the previous two Hollander series that tuned in to YoungWallander are bound to be disappointed that the new series timeframe is not consistent with that of its predecessors. Adam Pals son is a good actor and does well carry the lead in this presentation.

In keeping with the first two series the timeframe would've had to be the 70s.......for those too young to know, cell phones were a good 20-30 years away. YoungWallander uses a smartphone, looks like an iPhone.

They easily could've called this series something other than Hollander which would have in no way impacted the premise of the show. So why call it a Hollander where comparisons would obviously be made....except for reasons of drawing a ready-made audience.

I am watching this series independent of the lead character growing into the older version of Kurt Hollander. Hollander keeps making stupid mistakes just for the sake of creating drama later on and that's lazy writing, something that I had hoped was behind us when it comes to TV-series these days.

The depiction of the Malmö gang criminality also leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Especially with how things are in real life Malmö these days.There's tons of good shows out there, watch season 4 of Strike instead or Bosch.

Not the same Hollander but worth a watch I was hoping that this series would be set in the past like Endeavor/Morse but sadly, this is not going to tell us the moody, brooding backstory of Kurt Hollander. It is a little too modern for my taste, but we watched it anyway. The action seems to move along at a decent pace and tells the story well.

Kurt makes some judgment errors yet seems to be a competent (though learning his way) as a new detective. The series isn't a typical gloomy Stand Noir nor a fast-paced UK cop show, but this one stands on its own.

The people who made this had a cop show and couldn't sell it, so they paid someone to be able to use the name Hollander. These people didn't even bother to watch/read the previous Hollanders. This is a Bait and Switch I stopped watching after 5 minutes on principle.

This might be a great cop show that I would have loved BUT this is not YoungWallander. I don't like being played, so I won't give them the view.

An odd beast This is made by Yellow Bird UK and other than the lead actor who is Swedish the cast is British. It's also set in the present which means it serves as neither a prequel to the British nor Swedish series.

It's also not filmed in Sweden like the other series but in Lithuania. It's not a bad show, but it just doesn't feel like Hollander.

Woke, predictable, badly acted and unsatisfying. Set in present day Sweden, as others have noted, this cannot be YoungWallander, unless IKEA sells time machines.

Calling it Hollander seems like a marketing decision-easier than getting people to watch a brand-new detective, I guess. Also, almost everyone speaks English, but it was nice of all of those British actors to pretend that they were in Malmö.

The lead, who is actually Swedish, delivers a weird interpretation of YoungWallander. I don't know what he's doing, but I wondered whether it's his real voice or an artistic decision.

The series seems to have set itself up for a season 2, which won't be on my watch list. Terrible Anyone who has lived in Sweden can easily tell this entire setting isn't Swedish...leave alone the not speaking Swedish, the accent is completely off... Everything just doesn't fit Sweden...

It's OK Being a Swede, I'm not overly excited with an English speaking Hollander, however it's still a decent series to spend your time with on a rainy day. Also, for everybody who doesn't know, Sweden and Swiss are two different countries;) Not many non-European people seem to know this.

Present time, and how can he get upset in favor of a migrant who chose to blow a young man's head off because he was being deported, ridiculous. Probably just a bad idea in the first place Leaving aside the notion of reconning a well-known Swedish character, set in the present, filmed in Lithuania with a cast of British actors, this just isn't very good and isn't remotely suspenseful.

A youthful version of Hollander would presumably be reasonably intelligent but someone waving their hand and saying “Poof! Doesn't work when the writers trot out a remarkably clueless Swedish dude who can't take simple instruction.

“Do nothing to draw attention to yourself” seems simple, and probably shouldn't have led to Kurt being beaten even more senseless by a giant drug dealer. This is coming from having seen both the Swedish Hollander (Kristen Eriksson) series (which is the best) and the UK Hollander (Kenneth Brayleigh) series (which is also very good), and watched only one of the Swedish movies with Rolf Asgard (as the others are hard to come by). First, YoungWallander is set in current day, which is the first thing which already is a problem.

Going into it expecting a real prequel set at the end of the 60s or early 70s and seeing a brand spanking new Volvo already gave me a WTF, then seeing a mobile phone made me really think WTF is this.... Ok, then I just adjusted my expectations, but it surely was not what I expect from a YoungWallander '. I think they did it to keep the costs down, as a period piece is much more expensive, and with in mind if it's successful they can still go on for many years and still keeping the costs down.

Second, even though the actor looks great, his voice is really annoying, as he sounds like he has an asthma problem or out of breath every single time he opens his mouth. Kristen, Kenneth and even Rolf never sounded so hoarse.

Even though Kenneth Brayleigh's version was completely in English, it wasn't really a problem, but in this version it's clear Adam Passion is not a native English speaker, and it shows, it's the second thing about this actor which makes it not so great to watch him play, he has a very thick accent while the rest of the cast hasn't. They should have just cast an English actor or done the whole series in original Swedish (latter would have been my preference).

Now it really annoyed the hell with the actor AND speaking hoarse AND having a bad accent. I think it might be based on the book in which it has 5 stories about his youth, but if it is, it just wasn't really translated well by the creators of this series.

It is clear Henning Mandell wasn't involved himself in this series like he was in the previous incarnations. For a 6 partner I think it just dragged on too much, this story could have fit much better as a 1 hour and 30 minutes episode like the Eriksson and Brayleigh series had done.

I'm still going to watch any new season as I'm just a sucker for detectives, but I still think it's a shame they botched this a bit by the miscast of this actor (pure based on his voice/accent, not his acting itself). There is nothing Swedish about this series, except for the names and some aerial videos.

Not even the font on the car license plates are correct. YoungWallander it isn't As others have said this is not a prequel to the excellent Hollander series.

I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian noir and police series and just finished watching Before We Die which was very good and stars the same actor and so this was very disappointing for several reasons. Everything about this is turgid and the use of English but with a mishmash of accents is distracting and annoying.

I drudged though the 4 episodes but should have heeded those who quit early. Adam Passion ... ... who plays the youngWallander are the perfect cast.

After seeing the first 4 episodes I like his acting and first link to the Hollander from the original novels and Swedish TV show. That the show are based not in the 70s underline the actuality of the story and makes it more interesting.

We know the end of Wallander's life and I like the idea of how it all started. The lead actor's voice is unbearable I was a fan of both the Swedish and British version of Wallander, so I was excited for this series.

The actor's high, smokey voice is incredibly distracting and just odd. It's as if you are watching a dubbed show where the voice doesn't match the character.

After trying to ignore his voice, after a while you realize the actor can't act; while he is good-looking, he has the range and charisma as a piece of bread. It's set in present day so calling it YoungWallander is just silly.

Part of the beauty of the Hollander series was the location. Those hoping for a genuine origin series will be disappointed.

It lacks a Nordic feel it left me cold it could be set anywhere and called anything. Really, awful... Hoped for this being as success, but everything is completely off... the language, the setting, the characters... Not realistic and well-made, at all... unfortunately...

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