Are Walkers Baked Crisps Vegan

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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With the crisp market in the United Kingdom worth over £1 billion a year, it is understandable that so many companies want to grab their piece of it. Note: The chips in this article we identify are vegan do not contain any animals ingredients based on the best information at the time of writing.

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So it stands to reason that these Marmite-flavoured chips from Walkers are also vegan (cross-contamination risk aside), and also very tasty (if you are a lover, of course!). The ‘Prawn Cocktail Seasoning’ they use is actually a combination of a range of ingredients including sugar, salt, citric acid, potassium chloride, dried yeast and dried onion. Oven BakedCrisps Lighter and with less fat than the conventional Walkers crisps, the Oven Baked range take some getting used to for crisp fiends, but they are worth the effort.

The following flavors of the Walkers Oven Baked range of chips are vegan friendly (aside from the milk cross-contamination issue): Sea Salt and Sticky Barbecue. Oven Baked With Available at the time of writing in two flavors (Beetroot with Sweet Chili Jam, or Sweet Potato with Paprika), these have significantly less fat than other options in the veg crisp niche (for example, the Beetroot and Sweet Chili Jam chips have 14g of fat per 100g, compared to around 32g of fat per 100g of the Tyrell Mixed Root Vegetable Chips.

The Simply Salted flavors vegan, while the Cheese & Onion is not. SquaresFor novelty value, chips that are square do give a few seconds of entertainment, but they are not particularly satisfying beyond that. Elite Deli range from Walkers is their attempt to leapfrog the likes of Tyrell and Kettle Chips and aim squarely at the Wait rose crowd.

SunbitesMade with three wholegrain (corn, wheat and oats), the Sunnites range offer a fair amount of fiber and protein, as well as a different texture to conventional chips that appeal to many. Here are the vegan -friendly flavors in the range: Sun Ripened Sweet Chili, and Lightly Sea Salted.

Sensations class above the standard Walkers crisps, these have a premium feel to them, with fancy flavors to match. Here are the vegan -friendly options: Onion & Balsamic Vinegar and Lime & Coriander Chutney Poppadoms.

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Milk is always marked in bold in lists of ingredients in the UK and that is the main thing to watch out for in Walkers crisps. Sadly none of the Monster Munch range are vegan As Walkers are the best-selling crisp brand in the UK (based on the most recent figures in 2019 provided by Nielsen), we have decided to make things simple and also include the chips they offer that are not vegan.

Crisp Name/FlavourNotesLightly Salvador a basic tortilla chip with good dipping strength and no overpowering flavors, you could do a lot worse than the Lightly Salted Doritos option. BBQ & Chillier those seeking a something with a bit more of a kick, without going over the top, these should fit the bill nicely. Chilli Heatwave Chili Heatwave chip ramps up the spice a little, but they are by no means tongue-sizzlingly hot, especially if coupled with a mild salsa. Okay, there might be only three vegan -friendly flavors of Doritos as things stand, but that should satisfy all but the most fervent of tortilla chip fiends. Crisp Name/FlavourNotesOriginalWith a worryingly addictive taste-crunch combo, the Original Pringles are a solid addition to any party or vegan barbecue. Sweet ChilliWhoever designed this flavor clearly understood how to maximize the chances of someone devouring a whole tube in one sitting.

Since their heyday they have sold off some of their most iconic chips including Nick NAKs and Wheat Crunches (to then KP Snacks owner United Biscuits) and Wot sits (to Walkers). Rough CutsBasically a cheaper version of McCoy’s, these are nice enough and the following flavors are vegan : Bang Bang Spicy Thai and Rock Salt. Golden Lightener 100 calories a pack, the Sea Salt flavor option is vegan friendly. Some time ago supermarkets came to the realization that creating their own versions of well-loved food products could be a real money spinner.

Here we’ll provide details of all the vegan -friendly own-brand chips offered by all the major UK supermarkets. Weirdly vegan ! The biggest supermarket in the UK by market share (according to Statista and Kan tar), Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919.

Tesco have become increasingly good at labelling their own brand products as vegan friendly in recent years, including all these chips. The Finest Crinkle Cut Lightly Salted Chips Like the standard Finest Lightly Salted chips, but decidedly more crinkly.The Finest Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Chips A superior crisp to the lightly salted version, the cider vinegar gives these a bit of bite, and they compare well to the higher end versions, such as Kettle Chips.The Finest Crinkle Cut Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Chips A crinkled version of the above mentioned. Bunny Bites Snacks bunny-shaped, fluffy snacks are made from a mixture of potato, tapioca and maize and seem to go down quite well with toddlers… (and adults nursing hangovers).

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They are essentially the vegan alternative to Smith’s Frazzles (which contain lactose and whey from milk), and people who used to munch a bag or two of those will find these just the ticket.The Finest Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chips Another very nice crisp from the Finest range, and again a decent value alternative to some branded options. Salt & Vinegar SticksCheap, not particularly tasty or satisfying. Unlike the branded version, these are not made in a factory that handles milk, so might be preferred by some vegans. Potato Chip Snakelike the Sticks mentioned above, but slightly thinner and crunchier, these are perhaps more akin to Walkers French Fries (though less curved).

Could be used for elaborate sculptures at kids’ parties. Lentil Curtis legume-based snack makes a change from potato chips, and though they are a little lacking in flavor, you could spice them up with paprika if you so desired. Reduced Fat Ready Salted Crinkle Cut Chips These Reduced Fat chips are far from fat free, but they pack a satisfying crunch, so we’ll forgive them. Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips cheaper and less robust alternative to Doritos, these are fine as party or barbecue fodder, but they tend to snap too readily when used to scoop up salsa. Mini Poppadoms big enough or sturdy enough to effectively dip in your lime or mango chutney, these vegan -friendly poppadom-style chips are a nice enough accompaniment to a tasty vegan curry or DAL. Salt & Vinegar Chips A standard salt and vinegar option that might be preferred by some vegans to Walkers (which, as mentioned, are made in a factory that handles milk). Ready Salted Chips Some people love ready salted chips, in all their banal blandness. Another massive supermarket (the fourth largest in the UK), it is not surprising to see they have a solid number of own-brand chips, but there aren’t as many vegan -friendly options as some of their rivals offer.

Constantly battling it out with Sainsbury’s to be the UK’s second biggest supermarket (behind Tesco), Asia began life in Leeds in 1949. Despite their size, Asia lag behind some other supermarkets when it comes to own-brand products, and especially vegan -friendly crisp options.

Enough said. Cheeky Monkey Potato SnacksVery similar to Pom Bears, these monkey face-shaped chips will keep screaming toddlers occupied for at least 30 seconds. Bacon Dislike the Tesco Bacon Rashers Snacks, these are vegan friendly, and reasonably edible. Onion Kingsport fodder that is not meant to impress (and is unlikely to do so). Potato LoopsAsda’s answer to Hula Hoops do the job nicely. Ridge Canada’s Salt and Vinegar and their Ready Salted Ridge Cut Chips are vegan friendly. As mentioned, Sainsbury’s are usually vying for second place in the supermarket wars with Asia, and appear to be edging ahead in recent times.

We had hoped for a little more imagination from Wait rose, but they sell so many branded vegan -friendly chips that their customers will not be left wanting. Perfectly acceptable salt and vinegar option for those seeking good value. Essential Salt & Malt Vinegar Stickiest like the Salt and Malt Vinegar Chips … but stickier. Essential Salted Tortilla Chips reasonable (cheaper) alternative to Doritos that will suffice for anyone who isn’t a tortilla chip aficionado. Essential Prawn Cocktail Shells of the better value alternative to KP Skips (which apparently may contain milk or egg based on the potential of cross-contamination), this option from Wait rose will satisfy many crisp fiends who used to love their Skips. Love Life Your Count Ready Salted Crinkle Reduced Introduced fat and tasty enough… but not as healthy as a carrot and a few nuts! Crisp & Crunchy Mini PoppadomsAnother mini poppadom option to accompany your vegan curry or simply enjoy as a snack in its own right. Paprika Spicy potato snacks in a variety of shapes, these are a good value party snack option. Habas FritasMade by roasting and salting broad beans, if vegetable chips can be included in this category, then so can these.

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They are very crunchy and surprisingly tasty too, and with just broad beans, sunflower oil and salt listed as ingredients, they are one of the simplest ‘crisp’ options there is. Some of their Snack rite flavors are vegan friendly, as are many of the various smaller-brand options they sell in their stores, but it’s always best to check individual labels due to the high turnover of products.

The risks are generally small, but those with particular allergies (especially milk) should be particularly vigilant, whilst those who do not even want to chance cross-contamination should look to specialist vegan crisps. Overall though, at least for the vegans who are prepared to risk the chance of cross-contamination with milk products, there is a vast range of crisp options available.

Come to think of it, there are a fair few questions, all circulating around out there in relation to chips and veganism, aren’t there? Hopefully by the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what’s what in relation to chips and vegan living.

So let’s get stuck straight in with the first question and start nipping those vegan -related chips in the bud: This base ingredient is then typically mixed with sunflower, rapeseed or palm oil and then some flavorings are usually sprinkled on top.

This is because some meat-flavoured chips contain artificial flavors and some contain extracts of the real thing, as well as egg, milk and derivatives of these ingredients which, of course, are all animal products. These are the chips that don’t contain any meat extracts, egg, milk or other animal-related products.

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The non- vegan ingredients, so your buttermilk, your egg, animal ingredients, and milk-derived natural flavorings etc, should be printed in bold print as part of UK allergy legislation, making them easier to see. However, if you happen to be scrutinizing a crisp packet and aren’t sure if the ingredients are 100% vegan, always double check with the manufacturer.

It’s the most straightforward way to clarify anything that may be unclear and categorically answer any gray areas or questions you may have. Fortunately, the crisp market has diversified over the years, and different, healthier variations are now available for people to buy too.

Nutritional value: 100 calories per 30 chips and 4g of protein per serving (Kale flavor). These grain-free chips are made from the cassava root, which is full of minerals and sustainably grown and harvested in Brazil.

Nutritional value: 140 calories per 16 chips, 7% dietary fiber, 0% cholesterol and 8% saturated fat (Beet with Vegan’s Cheese flavor). All of Forager Project’s vegetable tortilla chips are vegan, mainly due to the fact they’re made from cashew milk, plant-based yogurt and brown rice and quinoa instead of corn.

Nutritional value: 140 calories per packet, 2g dietary fiber, 2% calcium, 6% iron and 1.5g saturated fat. They’re gluten and fat-free; contain no added oil, preservatives or sugar and are baked, not fried.

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Nutritional value: 180 calories per packet, 14% dietary fiber, 2% calcium, 0% total fat, 4% iron and 6% potassium. Made from organic kale, sunflower seeds, carrot, onion, garlic and turmeric powder, they contain naturally-occurring vitamins, mineral and fiber.

Place the carrots and beetroots in the oven for about 2 hours; after 30 minutes add the parsnips. Crush the salt, fennel seeds and chili in a mortar (or a coffee grinder) and sprinkle over your chips.

Nutritional value: 72 calories per serving, 9g fat, 2g saturates, 9.6 sugars, 2.3g protein and 15g carbohydrates. Whichever route you choose, we hope we’ve answered all of your vegan crisp queries and that you’re feeling much clearer about the topic.

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