Are Walkers Baked Crisps Gluten Free

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Made in a factory that also handles: Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soda, Celery, Mustard. Something we have seen a lot of lately is people trying to find what chips are gluten free and safe for them to eat.

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Well we are always trying to help you guys, so we thought we would do a list of chips you can safely eat like we did with chocolate and sweets ! The first one that is out of the question is Walkers, all of their chips have a may contain warning, not a single bag is safe for Celiac.

Of course some will take the risk but I, for one, learned the consequences of that at the very beginning of my diagnosis, the bathroom had never seen so much of me that day. We have only listed popular chips /supermarket brands (except Lidl), however there are other makes which are also fine including Co fresh, Darling Spuds, Brakes, Eat Real and many more.

Sea brooks All flavors are gluten free, including salt and vinegar (which are below 20ppm) I think I first became aware of an issue when I saw this post on the Celiac Kids website in the summer.

This was a time when many food companies were busy getting ready for the new 20ppm labelling legislation, which came into force 1st January 2012. Walkers were no exception: they were removing the “suitable for celiac” message from their product labelling, and adding advisory statements on packs to the effect that the chips were being made in a factory in which gluten -containing ingredients were present.

Among them was Debra Samuel, mother to a teenage lad with celiac disease whose favorite chips were now out of bounds. In the Celiac Kids post I linked to above you can see the full standard response Walkers were sending out to customers last year.

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I contacted Walkers publicist on the 28th November to request an interview with a relevant spokesperson. I wanted to ask them about this stuff, but also to ask why Walkers were telling people the ‘suitable for celiac’ statement was being phased out.

I can’t help feeling that Walkers are trying to distance themselves slightly from the responsibility for that confusion and pin it instead on the supposedly difficult law. This isn’t wholly dissimilar to the way their ‘suitable for celiac’ ‘being phased out’ statement appears to give the impression, at least to me, of helplessness and blamelessness in the face of Europe-sent legislation.

So would it be harsh of me to suggest Walkers didn’t communicate these changes effectively to consumers? The law was passed in 2009, it’s worth recalling, so there has been a three-year transition period during which all this could have been thought about, discussed, planned and implemented in the best way.

Edited on 23rd February 2012 to add: Have just received confirmation of two things: 1/ That Celiac UK are still in talks with Walkers, are ‘hopeful’ that changes will be made, and will keep people informed ‘as soon as we have any info we can share’. 2/ That Walkers are still, as of today, sending out the standard customer service message above, including the mistaken statement that ‘suitable for celiac’ is being phased out.

Our Pure Butter GlutenFree Shortbread Rounds offer a crumbly “melt-in-your-mouth” texture and all-butter flavor. This crumbly cookie combines the best of traditional Scottish baking with the exotic tang of Stem Ginger and Lemon.

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A generous helping of chocolate chips provides a rich and luxurious complement to this classic shortbread cookie. Each also meets the FDA standard for gluten free food, which is to have less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

If in doubt, always check the back of pack for guidance on suitability for vegetarians. Answer: Our Walkers Core chips contain no MSG, no artificial colors or preservatives and are fully compliant with food labelling regulations.

Answer: Consumer services team will be able to provide lists of suitable products on request: Click here Question: Which flavors of crisp are dairy free ? Answer: Some of our chips do, so please see product labelling for details on individual flavors.

For further information on our other flavors please head to range page on our website WWW. Answer: We use varieties of potatoes that are specially suited to making potato chips ; great tasting with excellent appearance and texture, good growing yields for farmers, and the ability to store well.

Our main varieties include Lady Rosetta, Hermes, Saturn, Salford, Brooke & Arsenal. Answer: All our products come from an approved supply chain where growers adhere to good agricultural practice.

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This includes the responsible use of crop protection products where necessary to provide high quality potatoes. Answer: As per the ingredient listings, dried onion is used as part of the seasoning.

Answer: The flavors used for Walkers crisps do not contain artificial colors, preservatives or MSG. Answer: Flavors used for Walkers Core Chips do not contain artificial colors, preservatives or MSG.

All additives in food and drink sold in the EU have undergone thorough scientific testing and have been approved by the European Commission as safe for use. Answer: Sulfate Ammonia Caramel is used in a few our seasonings.

All additives in food and drink sold in the EU have undergone thorough scientific testing and have been approved by the European Commission as safe for use. Answer: Magic Acid is a permitted food additive, used in small amounts in some of our chips, to provide a manginess to our flavors.

All additives in food and drink sold in the EU have undergone thorough scientific testing and have been approved by the European Commission as safe for use. Answer: Numbers will not be stated in the ingredient list, but the full names will be.

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E951 = Aspartame, E950 = Acesulfame K, E954 = Saccharin, E211 = Sodium Benzoate, E621 = Monosodium Glutamate. Answer: Sulfate Ammonia Caramel is used in a few our seasonings.

All additives in food and drink sold in the EU have undergone thorough scientific testing and have been approved by the European Commission as safe for use. Answer: Traditionally, tomatoes are used in the marie-rose sauce which makes a prawn cocktail.

I’ve recently started a new job and with that has come a lot less time to do the little things in life… like food shopping! Luckily Mark is a top food shopper and has taken the lead in this.

Not only are they gluten free, they are baked and thus a lot lower in fat than regular fried chips. Additionally, and best of all, they taste like a better version of one of my favorite packets of chips from the past… Walkers Max Paprika flavor.

They have a strong flavor and of course don’t contain gluten unlike the Walkers Max. So when Veronica's messaged me offering to send me a sample box I couldn’t say no.

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They are similar to Wot sits but so much better not just because the cheesy taste is less artificial but also because each crisp is in the shape of a dinosaur! I have already visited the supermarket that sells these tasty delights and purchased some more.

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