Are Walker Razors Waterproof

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
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Razor electronic ear muffs feature an ultra low profile design, Bluetooth technology and a rubberized coating for added durability and the ultimate in comfort. Available in a variety of colors including web-exclusive editions that can only be found right here.

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Can the Walker Razor XV neckband ear protection make it into your every day carry kit? The Walker Razor XV around the neck ear protection is almost the perfect solution for shooting as well as daily use with your digital devices.

Bluetooth ready Retractable digital earbuds Sound Activated Compression (SAC) Powered by a rechargeable LIP battery, 250mAH battery for up to 10 hours of use High gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement HD speakers in the earbuds for wide range audio quality Includes 3 pairs of 12 MM foam tips (S/M/L) Auto-Shut Off (low power mode) after 4 to 6 hours; Timer resets and unit wakes after any button is pressed Integrated Micro USB port Storage case Included Collapsible design Moisture resistant, but not waterproof Noise Reduction Rating (NOR) = 31 I have used, and owned, dozens of different types of ear protection, headsets, and general audio devices through the years.

In the interest of honesty, I want you to know that I purchased the Walker Razor XV ear protection with my own money. That said, I think they have a winning line of products with the Walker Razor XV, and am happy to share my thoughts about them with you.

You will need to test each of these out with your ear canal before installing the size you plan to use long term. The Walker Razor XV comes with a small, medium, and large ear foam to give you a custom fit.

Installation is as easy as sliding the chosen size over the audio canal tip. After you installed the correct size, you will pull out the retractable earbuds, roll them in between your thumb and index finger and compress the foam.

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You can pair the Walker Razor XV to Bluetooth enabled devices such as your cell phone. This allows you to make and receive phone calls, listen to music, or interact with a shooting app such as the Mantis X, shot timer, or LAST.

From an everyday carry and “Gray Man” perspective, these can fill multiple functions, and warrants some discussion. So, if you clap your hands too loud, fire a round, or experience an audio spike of any kind, the electronics kick in and filter out decibels of volume.

For reference, I wore these during the “Industry Day At The Range” for SHOT Show 2019, and didn’t experience any pain or issues with my ears. As you can imagine, I was exposed to every kind of firearms noise, short of cannon fire, so this was a pretty solid test for them, well beyond my normal usage.

Using the volume buttons on the right side of the Walker Razor XV, you can adjust the microphones' ability to pass and amplify live sound to you. These volume rockers located on the right side of the headset control the audio of ambient noises such as people speaking.

The external audio pickup microphones are located directly in line with the ear inserts. This gives me an on the body solution, that is at my disposal at any given second for phone calls, music, push to talk (PTT) app interaction (think Hello), and passive ear protection.

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Situations as simple as increases in industrial background noise from walking into active construction zones are no concern with them around my neck. I even used the LG Tone Platinum HBS 930 at the IV8888 Range Day 2018 as passive protection with a level of success.

But, if I were in an emergency situation where I had to defend my life, or the lives of those around me, having a solution of ANY level already on my body is priceless. Particularly if you are inside, where permanent ear damage is almost guaranteed in an active shooting event.

For example, if I know I am going to be making phone calls, I will rely more on the Electronics Voyager 5200 or Sennheiser Presence UC due to their superior microphone pickup. All that said, the Walker Razor XV fills every one with the scenarios I have mentioned, just like my LG Tone Platinum HBS 930, to one extent or another.

So, why you may ask, don’t I just use the Walker Razor Pro solely instead of the LG Tone Platinum HBS 930? The nearly custom fit of the ear foam, loose and natural curve around the neck, and easy wear of the set is very intuitive.

From a form standpoint, you can’t beat the cheek weld on your rifle stock that you get when using an in the ear solution. While that screen helps in keeping items from getting into the channel, thus potentially damaging the speakers.

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It also serves as a net to catch all the ear wax, inevitably diminishing the audio quality over time. The Walker Razor XV has a wide open channel under the ear foams, making clean out a simple matter with your run-of-the-mill tooth pick or paper clip.

The open channel design of the ear canal tubes makes clean out quick and easy. For example, the Electronics Voyager 6200 has one of the best sound and microphone qualities out there, but the lack of retraction makes for annoying daily use with the ear buds just dangling in front of you all the time (NOTE: I have spoken directly with Electronics about this, and they are working on a future improvement).

The LG Tone line of neck worn audio devices has a diversity of retraction methods for the wires. Consistently, and across the multiple models I have owned, this causes a failure point where the wire directly connects to the ear bud.

Simply put, the wire itself is more robust, and the spring-loaded, button press mechanism for retraction is equally well-built. Note the thicker wire of the Walker Razor XV pictured top.

The folding and storage ability of the Walker Razor XV is both a Pro and a Con. The Walker Razor XV will fold down and fit into your pocket, coat, or provided cover, slipping easily into your range bag with a minimal footprint.

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I spoke with the Walker representatives at the “Industry Day At The Range” event for SHOT Show 2019. If it’s too cold outside, the foam is harder to mold between your fingertips, and may not get a proper weld to your ear canal.

I think that Walker could easily include 3 additional dome tips, similar to the ones used by other neck worn devices. This would bring the total to 6 tips included but would cover a lot more markets and users giving them the choice to configure for every need.

I could even see the Walker Razor XV making a run at the cell phone and entertainment devices markets. While it improves portability, comfort, and weight, it also causes the neckband to “walk” around your neck and get off center.

A simple placement outside the collar usually fixes this scratching sound and microphone pickup degradation. The pinhole pictured on the top left of the Walker Razor XV is the microphone pickup for the unit.

The Walker Razor XV, Bluetooth compatible, neckband electronic ear protection set is by far one of the best solutions across many “worn” earbud categories. Add different ear tips and better battery, and you compete in multiple markets as a top tier contender.

Comfortable wireless ear protection with high definition sound. Neck worn devices that provide comfort for all day shooting.

Enhanced comfort with wire framing for custom fit while maximizing noise protection. View All Walker's Silencer Earbuds can automatically block out gun report while you're shooting at the range, or they can detect surrounding sounds while you're hunting in the woods.

In its most basic form, the Razor XV protects your hearing with a NOR 31 rating. The device comes with two different styles of foam tips to ensure the earbuds get a snug fit in your ear.

So, while blocking out harmful loud noises such as the report from a fired gun, the Razor XV is picking up sounds from all around you and sending them in to your ears through the earbuds. The Razor XV picks up all their conversation (and even some further away), allowing you to hear and speak without removing the earbuds.

Walkers Razor XV charges easily via AC or USB and shuts itself off after 4 to 6 hours. Retracting the earbuds is as easy as clicking a button; they snap back in an instant.

Delivering an impressive noise reduction rating (NOR) of 23dB, the Razor series are sure to protect your hearing without interfering, allowing you to concentrate on your target. The Razor series also feature Walkers new comfort fit headband for all day shooting, and come in a host of color options.

Whether you’re just beginning, or a veteran on the range, the Razor series are a perfect addition to any shooters gear bag. Now available in a stylish Flat Dark Earth (FEE), Krypton Typhoon, Black, and Teal or Pink accent pattern, all featuring a smooth matte finish.

· Slim shooter folding muff · Ultra low profile ear cups · NRR23db · Two Omnidirectional microphones · Full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound · Low noise/ frequency tuned for natural sound clarity · Single knob volume control · Sound activated compression circuit (SAC) · 0.02 second response time · Audio input jack · Recessed volume control knob · Comfort headband w/ metal wire frame · External battery door · Operates on 2 “AAA” batteries (included) For purposes of clarity, I consent to Avalon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.

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