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Was this review helpful? Co-workers are easy to get along with, however Supervisors run the place like you are in boot camp. Was this review helpful? Temp position to capture and prepared product images organized, striped, sized and retouched for print and web applications project ended was terminated.

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Was this review helpful? I was merely a temp employee, but the atmosphere there was dark. No talking, looking up from the tables, no music, and pre-scheduled breaks that you HAD to take for liability purposes.

I got in trouble regularly for having a personality, and the pay wasn't what I needed as a mother. I did learn a lot of new and interesting things working there because I was a fast learner, and was always quietly in competition with my neighbor to have the highest numbers.

The pay is very low, so they can't keep good workers. Top management was very good and enthusiastic, but communication between departments slowed down the requisition process a lot and made my job a bit harder.

Really enjoyed being involved in all aspects and being part of a small team in R&D. The management is very understanding in most circumstances but lacks basic communication.

Was this review helpful? Manufacturing company with small staff and employees. Work with great people, but management did not always treat all workers the same way.

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The hardest part of this job was trying to communicate with the employees who were 95% Latino. Made some things difficult especially trying to explain benefits and new and old procedures to the employees.

Very five about compensating your needs as to time you can't work. Was this review helpful? My day to day I organized storage and product placement for strategic movement and availability, operated a forklift to load/unload product pallets on and off truck/trailers, communicated with suppliers, customers and shipping companies for product orders and conducted weekly inventory of product and other merchandise items.

Was this review helpful? I loved the intrinsic parts of the job, dealing with customers, helping them get more customers all over Latin America. Transitioning most of my customers from carbonation into injection, was lots of fun.

Was this review helpful? Typical day: It was at the time a continues assembly line and I believe it still is. Culture work place: laid back average people from many diverse backgrounds such as Filipinos, Mexicans and rednecks.

The Hardest part of job: It is extreme repetitive work, and you will build some efficient hand muscles and strong ones. Enjoyably part: It pays better than most uneducated jobs, it's not food.

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Was this review helpful? Walkers owner has money in mind and that's pretty much it. Even bosses that have been there 30 years still come in two or three hours early and leave that late as well all on salary.

They don't seem to care if a majority of your coworkers do not speak English, or bosses which creates a language barrier that made the job difficult. Was this review helpful? Pick and pulled parts for orders.

Walker Exhaust manufactures OEM replacement mufflers for all makes and models. Not the greatest, but it looks like it will withstand year round outdoor weather.

Here a shot of the actual muffler before we tore off the packaging. We actually bought the Walker Spring Bolt Kit just in case, but we're happy to report that we were able to fully utilize all of our OEM hardware including the original hangers. Although installation was easy, fitment was another story.

While this isn't a “restoration quality” piece of hardware, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Walker Quiet Flow SS line of mufflers to anyone that just needs an inexpensive replacement to their old rusted-off can. It's also incredibly quiet and doesn't have any annoying drones or hums that you usually find at your local franchise muffler shops.

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That being said, we're still on the lookout for a pre-COVID 88-91 Honda CRY Si OEM muffler. As an Industry-Leading Supplier of fuel delivery components, emission control products, engine sensors, ignition wire sets, ignition coils, and coil-on-plug boots, Walker Products is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to OEM and Aftermarket distribution channels.

From late models to the very first vehicles using O2 sensors, Walker is recognized for exact OEM Fit, Form and Function. As an Industry-Leading Supplier of fuel delivery components, emission control products, engine sensors, ignition wire sets, ignition coils, and coil-on-plugs boots, WalkerProducts is uniquely positioned to provide OEM and Aftermarket suppliers.

From late models to the very first vehicles using O2 sensors, Walker is recognized for exact OEM Fit, Form, and Function. When true quality matters, count on Walker sensors for fit and function as intended by the OEM.

Our sensors are designed to meet OEM standards, from tractors and motorcycles, to forklifts and ATVs, marine, and more! Walker’s top-level engineering team takes existing design models and moves them up to the next level.

WalkerProducts already helps reduce combustion engine pollution to keep our air cleaner. Some parents still use these baby walkers to help their children learn to walk or to give them some exercise or mobility.

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Back in 1994, when baby walkers were still extremely popular in the United States, the Consumer Products Safety Commission declared that baby walkers were responsible for more injuries than any other children’s product. Walkers allow mobility beyond a baby’s natural capability, and faster than a parent’s reaction time.

Sometime in the second half of the first year, healthy babies develop a strong urge to move across the floor. At first, this is a struggle for them as they work their arms and legs, stretching, rolling, scooting or crawling.

With their toes in an unnatural position, they glide across the floor with ease, moving upright before their time. Besides the added dangers of moving faster, falling farther and reaching higher, babies who use walkers learn to crawl, stand and walk later than they would have otherwise, and continue to show delayed motor development for months after they have learned to walk.

We want to contribute to the journey of improving human health worldwide, create diversity in the work place, and to cultivate a fundamental and healthy work environment to which employees can flourish. The request for Starr Walker products in the Oklahoma City area was in such great demand due to Mary Schick’s radio shows.

We are all about better health, so we only offer holistically balanced supplements which contain safe, high-quality nutrients. We offer the full line of Starr Walker products as well as many more wonderful nutritional supplements.

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Our goal is to provide people with the best knowledge to aid them in their journey to better health. Simply detach the bassinet to carry your sleeping infant inside, or let your growing toddler ride completely upright.

The Vista can comfortably transport up to three children with add-on accessories, and its durable, lightweight construction provides a safe and reliable ride. Grace Nimblest At less than 15 pounds, the Grace Nimblest is a lightweight stroller that has all the features of a full-size stroller, including parent and child trays with cup holders, one-step folding, a large storage basket, and a full sun canopy.

The Revolution Flex 3.0 also has the advantage of a seat that reclines almost fully to keep your little one comfy, plus an easily adjustable handlebar to customize for each parent. It's designed for a baby and older sibling, with room for an infant car seat in the front and a rear seat and platform in the back so toddlers and older kids can sit or stand.

We love that the Jewry comes with a reclining front seat and a built-in snack tray. Chico Bravo Trio Travel System This travel system comes with the Chico Bravo stroller, a East 30 infant car seat, and a coordinating base.

The Trio travel system comes in three different designs, so you can choose a fabric color that you like. Helpful features include a one-handed fold, a three-position reclining seat, and parent and child trays with cup holders.

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Chico East 30 The Chico East 30 has head and body support to accommodate newborns as small as 4 pounds, and is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection. The base is very easy to install securely, with leveling bubbles that let you see when things aren't quite right.

It has a lifespan of an impressive 10 years, and your child can use the DL from birth all the way to the big-kid stage. Like all Grace Pack 'n Plays, this one folds easily with the push of a button.

It has plenty of compartments to hold everything you and your baby need, including two exterior insulated bottle pockets to keep milk cool or warm. Ergobaby 360 The Ergobaby 360 has major parent-friendly features, including the ability to carry your baby ergonomically in all four positions: front facing out, front facing in, hip carry, or on the back.

Bob Wrap Baby Carrier Made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, the Bob is incredibly comfortable and lightweight, with just enough stretch to securely hug your baby close to you. Bob offers a library of videos, step-by-step tutorials, and even an education team to help make baby wearing easier.

For parents, there's lots of storage, including pockets in the hip belt for easy access to small items. The backpack is highly adjustable to fit parents of all sizes, and has a lightweight folding aluminum frame.

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The bottles also have a specialized valve located in the nipple that vents air to help prevent colic. Parents like that these inexpensive bottles are simple to use and easy to clean, with only three parts to deal with (four if you count the cap).

The nipples come in various flow rates that are easy to figure out based on your baby's age. An internal sensor detects the starting temperature of formula or breast milk and makes sure it doesn't get too hot.

Made for newborns up to 3 months old, it has a simple design that many babies take to. It's shaped to fit comfortably in your newborn's mouth without interfering with the natural development of your baby's teeth and gums.

It wraps easily around your waist and lifts your baby to a more comfortable position while you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Burt's Bees Baby Burp Cloths Made from 100 percent organic cotton, Burt's Bees burp cloths come in lots of fun prints and are large enough to handle almost any mess or spill.

While breastfeeding on one side, many moms like to attach the Hakka to their other breast to catch milk letdown that would otherwise go to waste. Since it's just one piece, it's a snap to clean: Just put the Hakka in boiling water for two to three minutes.

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The Spectra S1Plus has a plug and a rechargeable battery, which is helpful if you don't always have an outlet nearby when pumping. It's a closed system, which is more hygienic because the tubing stays dry and doesn't need to be cleaned.

The Spectra closely mimics the experience of breastfeeding, with a massage mode that simulates a baby's natural sucking and adjustable suction levels to create a natural flow of milk. Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Moms rave about this bra, which is designed with soft-as-silk stretchy fabric that molds to your changing body during pregnancy and postpartum.

Design Maximum Strength Original Paste Many parents swear by this purple container to treat a diaper rash. The formula in the Maximum Strength Paste is 40 percent zinc oxide, which is the highest concentration you can buy over the counter.

Its consistency is thick and creamy, and it forms a protective barrier on your baby's skin to reduce discomfort and irritation. The fully assembled unit has a convenient foot pedal, so you won't need to handle it until it's ready to empty, which might take a while: It holds up to 270 diapers.

The accompanying app, called Insight, offers two-way audio, so you can chat with your baby or soothe him with your voice. The camera unit is portable so you (or another caregiver) can bring it to whichever room your baby is in.

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The slightly inclined design supports your newborn's head, and may help prevent reflux. And the built-in fabric handle makes it simple to take the Poppy wherever you and your baby go.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym features five celestial-themed toys including a musical sheep, light-up star, and baby-safe sun mirror. The dreamy mat is extra cushy and comes with a puffy, cloud-shaped tummy time pillow.

You can choose from five unique motions and speeds including “car ride,” “kangaroo,” and “lockable.” The swing comes with attachable toys, and its seat cover is removable and washable, so you won't have to worry too much about blowouts or spit-up.

You can adjust the reclining position and use the fold-out kickstand to make this a stationary seat. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby's View Activity Center This stylish and streamlined activity center has a bunch of fun toys for your baby to explore, including a wobbly lamb rattle, stars that sway, and a sun spinner.

Three height adjustments help you find the right fit for your growing baby. Once your little one is cruising, pop the activity panel back onto the frame and this becomes a fun-to-maneuver walker with spinning gears, piano keys, colorful rollers, light-up shape sorters and buttons, and a telephone handset.

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The adorable animals and the black-and-white swirls move gently, which will help your child's developing sight. Hatch Rest Sound Machine Parents rave about the Rest, which combines a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise feature in one handy gadget you control with your phone or tablet.

They also love the time-to-rise light, which helps train older children to wait until a specific time in the morning before getting up. Plus, the Air has a natural water-resistance so liquid can't absorb into the mattress cover.

Made of sustainable New Zealand pine, it has an appealingly modern design and comes in several color options. This crib is GREENSWARD Gold Certified, meaning it's been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals and passes stringent standards.

Hallo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Premiere The Halo Bassinet adjusts to almost any bed height, and swivels and rotates 360 degrees to give you easy access to your newborn. You can lower one side of this stylish cradle when it's time to attend to your baby's needs.

The Bassinet also has nightlights, plays four soothing sounds, and has two levels of vibration to comfort your baby. And you can help your baby transition from swaddled to unsaddled sleeping by taking just one arm out at first, then both.

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Two open shelves give you extra storage space for diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, and other supplies. Carter's by da Vinci Adrian Swivel Gilder with Storage Ottoman The Adrian glider is sleek and modern-looking, glides forward and back, and swivels 360 degrees, so you can feed and snuggle your baby with ease.

And the chair and ottoman are GREENSWARD Gold Certified, meaning they've been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals and are low-emitting. The seat reclines in five positions, including flat, so you can use it to hold even the youngest babies.

Use the highchair tray or remove it and slide the chair up to your family's dinner table. The Siesta folds up compactly, which is nice if you're short on kitchen space.

The Babyhood Duo Meal Station is a six-in-one device that allows you to cook, blend, warm, and defrost; it can even be used as a bottle warmer or sterilizer. The two side-by-side compartments allow you to steam and blend simultaneously, saving time in the process.

Other nice features include the large steaming bowl and blender, which allow you to make up to a week's worth of food quickly. Superior have a big pocket to catch food before it ends up in your baby's lap, and an adjustable neck closure.

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Once your child stops sucking, the valve reseals itself and won't spill even if chucked on the floor. The design is dental-health friendly and helps kids develop muscles that are used for drinking.

Storing leftovers is easy with an included clear silicone lid that you can label with a dry-erase marker. The soft silicone tip is very gentle on your baby's gums, meaning he won't hurt himself while trying to take his first bites.

And the wide, easy-to-grip base stands upright to avoid touching surfaces. The soft mesh sling is perfect for newborns, and it comes off when your older baby or toddler is ready to splash around.

To clean the tub, simply rinse and drain it, and hang it up by its hook to dry. This tub comes with a squeeze bottle and cute, whale-shaped scoop to make bath time more fun.

The unit is easily washed, and you can run most of the pieces through the dishwasher (top rack only). Gerber Soothe Baby Everyday Probiotic Drops These probiotic drops are designed to support your baby's digestive health, which may help relieve colic and gas.

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The drops contain L. Reuters, a probiotic that has been shown to cut down babies' crying time and spit-up. Add five drops to a bottle of breast milk or formula daily, or give it to your baby with a spoon.

It includes a handle with a flush sound, and the flip-up lid helps boys learn how to go standing up. The removable bowl and clip-on splash guard make clean up really easy, and a built-in wipe dispenser promotes good hygiene.

Regal Easy Open Baby Gate Parents in the Babysitter Community love Regal's sturdy baby safety gates, which come in plenty of varieties, including extra-wide and tall options. It works for smaller doorways and larger ones, with an included extension kit that takes it to a maximum width of 47 inches.

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