Are Walker O2 Sensors Good

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 24 January, 2021
• 7 min read

A while back I was posting a P0135 code- thus the Precast O2 sensor went bad ON my 2000 Alma. Water's can typically be found for 20-30 bucks cheaper than the Bosch.

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So for those who have changed their O2 sensor, would you consider splicing the 3 wire to save a few bucks on the OEM adapter? Current price at autozone for the Bosch OEM part is $145.

It doesn't seem to run rich or lean, but it seemed he wanted to sell me a diagnostic at his shop. We need some resistance in the heating element, or it blows the fuses and gives you more codes.

I finally got my o2sensors replaced on my 94' with the 2 upstream sensors. My check light came on after an expecting meeting of a ditch in the middle of AZ in pouring snow.

I was lucky enough not to hit anything, but it did blow out my o2sensors. I found the Walker units on Amazon for $53 a piece, part # 250-24501 Same for both sides. If you don't have stock running boards, replacing the units is very easy.

I did reset my ECM after the install, and it took a good 50 miles for the truck to get up speed with idle and such. I have had them on for about 400 miles with no check lights and my idle has really smoothed out.

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It was running around 450 rpm idle, Shaka and rough as *&^$. Now I have a nice 600 or so rpm, no shake and no rough spots.

Although I think it needs a basic tune up now that I have done a good inspection of all the bits and pieces in the engine bay. Hope this helps with some folks that have put off doing the o2sensors because of the $ of OEM's.

Sorry to say this, but I bought the exact same sensor, initial impression like yours was good, but it died after 6 months (burned out heater). Sorry to say this, but I bought the exact same sensor, initial impression like yours was good, but it died after 6 months (burned out heater).

I ask because I just put the same ones in today and hope they hold out for a bit. It always helps when folks followup with a review of parts performance.

Be it good or bad it lets others know what works and what should be avoided. If you do a search, you will find plenty of info on Bosch and the rest of the brands.

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I am a creature of habit and stick to OEM parts. One of mine went out about a month ago, but the passenger side front took a big hit into a pothole I wasn't paying any attention for, and then my check light went on immediately, bad o2, so I don't really know if the o2 had lasted longer without the hit.

That's what the “Dunno...” was about. Anyway, they were working perfectly until I dropped the truck onto the dirt, and it set off the check light right away, so I'm pretty sure it was the hit that did the damage, not a malfunction of the o2 sensor. I know there is a lot of talk about the MAF being a very unreliable product from Bosche, and I was wondering if its the same with oxygen sensors.

I don't know anything about this Walker company, but as a rule, Bosch makes good products. I'd stick with practically everything OEM (and I think Bosch does make the O2sensors) if I were you.

Pray tell, what does Walker make that's OEM for Mercedes? Um, just to clarify, I didn't say they made anything OEM for Mercedes, just that they were a huge OEM and aftermarket supplier.

To my knowledge all their OEM supply is to the domestic market. They've been around a long time, I think even older than you, Ron.

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Hey Ron I'm sure you heard about this walker ' Walker's a longtime aftermarket muffler company, products sold at NAPA, etc. It's in their “channels of distribution” to sell other exhaust equipment, hence O2sensors.

They're surely made by NTP, which is probably one of only two producers of O2sensors in the world. I ordered a Dense replacement sensor, but they're back ordered across the country.

This doesn't give me the feeling that the Walker is wideband like the Dense. I wasn't about to pay $250 for one, and I couldn't find any used at the prices I paid for my first one. I just burned through my O2 sensor.

Dense was my first choice, which is direct OEM replacement. The box specifically says to make sure the sensor matches the sensor being replaced before installing, or it can't be returned.

I spoke with the guy at oxygen sensors and asked him if I had any problems with it if I could return it. I have an '03 and a stock cat, so I really don't know much about sensors because I just have my OE stockier. I would maybe hop on Walker's website and try to do a little research.

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Long as it can detect rich/lean mixtures and can be picked up by the ECU, you should be fine. Dense for $200, the website says in stock, free shipping.

You do realize I already have part in hand, right? I've talked to a few different places and those sensors are back ordered everywhere. Today I called them (because I haven't received any updates on the order) and they said back ordered.

Does anyone think the smaller holes will affect PRO? This doesn't give me the feeling that the Walker is wideband like the Dense.

I ended up getting the Walker as well after speaking with the guy at oxygensensors.com. I installed it today, and it seems to be working just fine.

I did a quick catalog and everything seems to be ok. If you are worried about a shift in o2 readings due to the different sized holes, I’d suggest taking the car out for a few catalogs and make any necessary adjustments. Also, the guy at oxygensensors.com said the Walker and the Dense sensors are the exact same sensor (made by the same company), Walker just does its own wiring.

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From my brief experience with my new sensor, everything seems to check out just fine, but I have yet to do a longer catalog under heavy load. I show that I'm running rich now, so I don't know if it's my tune or the sensor reading or what.

I just talked to Paul at oxygensensors.com, and he has 3 dense's left. Only two left, I have been looking for one for a week and no one has them they are back ordered till 12-26. The phone # is 1 866 441 7039 ask for Paul tell him you have seen this post on CSX he will crack up.

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