Are Walker Mowers Worth The Money

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 10 min read

In the end, the type of mower that will be top for you will truly depend on the kind of properties you mow most often. If you mow extremely varied landscapes with many bumps, divots, or obstacles, you may want to stick with a mid-mount mower.

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First, walker has specifically dedicated a lot of energy, time and resources into perfecting the design of their cutting deck. The blades are capable to deliver a greater cut since the deck is passing over the grass before the mower.

The grass remains upright before being cut due to the lowest weight on the front wheels. Increased visibility: It is much simpler to view actually what you are cutting with an out-front mower.

This permits you to mow more fast, more rightly, and more efficiently. I just bought a new Snapper this year, but I am already planning my first all commercial mower.

My business has really started taking off, and I have learned a lot from this site that is helping me increase my profits. My oldest son told me that he would like to quite his after school job and help with the business. He says that he has even thought about taking our (my) company full time and making a real living at it.

Lawn site “Chief of Security”Topsites-ism”With the WB, I'll gladly pop a wheelie and let you see the spinning blades as I steer towards you,”Team Fluid Film As quoted by fellow member or lawn god “Fairway”We had the throttle cranked and we roistered tailed out of there. For the guys who are just going to mow wide open acres of grass, and not collect it, then the Walker wouldn't be the way to go, but in residential areas with small to medium size properties, irregular shaped areas, then the Walker is great. I have the 26 hp EFI model with the 48” deck.

Dont forget you can change deck size later if needed. Some real advantage for me is the tine rake that takes about 5 seconds to put on does clean up really well.

If the property is small to medium, and you want a nice cut, walkers are the right piece of equipment. Also, walkers are bagging mowers and the money you are spending is for that capability.

Think about if it's worth it when the high-end commercial mowers make clippings invisible, and you save time and effort. A 36" ex mark viking has increased my profits and decreased my work load... except for all the walking.

Ramairfreak98ss : And as far as bank financing or whatever, the guys working for us art buying houses or Cadillacs here, common. A 36" ex mark viking has increased my profits and decreased my work load... except for all the walking.

Most of my customers want there yards bagged and the city will pick up the clippings for free. So I don't think the Viking would do the job for me ... if I had more commercial accounts than yes ... but I do mostly small to medium residential yards.

Alec Sharp Services East over, SC Work hard … thousands of welfare recipients are counting on you! Whether you own a small apartment, or you own a residential house, lawn mowing is unavoidable.

We are going to cover extensively about each and every best product that is available in the market when it comes to purchasing a zero turn mower. So, it is a request from our side that you read the entire review before you decide to buy one for your lawn.

This because mowing a lawn is time-consuming and you need to be more patient and use your physical strength effectively. Zero turn mowers are basically a machine that helps to cut/trim grass in a lawn.

It helps house owners not to exert more energy, effort, and time into mowing their lawn. This simply means you don’t have to cover any extra ground to make your lawn tidy.

Also, these mowers have a system of controls which makes it easy to operate the MTR efficiently. This machine is equipped with powerful features makes your work easy, effective, and hustle-free.

In addition to its power, the 26 HP Kohler engine is built with air induction mowing technology which increases its performance to a superior quality than its competitors. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower is one amongst the impressive designs available in the lawn care industry.

It also comes with oversized cooling fan, which keeps the engine at an ideal work temperature. It provides better lift for the machine and enables a great cut for your lawn.

You will appreciate the compactness, easy maneuverability, and the ergonomic features when you operate the Husqvarna Z254 54 in. Advantages of having the Husqvarna 967271701: Compact and built with the 26 HP Kohler engine.

The Aliens 25HP is the best zero turn mower which will work with owners who are having large estate or more than one acre of residential plot. This machine is perfect for those who’d like to cover a lot of ground in a small period of time.

The Aliens 25HP MTR has 25 horsepower making it one of the most powerful products in the market. This powerful engine reaches speeds that reduce your work time considerably.

You’ll be thankful for its ability to complete a significant amount of work in a short period. The fuel capacity is six gallons and its impressive ergonomic design makes it the most effective machine in the market.

Then the Popular Pro P46Z Briggs V-Twin is arguably the best value buys you can make in the market. This best zero turn mower is built with some of the most advanced features you could hope for while perfectly fitting in to your budget.

The 46 inches mowing path lets you cover a lot of ground. Advantages of having the Popular Pro P46Z Briggs V-Twin: 46 inches cutting path.

Disadvantages of having the Popular Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin: This machine is not good to use in hills. 22 HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Zero Turn Mower is impressive when it comes to power through the lawn work.

This mower comprises only the strong and durable parts which enable you to mow your lawn efficiently. The Briggs & Stratton engine helps you always receive optimum results, and it’s also a leading design in the market.

The foot assisted deck lift enables you to work in your lawn the full day without any issue. Advantages of having the Swisher ZTR245BS: Features a 22 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine.

A convenient foot assisted deck lift reduces extra machinery. This machine is built with the safest material in the market to ensure the highest return on your investment.

25 horsepower Briggs & Stratton is one of the respected brands when it comes to building engines at a premium quality. This dynamic machine comes with power take off technology which enables you to stop and start quickly.

You can take advantage of the 54-inch cutting deck to improve the rate at which you mow your lawn. Advantages of having the Troy-Bilt Mustang 25HP: Features a 25 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine.

Disadvantages of having the Troy-Bilt Mustang 25HP: Fuel capacity is 2.8 gallons making you stop and refuel your mower at least two to three times in a full working day. The Husqvarna Z246 747cc lets you complete your lawn work quickly and efficiently while maintaining the familiar design of a traditional riding mower.

This unique design allows you complete control when trimming grass in hills and uneven terrain. Also, you can get the benefits of maintaining control in less ideal mowing environments with this zero turn mower.

The triple blade system gives you a perfect trim for your lawn. Disadvantages of having the Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc: You need extra machinery to clear away the debris after you mow your lawn.

The Aliens iKONIK 52 Zero Turn Mower is the exact machine you need to invest your money in. This machine lets you incorporate all the features into one sleek and compact model.

The Aliens iKONIK 52 Zero Turn Mower is built with strong and sturdy material. The Aliens iKONIK 52 Zero Turn Mower is equipped with rapid response control system that helps you to move quickly and efficiently.

We have a comparatively newer MTR mower in hand, named as Aliens Zoom 34 with a 34” blade and 19hp engine. Just because this new product ranks #8 on our list doesn’t mean that it’s not worth considering.

Aliens Zoom 34 happens to be the smallest MTR mower for hills that we’ve ever reviewed. It consists of a 19hp Kohler 6000 series engine equipped with a 34” cutting width.

As said before, it’s a 6000 Briggs and Stratton single cylinder series with a 19hp working efficiency. However, it won’t ask for any usual set of attachments to its back (such as hitch or forks).

We’ve seen Aliens Zoom 34 to be a small and sturdy piece of machine that trims away every single grass of your garden. It’s extremely low in price comparing to other MTR mowers for hills.

If you want a machine that can handle long working hours, the Husqvarna MZ61 is your best investment. The Husqvarna MZ61 is one of the greatest designs available in the market, and it does a great job of ensuring maximum comfort to you.

This machine will reduce your work time considerably even when you mow large estates. The Husqvarna MZ61 is geared towards keeping the landscapers comfortable during long working hours.

Also, it comes with seatbelts to provide extra safety if you operate the machine on hills. The Husqvarna 967277401 52 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower is a powerful and reliable machine in lawn mowing.

With this impressive cutting width, this machine is also equipped with 25 horsepower engine made by Kohler. The Husqvarna 967277401 52 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower uses fuel efficiently and saves you a lot of money.

Disadvantages of having the Aliens Zoom Kohler: Cutting width and fuel capacity is lot lower than its competitors. If you want the lawn work to be completed easily and efficiently, The Husqvarna Z242F 23HP 747cc is a great investment you can make.

Built with a powerful 23 HP Kohler engine, this machine will reduce your working time drastically. Other features include dual hydrostatic drive system and large 20×8-inch wheels for handling uneven terrain.

This mower is equipped with number of safety features which include seatbelt. Disadvantages of having the Z-BEAST 48 ZB HEAVY-DUTY 48: The deck belt is too weak to work for long hours.

As long as the levers are in the neutral position, the mower won’t move forward. These machines help you accomplish so many tasks in a short amount of time.

Here’s a list of things must consider there in the market to buy a lawn mower. With these in mind, it’ll be easier for you to buy the perfect lawn mower for your yard.

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