Are Walker Mowers Any Good

Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
• 8 min read

I'm looking into buying a walker mower brand new just was wondering if it really does double production. You get a superior looking cut and finish with the walker, but you also spend more time.

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A mid mount zero turn will easily out mow a walker. Pros: Beautiful finish, trim with both sides of deck, will pick up anything when bagging, sipped falcons: Slow, big rear end, plugged up fairly easily (10in blower), high maintenance (belts, wiring, etc.

), not heavily built like other mowers (had to replace deck at 1200 hours because of just normal wear), really poor hillside performance I would not hesitate to buy a new one if you are looking to provide your customers with the nicest manicured lawn in the neighborhood.

On a smaller trailer you can just lift the deck up, and it saves space. The walker has a place, and it does a very good job at what it is designed to do--that is provided a manicure to well-fed and watered turf.

They really are more of a residential machine for nicer homes of people who require well maintained turf and who want better clean-ups throughout the season. Commercially they do okay if you know where to use them--no grass blown on parked cars or in high traffic areas, picks up trash (very nice for banks, gas stations, and fast food) but they are slow.

For what we do we are thinking our most ideal crew setup for two guys is a two turf tracer 48" and a 48" walker. I wouldn't be without this style of mower, but I don't use it every week in the peak of the season as we are faster with the two turf tracers.

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The compaction is noticeable and the cut quality is marginal--and before everyone jumps off and says it's all about the operator with the Z (I agree) I am an expert (you just can't get around 1100 pounds before rider and gas) I run the GHS decking the fall and bit in early spring.

Stripes awesome and the deck out front is great getting in tight Beautiful cut/striping (1000x's nicer than my Too's), precise maneuverability, many attachments to keep machine busy year round, decks flip up 90* to ease in blade removal, averaging around 35 grease fittings between the deck and tractor- provide long life of moving parts, superior bagging ability, clamshell-type body for easy access to allow maintenance to be done on the trailer.

I don't have a tail-wheel lock on any of my machines, but I can still ride hills and ditches that some people won't even take a wide-area walk behind on. I remove my hopper for the summer months to aid in visibility and reduce weight of machine and a chance of catching the hopper on a tree limb or swing set.

If you're cutting large lots or estates you might want to look at something bigger and faster. One thing you'll notice about a Walker on large lots if your running flat out is you will end up with sore legs from the constant movement of the deck.

Walker (ex mark copy)are the only front mounts I know of where your feet actually ride on the deck instead of a foot platform hooked up to the power unit itself. This does not bother some folks but with one bad knee it drives me nuts.

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I can go from Mulch to side discharge in less than a minute and when I am not bagging I am not powering a blower like a Walker does. It will bush hog tall grass as the deck is 6" deep but leaves a great cut on nice lawns.

I can back on the trailer and dump without leaving the seat, and it rides like a Cadillac. Also, the Grasshopper is VERY easy to maintain compared to a Walker where you have to be a contortionist to get to things.

No worries about grass packing in everywhere around pulleys, belts and the engine because all these things are in the open and can be blown clean easily. It is a BIG mower (one of the reasons the ride is superb) People here do not have a lot of landscaping, so it causes me no issues.

I just bought the 52" mulching deck and plan on using it on places I usually bag. 2009 Encore FZ48 Front Mount Side Discharge & bigger.

With growing green grass, it becomes very important to keep the lawns nice and trim throughout the season. The best part about Walker Lawn mowers is that you get a series of base models with a wide selection of accessories and attachments.

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The cutting deck is placed in the front of the mower to give you great view of the mowing area. This unit is very agile with features like zero turn, easy handling and movement makes it a perfect mower.

You can mow pond edges, fences and walls, under bushes and short trees with easy and simplicity. The clamshell type of body is perfect for holding the higher horsepower.

The overheating of the engine for long hours of mowing is countered by aluminum radiator. The electric fan is quieter and more fuel efficient than other air cooled engine.

The 18HP Kohler engine packs the punch required for tough commercial mowers. So if are not very keen on bagging the grass clippings, it is the perfect mower for your commercial enterprise.

It comes with Cummins air filter system that helps increase the longevity of engine. With dual five gallon fuel tanks, it can mow longer and cover greater area in single seating.

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With a powerful 20 HP Kohler engine and compact size it is very popular among both large homeowners and commercial mowers. With 3 gallon fuel tank and 5MPH speed, it is great unit for mowing various kinds of properties.

It has the perfect blend of maneuverability and speed to deliver top-notch mowing performance. Ranging from compact ride on mowers, to larger lawn ‘tractors’, here we’ll take a look at the key features to consider with all of these machines if you’re thinking of making the jump from ‘ walker to ‘rider’.

As mentioned above, rid eons are suitable for larger gardens, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to own a country estate. Let’s suppose for a minute that your garden is a fairly decent size, perhaps under an acre, but you feel that a ride on mower is still going to be too unwieldy for your purposes.

Compact ride on mowers typically include a whole host of features to make your life easier and safer. This includes mulching kits, large grass collection boxes that can often be emptied whilst still sat on the mower, electric starter motors, and automatic gearboxes.

From a safety perspective many models require that the engine be in neutral and that the grass box is in place prior to ignition. Clearly then you shouldn’t feel that you’re exempt from using a ride on if you own a large yet still manageable sized garden.

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Lawn tractors are, as the name suggests a step up from the compact ride on mower, and these beasts are the right tool for tackling large areas of one or two acres (or more). As with the Lawn-King RC125 Ride On Tractor shown below, the engine is typically located in front of the driver seat, and generates upwards of 8Kw of cutting power, perfect for challenging areas and tough terrain.

Some lawn tractors are also powerful enough to carry out other tasks such as towing, but check the manufacturer specification when thinking of buying any that catch your eye. One important thing to note is that if you plan to use your mower on sloped areas then you should check with the manufacturers' specification that it is designed to be used in this way.

Heavy-duty Quick adjust floating deck Long life spindles There is no need to push the lawn mower; the motor takes care of its movement.

When you sit on a mower, your lower back receives most of the shock from bumps. However, standing mowers allow your feet and legs to absorb that shock, leaving it off your lower back.

Since you’re standing on the back, you can distribute your weight as needed when you go over the shifting terrain in your yard. If something dangerous were to occur, such as an impending rollover or an object in the way, a standing mower allows for a quick exit from the machine.

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Stand on mowers are usually the choice of professional landscapers and contractors dealing with commercial turf. Not only are they easier to transport to their clients’ locations, but stand on mowers also provide an incredible amount of maneuverability to mow within tight spaces and get a clean cut near objects.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with stand on mowing, especially if a rider is inexperienced in operating a stand on mower, or the rider fails to take basic safety precautions when operating the mower. Remove sticks, rocks, and objects that may pose a hazard as you mow.

Use heavy-duty footwear, long utility pants and a shirt, a helmet, protective eyewear and earplugs, and gripping gloves. When mowing on slopes, move across the grade when possible, rather than up or down, which can more easily topple the mower.

The Bradley Zero Turn Commercial Lawn Mower comes in a number of different cutting deck widths, so you can choose the best one for your needs. The adjustable cutting height as opposed to a fixed deck also allows for more variability for different lawns and grass types.

To keep your stand on mower working safely and optimally for years to come, remember to provide routine inspections and preventative maintenance to keep it in top shape. Before each use, you should check your stand on mower’s blades, safety features, and all fasteners and bolts.

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You should also check your mower’s oil frequently, and change it according to your manufacturer’s guidelines. Your operating manual will contain important information about routine maintenance, like changing the oil and air filters, and checking the spark plugs.

However, defects as a result of failure to properly use and maintain the mower won’t be covered. Other brands to consider are Ferris, Grandstand, World lawn, Ex mark, or Wright Stander mower.

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