Are Walker Hounds Good Pets

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• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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They can withstand heat and cold, and they do not back down from big game prey. Every coon hound needs a great deal of exercise, even if they never see a forest, according to Vet street.

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A long jog, swim, or hike is needed every day to keep these dogs physically and mentally fit. Without this release of energy, the dogs will become bored and can turn to destructive behaviors.

When exercise needs are met, the dogs are calm, enjoyable pets. Like any dog, a Walker puppy should begin training and socialization as soon as possible.

Puppy classes provide opportunities to learn to enjoy other dogs and people. The classes should also help owners teach basic commands using methods that are appropriate for this impressionable age group.

Their highly developed sense of smell provides distractions, and their response to chase is hard to overcome. The dog’s will to track will also kick in at unexpected moments, and it may follow its nose and try to lead you.

But the dogs should be brushed often to remove loose hair and dirt, especially during shedding season in the spring. Occasional bathes are needed, because these dogs can get that “hound” odor.

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The ears can become a source of concern, especially if water or mites invade the area. All information presented on our websites should not be construed as medical consultation or instruction.

While the information found on our websites is believed to be sensible and accurate based on the author’s best judgment, readers who fail to seek counsel from appropriate health professionals assume risk of any potential ill effects. Treeing Walker Coon hounds were bred as hunting dogs, but they also make great family pets.

The Treeing Walker Coon hound looks a lot like a tall Beagle. Certain qualities of these dogs were desirable to retain, but they needed an additional edge when it came to hunting game, particularly the desire to hunt and the ability to stay with the prey until the hunter arrived.

Though they mainly hunt on the ground, some of these dogs have reputedly clambered up a tree after their prey. The resulting dogs were named Treeing Walker Coon hounds and classified as a new breed.

Treeing Walker Coon hounds are great with kids and other dogs. Although they are friendly, confident and great with kids and other dogs, Treeing Walker Coon hounds follow their noses.

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In addition to the ear cleaning, be sure to brush your coon hound’s teeth and clip their nails regularly. Health Problems LOW: This breed is extremely healthy with no notable genetic conditions.

The ears may be prone to infection because of their size, and there is a chance of hip dysplasia. Working dogs of this breed may encounter a higher chance of injury or cuts associated with their jobs.

If you are considering adding a Treeing Walker Coon hound to your family, look into rescues and adoption resources first. Sometimes called “the people’s choice” among coon hounds, the Treeing Walker is a moderately proportioned hound who can hike over rough terrain with good speed and endurance.

Their gait is smooth, effortless, and ground-covering, with good reach and drive. In the mid 1800s, Kentucky residents used Virginia Hounds, descendants of English Foxhounds, to track deer and gray fox, but these dogs were unsuccessful tracking the red foxes that began to appear in the region.

Cousins John Walker and George Main were especially enthusiastic about tracking dogs during this time. In 1850, Main was given a dog that a traveler had spotted in the lead of a pack tracking deer.

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The traveler stole the dog, later known as Tennessee Lead, and gave him to Main. Lead was adept at tracking red foxes, and it was he who began the Treeing Walker Coon hound breed.

Later, his lines were mixed with dogs from other states, even Europe, with Walker’s sons taking over. The Treeing Walker Coon hound is a fairly energetic dog that often loves to hike and use their nose.

They have a tendency to become oblivious to calls when they’ve found an interesting scent. Treeing Walker Coon hounds make excellent companions and members of the household.

Treeing Walker Coon hounds need to get outside and stretch their legs, either with a long walk or jog or off-lead run in a safe area. Note: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary.

Suitable for both first-time and experienced owners, the Treeing Walker Coon hound is a great addition to households that have room for them to run around. If you’ve got room in your life for a very active companion, you may find the dog you’re looking for in the Treeing Walker Coon hound.

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As a hunting companion, he’s priced for his keen nose, distinctive bark and tireless endurance. He will need higher protein and fat intake in order to aid endurance, energy and muscle mass.

Whether you’re going with a high-quality dry kibble or a homemade diet, be sure to monitor quantity to match exercise levels. You’ll find that you're Treeing Walker Coon hound will master the basics and will be read to tackle advanced obedience or agility training.

Loving, intelligent and confident, the Treeing Walker Coon hound makes a wonderful family pet as well as an exceptional hunting dog. He’ll make a fine addition to a multi dog household, but he may want to chase the family cat.

A relatively healthy breed, the only problem the Treeing Walker Coon hound may suffer from is polyradiculoneuritis (paralysis due to acute inflammation of the nerves). The Treeing Walker Coon hound has plenty of energy to burn, so expect to be outside with him for one to two hours of vigorous exercise every day.

Loving, intelligent and confident, the Treeing Walker Coon hound makes a wonderful family pet as well as an exceptional hunting dog. You can expect moderate, year-round shed, so brush your dog weekly to get rid of loose and dead fur.

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Best Suited For: Families with children, active singles, houses with yards, farms/rural areas, hunters Temperament: Tolerant, gentle, friendly, companionable Comparable Breeds: American Foxhound, Beagle Just Like A Warm Hug, The Undershirt Calms Your Dog’s Anxiety Late summer and early fall is known as a time of ...

Coon hound temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Elton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books Though good featured and easygoing, these hardy hounds are so in need of hard physical exercise that they belong with an owner who will take them hunting, jogging (on dirt or grass, not concrete), hiking, and/or swimming.

It is in a coon hound's nature to constantly figure out ways to outwit his prey, so he often does the same with people. In other words, following commands blindly is not part of a coon hound's genetic makeup.

Vigorous exercise requirements Rowdiness and exuberant jumping, especially when young Destructiveness when bored or not exercised enough Strong instincts to chase other living creatures that run “Selective deafness” whenever his tremendous nose and exploratory instincts send him running after adventure Stubbornness LOUD baying Shedding and a hound odor You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Unfortunately, you usually can't tell whether a puppy has inherited temperament or health problems until he grows up. Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Coon hound to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy.

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Bored Coon hounds are famous for chewing through drywall, ripping the stuffing out of sofas, and turning your yard into a moonscape of giant craters. Their working behaviors (following scents, chasing things that run, exploring, baying) can be a nuisance in a normal household setting.

Trying to suppress these “hardwired” behaviors, without providing alternate outlets for their energy, can be difficult and is not fair to the dog. As hunting hounds, Coon hounds have strong instincts to chase small fleeing creatures.

Also note that Coon hounds tend to have a strong “dog” odor that some people find distasteful. I recommend these dog training videos that are based on respect and leadership.

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