Are Walker Good For Babies

Christina Perez
• Sunday, 24 January, 2021
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Research also suggests that use of baby walkers doesn't help the process of learning to walk. Instead, baby walkers eliminate the desire to walk.

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In: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5. Ramadan SN, et al. Unintentional injury and its prevention in infant: Knowledge and self-reported practices of main caregivers.

Today these walking devices are usually made of hard plastic, with wheels on the bottom. Another kind of device is a stationary baby walker (the same design, but they only go in a circle or don’t move at all).

In 1994, stationary baby walkers were introduced, decreasing the amount of injuries each year. And in 1997, new safety standards made them safer, decreasing injuries by 76 percent from 1990 to 2001.

“Walkers are unsafe,” pediatrician Gary Smith said in an interview with ABC News. Even if these devices were safe, there is evidence that they don’t actually help baby learn to walk properly.

Infants who used walkers also scored lower on Bayley scales of mental and motor development. Research suggests the delay in motor development can be attributed to the fact that baby can’t see his legs.

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Being able to see his own limbs shows baby what type of movement helped him achieve his goal. Walkers make it hard for baby to develop all the muscles she needs to ultimately walk on her own.

According to Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, baby walkers strengthen the lower legs but not the upper legs and hips, which are essential for walking, and satisfy baby’s desire to move across the floor, making them less likely to try crawling. Pediatrician Dr. Emma Piker discovered that babies who developed naturally (i.e. weren’t placed in containers like walkers) were stronger, more stable, and more confident in their movements.

Though the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has called for a ban in the U.S., you can still buy baby walkers in the U.S. Of course, activity mats or just blankets on the floor allow baby to explore their surroundings while strengthening their entire body.

Playpens filled with a few toys or swings are other alternatives that can help you while cooking dinner or doing another activity where you need baby to be safe and contained. It is also not safe to place baby in these devices for nap time (source).

Mobility experts recommend no more than two 15-20 minute sessions in a device like this per day. With a safe place to practice what baby can already do on his own and strengthen muscles he needs for the next developmental milestone, he’ll begin walking before you know it.

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Although they seem simple and fun, baby walkers can lead to injuries and developmental delays. Walkers allow babies to move around before they are physically ready for it, which can cause unusual movement patterns and delayed muscle control.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using walkers not only because they can discourage your child from learning to walk on his own, but also because they can be dangerous. Thousands of babies end up in emergency rooms and doctor's offices from falling down stairs or bumping into furniture while in a walker.

Exersaucers, as well as door jumpers, are much safer alternatives, but none of these options will help your child learn to walk earlier than usual. Walkers allow mobility beyond a baby’s natural capability, and faster than a parent’s reaction time.

“Sometime in the second half of the first year, healthy babies develop a strong urge to move across the floor. At first, this is a struggle for them as they work their arms and legs, stretching, rolling, scooting or crawling.

Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene told the New York Times : Babies who use a walker skip some of this magnificent developmental journey. With their toes in an unnatural position, they glide across the floor with ease, moving upright before their time.

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Because of the newer safety requirements, there has been a marked decline in the number of injuries caused by walkers. Yet in 2016, there were still 3200 injuries caused by walkers that required an emergency room visit, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Despite their tiny size, baby feet are strong and complex, consisting of 26 bones, 35 joints, ligaments and fatty padding. Since the two styles vary in functionality, features and construction, it’s crucial to understand the key differences that set them apart.

In most cases, footwear for young babies simply protects their feet while providing breathability and fashionable style. Baby’s arch and Achilles’ heel aren’t quite defined at this stage, so shoes offer more style than function.

This boogie is offered in multiple cozy materials with a warm Sherpa or faux fur lining. These lightweight baby boot-style shoes feature a gel-like outsole that has durable yet flexible compound for premium traction.

With our signature rounded edges and the outsole covering their little toes, your baby gets the protection they need to crawl the distance. Get the warm and cozy high-top boogie with memory foam and an antimicrobial treatment built into the sock lining.

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With features similar to those of our soft motion technology, our PRE- walker styles are offered in smaller sizes with a wider, generous fit. Our SR Mira offers the same great features with the gel Walker sole in a dainty Mary Jane style.

At this point in their lives, babies are ready to try balancing on two legs and experiment with their newfound ability to put one foot in front of the other. Suddenly, your little one is gripping onto the furniture or holding your hands to maintain balance while learning how to walk properly.

As they grow from tentative to confident walkers, the protective, flexible and lightweight non-skid outsoles support their newfound movements. The lightweight material gently cushions the foot to encourage frequent, natural movements without throwing off your child’s coordination.

Flexible shoes promote proper arch development and support as the foot grows during these formative years. Light and airy by nature, flexible materials let your child focus on learning how to walk without lifting heavy shoes with every step they take.

The majority of our Soft Motion shoes feature leather uppers to maximize durability without sacrificing breathability and comfort. Supportive shoes are essential to help babies master simple steps and more complex movements.

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The simple act of placing toes on the ground begins a chain reaction that gives your child greater control. Good walking shoes for babies provide the early support needed to build those muscles.

If your little one is still largely crawling around on all fours, opt for stroller booties and PRE- walker shoes until they’re ready to start taking their first steps. Once you decide that your child is ready to move from pre-sales to walking shoes, it’s time to select the right pair.

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