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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Rating: High to Low Most Reviewed First A to Z to The Newest First I recently bought two pairs of the Walker Razor Slim electronic earmuffs.

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Though I have a number of electronic muffs already, I bought these to try out the accessory 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) attachment. Seemingly ALL 2-way radio manufacturers claim distances which are typically way beyond reality.

So, I did some experimenting to see how far the Walker’s walkie-talkie would go in my own environment. The Walker’s walkie-talkies sounded solid and clear up to about 300 feet.

One test was clear line of sight from Mrs. J sitting in front of the house while I walked across an open field to about 600 feet away. The audio / transmit / reception was still pretty good.

As I continued over a slight rise and then down the other side, it also put a hunk of “earth” between us. At about 600 feet (almost 1/8 mile) the reception was noticeably noisy and becoming somewhat irritating to communicate.

As expected when I transmitted through that radio after losing comms with the Walker’s at 1/4 mile, Mrs. J said it blasted through loud and clear. They’re obviously low power transmitters (due to FCC restrictions on their bands).

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Because I wouldn’t be using them for longer range comms (I have other radios for that). These would be nice for security / patrol comms within the distance constraints.

Being slim design is great for shooting any rifle (easier to cheek and see through your optics). The VOX (voice activated option for the microphone) didn’t work very well.

Slim low profile design Digital audio circuit Rechargeable Low noise/Frequency tuned for natural sound clarity Auto shut off Digital soft touch silent button operation 4 Frequency modes: Universal, Clear Voice, High Frequency Boost, Power Boost EXCEL 500BT combines sophisticated sound processing, intuitive menu navigation, and rich electronic control features with an intelligent, forward-thinking approach to design and ergonomics that delivers a hearing protection and enhancement system without precedent in the shooting sports and hunting industries.

The Razor Slim Electronic Quad Muff with Bluetooth technology features ultra-low profile ear cups and a rubberized coating for added durability. Razor Digital X-TRM Muff with cooling pads and moisture-wicking headband for extra comfort.

An all-new high-performance digital circuit delivers blazing-fast reaction time, ensuring optimum hearing protection. Walker’s RAZOR -“TACTI-GRIP” high performance silicone composite headband ensures a slip free, secure fit.

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Full dynamic range HD speakers offer clear balanced sound. The Razor Quad Muff features ultra-low profile ear cups and a rubberized coating for added durability along with 4 hi-gain omnidirectional microphones to pick up sounds 360 degrees around the shooter.

Color Noise Reduction Rating Battery $89.99 Add to Wishlist Comfort headband with metal wire frame and compact folding design.

Razor Digital X-TRM Muff with cooling pads and moisture-wicking headband for extra comfort. The Razor Slim Patriot Series electronic ear muffs feature an ultra-low profile compact design and are available in four color options.

Integrates seamlessly with Fireman muff Powered by the Fireman's large lithium battery Adjustable antenna positions Large back lit LCD screen Specifically designed to fit the smaller heads of youth and women shooters.

Color Coyote Brown, Camo, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green Universal headband wrap fits all Walkers muffs as well as most other brands.

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Even the smallest guns create significant noise, and repetitive exposure can damage your hearing. Shooting earmuffs protect your hearing by reducing the decibels that reach the sensitive parts of your inner ear.

To choose the best shooting earmuffs, it’s vital that you understand how they’re rated and the features that differ between models. If you’d like to learn more about earmuff types and features, please read our shopping guide.

When wearing passive earmuffs, it’s difficult to talk with the surrounding people, as a person’s voice will be reduced by the same amount as a loud gunshot. Electronic earmuffs amplify quiet noise to emulate “normal” hearing while protecting you from louder sounds.

You can use a product’s NOR, or Noise Reduction Rating, to judge the effectiveness of shooting earmuffs. For example, if the package claims that the earmuffs reduce noise by 30 decibels, the NOR must be 67.

Any sound above 120 decibels is considered harmful to the ear, especially during prolonged or repeated exposure. Every shooting earmuff comes with an NOR (Noise Reduction Rating) number.

(Source: www.walmart.com)

Walker's Game Ear and Pro For Who are two shooting earmuff manufacturers that make notably lightweight models. The ear cups on shooting earmuffs are attached by an adjustable plastic strap.

If you’re looking to buy from a line of top earmuffs like Honeywell’s Howard Light selection, expect to find a range of choices that extend up to more than $50. Another notable manufacturer, Walker’s Game Ear, offers a Razor series with prices hovering around the $70 mark.

These are great muffs, but you can also find an excellent pair of Walker’s earmuffs that cost closer to $15. Electronic shooting earmuffs require a battery to power the microphone and speakers.

Some electronic earmuffs contain a dedicated battery, which is charged using a standard USB cord. If your shooting earmuffs fit comfortably, you can get more value from them by using them during other activities, such as mowing the lawn or working with power tools.

A few electronic models on today’s market provide a 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, electronic shooting earmuffs capture all sounds via a set of microphones.

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Electronic shooting earmuffs include an indicator LED that lights up when the battery needs to be replaced or recharged.

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