Are Walker Crisps Vegan

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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While there is a lot of vegan -friendly Walkers, you’ll also find flavor profiles that are not. The Ready Salted flavor by Walkers are incredibly crispy and 100% vegan.

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Since they are cooked with sun seed oil, they’re naturally lower in saturates; additionally, they’re free from artificial colors or preservatives, and MSG. A lot of salt & vinegar-flavored chips are typically not vegan, but this formula by Walkers doesn’t have any animal ingredients.

Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil Flavoring (vegan) Dried Vinegar Salt Acid (Citric Acid) Sugar Potassium Chloride Yeast Extract. Usually, anything prawn-flavored would lead anyone to think that a small aquatic crustacean was used to create the flavoring, but not in this case.

Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil Flavoring (vegan) Sugar Glucose Salt Acid (Citric Acid) Potassium Chloride Dried Yeast Dried Onion Tomato Extract Color (Paprika Extract) Sweetener (Sucrose). Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil Flavoring (vegan) Salt Sugar Rice Flour Potato Starch Acid (Citric Acid) Yeast Extract (contains Barley) Vegetable Juice Concentrate Thiamine Riboflavin Niacin Vitamin B12 Folic acid Natural Flavoring (contains Celery).

Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil WheatBreadcrumbs Flavoring (vegan) Salt Sugar Barley Malt Vinegar Acid (Citric Acid) Dried Onion Dried Garlic Fructose Cardamom Ground Black Pepper Ginger Clove Cocoa Powder Color (Paprika Extract). These Walkers are unique as they come with a satchel of salt you can add to the chips in the quantity you desire.

A simple, vegan recipe that doesn’t provide room for misinterpretations. Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil Dried Milk Lactose Flavorings (not vegan) Salt Acid (Citric Acid) Color (Paprika Extract).

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While tomato ketchup-flavored crops and chips are typically vegan, surprisingly, with these Walkers that is not the case. Potatoes Sunflower Oil Rapeseed Oil Sugar Flavoring Dried Milk Whey Salt Acid (Citric Acid) Color (Paprika Extract) Tomato Extract.

If you want to find more about different chips or chips, feel free to read these blog posts I’ve written about Ruffles, Doritos, or Lays. If you feel like this blog post was helpful, please share it with friends or family that may also find some value by reading it.

With the crisp market in the United Kingdom worth over £1 billion a year, it is understandable that so many companies want to grab their piece of it. Note: The chips in this article we identify are vegan do not contain any animals ingredients based on the best information at the time of writing.

The following flavors of the Walkers Oven Baked range of chips are vegan friendly (aside from the milk cross-contamination issue): Sea Salt and Sticky Barbecue. Oven Baked With Available at the time of writing in two flavors (Beetroot with Sweet Chili Jam, or Sweet Potato with Paprika), these have significantly less fat than other options in the veg crisp niche (for example, the Beetroot and Sweet Chili Jam chips have 14g of fat per 100g, compared to around 32g of fat per 100g of the Tyrell Mixed Root Vegetable Chips.

The Simply Salted flavors vegan, while the Cheese & Onion is not. SquaresFor novelty value, chips that are square do give a few seconds of entertainment, but they are not particularly satisfying beyond that. Elite Deli range from Walkers is their attempt to leapfrog the likes of Tyrell and Kettle Chips and aim squarely at the Wait rose crowd.

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SunbitesMade with three wholegrain (corn, wheat and oats), the Sunnites range offer a fair amount of fiber and protein, as well as a different texture to conventional chips that appeal to many. Here are the vegan -friendly flavors in the range: Sun Ripened Sweet Chili, and Lightly Sea Salted.

Sensations class above the standard Walkers chips, these have a premium feel to them, with fancy flavors to match. Here are the vegan -friendly options: Onion & Balsamic Vinegar and Lime & Coriander Chutney Poppadoms.

Milk is always marked in bold in lists of ingredients in the UK and that is the main thing to watch out for in Walkers chips. Sadly none of the Monster Munch range are vegan As Walkers are the best-selling crisp brand in the UK (based on the most recent figures in 2019 provided by Nielsen), we have decided to make things simple and also include the chips they offer that are not vegan.

Crisp Name/FlavourNotesLightly Salvador a basic tortilla chip with good dipping strength and no overpowering flavors, you could do a lot worse than the Lightly Salted Doritos option. BBQ & Chillier those seeking a something with a bit more of a kick, without going over the top, these should fit the bill nicely. Chilli Heatwave Chili Heatwave chip ramps up the spice a little, but they are by no means tongue-sizzlingly hot, especially if coupled with a mild salsa. Okay, there might be only three vegan -friendly flavors of Doritos as things stand, but that should satisfy all but the most fervent of tortilla chip fiends. Crisp Name/FlavourNotesOriginalWith a worryingly addictive taste-crunch combo, the Original Pringles are a solid addition to any party or vegan barbecue. Sweet ChilliWhoever designed this flavor clearly understood how to maximize the chances of someone devouring a whole tube in one sitting.

Since their heyday they have sold off some of their most iconic chips including Nick NAKs and Wheat Crunches (to then KP Snacks owner United Biscuits) and Wot sits (to Walkers). Rough CutsBasically a cheaper version of McCoy’s, these are nice enough and the following flavors are vegan : Bang Bang Spicy Thai and Rock Salt. Golden Lightener 100 calories a pack, the Sea Salt flavor option is vegan friendly. Some time ago supermarkets came to the realization that creating their own versions of well-loved food products could be a real money spinner.

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Here we’ll provide details of all the vegan -friendly own-brand chips offered by all the major UK supermarkets. Weirdly vegan ! The biggest supermarket in the UK by market share (according to Statista and Kan tar), Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919.

Tesco have become increasingly good at labelling their own brand products as vegan friendly in recent years, including all these chips. The lightly salted version is nice enough, but we prefer the more interesting options mentioned below.

The Finest Crinkle Cut Lightly Salted Chips Like the standard Finest Lightly Salted chips, but decidedly more crinkly.The Finest Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Chips A superior crisp to the lightly salted version, the cider vinegar gives these a bit of bite, and they compare well to the higher end versions, such as Kettle Chips.The Finest Crinkle Cut Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Chips A crinkled version of the above mentioned. Bunny Bites Snacks bunny-shaped, fluffy snacks are made from a mixture of potato, tapioca and maize and seem to go down quite well with toddlers… (and adults nursing hangovers). They are essentially the vegan alternative to Smith’s Frazzles (which contain lactose and whey from milk), and people who used to munch a bag or two of those will find these just the ticket.The Finest Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chips Another very nice crisp from the Finest range, and again a decent value alternative to some branded options. Salt & Vinegar SticksCheap, not particularly tasty or satisfying.

Unlike the branded version, these are not made in a factory that handles milk, so might be preferred by some vegans. Potato Chip Snakelike the Sticks mentioned above, but slightly thinner and crunchier, these are perhaps more akin to Walkers French Fries (though less curved). Could be used for elaborate sculptures at kids’ parties. Lentil Curtis legume-based snack makes a change from potato chips, and though they are a little lacking in flavor, you could spice them up with paprika if you so desired. Reduced Fat Ready Salted Crinkle Cut Chips These Reduced Fat chips are far from fat free, but they pack a satisfying crunch, so we’ll forgive them. Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips cheaper and less robust alternative to Doritos, these are fine as party or barbecue fodder, but they tend to snap too readily when used to scoop up salsa. Mini Poppadoms big enough or sturdy enough to effectively dip in your lime or mango chutney, these vegan -friendly poppadom-style chips are a nice enough accompaniment to a tasty vegan curry or DAL. Salt & Vinegar Chips A standard salt and vinegar option that might be preferred by some vegans to Walkers (which, as mentioned, are made in a factory that handles milk). Ready Salted Chips Some people love ready salted chips, in all their banal blandness.

Another massive supermarket (the fourth largest in the UK), it is not surprising to see they have a solid number of own-brand chips, but there aren’t as many vegan -friendly options as some of their rivals offer. Constantly battling it out with Sainsbury’s to be the UK’s second biggest supermarket (behind Tesco), Asia began life in Leeds in 1949.

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Despite their size, Asia lag behind some other supermarkets when it comes to own-brand products, and especially vegan -friendly crisp options. Enough said. Cheeky Monkey Potato SnacksVery similar to Pom Bears, these monkey face-shaped chips will keep screaming toddlers occupied for at least 30 seconds. Bacon Dislike the Tesco Bacon Rashers Snacks, these are vegan friendly, and reasonably edible. Onion Kingsport fodder that is not meant to impress (and is unlikely to do so). Potato LoopsAsda’s answer to Hula Hoops do the job nicely. Ridge Canada’s Salt and Vinegar and their Ready Salted Ridge Cut Chips are vegan friendly.

As mentioned, Sainsbury’s are usually vying for second place in the supermarket wars with Asia, and appear to be edging ahead in recent times. Founded way back in 1869 in Drug Lane, London, they have built up steadily over the years and were the UK market leader for much of the 20th century.

Veg crisp options, such as those from Tyrell. Prawn Cocktail Chips Utilizing paprika extract and tomato powder instead of prawns for the flavor, these are a nice enough option for those seeking the taste of a 1980s dinner party. Salt & Vinegar Chips Another standard flavor that ticks the value and taste boxes without trying for or achieving too much more. Taste the Difference Gourmet Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Chips Those seeking a higher end alternative to standard salt and vinegar chips will be pleased with these, especially as they are significantly cheaper than the likes of Kettle Chips. Taste the Difference Sweet Chili Chips A slightly more adventurous own-brand option from Sainsbury’s and this Thai Sweet Chili option packs a nice kick. Taste the Difference Sea Salt & Peppercorn Chips Another flavor from the Taste the Difference range that is going head-to-head with Tyrell and Kettle Chips, and another that competes very well, all things considered. Onion Wingspread as cheap party snack options, but not particularly tasty in all honesty. Tortilla Chips Salted/Chillicothe Sainsbury’s alternative to Doritos are decent value and are nice enough, if a little too prone to breakage in the bag. Bacon CrispiesNothing originating from a pig has been put into these Bacon Crispier, and though the taste will not please everyone (or the concept for that matter), they are fine for vegans to consume if they so choose. Salt Potato TwirlsAnother cheap party snack option that doesn’t really do much for us but which no doubt has its place. Salt Crunchy Sticks As above… some people like them, we could take them or leave them, really. Salted Popped Potato ChipsMarketed as a healthy crisp option due to their reduced fat levels relative to standard chips, these own-brand popped chips are nice enough without having anything resembling a wow factor. Mini Poppadoms poppadoms chips ? Now the food arm of the John Lewis Partnership, Wait rose & Partners actually began life in 1904 as a small grocery store in Acton, in west London.

Opening its first supermarkets in the mid-1950s, Wait rose gained a reputation for high quality produce and one that caters particularly to higher end customers (it even has a royal warrant from the Queen and Prince Charles! We had hoped for a little more imagination from Wait rose, but they sell so many branded vegan -friendly chips that their customers will not be left wanting.

Perfectly acceptable salt and vinegar option for those seeking good value. Essential Salt & Malt Vinegar Stickiest like the Salt and Malt Vinegar Chips … but stickier. Essential Salted Tortilla Chips reasonable (cheaper) alternative to Doritos that will suffice for anyone who isn’t a tortilla chip aficionado. Essential Prawn Cocktail Shells of the better value alternative to KP Skips (which apparently may contain milk or egg based on the potential of cross-contamination), this option from Wait rose will satisfy many crisp fiends who used to love their Skips. Love Life Your Count Ready Salted Crinkle Reduced Introduced fat and tasty enough… but not as healthy as a carrot and a few nuts! Crisp & Crunchy Mini PoppadomsAnother mini poppadom option to accompany your vegan curry or simply enjoy as a snack in its own right. Paprika Spicy potato snacks in a variety of shapes, these are a good value party snack option. Habas FritasMade by roasting and salting broad beans, if vegetable chips can be included in this category, then so can these. They are very crunchy and surprisingly tasty too, and with just broad beans, sunflower oil and salt listed as ingredients, they are one of the simplest ‘crisp’ options there is.

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Marketing their own-brand chips under the Snack rite brand (rather than Aldi) there are a number of vegan -friendly options available. Some of their Snack rite flavors are vegan friendly, as are many of the various smaller-brand options they sell in their stores, but it’s always best to check individual labels due to the high turnover of products.

The risks are generally small, but those with particular allergies (especially milk) should be particularly vigilant, whilst those who do not even want to chance cross-contamination should look to specialist vegan crisps. Overall though, at least for the vegans who are prepared to risk the chance of cross-contamination with milk products, there is a vast range of crisp options available.

If you find yourself craving a packet of crisps, but you are not 100% sure if they are vegan friendly or not, read on. Are not only vegan friendly, but are also high in fiber, a decent source of protein and lower in calories than most chips.

Result! Tesco Bacon Rashers SnacksFormer fans of Smiths Bacon Frazzles (which contain milk derivatives) take note: Tesco have come up with a vegan -friendly alternative! Also made from maize along with rice and soda flour, the mix of onion powder and turmeric extract give them a fine blast of flavor, with no need for any dairy products… and certainly no pigs! Tyrrells Mixed Root Vegetable ChipsAnother entry for KP-owned Terrell, and for good reason: made from parsnips, beetroot and carrots, they give a welcome blast of color to what can sometimes be quite a monochrome snack.

They pack quite a punch, so grab some cooling salsa to go with them. Popchips Sea Salt & Black PepperLighter than many of the chips out there, and not as dense from a calorie point of view, Pop chips are cooked in a pressurized chamber to minimize the amount of oil required to cook them. There will always be opposing ideas about which snacks fall within the category of chips and which should be cast aside into some other domain.

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We aren’t going to delve too deeply into the semantics of the definition of chips at this juncture, because it will probably just make you hungry. In doing so, we have essentially answered the question posed in the title of this article: as with many foods we have looked at, some varieties of crisp are vegan and some are not.

They usually consist of some plant matter, perhaps potato (or dehydrated potato) or corn, a cooking oil, usually labelled as vegetable but often sunflower, rapeseed or even palm oil, and some flavorings. This is just in the UK, of course, with other parts of the world having some weird and wacky (at least to British tastes) flavors, such as octopus, hot dog and oyster.

However, many of these seemingly meaty chips are actually made with synthetic and vegan -friendly chemical flavorings. Walkers famously changed many of their recipes in 2013 so that they were no longer suitable for vegans (and vegetarians).

As well as many you might expect, these vegan -friendly offerings included the likes of Roast Chicken, Worcester Sauce, Prawn Cocktail and Doritos BBQ Rib. Checking the pack is our usual advice but often this is far easier for vegetarians than it is for vegans.

Note that a number of UK supermarkets have started to be a lot more proactive when it comes to the labelling of the vegan credentials of their own-brand products. For instance, Tesco has some clearly labelled vegan -friendly chips that include a pickled onion corn snack that bears a lot of similarity to Monster Munch.

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Some chips, like many modern processed foods, use a strange range of additives to create the finished product and some of these may be derived from animals. One of the most common additives that renders a crisp non- vegan is whey, which is a protein derived from milk.

Unless you become familiar with the full list, or a good proportion of them, it can often be prudent to simply find an alternative product to one that contains a load of E numbers. Given that many companies are steering towards fewer additives and fewer ingredients, and less processing in general, it is possible to opt for chips that lie at the more “natural” end of the spectrum when it comes to the ingredients they use.

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