Are Walker County Schools Closed

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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About a dozen staff members with the school district attended Tuesday night's board meeting to show support for two speakers who signed up to give public comment. The message was that a number of teachers and staff members wish the district would do more to ensure safety for everyone in schools and consider reverting to a hybrid learning model and issuing a mask mandate, among other things.

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“In the majority of our classrooms across the county, students are sitting within two feet of each other, the equivalent of the depth of a desktop,” Even said. In November, WalkerCountySchools closed all its campuses through Thanksgiving break as more than 100 students and teachers had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Two weeks later, the district had 55 active cases (6 were students learning from home) and more than 40 people were quarantined. In its latest coronavirus report, released every Friday, there are 59 students and 22 staff members positive with COVID-19.

Rains said the number of confirmed cases will dictate change by the school district and that a plan to go hybrid is in place and will be used when necessary. “It's an expectation, from my perspective, is that we continue to stress how important it is to strongly recommend that masks are being worn by adults and students,” he said.

Rains agreed and said Roseville Middle has been exceptional and that the administration at the school has gotten behind a strong campaign advocating for masks. “Students are not wearing masks in our classrooms, nor in the hallway, nor on the bus here in WalkerCounty, and our parents need to know that,” Even said.

Debbie Baker, president of the WalkerCounty Association of Educators, made it a point to let school board members know they have the authority to issue a mask mandate. Damon Rains announced that school will be closed next week leading into Thanksgiving break due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

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However, he said in recent days there has been a marked increase in students and staff with COVID-19 and those who have had close contact with them. Rains said it has been difficult to reach all those who have had close contact with students and staff who have come down with the virus.

Rains urged those who are out of school to wear masks and practice social distancing. Last year, College dale along with the Hamilton County Industrial Development Board, entered into a PILOT agreement with McKee Foods that was effective Jan. 1, 2020.

Senator Bill Haggerty (R-TN) on Wednesday was critical of President Joe Biden's actions on the Paris Climate Accords and the Keystone Pipeline. Last year, College dale along with the Hamilton County Industrial Development Board, entered into a PILOT agreement with McKee Foods that was effective Jan. 1, 2020.

At the commission meeting on Tuesday night, Attorney Kurt Fires with the Chablis, Banner and Stopped law firm, requested approval from the city for an amendment to the agreement. It would be instructive to see studies by other communities who have already gone through this, so we can understand just what is the taxpayer cost burden of these high density developments.

Matt Hayes, a writer for the SaturdayDownSouth.com website, was blistering in his view of what has been allowed to happen to the once-mighty University of Tennessee football program just hours after coach Jeremy Pruitt went down in flames on Monday. “I’ve got some harsh words for those in power at Tennessee, something they don’t want to hear but better embrace.

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After five road games and three home postponements the Lee men's basketball team finally got back on its home court inside Walker Arena, taking down the Shorter Hawks, 70-60 on Tuesday evening. By any standard, the Chattanooga Football Club had about as successful a season as one could have hoped for in the topsy-turvy year that was 2020.

As the top side in their conference, CFC won the Independent Cup in the shortened preseason, and then made it midway through the NASA playoffs after the regular season. Find out quickly below if snow, cold or other weather emergencies is causing winter snow delays or closings at your school in WalkerCounty.

She is warning students to anticipate being closed up to two weeks and “potentially extending beyond Spring Break.” Currently, there are no confirmed cases in the area, but the closure decision was made due to the rapid spread of the virus.

Barrow CountySchools will be closed for two weeks beginning on March 16 and continuing through the month. During the closing, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, school events or field trips.

The school system is asking families to wash backpacks, coats, and jackets as soon a possible. The school system also plans to send out information about potential resources for learning from home.

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Student attendance is optional on this day and bus routes will operate normally. All Georgia High School Association (HSA) and Songhua extracurricular events and field trips are suspended until further notice.

Additionally, all athletic practices and competitions will be canceled beginning Saturday, March 14, 2021, and will resume when school is back in session. The district said it will monitor closely and assess the situation to determine if the closure should be extended past this week.

March 13 will be a regularly-scheduled teacher workday and staff will be provided specific instruction regarding expectations and duties. Students are expected to log into their teachers' websites and participate in learning activities.

Students who do not have access to the internet will be able to get alternate assignments from their teachers that don't require technology. The district is not closing Friday, March 13, to allow time for students and staff to retrieve materials and technology.

The school system hopes to resume instruction as soon as possible but said the situation is still fluid. The school system has not been informed of any member of its community who has tested positive for coronavirus.

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For the first three days, teachers are being asked to “work toward preparing enrichment and relearning materials for distribution online.” Any staff that traveled to a Level 3 country should stay home and notify their supervisor.

During this time, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, school events or field trips. Clay CountySchools was already set to be closed for a teacher workday on Friday, March 13.

The decision is based on the recommendation of the school district superintendent after motoring national and local reports regarding the spread of coronavirus. Parents and students are asked to access Digital Learning Day details on this school system website.

The school system will continue to process payroll and those employees who need to be absent must submit leave requests. Non-emergency medical and pre-screening services will continue at the School-Based Health Center at North Clayton High School.

The decision was based on information shared by Governor Brian Kemp that urged schools to take necessary action. During this time, the district will monitor the situation and determine if the schools should be closed for another week.

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Each school will be communicating information specific to particular grade levels and subject areas. The Georgia High School Association has suspended all activities including sports, practices, field trips and other extracurriculars in Dawson County effective March 13.

The district is working with the state to develop a plan to provide for the nutritional needs of the community. DeKalb County School District will be closed on Monday and remain shut down until further notice.

During the closure, employees will work from home and students should follow the digital learning plan. In light of the governor's guidance, Fannie CountySchools will be open on Friday and will still have a 2-hour early release for parent-teacher conferences.

Teachers will contact students and parents through normal communication regarding instruction and assignments for virtual learning. Pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade teachers will provide parents with a list of non-digital activities to continue learning.

Families who need help with meals for any Fayette County student age 18 and under during the closure can come to Spring Hill Elementary School and North Fayette Elementary School from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Floyd CountySchools will remain closed for all staff and students through March 25 with current plans to resume classes on the following day.

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The central office and custodial staff will need to report to work on Friday, March 13. The school system said it had “already taken additional precautions to ensure effective sanitation practices” in facilities and buses.

All upcoming HSA activities and middle school athletic events have been suspended for the next two weeks. Fulton CountySchools has announced that it will close all schools and administrative officers beginning Monday and that the closure will continue until further notice.

During the online learning days, all teachers who are leading lessons for students will work from home. Students may retrieve their books and personal materials or check out technology from the school on Friday during normal hours.

The Greene County School System expects to close for three weeks beginning March 16 due to concerns over coronavirus and its spread. However, that marks the beginning of the school system's spring break which will be observed as planned.

Beginning Friday, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, school events or field trips. As a precautionary measure to protect the health and safety of students, staff and community in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Griffin-Spalding County School System schools and offices will be closed Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20, 2021.

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Schools in Gordon County are closed for two weeks through March 27 as a precaution due to coronavirus in Georgia. Instruction will continue through home bound activities that will be shared with all students and parents on March 16.

The school system is implementing its “learning from home plan” which will begin on March 17. Hall CountySchools will conduct “school from home” for one week beginning on March 16.

Students who stay home on Friday as well can have their parents make arrangements for them to pick up a personal device for online learning. The district will monitor the situation closely and decide whether school from home should be extended.

Field trips and extracurricular activities are postponed indefinitely beginning Friday at 11:59 p.m. Extensive cleaning will continue during the schools closure. Large group gatherings of students and staff will not take place for the duration of school from home.

Food services plan has been developed to minimize large group interactions in cafeterias should it become necessary once regular schooling resumes. On Friday, students will be given assignment packets and directions for virtual classwork during the time classes are closed.

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However, they will remain open on March 13 so that students can receive any digital learning instructions or packets they need from instructors. It will also allow the implementation of “continuity plans” and for the system to monitor state officials as they follow the spread of coronavirus in Georgia.

As of the decision, there were no presumptive cases of COVID-19 in Henry County, but the school system said it realized that the virus is a growing concern. Teachers will also have digital office hours for students and parents to ask questions and get assistance.

Jackson County School System will be closed for two weeks beginning on March 16. During the closure, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, school events, or field trips.

The Lumpkin County School System will close beginning on March 16 for a minimum of one week due to public health concerns and guidance from numerous agencies. The school system will reevaluate the state of health before the end of the week to determine whether any further action is necessary.

Madison CountySchools have decided to close for two weeks upon the advice from Governor Brian Kemp. During the closing, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, school events or field trips.

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Children's teachers and principals will be sending out information regarding digital and distance learning in the near future. All school activities will also be suspended during this time and athletic competitions and other events have been postponed until further notice.

Class was held on Friday to prepare students for at-home learning over the coming weeks. During this time, there will be no extracurricular activities, sports, schools events or field trips.

Schools in Oconee County (Georgia) will be closed for two weeks beginning on Monday and reopening March 30. Children will receive information about digital learning from teachers and principals in the near future.

Friday is a regularly-scheduled teacher workday and more information will be released regarding the plan for missed instruction at that time. Officials will reevaluate the situation on March 19 to decide whether they will remain closed for a longer period.

During this time, students will be expected to complete school assignments at home beginning on March 16 through “Online Learning Days.” Communication about assignments will be through teachers, Google Classroom and notes posted on school websites.

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The school system is also issuing Chromebooks to students who do not have access to a computer at home. Rabin County School Nutrition will provide meals at no cost for all children from 2 to 18 years old.

Rockdale County Public Schools has moved to “Independent Learning Days” beginning March 16 and continuing for two weeks. Students in Pre-K to send grades will receive at-home assignments posted on their school websites.

The Walker School does not have any known or suspected cases of Coronavirus but has decided to close on Friday. Both Friday and Monday will be treated as professional development days for faculty and staff.

The school system intends to offer more details about work hours, academic materials, nutrition, athletics, extracurricular activities and communication at a later time. Friday, students will be given information and material to minimize loss of instruction during the upcoming week.

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