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For quite a while now, before Bryant and India Star announced their relationship pursuit, Rochelle has been telling her followers that she has a crush on both of the guys, even though many were still confused as to who she was dating. She has a crush on both guys, but only one can be shipped right now. Photo Source: Piper Rochelle, Instagram.

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There were fans split both ways for the two ships, but the triangle kept them in the confused for which one to choose. This is a branch title for the relationship timeline between Piper Rochelle and Gavin Magnus.

Piper, Sophie Fermi and Sawyer Sharing have been best friends for a long time now. Since then, Gavin had been a regular part of Piper’s social media world as he continued being labeled her crush for a long while.

(It seems she started the tradition of referring to someone she “might” be dating as crush even after already pursuing the relationships.) In February that year, there was a secret admirer for Piper, and it was neither Sawyer nor Gavin.

A point came when she googled her relationship status to know that articles mentioned they kind of broke up. Around August 2019, LEV, Walker and Sophie’s then-crush Ryder Knapp (who Piper tagged as Sophie’s boyfriend) start appearing in Piper’s YouTube videos as disappeared completely.

So, with LEV and Walker in the picture, herein lies the question, what happened to Piper and Gavin? On August 24, 2019, Gavin Magnus released a cover music video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s song, Señorita.

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Watch: Little Did You Know, Piper and Gavin Split Before This Music Video Came Out But according to Gavin himself in a later November 2019 video, he comes out to explain how Piper’s mom, Tiffany, was the bigger factor in the split.

But he says the “anxiety issues” (he air-quotes that phrase continuously) of Piper’s mother were the worst things to have come at him. Furthermore, he mentions there were abusing texts from Tiffany, preventing him from working with other people.

This is a branch title for the relationship timeline and confusion around Piper Rochelle, LEV Cameron, Walker Bryant & India Star Since August 2019, Walker and LEV continued appearing as both as a crush of Piper on her YouTube video and the confusion began.

So, before the CoronaVirus lockdown, Piper bid Walker farewell, but it wasn’t a split thing. And then, Walker requests to talk with Piper in private (of course, in front of the camera too).

Piper’s reaction to the news wasn’t disappointing as she felt it was not right for her to get mad because she had two crushes, and she was totally fine with that. “I can’t really be mad because I have two crushes… I have to be fine with it… I mean it’s honestly like really cute… At the end of the day, all I care about is that you are a part of my life.

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But as it seems, she doesn’t have Walker (or India for that matter) in her ‘Featured channels’ section of YouTube. India retracted from posting a video talking to Piper about the new crush. Photo Source: Indigo Star Carey, Instagram.

She even called Walker on FaceTime and was excited to share the news that she had found his secret admirer. But moving on, it’s unclear if Walker or India will ever appear on any of Piper’s videos.

But seeing Jensen Ramirez is already filming with the two in separation from Piper Rochelle’s group, the chances are really, really slim. There are still some people mad at Walker for destroying their imagination, but they’ve been shut up by positive supporters.

In Sophie’s breakup-revealing video (explained completely in the link mentioned earlier), LEV & Piper were on a date interrupted continuously by the YouTuber until they confront her, and she starts breaking down. But as strong their bond seems, Walker Bryant and India Star relationship also shares the story with lots of ‘sacrifices’, ‘heartbreaks’ and ‘criticisms’ as fans were definitely not happy for India shockingly breaking up with Walker Bryant prior to crushing Sawyer Sharing and similarly, Walker with his crush Piper Rochelle .

However, Jensen Ramirez is the only squad seen on India vlogs lately, a supportive friend to say. YYes, Jensen, and Sophie who had a split after Ramirez pulled off a bad prank recently settled elevating their ship with a strong bond.

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Coming back to the former lovebirds, no matter what the situations have turned out to be, the ‘Just Might Dance’ hitmaker India and Water seemed ‘happier than ever’ which can be well articulated through their respective Instagram posts, TikTok, and YouTube vlogs -They are having the ‘best time of their lives’. Star recently uploaded an intriguing ‘couple clip’ on YouTube, and showing how they adore each other company.

Recreating COUPLES Tie Tons | ROMANTIC CUTE RELATIONSHIP GOALS *CRUSH* CHALLENGE | As in the recent Vlog ‘ Recreating COUPLES Tie Tons | ROMANTIC CUTE RELATIONSHIP GOALS *CRUSH* CHALLENGE’ shared from India Star’s YouTube channel shows how deeply the crushes are enjoying their time together.

Yes, it has definitely been sad news to all the Wind fans as one of our loved coupled Walker and India broke up! Well, they decided to end their crush relationship as both of them had different roads to explore with their rising career and time.

Thou things were sailing smoothly between Walker and Clipper despite she held two crushes, the relationship seemed to be scattered after Walker gets a secret message from a ‘ Secret Admirer ‘ who knew his every choice, preferences, even favorite Starbucks drink, Chocolates and so forth. And soon after the 13 years old Bryan hints about his new crush, Indigo Star Carey aka India officially ‘spilled the beans’ and confirmed about her ship with Walker taking to her Instagram.

India Star officially shared the news regarding her new crush taking to her Instagram on April 27, Monday. So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my YouTube video did not post today.

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Over breakfast, we have a (not always entirely democratic) vote with the kids to decide what we’ll do with our day. When I was a teenager there’d be music coming out of mine and my sister’s room.

I knew every inch of the museum: where each painting was hung, the stuffed animals in each corner, the sounds and smells. I’ll be in the city on my book tour, and I can’t wait to go back.

Sophie Bundle plays Ann Walker on the HBO series Gentleman Jack. Eamonn M. McCormackGetty Images. You had been on Happy Valley, another series that Gentleman Jack creator Sally Wainwright helmed.

I think they sent me seven episodes, there were quite a lot and that’s unusual, but I sat in my trailer and read them all, and they were so beautiful. It’s unusual to find something that’s humorous because of how human it is, and Sally’s insightful about the ways people behave and speak without being gimmicky.

When it came to Ann Walker, I found her so interesting from the beginning because you first meet her, and she seems like this shy, retiring wallflower, but there’s something else in her. Because Ann Walker goes through such an extraordinary journey and has to confront her religion and her own sense of morality, throughout the series there are these huge ups and downs.

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She grapples with her mental health, and it can be exhausting to play; you can be crying all day, and it’s hard to do that and separate yourself from the character. Period dramas give you a chance to use costumes as language, so within that we tell a story about where she is in life and what her journey is.

The series is based on Anne Lister’s diaries, but it’s not entirely her story being told. The central story is this love affair and the impact it has on these two women, the way it affects Ann Walker.

And we see her awakened by passion and love, but we also follow her, and she navigates whether she can handle it and accept who she is and the journey that takes her on. Adam Rather Senior Editor, Arts and Culture Adam Rather is a senior editor at Town & Country, covering arts and culture and a range of other subjects.

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