Are Wahlburgers Grass Fed

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
• 9 min read

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Bite into a mouth-watering burger with government cheese or dig into one of our delicious salads. Hit the bar for a Wahlcoction or top your night off with an adult shake.

Walk up to the beef case in your local grocery store, and you are sure to find a variety of labels calling out to you: “I'm the best choice for your family!” Here, we illustrate the main difference between the two production systems: what cattle eat to put on those final pounds during what's called the “finishing” period.

Bottom line: With facts in hand, you can feel good about any choice you make when it comes to food. There is no one-size-fits-all production system when it comes to sustainability, and farmers and ranchers must be able to determine what best fits their land and operation.

You, too, must determine what best fits your family, so don't be afraid to ask questions of producers and other experts when it comes to understanding a label. Meet the Noble Expert Source Evan Whitley, Ph.D., coordinates applied research programs related to sustainability of agricultural production systems in the Southern Great Plains.

The unusual combination of cola and French salad dressing added to the ground beef gives it fabulous flavor. -Melva Bauer, Million, Pennsylvania Taste of Home These loaded burgers are one hearty meal in a bun.

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