Are Wahlburgers Good

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Shake Shack recently opened at Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte. There are no singing choirs of angels, radiant beams of light pouring down or seas of ketchup parting.

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No ground beef in a bun is worth waiting in that kind of line, unless the burger is served to me personally by Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange costume. Go ahead, say it’s just sour pickles on my part because the Queen City beat out Raleigh for the coveted first North Carolina franchise (although we do have the other burger mania, Hamburgers, which just opened in downtown Raleigh last week).

When I was a kid in Winston-Salem, Harder’s was the place to go for burgers, not the neighborhood five-and-dime’s lunch counter or even our own backyard. The novelty of going out in the car, walking up to an orange counter and leaving with an oil-spotted paper bag was irresistible.

In a precursor to the eat-local movement, my mother insisted on Harder’s because it was a North Carolina company. My mother didn’t care where her apples, lettuce or meat came from, but as to fast food and spicy condiments, she had definite opinions.

Harder’s was for losers; that became as clear to me as it was that the guys hanging out behind the school auditorium were not smoking Camels. Big progress in burger technology: square ground beef in a bun.

The next national trend about ground beef in a bun keeps coming along: Hamburger, Five Guys, Cook Out. I have waited in lines for the new and greasy: in high school, for something called an Ollie burger, which friends said was the burger of the moment; and at the first Wendy’s in the small town where I had my first job, watching male co-workers see who could consume the most Triples.

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Before too long, the Next Big Burger, which today is just a gleam in a businessperson’s eye, will burst onto the scene. They always have your best interests at heart and the work environment is always professional yet fun.

Was this review helpful? Terrible management that threatens your job over things that are silly. Get talked down to often, management just sits in the office doesn't help most of the time.

Was this review helpful? Fast pace atmosphere demanding setup for special events. Learned to work efficiently in a high volume environment. Management was fair and treated employees with respect. Team work was key if needed different people would jump into different positions to fill a weak spot.The Hardest part was executing a day/night when we had multiple events the same day or weekend.

Amway center, Dr Phillips center, Lions soccer stadium, and any downtown event that could be happening that week. Building a local clientele that lived in the area and getting to know them on another level. Was this review helpful? Keep in mind I work at Hamburgers at Have.

Was this review helpful? Mi evaluation BS excellent. Fui Felix mi tempo DE tribal en ESE cigar. Valoraron much mi tribal y nice much amigos. La coming la major Ceilidh y SU chef exigent y con gran costumer service. Como do Lugar DE tribal.Los MANAGERS SEMPRE RESULTED US INQUIETUDES.

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Was this review helpful? The management and corporate are shady and devious. The establishment is filthy and infested with insects and mold.

Was this review helpful?hamburgers as a great place to work. Bt the only bad thing is the franchisees they need better people to own the franchise. Other than that.

Was this review helpful? Got “promoted” to bartender only to find out that it included- more work, less pay, more stress, less opportunity, more demand, less respect. Was this review helpful? I had a nice time working here.

It was always a great positive work place there was no negative it was a good location Hamburgers is a fun and fast-paced (sometimes) place to work at, at times when the days are busy it will get very stressful.

Overall it's a good place to work at, managers are super nice and helps out a lot. Was this review helpful?an okay place to work, good money on certain days, management has very obvious favoritism and will do just about anything for them but be difficult for others.

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Was this review helpful? Fun place to work if do not care about advancing in your career, or You JUST Do not give 2 shifts about anything but a pay check. And starting at the age of 13, I have been working in Restaurants across the country for over 20 years.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic recently arose and ripped through the industry I’ve grown to Love, I had the opportunity to Re-evaluate some goals & Humble myself in doing so. Location as a Cook, with hopes of Management as a result of reliability and Strong work ethic.

Thank you all for the warm welcome, and look forward to making people happy through Product & Execution. Was this review helpful? It was a wonderful place to work at.

Management did not do a good job making sure things were done properly and people were doing what they were supposed to. Was this review helpful? Excellent management and staff.

Love working for this company, kept me motivated and challenged to better myself daily. In case you don’t know (and I congratulate you) after the hype onslaught, Hamburgers is a hamburger chain that originated in Gingham, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

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The three-story premises, across Still well Avenue from Nathan’s, include a main floor dining room and crowded open kitchen, a basement dining room, and a rooftop deck with views of the ocean that is not yet open. The menu details a fascinating mix of items, reflecting a Boston perspective on fast food.

Then there is a section devoted to three green salads, including a Caesar that warns that the dressing is made with raw egg yolks. The signature burger (also characterized as “Paul’s Choice”) was a third-pounder on a conventional bun with raw onions, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, and so-called “government cheese,” which seemed to be American and melted nicely over the patty like a gooey skullcap.

While the menu boasts that all burgers are cooked medium unless otherwise requested, this one came out well-done, and was consequently dry and slightly crumbly. As with the Five Guys chain, with which Hamburgers certainly hopes to compete, the patty itself was the least interesting part of the ensemble.

The burger costs $7.15 before tax, which is considerably more expensive than Five Guys’, although the meat patty is 32 percent larger. Robert Siesta The burger called Thanksgiving Day commanded a premium price of $8.25.

Supposing that the crookedness of the premises diminishes, it could be the thing to get from Hamburgers during your Coney Island visit next summer. Unfortunately, aside from shots of Paul and Donnie eating hot dogs at Nathan’s, and multiple scenes of Mark and Donnie humiliating the shorter and shyer Paul, the episode says very little concerning the chain or our branch of it, apart from a scene on the roof of the restaurant during a trumped-up and totally premature grand opening.

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