Are Wahlburgers Fries Gluten Free

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 8 min read

How confident are you that this establishment takes safety precautions against cross-contamination? Dedicated fryer for fries and tater tots.

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The food was pretty good, but unfortunately I felt mildly glutened. I'm wondering if they cook only hamburger on the flat top, or do they also toast buns, etc....on there.

Delicious food and the staff was very knowledgeable about gluten & dairy free. A manager even came out to verify and said they can cook on a separate skillet in the back to avoid cross contamination.

Waitress understood GF and said she would mark the order gluten allergy. Moved here from Boston recently so happy to find this place.

How confident are you that this establishment takes safety precautions against cross-contamination? Server had a list of GF menu items to read to us.

We were told fryers are each dedicated to each kind of food being fried. When our Rutgers came out and my bun looked exactly like my husband’s normal one, and I questioned it, the server immediately brought it back to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a GF bun.

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I got my food for takeout and when I got home, I realized they put both cheese and sauce on the burger. I scraped off the cheese and didn’t have any reaction to the bun or sauce (I’m celiac).

Also, the tater tots are Celiac friendly since they have a dedicated frier!. Cook even caught that we ordered a burger on GF bun but the BBQ sauce wasn’t safe and came out to check if it was Celiac or just preference.

We had tried to eat next door, and they were not celiac friendly as they claim so Hamburgers saved the day! They have gluten free buns and cooked my burger in a separate grill (changed gloves, took all the precautions).

Staff was also knowledgeable and the manager came out to speak to me as soon as I told the cashier that I had Celiac Disease. Don't eat a lot of meat or fried food, but once in a while when I am in the mood, I go.

When we first started coming here, it was tasty and always carefully prepared. However, seems like they have new staff or something because last two visits, food was either extremely greasy (the GF bun) or burnt and I got sick from the sweet potato tots once which are supposedly made in their own dedicated GF fryer, so I don't know.

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Staff knew about gluten free and could talk what was safe and what wasn’t. Tater tots were cold, burger was delivered wrong.

Bun was clearly a frozen Audi's, burger was flavorless and dull. Dedicated fryer and buns, but there’s no confirmation when you get takeout.

The manager came out to talk to us, and then we were told he prepared her meal separately. My daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon on GF bread and Yukon fries.

They do offer GF bread and buns, but they are not dairy free so FYI for those that are! The staff isn’t super knowledgeable yet about gluten, but the fries are definitely gluten free (separate frier) and the burger was pretty good (I think they use Audi’s buns).

They gave us all wheat filled food after saying they understood celiac. My mom was very sick as she took a bite before I noticed our food looked like wheat bread not GF.

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They didn’t even offer us a lousy gift card or any apologies. I don’t think someone goes into anaphylaxis could fix them without them first being sued for it.

I visited the Hamburgers location in Boston, and the atmosphere is fun. It has a quick to-go counter in the front (so you can get in and out) with a bar and indoor/ outdoor seating in the back.

Honestly, the waiter was super knowledgeable about the needs of Celiac and assured us that they take things very seriously. Without us asking additional questions, he voluntarily shared with us how they protect against cross contamination.

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