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Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Watch free training webinars and online events with prominent artists, designers, and educators. With Waco One you open up new possibilities: connect the 13.3” pen display to your computer, download the free software, and you are all set to spice up your digital life.

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Waco Ink space is an app that helps you nurture work created on paper. Ink space works in harmony with our Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smart pads and Waco Intros Pro Paper Edition pen tablet, enabling you to craft, enhance and share ideas more effectively than ever before.

With a light, super-accurate pen and free downloadable software* to suit your style, Waco Intros is built to bring your wildest ideas to life. Let's get our definitions straight here, folks: Unlike the iPad, the Kindle Fire or the Nook, Wacomtablets are not your average tablet PCs.

Sounds a little complicated, but imagine this: You're working at your computer when the fancy strikes you to doodle a picture of a cartoon chicken eating broccoli. After sitting there for a day or so, it's absentmindedly put in the trash, only to decompose slowly in a landfill, your artistic genius never recognized.

Wacomtablets, which comprise many models that we'll detail in this article, are designed, so you can digitally doodle straight into your computer (among far more important tasks). Its pressure-sensitive system will let you determine things like how thick or thin a line should be, and it can instantly capture handwritten notations.

The tablet communicates with the pen, plotting its location in microseconds as it makes your adjustments on screen. Graphic designers could benefit from the ease of turning concepts into digital reality.

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And pretty much everyone thinks it's cool to have their hand-written notes or doodles appear on their computer in the time it takes to put pen to paper. Sure, it looks like a regular pen but inside lurks a digital chip, a modulator and a transmitter.

All of those components work in a complicated manner, but we can break it down: The tip of the pen tells the tablet what to do. The magnetic field emanating from the pen is recognized by the sensor board.

And that's what tells your computer that you want to add a mustache to the picture of your sister that you're photoshopping. As such, all metal or problem parts must be tightly shielded to block out the field.

The metal frame around the LCD screen -- which undoubtedly affects magnetic fields -- is accounted for in the control board, which recognizes a “weak” signal from the pen and corrects it, so it follows a predictive course. Now that we know how they work, let's familiarize ourselves with the many tablet models that Waco offers -- 13, to be exact.

All the tablets fall under three lines, each of which has distinct features that appeal to specific audiences. These have the look of a traditional design tablet, meaning a matte-looking surface you “draw” on while watching your own computer screen (all devices connect through USB and a pretty standard software download).

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The Intros is multi-touch capable, which means you can navigate with your fingers, and you can touch a key that will easily display your tablet settings on your computer screen. With customized Expressways (buttons at the bottom of the tablet that give “shortcuts” to functions) and applications like Sketchbook Express, Waco touts the Intros line as a good option for a professional working in design.

As you might surmise from the price points, these are highly advanced tablets that are primarily going to be used by professionals who need the control of traditional art tools but in a digital format. The line has four different models, and while Intros and Into were designed to be used in many ways, the Bamboo tablets are fairly tailored to specific areas of interest.

For those who are a bit more interested in capturing their art or design digitally, both the Splash and the Connect would be a simple, bare-bones tablet. The Bamboo Connect is as basic as you can get: It lets you sketch, write and generally work with what Waco refers to as “visual communication” tools.

The Bamboo Splash is nearly the same; in fact, apart from a different application that comes with it -- the painting and drawing software Average -- it's identical. With Adobe Photoshop and multi-touch capability, this tablet is designed to easily zoom, airbrush, correct or modify digital images.

While it does have features like Nick Color Filters that are helpful for photography and digital images as well as Sketchbook, it doesn't include the painting and drawing software that the Splash is more focused on. It combines most of the features in the other Bamboo applications (Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook Express) with some extras of its own (Core Painter).

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With multi-touch capability, it's the tablet for someone who knows their digital stuff but maybe doesn't need some of the more professional features of the Intros. From graphic designers to product developers, there's a Waco tablet that just might make your job easier.

For graphic designers, the Intros and Into tablets provide a more “pen-and-paper” feel than, say, working with a mouse. The shortcuts offered, like Expressways or even the expediency of drawing as opposed to pointing and clicking, are also touted as time savers.

Naturally, any professional work that requires sketching or artistic operations -- or any degree of digital manipulation -- is probably going to find a Waco tablet useful in streamlining their process. One reason might be a hobby; if you're an artist, a tablet can easily let you transfer your art into a digital sphere.

This app allows you to create traditional-looking paintings with your pen acting as a brush. Of course, we could all use a little airbrush help with our photographs, and Wacomtablets and pens allow subtle and specific manipulation of your digital images that point-and-click navigation might not.

CAD/CAE lens cursors, used in architecture and engineering design, are compatible with some Intros tablets. Waco also points out that doctors could chart patients' data on the tablet, storing their (notoriously hard to read) notes digitally.

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As a first-rate doodler -- in terms of quantity, certainly not quality -- I saw the appeal of Wacomtablets but maybe not the need. But Wacomtablets do fill a void even I have by allowing me to hand-write notes directly on my computer and mess with photos.

Only people who live in the Americas (from Canada all the way down to Argentina) have access to the software licenses. As other companies such as Huron keep on improving their products, the Waco Intros has been losing some ground, but it remains the leader in the starter graphics tablet league.

Although the Waco Intros is far from being the best device on the market, it certainly is a great choice for students and beginners, not only because the tablet has all the basic features, but because they work exactly like they should. Since students tend not to have a lot of spare money, getting licenses to three decent programs without paying a dime for them is a wonderful deal.

In case you’re willing to spend a little more, I highly recommend the wireless version of the Waco Intros. Although I don’t own one, I would love if I could simply ditch the wires of my regular Intros.

But usually the seller doesn’t tell the buyer a little secret: the software licenses are not perennial, meaning they don’t last forever. Once you get a Waco Intros, you should receive a two-year license, but if the past owner of the device has already used it, you will not be able to download the software.

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It’s very important that you remember this because you may save a couple collars by buying an older tablet, but that might come with the hidden cost of not being able to gain access to any of the software. Once again, you should read this post about the Waco Intros in order to fully understand all the benefits of buying this specific device.

Unlike Core Painter, that has a lot of features that simply do not exist in Photoshop, I feel that PAINT PRO is not a necessary software for those who already work with the Adobe Suite. In case you don’t have an Adobe Photoshop license, PAINT PRO may be a good way to get some work done without having to spend any money on extra software.

Let me make an observation: I don’t think it’s the best idea to spend your time learning how to master software that are not widely used in the industry. Any decent studio in the world will require you to master Photoshop, but nobody really cares about Core AfterS hot.

The software only enhances the product and makes it an even better option in a market that is already crowded with similar drawing tablets. While it’s true that other brands like Huron also offer fantastic graphics tablets that are substantially cheaper than the ones sold by Waco, none of them actually come with any decent software that you can start using right away either for work or simply for fun.

There are literally dozens of different drawing tablets out there, but almost none of them come with a software bundle, let alone a good one. Like I’ve already mentioned, Core Painter is the best software of its kind, and you’re getting it literally for free when you buy a Waco Intros.

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Since you’re going to spend money anyway, it would be wise to invest just a little more and get a whole graphics tablet along with this incredibly useful software. I believe that the Waco Intros is a great starter drawing tablet and due to its price you don’t have much to lose.

In case you’re still on the fence about it and would like to go with a less professional device, you may also be interested in reading the following article: The 10 cheapest tablets in the world.

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