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Guide for Appraising your Wacky Packages General guide (FAQ) for Appraising, Selling, and Buying WackyPackages grade wacky, price guide, grading guide, value, wacky packs, wacky packages A lot of people write me telling me they've found their old stack of wacky when they were visiting their parents house for thanksgiving (or whenever), and they generally have the following questions: NBS (1) Are they worth anything ? NBS I figured I should put answers to these questions on this page, since they come up often.

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Unfortunately if your cards are borderless or have writing on them (front or back), that will devalue them dramatically, at least by 95% or more, most borderless or written on wacky are worthless, you might as well keep them for sentimental value. Condition matters a lot in this hobby, cards must be fairly clean, no tears, no wrinkling, not horribly miscue, etc, otherwise the value decreases quickly.

Since grading can be very subjective, it's always best to try to grade conservatively, and when describing your cards, be as specific as possible, don't just use the terms NM, EX, and VG, but describe all specific flaws, so your buyer knows exactly what they are getting, this will make your life much easier when you sell because keep in mind that collectors are generally very picky about condition. They are: Rate Crackers, Cracked Animals, Good and Empty, and Band ache (with camels printed on the back).

Even common wacky are not worthless, the average value of a near mint 1973-1975 wacky is about $3-$4, with none worth less than at least a dollar (if in near mint condition), so you can still probably make a few bucks regardless, if that is your goal. If you have post-1979 wacky however, the average value of those is more like a quarter, so unless you have a lot of complete sets or something, you're not going to make very much off them.

Neither is worth more than the other, the asterisk just represents which side of the uncut sheet the sticker was on. The Wacky Ads were also punch-outs, but were larger and had art also on the part you don't punch out.

The rest break down into two categories: number variations, and non-repeated titles. Click on the link to see the specific titles and approximate values.

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(Don't be fooled by the die-cut band ache, it goes for a bit more than the commons, maybe $20 or $25, but it was not short-printed as it was in the 1973 white back series that most people remember.) NBS The cloth stickers were a short rerun of the 1973 1st series.

They are made of a different material than the regular stickers, kind of stiff and cloth-like. The stickers are hard to keep in good condition, they tend to brown and fall apart.

The checklists that came with the cloth stickers had a unique back, the tag line at the bottom only says “Collect the entire hilarious series!” While the regular 1973 1st series checklists back had an extra line of text: “complete the puzzle on the back of checklist cards!”.

NBS The next variety of rare cards from the 1-16 series are the ones with the so-called “back variations.” Wacky were printed mainly on white and tan back stickers.

Most 1st series were printed on white back sticker stock while most 3rd series were printed on tan back stock. But a few 1st series were printed on tan stock, and a few 3rd series were printed on white stock.

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Even stranger, some 1st and 2nd series were printed with camels on the back (the so-called “ludo variation”). The value of the rare back variations varies tremendously, due to a small and volatile market.

The tougher 1st series cards, mutts, la virus, Paul maul, go for more, $100 to $200. They sell mostly in the $25-$50 range, with band ache going for $300-$500, and mutts, la virus, and Paul maul going for about $75-$125.

Be careful however, Mutts, La virus, Tied and Bazooka were reprinted by wonder bread as tan backs, and released as promos. The way to tell the difference on the tan Mutts is the copyright, the Wonder Bread version spells out the name “tops chewing gum,” whereas the real 1st tan abbreviates it “t.c.g.”.

For Tied and Bazooka it is basically impossible to tell the difference between real tans and the Wonder Bread versions, making all Tied and Bazooka tans basically worthless. The situation is reversed for PC than it is for tops, the 1st tans and 3rd whites are more common.

1st whites are not that uncommon however, and don't fetch much more than 1st tans, each getting about $10 per sticker (if in good shape). As opposed to tops, 1st mutts, la virus, and Paul maul do not seem to be short printed and so are not more valuable.

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The puzzles for series 1 and 3 come in two varieties, light and dark (click here to compare side-by-side). These can be worth $25 or more dollars per piece, but the market fluctuates a lot because not that many people collect PC.

Those are extremely rare and came as promos with Shed's peanut butter. NBS Probably you reached this point and didn't have any of the stuff above, or if you did, it was just a mutts or something.

NBS There is a lot of other weird and wonderful wacky pack related stuff. For example there were posters, of which three are valuable, Cheerios, wearies, and total (worth about $200 each if in nice shape).

There is too much of this kind of stuff to list here, if you have anything else besides stickers, things like unopened packs, boxes, wrappers, sheets, mail-in posters, wall places, beach towels, etc... then your best bet is to write me, and I'll tell you what they are worth. Doing a search on completed auctions is a good way to find out exactly what the ones you have to sell have been selling for lately (completed auctions go back about a month).

eBay can be a good way to buy wacky, but only with several huge caveats. For a rundown, see this page of helpful rules for eBay buyer's.

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There are a few dealers, but I've had bad luck with most of them, they name their prices very high to newbies, usually. Again, before spending, if you have doubts, feel free to ask me, I stake my reputation on giving honest advice.

There are a lot of cool people there that will help you out, trade with you, point you in the right direction. It is important to note that their value can vary significantly depending on where they are sold.

Don't expect to walk up to a baseball card shop and ask the guy working there to pay you the price you see listed on my page for your wacky packs. For example, Maddie Boy was printed at a rate of 6 times per sheet, more than any other sticker in the first series.

So when an important piece of original trading card art comes up for sale, it can be a big deal. The card maker has listed a piece from the first set of WackyPackages, which was released in 1967, with the massive asking price.

Further adding to the painting's prestige is that it was done by industry legend, Norm Saunders. Not only are many of the earliest cards valuable on the secondary market, but the spoof brand continues to be made today.

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In 2009, the original art for 1962 Tops Mars Attacks #1 The Invasion Begins, also by Saunders, sold at auction for $82,250.

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