Are Voltron And Power Rangers The Same

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• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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“ Wiz: It's finally time for one of the biggest match-ups in Death Battle history. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

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Wiz: Since the dawn of time, good has battled the forces of evil. The vicious witch Rita Repulse and her giant monsters waged war with the good-natured galactic sage, Gordon.

Uh, however, Gordon knew it was only a matter of time before Rita escaped to conquer Earth once more. Gordon granted five teenagers the ability to draw power from a dimension called the Morphing Grid.

(does an air guitar riff), First, there's Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger. He's a fearless leader, expert martial artist, and owns one of the coolest Words of the bunch: the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Wiz: Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, is the genius of the group. With its grappling hook horns, this one hundred and forty-ton behemoth can stop a foe in its tracks.

Broomstick: Last, but not least, there's Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, who's mastered his own fighting style called “Hip-Hop Kids.” Broomstick: Yep, this kid fights aliens with the power of dance, along with his Mastodon Word.

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Although slow, this Word can freeze-blast enemies with ice, or...saran wrap if you're short on budget. Wiz: But when five giant mechanical beasts aren't enough to keep the villains down, these machines join together to...

(*Cues: Mighty Morphing Power Ranger Instrumental Theme again*) Wiz: This is the Regard, a three hundred thirty-three-foot colossus with enough power to effortlessly tear down buildings, sometimes unintentionally.

All five Rangers pilot the Regard as one, combining their own martial arts skills to defeat giant monsters. It can fry enemies with its cranial laser, blast fireballs from its hands, shoot immobilizing beams from its eyes, and even use the Mastodon's face as a shield.

And when it's time to send someone to an early grave, they summon their blade ex Machine, the Power Sword. Broomstick: It's not just a battery, this giant sword is over one hundred feet long, and orbits the Earth when not in use.

Wiz: Anyway, the Regard is strong enough to lift and throw the one hundred and seventy-ton Fragonard into a mountain with little effort. Wiz: Even the individual Words can support the weight of whole monsters on their own.

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In fact, in a general scale, when you double the size of an object, it's weight increases by a factor of eight. Comparing these organic monsters to human beings means some of them could weigh as much as ten thousand tons.

Wiz: Assuming that monster is ten thousand tons, lifting it one hundred thirty-three feet would require about ninety million newtons of force, fifty times as much force as a space shuttle's launching thrust. Regardless, they've used that strength to take down countless monsters capable of wiping out all life on Earth.

When they least expect it, the Regard's energy supply can be quickly exhausted in the middle of combat. Wiz: From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend.

Broomstick: In less cryptic terms, twelve hundred years ago, the evil Rule Empire nearly conquered the entire known universe, but not everybody was cool with fleets of ships shooting up their planets, so a team of scientists and magic priests decided to fight back. Wiz: Through the marriage of magic and technology, they forged a three hundred-foot tall living automaton so powerful that it single-handedly pushed back the Empire's onslaught.

Instead of being destroyed, Vol tron was split up into five very merchantable robot lions. Wiz: Divided and stripped of its sentience, the universe's best hope had fallen.

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Broomstick: Until five space explorers crash-landed on Arms, the exact same planet the Lions just so happened to be hiding on. Destiny or some crap led 'em to the castle, where the Princess Allure gave them a life-changing opportunity: Pilot the long-lost Lions and go around saving the universe for a living.

Wiz: Keith Kane is the head of the Lion Force in more ways than one. As leader of the team, he commands his cohorts, and he pilots the Black Lion, the literal head of Vol tron.

Broomstick: Hey Wiz, you ever think about how the pilots stay in the heads of the Lions when they're fighting? Broomstick: Speaking of which, Vol tron got busy fighting Carbon's giant Roberts and saving the universe with a huge assortment of weapons.

Vol tron can shoot Stingray Missiles and even pillars of flame out of its hands and feet, or blast the Lion heads off like rockets. It can stun enemies with Ion Dart lasers from its head, or use the Electron Force Cross attack from its chest.

Wiz: On Keith's command, the Lion Force can manifest Voltron's most powerful weapons out of thin air, everything from spinning laser blades to javelins, to nun chucks. Broomstick: But the real showstopper is the almighty Blazing Sword.

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Wiz: The Blazing Sword can also conduct electricity to recharge Vol tron itself. Wiz: The Blazing Sword is enormously powerful, capable of destroying a satellite hundreds of times larger than Vol tron.

Vol tron himself is powerful enough to melt meteors, kick giant machines sky-high, and take explosions the size of countries. Broomstick: The Vol tron Lions have even traveled between galaxies in less than a day, making them several times faster than the speed of light.

Wiz: Vol tron may be strong, but it lacks the finesse and skill of one trained in martial arts. Vol tron also carries a shocking design flaw, if the release plates on its joints are struck in combat, it could jettison an entire limb from the core body.

Wiz: Even so, whether the Lion Force is up against a technical issue or a colossal rob east, the universe can always depend on Vol tron. The Vol tron Paladins are seen piloting their lions in a deserted canyon area, walking around to observe their surroundings.

The Paladins fly their lions up into the sky and start forming Vol tron. Vol tron summons spinning laser blades and sends them towards the Regard, which struggles to defend itself under the pressure.

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Afterward, Vol tron unleashes a powerful laser beam that the Regard dodges. The Power Sword flies from the sky and hits Vol tron along the way, knocking them into the ground.

The Regard picks up the sword off the ground and swings it at Vol tron, who swiftly dodges it. The Regard bangs its sword against its shield in intimidation and prepares for another strike.

The Regard powers up its sword while Vol tron dashes forward and leaps toward its opponent. However, due to the swords being their power sources, the force is cancelled out and absorbed, resulting in an awkward moment where the two much stay in place, unmoving.

Ignoring the sword, Vol tron dashes at the Regard, picks it up and drags it along the ground, eventually tossing it to another canyon. They corner Vol tron into a separate cliff side with the Power Sword and unleash the ice beam from the Mastodon Shield's trunk to trap Ridge and his Green Lion into the cliff.

The Regard starts charging the Power Sword to attack the defenseless Green Lion. The Green Lion manages to punch the Regard backward before it can strike.

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The Green Lion separates from Vol tron so Ridge can retrieve the Blazing Sword. Vol tron unleashes all of its projectile weapons towards the Regard, overwhelming it in the process.

Ridge manages to grab the Blazing Sword with his Green Lion while the Regard is getting pummeled. Comparing weight and distance traveled for both feats, Voltron's requirements at least five and a half times more strength.

Broomstick: Plus, Vol tron clearly had the superior durability, especially with that black hole comet feat. Broomstick: The Regard couldn't survive anything close to that level of power, we can prove it.

Wiz: When this new Regard fought against a giant Word called Serpent era, which, at full power, could destroy planets, a single blast from it easily tore the Thunder Regard apart, and that blast didn't even use half of Serpent era's power. Broomstick: Vol tron outclassed the Regard in almost every way that counted, including strength, speed, and durability, trust me, I'm not “lion”.

The title references both combatants being teams that constantly fight alongside each other. The connections between the Power Rangers and Vol tron is they are both giant robots composed of 5 smaller component robots, composed of multiple colors, and have fought and defeated giant monsters as defenders of their worlds.

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In addition, both the original Power Rangers and Vol tron : Defender of the Universe television series were originally American adaptations of Japanese properties, namely Super Sendai and Beast King Motion respectively. This episode was likely done to commemorate the Power Rangers movie released around the time of the fight's announcement and the 3rd season of Vol tron : Legendary Defender which came out during the same year.

Due to Nick Crater admitting on Twitter that episode 66 of season 3 was pushed back to be the finale, it is most likely the case that episode 66 would have been this fight, making this fight have a total of 3 known delays. This is the first episode in which the fate of one of the victors is left ambiguous, as it is not explicitly shown if Lance lived or died protecting Ridge from the Power Sword.

Matthew Patrick, Austin Hargrove, Amanda Lee, Andre Meadows, Jeff Fare, Morgan Berry, Alejandro Saab, Nick Lands, Scott French, and Melanie Mac are all voice actors in this episode, making this fight have a grand total of ten individual voices. The Regard being sliced in half at the end of the battle is similar to when the White Tigerzord was sliced in half by Gun dam Epson in Tigerzord VS Gun dam Epson.

There is a minor and easy to miss modeling error during the fight when Vol tron is about to use his laser attack for the first time. After the scene of Regard rolling away, Vol tron fires several laser blasts to where the lions are back to their respective places and remain so for the remainder of the fight.

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