Are There Bears In Wayne National Forest

Christina Perez
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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The originally forested land was cleared for agricultural and lumbering use in the late 18th and 19th century, but years of poor timbering and agricultural practices led to severe erosion and poor soil composition. The forest comprises three administrative and purchase units: Athens, Marietta, and Iron ton.

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The Athens and Marietta Units are managed together as the Athens Ranger District, while the Iron ton Unit is managed as the Iron ton Ranger District. The area of Ohio included within the national forest is based on late Paleozoic geology, heavy in sandstones and sales, including red beds, with many coal beds.

When you say a national forest, most people envision large oaks or even maples whose tree tops block out the sun while you’re meandering down a hiking or biking trail. With a project this expansive, careful planning and consideration has to take place in order to optimize the trail and prevent or limit any adverse effects on the wildlife and landscape.

Picture crawling through miles of Green-brier, Multi-Flora and other various thorny plants that would love to nothing but “eat” your arms and legs as you try and make it to the open canopy sections. Some sections have young forest (0- to 37-year-old trees), some have been burned within the last couple of years and some have HUGE mature oaks that really make you take a step back and appreciate Mother Nature.

Let's get one thing out in the open, no, we have not seen any bears, bobcats, wolves or anything of that nature. BUT there is so much more to wildlife than the “cute” animals such as beetles, dragonflies, birds, turtles, snakes, etc.

We had an abnormal cold snap that made a lot of the animals go into hiding making it almost impossible for us to see them. There were some salamanders, lots of American toads, box turtles and a couple snakes.

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Residents have spotted a small black bear in the area of Finley Fields, around South 21st and 22nd streets. Although they have become common in many new areas of the state where they previously were largely unknown, they continue to be spotted in new locations.

Black bears walk in a shuffling, flat-footed way, but can run as fast as 30 miles per hour over short distances. They are agile, able to stand and walk erect on their hind feet, capable climbers and strong swimmers.

The “Bucket Bear” of Perry Township, Clarion County, is free. 368, an ad hoc group of volunteers managed to cut through and remove what appeared to be a large plastic bucket from the young black bear's head.

The American Geode team's search for great rocks on Saturday, October 7, was unexpectedly interrupted, when a mother black bear and her three cubs appeared out of the Forest on the opposite side of Route 15, near Logan Station. The large black bear that was captured in Lancaster County and relocated to Stony Valley in Dauphin County in June has followed its enthusiasm for travel to the bitter end.

According to harvest numbers from the past few years, Lycoming County should be the top destination for any hunter wanting to kill a Pennsylvania black bear. The north central county is perennially the top producer of bears in Pennsylvania.

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A few miles outside of Jersey Shore, Stan and Rob Schrader are parked next to the Antes Fort fireball in their green pickup, waiting on the game commission. In the bed is a young black bear which Rob shot earlier that morning near the Schrader family camp in Clinton County.

Phone: (740) 753-0101 Located in southern Ohio, lies the WayneNationalForest encompassing over 160,000 acres. You can get there in no more than a day's drive from such metropolitan areas as Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

Southeast Ohio relishes its warm days and cool nights during May and June, with visitors claiming the swimming is best during July and August. 5 Bedroom, Newly Furnished, Hot Tub.

WayneNational and Males State Forest Both within one mile of property. Over 20 miles of established horse, ATV, hiking trails on property.

A lakeside retreat in the beautiful Hocking Hills on scenic Lake Logan. Full kitchen, Hot Tub, Satellite HD TV, sitting room, breakfast nook, and electric AC/Heat.

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Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation with that special someone, or the best cook-out for family and friends Haven Inn The Hills is the answer for you. The words national forest generally create a mental image of large blocks of uninterrupted timber and big-woods hunting.

So when you hear that WayneNationalForest in southeastern Ohio encompasses some 244,000 acres of public hunting land, you might just roll your eyes and move on. These acres are a patchwork of oak-hickory hills and grassy vales bordered by private tracts, many of which offer deer destination food sources in the way of crops and hay fields.

Because of the fragmented nature of these national forest lands, there's an incredible abundance of places to hunt deer that not only feed and bed on land you can hunt but spend time in adjacent private fields you can scout from a distance and then sort out a huntable pattern. Many local hunters have stands close to the road to hunt on evenings and weekends, leaving harder-to-access areas almost unmolested.

Many of the smaller blocks are one square mile or less, and some are overlooked by hunters because of the sheer volume of land to hunt. I highly recommend carrying a GPS with a property boundary feature, such as the program offered by On Maps (onxmaps.com).

The deer habitat is characterized by wooded hills and valleys, many of which feature small seasonal creeks. The tops of the ridges tend to have open canopies with large trees, while the bottom areas are thick with brambles.

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In many areas, bucks will bed just over the top of a ridge with the wind at their back with good visibility in front of them. Some bucks are shot by hunters sneaking through these areas during firearms season, which occurs the week after Thanksgiving.

Oak and hickory trees are abundant, and the deer can be found feeding heavily in the hardwoods when mast is dropping. Private land in the bottom areas might be fallow, grassy fields or planted into row crops or hay.

Over time, as you find more good spots and add them to your knowledge base, the big picture should begin to come together. These types of events capture a lot of attention, and management agencies work hard to minimize the chance of wildlife-vehicle strikes through mitigation structures such as wildlife fences and overpasses.

They may bisect important connections between habitats and populations, or they may deter animals altogether and increase their stress levels because of traffic noise, light or vibration. These types of effects are what former Ohio University Biological Sciences graduate student Marcel Wagon in Dr. Vowel Popes cu's Conservation Ecology Lab sought to investigate and have recently been published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research.

Wagon found the perfect study setting, the new Nelsonville Bypass (U.S. 33), cutting through WayneNationalForest, and opened to vehicle traffic in 2013. To evaluate corticosteroid levels, Wagon forged a collaboration with Ohio State University avian ecologist and physiologist Dr. Chris Tonga, with his new endocrinology lab offering the equipment and know-how for performing state-of-the-art hormone bioassays.

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Another unexpected result was the lack of a difference in nail keratin corticosteroid concentrations between animals at Bypass and roadless sites. Ryan Wagner, a wildlife and conservation major supported by OHIO's Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE), was Ligand's sidekick throughout the study.

I love reptiles, and having the opportunity to participate in all aspects of this study, from capturing, tagging and tracking turtles, to stress hormone lab work, data analysis and manuscript writing, set the stage for my next career move, graduate school,” Wagner said. Besides being an enthusiastic researcher, Wagner is also an accomplished photographer, and his photo of a Garter Snake was selected for the 2018 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp among hundreds of submissions.

It suggests wildlife management techniques that could make certain areas more attractive to turtle populations without putting them at risk of exposure to roads. “This research is a prime example of collaboration between academia, WayneNationalForest, Ohio Department of Transportation and local environmental groups (Rural Action).

“My hope is that our work will provide transportation and wildlife management agencies additional knowledge and tools to ensure that the anthropogenic march of progress does not rest on the backs of turtles,” Wagon said. Ohio University researchers set out to determine the impact of the Route 33 bypass through WayneNationalForest on the local box turtle population.

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