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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
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What to Watch Fun Frisky Nostalgic Intense Adventurous Choked Up Curious Romantic Weird Movies that feature wintry themes are enjoyable to watch for those who live in cold places and for those who sometimes wish they did.

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It's definitely intended for a more mature audience, but the movie offers a compelling tale of teen friendship and romance. Christina Milan plays Angela, a young woman who is tired of her family butting into her life.

Angela's snowy journey reminds her how valuable her imperfect family is, and she learns to embrace their traditions while carving out some of her own with someone very special. The movie stars Michelle Trachtenberg as Casey Carlyle, a high school physics genius on the fast track to Harvard.

Casey undertakes a big physics project in which she examines figure skaters' patterns and seeks to use equations to help them improve their precision. To her academic mother's dismay, Casey pursues a real figure skating career with a strict coach (Kim Cantrell) and some intense skaters (including Hayden Prettier).

To secure her dream job, Eleanor must help a struggling single mother named Mackenzie Walsh (Islam Fisher). Eleanor intrudes on Mackenzie's busy life in Boston, but the magical helper soon becomes a valuable part of the Walsh family.

Johnny struggles to fit in at his new school, but he finds a true friend in Sam Sterling, played by the late Lee Thompson Young. This movie is quickly becoming a modern holiday classic, and the snow is a huge part of the story.

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A Jamaican bobsled team gets the chance to compete in the Winter Olympics, but they have to leave the warmth of home and learn the ropes of Calgary. A former slider named IRA helps get the team in shape, but he must get over his complicated past with the sport.

It's fun to see creative depictions of extinct animals like Manfred, Sid, Diego, and Scrap, and the glaciers and snow caps are quite convincing. The famed Vermont singers are played by Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, and Danny Kaye.

The famous song predates its eponymous 1954 movie; Irving Berlin actually wrote “White Christmas” for another wintry classic, Holiday Inn (1942). She studies nostalgic programming through the decades but is equally fascinated by what is happening in television today.

Educated in the fields of music, English, and religion, Allison loves to connect the dots that create the art we watch. When she's not writing about film and television, Allison is making music, teaching exercise classes, or spending time with friends and family.

Manager Mateusz Karol ... Uncle Mikoaj View production, box office, & company info. Edit Xenon Martinique, a boy from the Podcast village, who realizes his great dream is to sing and entertain the crowds.

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This party is going to be totally awesome because it's going to be a Xenon Marathon where we watch all Three Zenonmovies. This January, put your resolutions on hold and dive back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the feature directorial debut of Oscar-winner Regina King, and more.

There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a good old-fashioned Disney Channel Original Movie, especially when I get to rewatch Xenon : Girl of The 21st Century, and it’s supposed to be considered “work.” You know if this movie came out today, it would be called Xenon : Girl of Today (total dad joke, sorry). Xenon was an instant classic for anyone who hit high school in the early 2000s.

It’s pretty much the entire reason that we wore leggings under our skirts for about a year. And without Xenon, American Apparel's entire metallic line would have been a disaster.

As it turns out, there are no advanced computer techs/troubleshooters on board, so a 13-year-old girl obviously has to save the day. It turns out that, having not seen this movie in quite some time, there are a bunch of things that I completely forgot happened in it.

But don’t worry; you’ll be happy to hear that when it was over, I still loved the movie. When Xenon first gets into her classroom, her teacher is talking about President Chelsea Clinton and how her father influenced her decisions as the POTUS.

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I am obsessed with Ever wood, yet I completely forgot Ephraim is Zenon’s love interest. These space shuttles look hilariously horrible, and I’ve also decided to make “luxurious” a thing.

Xenon is explaining to Greg that there is no money in space and this is easily the best line uttered in the movie. Wyndham and Lutz are trying to kill everyone on the space station, so they can collect the insurance money.

“There’s no gravity between us, our love is automatic.” This lyric is so beautifully stupid. In the trilogy's first movie, a greedy villain tries to destroy Zenon's home -- a spaceship orbiting the Earth -- by infecting all the computers on board with a virus.

As far as I’m concerned, one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history is the moment in which Carmen and June Cortez explore their family’s safe house in Robert Rodriguez’s 2001 movie Spy Kids. In fact, the evil scientist’s grand scheme involves using robot children to take over the world, because no one will suspect them.

2018’s A House With a Clock in Its Walls gets close to hitting the formula, but the aesthetic is too polished and not cartoon enough, and the film’s main relationship is between the kid and his adult uncle, played by Jack Black. Holes, the movie adaptation of Louis Sacha’s Newberry Medal winning novel, is perhaps the nearest miss.

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Roger Ebert gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars, describing it as an “exuberant, colorful extravaganza, wall-to-wall with wildly original sets and visual gimmicks, and smart enough to escape the kids film category and play in the mainstream.” The two other primary Spy Kids movies, released in 2002 and 2003, continued this trend, sending the titular spy kids to a remote island with a reclusive scientist who ponders his beastly creations, and into a video game designed by an evil toy maker bent on destroying the real world. It’s the ultimate culmination of the specific genre and aesthetic Rodriguez perfected with the Spy Kids movies : Shark boy and Lava girl are literal manifestations of a young boy’s imagination, and most of the movie takes place in a kid-charged dream world known as Planet Drool.

The movie tossed Dora from an exciting archaeological adventure into a realistic high-school setting, which could’ve disqualified it. But the minute Dora and her friends enter the jungle, they set off on an archaeological trek that could give Indiana Jones a run for his money.

They encounter quicksand, giant bugs, booby-trapped temples, mystical puzzles, and every possible archaeological adventure movie trope, but modified. It’s taking the big adventures found in grownup movies, and repackaging them with vivid colors, triumphant happy endings, and messages about believing in imagination, friends, and yourself.

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