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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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The deadline to non-tender players has passed, expanding the pool of free agents for the 2021 season. In this week's Inbox, we look at potential free-agent options and then switch gears to the all-important topic of musical playlists.

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The Players Alliance’s Pull Up Neighbor campaign is stopping at 30 stadiums over two months, and the Nationals organization and players are getting involved. The cross-country tour was developed to provide food, COVID-19 resources and baseball equipment to the underserved in Black communities.

The Nationals have spots to address in their starting rotation ahead of the 2021 season, and they found a potential answer to one of them on Tuesday. Right-hander Joe Ross agreed to a one-year contract with the Nationals, the club announced on Tuesday.

Is it home runs, accolades, durability of games played or an X-factor that makes a performance noteworthy? In this article, take a look at some of the most memorable individual seasons by a Nationals position player.

Nationals center fielder Victor Robles sustained a sprained right ankle while playing for Aguilar Cabanas in the Dominican Republic. One year removed from their first World Series championship, the Nationals are looking to build a roster this off season to return to contention.

ET to decide which of their prospects would be added to the 40-man roster and protected from being taken by another team in the Rule 5 Draft on Dec. 10. The Nationals began the holiday season with a week of community initiatives to address food insecurity, a problem faced by an estimated half-million residents of the D.C. area.

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The week after the Nationals added top prospects to their 40-man roster, inked a lefty arm to their bullpen and relocated their Triple-A affiliate, there still are lots of questions to answer ahead of the 2021 season. We had Major League Baseball in 2020, and that’s something we can all be thankful for in a year that was awful on so many levels.

There were times it felt like we wouldn’t even have baseball to provide a bit of distraction from the pain and fear. Nationals prospects are getting closer to Washington, D.C. -- literally.

The organization’s Triple-A affiliate is now the Rochester Red Wings (N.Y.) after moving from the Fresno Grizzlies (Calif.). The Nationals are the fourth Major League partner of the Red Wings, following the Twins (2003-20), Orioles (1961-2002) and Cardinals (1928-60).

Ahead of next month’s Rule 5 Draft, the Nationals selected the contracts of infielder Basel An tuna and right-hander Joan Avon, protecting the prospects from being chosen by another club. Sam Clay spent the past seven seasons working his way up the Twins' Minor League system, so when the Nationals presented an offer, he thought he had an idea of what it would be.

MIAMI -- Jack McKeon has spent more than seven decades in professional baseball, and “Trader Jack” has no intentions of slowing down now. If anything, he continues to embrace the game that not only remains his livelihood, but also is his passion.

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Teams had to finalize their 40-man rosters by Friday evening, and there weren't any surprises involving Top 100 Prospects. Seven required protection from the Rule 5 Draft, most notably right-handers Forrest Whitley (Actors) and Matt Manning (Tigers), and none of them were left exposed.

At the rate Juan Soto pummels home runs, it could be challenging to keep track of where the balls soar out of Nationals Park. The Nat's, though, already have a program in place to identify the landing spot of notable homers -- home run markers.

That is a question that will be asked throughout this winter as Washington looks to bolster a roster hit by injuries in ‘20 and impacted by free agency moving forward. The Nationals current roster has some future Hall of Fame talent, but the Washington era hasn't yet had a player enshrined in Cooperstown.

There are 11 Halls of Farmers who suited up for the Expos when the franchise was in Montreal. This is the time of year when teams start looking particularly closely at their rosters -- when they see what they need, what they can give up and what they can bring in.

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