Are Firewall Zero Hour Servers Down

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 27 January, 2021
• 9 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The Golden Eagle is a one hit down weapon at all ranges with 3 bullets.


I enjoy using semi-auto rifles in other games and was going to pick this one up till I saw the 30,000 price tag (is that even high?). Doesn't have to be meta, I just want it to hold its own against full auto weapons but excel at long range engagements.

Updates, Discussions, Hype Trains, Tips, PSX, Clans and Teams, E-Sports, Prizes and Giveaways, AMA's, TIL's, YouTube, Replays, Screenshots, FISH Humor, To celebrate its anniversary we take a look back at its year, whether it had the impact we expected, and what’s next on the horizon for the PSV exclusive shooter.

Sony is also running a promotional week-long free trial for the game on PSV as well starting today (August 28th) ending on September 2nd. Oculus helped establish one of the first with Echo Combat from Ready at Dawn, a competitive multiplayer zero -gravity disc throwing game that’s gone on to be a staple of VR esports, but FirewallZeroHour is one of the few other successful ones.

We’ve got Storm land, an ever-changing co-op open world, coming from Insomniac later this year also on Rift, but FirewallZeroHour is mostly in a league of its own on PSV other than perhaps No Man’s Sky, but in that case there is a massive pre-existing non-VR install base. The biggest issue for FirewallZeroHour, and this is something that First Contact Entertainment is still contending with, is the fact that it’s a round-based format game and players only play a single match at a time.

The developers have done a great job of issuing updates like with their Operations and Op Pass formats that provide regular missions to complete and include new, free maps for all players, but a year later there is still only the one single game mode. What I was hoping they would do, however, is at least have special promotional periods where they would have a special playlist over a week or something that brought in a new deathwatch format and funneled all players towards those limited activities, sort of like Halo used to do with stuff like Goofball rather than an entirely separate mode that would divide players.

After a few months of stabilizing, a few new maps and contractors over time, and a bit of silence, First Contact did a massive overhaul of FirewallZeroHour in May 2019. Map with its sand storms and weather effects, the “relaunch” was plagued by a multitude of issues spanning multiple weeks.

In the FirewallZeroHour community group on Facebook there were hundreds if not thousands of comments every day complaining about issues and every new patch seemed to break more than it fixed resulting in the Community Manager suffering from death threats and other vitriolic comments from upset players. The next Operation was dubbed Dark Web, and it launched earlier this month in mid-August with another new free map, another paid contractor, and a slew of other updates.

It didn’t receive severe blow back or technical hurdles like Nightfall did, likely due to the infrastructure already having been tested. If they can keep up this season format and refresh things every three or so months, that’s a good rhythm with a lot of room to grow over time.

This new season just started, so it’s hard to tell if the second new map (yet to be revealed) or progression through ranks will be worth it to fans, but the players mostly seem back on board. Looking back, shooters like MAG and the SODOM series are all that really come to mind since Sony Online Entertainment is no more.

They’ve established a framework here that is conducive to adding new maps, weapons, contractors, and more, and they could shake things up quite a bit by offering new progression mechanics for players to work towards. They’ve already announced their next VR game it’s targeting the Rift and Quest (it’s called Polaris: Off world Combat) instead of PSV this time.

Hi!, I bought the game maybe 2 years ago but played just once. I loved the gameplay but my lack of experience made me quit and play other games.

It's a shame having such beautiful things as the PSV, the aim controller, this game and I just used them three times. I loved the concept and the maps, the only thing I didn't like is not having sniper rifles, but I was amazed with the option of using the left-handed configuration.

Original: According to a new blog post today from First Contact Entertainment, the FirewallZeroHour developers are “currently working on” fixes for two major issues that have been hot topics with the community all week: squads getting split up during match making and host disconnect issues. In the blog post, the developer explains that they’re “working on various bug fixes and improvements” to the game and specifically names those two issues.

Ideally we’d love to see the team adopt a dedicated server system instead since that will improve connection quality and prevent this issue, but at the very least establishing a host migration system so that even if the selected host leaves the matches can continue would be great. Since the game just launched a mere few days ago, seeing the developer already directly address major concerns is a great sign.

There are still other issues with the game worth addressing as well, such as extended loading screens, the lack of a round system to cut back on downtime, and more. This patch brings the PSV version up to date and on par with other platforms.

It’s also the biggest bug squashing exercise we’ve done since the launch of SUPERIOR VR on PSV. We also reworked a lot of things from scratch (pretty much the entire game), there’s new lighting, fresh AI bathing etc.

It features a brand new Endless level, a new scoring system, and a suitably festive soundtrack. The Boxing Day update also features an exclusive leaderboard to show off your holiday survival skills.

C&C:Online supports all 5 Command & Conquer titles affected by the Games server shutdown. Your donations go directly towards server maintenance and improvements to the C&C:Online infrastructure.

Hosting, joining and playing games Chat Buddy system Statistics (via Shatabrick.com) Ranking (via Shatabrick.com) Together with Gameplay we are verifying users that want to keep their old nicknames (to prevent impersonation) and link these to existing statistics and rankings.

Record is a non-profit association, and so all proceeds go towards server costs and improving our infrastructure. We focus mainly on the development and modding of video games, but we are also the home of other creative projects such as blogs, music and graphical art.

Our main goal is to provide services to the benefit of these projects, such as giving them free hosting to showcase their project and maintaining community forums in which they can help each other with their work. Stories of compromised servers and data theft fill today's news.

It isn't difficult for someone who has read an informative blog post to access a system via a misconfigured service, take advantage of a recently exposed vulnerability or gain control using a stolen password. Any of the many internet services found on a typical Linux server could harbor a vulnerability that grants unauthorized access to the system.

Firewalls filter incoming packets based on their IP of origin, their destination port and their protocol. For more than a decade, iptables has provided the user land abstraction layer for net filter.

Firewall is a newer user land abstraction layer for net filter. Unfortunately, its power and flexibility are underappreciated due to a lack of documentation describing multi-zoned configurations.

The designers of firewall realized that most iptables usage cases involve only a few unique IP sources, for each of which a whitelist of services is allowed and the rest are denied. To take advantage of this pattern, firewall categorizes incoming traffic into zones defined by the source IP and/or network interface.

Each zone has its own configuration to accept or deny packets based on specified criteria. It further simplifies syntax by removing the dependence on the order of statements as was the case for iptables.

Finally, firewall enables the interactive modification of net filter, allowing a change in the firewall to occur independently of the permanent configuration stored in XML. Interfaces are the system's names for hardware and virtual network adapters, as you can see in the above example.

Sources are incoming IP address ranges, which also can be assigned to zones. Doing so results in undefined behavior, as it would not be clear which rules should be applied to that source.

This indicates some form of precedence with priority going to the more specific source zones, but more on that later. You can get an exhaustive list of firewall's defined services by executing firewall -cmd --get-services.

In the spirit of keeping security as tight as possible, if a situation arises where you need to open a temporary hole in your firewall (perhaps for ssh), you can add the service to just the current session (omit --permanent) and instruct firewall to revert the modification after a specified amount of time: The timeout option takes time values in seconds (s), minutes (m) or hours (h).

Unfortunately, this version of firewall was packaged for RHEL7 and its derivatives, causing it to be a fairly common bug. The examples in this article avoid situations that would manifest this behavior.

Therefore, the general design pattern for multi-zoned firewall configurations is to create a privileged source zone to allow specific IP's elevated access to system services and a restrictive interface zone to limit the access of everyone else. Therefore, the request would pass directly to the interface zone (public), which does not explicitly handle ssh.

The next time attempts to access your website, firewall will send the request first to the source zone (drop). Since the target is DROP, the request will be denied and won't make it to the interface zone (public) to be accepted.

To accommodate your elevated workgroup samba privileges, add a rich rule: Attempting to ssh in to your server from an IP outside the internal zone results in a reject message, which is the firewall default.

And RCMP (the protocol ping goes over) isn't on the list of services that firewall can whitelist. The outermost layer, public, is an interface zone and spans the entire world.

The next layer, internal, is a source zone and spans your organization, which is a subset of public. Finally, a rich rule adds the innermost layer spanning your workgroup, which is a subset of internal.

Firewall employs intuitive paradigms for designing a firewall, yet gives rise to ambiguity much more easily than its predecessor, iptables. Should unexpected behavior occur, or to understand better how firewall works, it can be useful to obtain an iptables description of how net filter has been configured to operate.

Established connections and local traffic are accepted, and incoming packets go to the INPUT_ZONES_SOURCE chain, at which point IPs are sent to the corresponding zone, if one exists. Firewall is an under-documented firewall configuration tool with more potential than many people realize.

With its innovative paradigm of zones, firewall allows the system administrator to break up traffic into categories where each receives a unique treatment, simplifying the configuration process. Because of its intuitive design and syntax, it is practical for both simple single-zoned and complex multi-zoned configurations.

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