Are Dogs Allowed On Watergate Bay Beach

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• Sunday, 31 January, 2021
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In a selection of rooms pampered pooches can even stay overnight, making early morning walkies a doddle. Play around with the interactive map we created below to discover pictures and directions to our top picks.

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Margin North Next door to Watergate, with plenty of sand even at high tide. Local shops good for a gander, fish and chips, bucket and spade and a ball.

Prussia Cove Beach Off the beaten track, halfway between Penance and Porthleven. Access is a mile-long walk with a steep cliff descent, but footpaths are well-marked and the beach is worth the trek.

Park at Harlan Bay and walk 20 minutes west along the coast path. High dunes are great fun for dogs, while the clean and safe waters make it popular with swimmers and surfers.

Danger Bay Beach A scamp to the north-west of Rock, with fantastic views across the Camel Estuary and to Pad stow. Plenty of sand at high tide and a good spot for watching windsurfing.

Gender Beach Just east of Mennen Cove and popular with pooches and surfers. Dogs will make short work of the route up and down, while their walkers will find the long flight of steps a good workout.

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Backed by magnificent sand dunes, the water in front of it is great for swimming and surfing. We have many rock pools to explore and two miles of golden sand that is sure to tire out any pooch.

The hour before the sun finally dips below the horizon is a magical time, especially in Cornwall. It's no surprise that walking is one of the most popular activities in Cornwall with over 200 miles of coast path, woodlands, moors and beaches to explore.

Cornwall is truly a county of unspoiled natural beauty, especially when it comes to its beaches, here are our pick of the top ten! Step from the hotel straight onto the coastal path, hire a bike and explore some incredible landscapes.

Walks through forgotten gardens and stepping stones for giants, there's plenty to do around Watergate and further afield. Ball chasing, hole digging and cliff path wandering.

Year-round access to our two-mile sandy beach and two dog friendly restaurants. Explore dog-friendly beaches along the north coast of Cornwall.

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Dog friendly rooms are on the first floor and first-floor ocean wing. All our coach houseroom and beach lofts are dog friendly.

But in Cornwall there are loads of dog friendly beaches to choose from. Two miles of golden sand at low tide stretches towards New quay and out to sea enormous waves come in from the Atlantic providing a spectacular sight and a popular surfing and kite surfing spot.

It is a large, open bay and frequently picks up swell from the Atlantic and is popular with families and surfers. The two miles of golden sand and azure sea make this a fantastic beach for surfers and activity lovers of all ages and abilities.

Watergate hosts demonstrations, events, championships and festivals in a variety of sand, sea and air sports as well as the annual Polo on the Beach. For the more traditional beach goer there are also plenty of rock pools for the children to play in as well as designated safe swimming areas in the sea.

Toilets In the valley adjacent to the beach there is a pub serving food all day On the beach there are cafés and restaurants including Jamie Oliver's Fifteen-Year round events calendar Famous for the location of the Extreme Academy, if you want to learn how to surf, kite surf, paddle board, wave ski or hand plane then here’s the place for top-notch tuition and equipment hire Regular events like Polo on the Beach and national surfing championships take place at the Extreme Academy. Watergate Bay always has an exciting buzz which makes it justifiably popular with avid surfers and families alike.

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Be aware, access is limited due to a steep walk so may be unsuitable for the less suitable or older dogs, but for those who do visit, it is well worth the effort! At Danger Bay you will find a wide expanse of sand with rock pools to explore at the north end of the beach.

At low tide, a vast area of sand is revealed as the beach stretches to the nearby town of Rock. Harlan Bay is a very popular, sheltered and sandy family beach on the North Coast of Cornwall.

The white sand is wide and spacious and accessible all day as the tide only comes part way up, meaning that the beach is free for dog walking at all times. It is easy to access, with rocky shorelines and surrounding dunes, making it the perfect playground for dogs.

This beach is surrounded by hills and cliffs and sits at the bottom of the bay, but dog walkers should not be put off by this as it is still very easy to step onto due to the flat land at the rear. Margin Port his another very popular area with families, children and surfers, but is a little less well known than the nearby New quay and Watergate resorts a few miles down the road, making it quieter and more open for dogs to run around on.

Very close to the popular resort of New quay, Cannock beach is open to dog all year round. It has wide stretches of golden sand and is surrounded by beautiful dunes and green hills to spend some time exploring in-between playing fetch on the beach.

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Found a mile away from Land’s End, Animal is a secret gem and truly worth a visit for adventurous dog walkers. The effort to reach this beach is certainly worthwhile, due to its beautiful scenery just off of the western Cornwall coastline.

It’s a relatively small but sandy beach, clear calm waters and a rock formation that will leave visitors astounded. But step away from the crowded central section and enjoy dog walking on the rest of this beautiful sandy beach all year round.

Another hidden gem, visitors and locals alike enjoy walking their dogs because of the surrounding area and countryside. The closest car park is in Marseilles Village, a 20-minute walk from the beach, but the sights and activities along the stream make it worth the journey.

With golden sands, stretches of water, rock pools and caves to explore, fantastic views of a lighthouse island out to sea and a backdrop of rolling dunes; this beach has everything. The beach has a large area of sand with the beautiful backdrop of Perhaps Castle and Gardens behind it.

The car park is right by the beach, so access is incredibly easy, the ideal place to pop down to the water’s edge and give dogs a good run around. The large expanse of sand allows for plenty of exploring and the rock pools will enable dogs to sniff out the intriguing marine life.

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A popular destination with white sand and dunes that stretch for half a mile, Par Beach is available for dogs all year round and the perfect place to run around. Tall and Bay is split up into two shingle beaches and they both allow dogs all year round and have a number of car parks, facilities and restaurants in the immediate area.

The waters are said to be quite calm, with many people swimming around the rocks at high tide, so our four-legged friends also have the chance to get their paws wet and enjoy a dog paddle. The National Trust car park is about 15 minutes away and leads onto a well-marked footpath for dogs and people to share.

The sandy beach is perfect for running around on in the summer and for romantic walks with the dog in winter. The facilities are limited, meaning the bay rarely gets busy, even during the summer period, leaving it clear to be dog-friendly all year round.

There's no better feeling than visiting a beautiful beach with your dog, leaving paw prints in the sand and playing fetch to your heart's content. From popular spots including Mistral and Watergate in New quay, through to secret coves and bays that you may never have heard of before now, we've done the homework to let you know which Cornish beaches allow dogs.

Read on to see the full list of beaches where dogs are allowed all year round, where there are restrictions, and where there are annual bans. At low tide the beach at Watergate becomes a vast expanse of unbroken golden sand backed by high cliffs.

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The bonus is with its size and distance from the town (2 miles) you can still find a quiet piece of sand to yourself. The beach is set between the cliffs Travelogue Head to the south and Stem Point in the north and the coast path here is well worth exploring.

Combined with its size and location this has made it very popular with local surf schools and perhaps best known the Extreme Academy. In May this year celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, opened a Watergate branch of his Fifteen Restaurant right on the beach.

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