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Plural for an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation If you could not find the words you were looking for, please submit feedback or leave a comment below.

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Acronym An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of a series of words; e.g. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). • From Greek Akron (=point, tip).• Also called program, initialism.

Acronym A person's name that matches its owner's occupation or character very well (either in fiction or reality); e.g. arctic explorer Will Snow, hairdresser Dan Rough. • From Greek auto (=self) + anti (=against).• Often hyphenated as auto-antonym.• Also called contrary, control, antilogy, enantiodrome, Janus word.

• From Greek auto (=self).• Also called self-referential word.• Take care not to confuse with antonym, autoantonym. Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody (BANANA), Guaranteed Overnight Delivery (GOD).

• From Greek EPO (=on).• Take care not to confuse with eponym. • From Greek ex (=outside).• Take care not to confuse with eponym.

• From Greek homo (=same).• Take care when using the following terms as their meanings are easily consumable: homonym, homophone, hegemony, hetero phone, homograph, hetero graph. • From Greek hypo (=under).• Also called subordinate term.• Take care not to confuse with hypernym.

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A word that refers to a part of what another word refers to; e.g. in the relationship between leg and ankle, ankle is a meronymy; in the relationship between brim and hat, brim is a meronymy. A term midway between two opposites; e.g. flat between convex and concave, present between past and future.

• From Greek zeros (=part).• Take care not to confuse with metonymy, metronome. Metonymy A word designates something by the name of something associated with it; e.g. the Crown referring to the monarchy, the bottle referring to alcohol, the White House for the US executive branch.

• From Greek meta (=change).• Take care not to confuse with meronymy, metronome. • From Greek metros (=mother).• Take care not to confuse with meronymy, metonymy.

Oronym page A string of words which is homophonic with another string of words; e.g. ice cream and I scream, mint spy and mince pie. Paronym A word from the same root, and usually a similar pronunciation, as another ; e.g. beautiful and beauteous.

• From Greek para (=beside).• Take care not to confuse with paronym. • From Greek patter (=father).• Take care not to confuse with paronym.

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Acronym An adjective-noun pairing generated by a change in the meaning of the base noun, usually as a result of technological advance; e.g. watch became pocket watch due to introduction of wrist watch, pen became fountain pen due to introduction of ball-point pen. Synonym One of two (or more) words that have the same (or very similar) meaning; e.g. big and large, error and mistake, run and sprint.

A word composed of two identical parts; e.g. pawpaw, yo-yo, tutu, bye-bye. In biological nomenclature, a taxonomic name in which the genus and species names are identical; e.g. puffinus (Manx shear water), apus (common swift).

The Gym Dictionary below defines all the common –gym words, and many of the more unusual ones too. Some other –gym words: acronym, Annam, antonym, acronym, toponym, krypton, Dion, eponym, eponym, euphony, Sony, pseudonym, paronym, poecilonym, colony, synonym, toponym.

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