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‘ ZeronoTsukaima ‘ is a popular romantic comedy anime with magic and fantasy as its central themes. It follows a very popular and proven trope which always works in tales of romantic comedy adventures.

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‘ ZeronoTsukaima reinvents the clichéd romantic comedy setting while offering a refreshing anime experience for to the viewers. ‘Odd Noun no About’ is a romantic comedy anime with a plot consisting of time-travel into the past.

Yes, it might feel like your everyday harem anime with bits of romance and fun, but things are more interesting than that. The series evokes a similar feel like that of ‘ ZeronoTsukaima with the help of a well-crafted story, high production values, stunning animation, and convincing character arcs.

In ‘Odd Noun no About,’ the plot follows Yoshiharu Sahara, the male protagonist who finds himself being transported to the past one fine day. An unknown warrior hero saves him from the face of death but sacrifices his own life in the confrontation.

The warrior makes Yoshiharu promise that he will become a feudal lord one day. He also realizes that the change is just external, and they are still the same vicious war-mongers who summon doom on people like him.

The show is a slightly different version of ‘ ZeronoTsukaima.’ Both titles feature Thunder female leads who lock deals with their strong male counterparts. Both these male leads fall in love with the main female characters and vice versa.

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The most difficult test in the training is to form a slave contract with a spirit and then face each other off in competitions. But in the history of 1000 years, a male disciple comes forward to take the risk.

The plot centers on Tokyo Beta High, a unique concept school established by the Japanese government to curtail the rocketing crime rate. Here students train becoming Beta or armed detectives who are mercenaries for the justice system.

Kanji Obama, the male lead in the anime, is a skilled Beta. He does use his skills which impress Beta leader Aria Holmes Kazakh who insists that Kanji should become her partner.

‘Hay ate no Gook!’ is a nice action, comedy, harem anime. In both anime, the female lead at first bosses around with the male character and then falls in love with him.

Hay ate Kawasaki is an unfortunate kid who has been abandoned by his parents and sold to the Yakuza clan to settle debt trap of 150 million yen. So he runs away and stumbles upon Nazi Tanzania, who belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Japan.

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‘Dog Days’ is an action, adventure anime with themes of fantasy and magic. We have a male character who is transported to another world when a girl summons him in both the anime.

Longer is an alternate world which is quite similar to Earth with inhabitants resemble humans. They also have some advanced features like big ears and tails which earn them the name, dog-people.

That hero turns out to be a normal boy named Cinque Izmir who agrees to help them. In a world where disputes are settled through games and sports, Cinque does his best to save his hosts.

But he becomes disheartened when the Longer scientists inform his that all their efforts to send him back to Earth failed. ‘ Shaken no Shana ‘ is an action, drama and supernatural genre anime.

Chances are if you enjoyed watching ‘ ZeronoTsukaima then you might want to give ‘Shaken no Shana’ a try. Then we have a male lead who is submissive in nature and hangs around with a dominant female.

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In ‘Shaken no Shana,’ a bunch of soul-eating monsters known as Crimson Denizens attack human race. Yuri Sakai, the male lead in the anime is attacked by a Denizen.

A girl having crimson hair and burning eyes saves him from death, but it’s too late because he has already fallen into “the torch” phase. The plot follows Yuri Takes and Taiga Alaska, who have deceptive appearances.

Song: ZeronoTsukaima Season 1 Opening DISCLAIMER I do not own the anime, music, artwork or the lyrics. All rights reserved to their respective owners!! ! This video is not meant to infringe any of the copyrights. This is for people's enjoyment only.iPhone: Free Brazil Carnival App at.

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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Malamute Make suffered humiliation as a child when a girl, Aka Kawasaki, bestowed upon him the nickname “Pig’s Foot.” Now in high school, Malamute is a totally different person.

Zero no Tsunami (The Familiar of Zero) Toreador Baku Wei Tomochichi GA Samurai (Havana: I Don’t Have Many Friends) Golden Time Special A Recife Atari Ore no Section Love Comedy Wei Machigatteiru (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) Magi Brilliant Park Nisei Miami Ayala is known as the “Demon President” of the student council of Sake High School.

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She acts like a demon, so she can maintain discipline and protect the girls of the high school that was previously an all-boys institution. She rules with an iron fist, garnering hate from the boys and admiration from the girls.

He may look ordinary, but he possesses a brand that is believed to be of legendary origin. Louise already reeks of trouble because of her thunder personality and rough magic skills.

Now that she is working with Saith, funky adventures and unexpected escapades are in their future! Yuri Takes and Taiga Alaska are two very peculiar high school students.

Baku Wei Tomochichi GA Samurai (Havana: I Don’t Have Many Friends) Thanks to his blond hair and obnoxious appearance, people think that he is a seasoned delinquent.

Kodak has a fateful meeting with a girl who has been talking to an imaginary friend. The girl talking to the imaginary friend is Sonora Mizuki.

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Kodak and Sonora are the whimsical founders, and their first task is to find members who have no friends to begin with! With his memories forgotten, Taxa Bani is trying to get over his accident and start his life anew as a student in a law school in Tokyo.

The moment he starts school, brand new memorable experiences begin to present themselves. The first time Bani laid eyes on Yoko, she had already made a strong impression.

Well, if Bani’s past and memories don’t interfere, then there might be a chance. Although he’s pretty much hopeless and his life is at rock bottom, a ray of light suddenly hits him.

When he was a kid, Baku Chico made a promise to a certain girl. As proof of that moment, a locket that can only be opened by the girl's key is handed down to Baku for safekeeping.

Shying away from his family’s status, Baku spends his time adoring his crush, doing school work, and avoiding complications. This all changes when a girl named White Kiribati shows up.

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