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To date, only Isaac Calder, Geoff Britten, and Drew Diesel have finished the course and achieved “total victory”. Calder and Diesel are the only competitors to win the cash prize.

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The series premiered on December 12, 2009, on the now-defunct cable channel G4, and airs now on NBC with encore episodes showing on NBCSN. An AmericanNinja Challenge competitor in a Batman costume In late 2006, the American cable channel G4 began airing broadcasts (subtitled in English or dubbed with English commentary and re-titled NinjaWarrior) of the Japanese sports entertainment television special Leisure.

Coinciding with this, the channel held the first AmericanNinja Challenge, in which Americans gained the opportunity to be sent to compete on Leisure. This led to the creation of the American adaptation of the show, AmericanNinjaWarrior, in 2009.

AmericanNinjaWarrior followed AmericanNinja Challenge as the qualifying route for Americans to enter Leisure. Since the fourth season, American finalists compete on a nearly-identical finals course on the Las Vegas Strip not traveling to Japan to compete on Leisure.

During each episode, the play-by-play announcer and color commentator provide play-by-play on a competitor's run on the course while the sideline reporter introduces the obstacles and interviews competitors. In the second season, comedian and television host Matt Iceman joined the show, replacing Heater.

Producers were fond of his knowledge of sports and lighthearted, enthusiastic delivery. Additionally, MMA fighter Jimmy Smith was brought in as co-host while Harelip was assigned to the new sideline reporter position.

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For season four, Olympic medalist Jonny Moseley was brought in as the new color commentator, replacing Smith. Producers believed his experience as a freestyle skier would bring a unique perspective to the series.

Meanwhile, sportscaster and television presenter Angela Sun replaced Harelip. Sports analyst and former NFL player Akbar Gbaja-Biamila replaced Moseley, while ESPN sportscaster and model Jenn Brown replaced Sun as sideline reporter.

Gbaja-Biamila was contacted to audition for the role of co-host in Los Angeles after being seen on the NFL Network by one of the series' executive producers. For season seven, CBS Sports reporter Kristine Leah joined the show as the new sideline reporter, replacing Brown, and remained on the show through season 10.

Iceman and Gbaja-Biamila returned to host the eleventh season along with new sideline reporter Yuri Hall. Before being eligible to compete, all contestants must first meet a number of requirements.

Video length requirements have varied from two to eight minutes, depending on the season. Producers then select 100 contestants from the thousands of applicants to participate in each regional qualifier.

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They also select 20 to 30 “walk-ins” who may wait weeks camping outside a course to compete on it. City qualifier and finals courses are filmed back-to-back, usually over two nights.

This is followed by four different obstacles that test a competitor's balance, upper-body strength, and grip. If a competitor falls into the water or touches it, their run ends immediately and the timer records their time.

Until the ninth season, the sixth and final obstacle was the 14'6” warped wall, in which competitors were given three chances to reach the top. Competitors had only one attempt to reach the top of the Mega Wall and, if successful, they won $10,000.

At the top of both walls, a competitor presses a buzzer that stops the timer and records their time, ending their run on the course. The top 30 competitors who go the farthest in the least amount of time advance to the city finals course.

The top 15 competitors who go the farthest in the least amount of time from each city finals course move on to compete on the National Finals course. Since the ninth season, the top two women in each city finals course also move on to compete on the National Finals course, even if they do not finish in the top 15.

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Previously, many women had been granted “wildcard” slots, which allowed them to advance to the National Finals. Since the eighth season, small prizes ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 are awarded to first, second, and third finishers who complete the city finals course.

During this time, competitors trained together for multiple days and took part in pressure challenges. City timeline Location Season 123456789101112 Greater Los Angeles, CA Venice San Pedro Universal City Las Vegas, NV Finals venue Miami, FL Dallas, TX Denver, CO Baltimore, MD St. Louis, MO Finals venue Kansas City, MO Houston, TX Orlando, FL Pittsburgh, PA Atlanta, GA Indianapolis, IN Oklahoma City, OK Philadelphia, PA San Antonio, TX Daytona Beach, FL Cleveland, OH Minneapolis, MN Tacoma, WA Cincinnati, OH Obstacles Obstacles are designed and produced in the five months prior to an episode taping.

In the tenth season, the show's first underwater obstacle was introduced during Stage 2 of the National Finals. In the first three seasons, the top 10 ANW competitors advanced to a Leisure finals course in Japan.

The National Finals course consists of four stages, each containing obstacles of increasing difficulty. The course is about the same size as four football fields and contains 23 obstacles.

Stage 1 consists of eight obstacles, which test the competitors' agility and speed. Stage 2 contains six obstacles that test competitors' strength and speed.

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Competitors must complete the course within a time limit in order to advance to Stage 3. In the tenth season, the time limit was increased by 30 seconds.

Stage 3 consists of eight obstacles that test competitors' upper body and grip strength. Starting in Season 10, Stage 3 has a clock that counts up to determine any tie breaking times should no contestant advance from Stage 3, since the format guarantees prize money to the contestant that advances the furthest on the course, and the tiebreaker is based on how fast the contestants reached the previous obstacle prior to failing.

Competitors must complete this rope climb in :30 or less in order to be crowned as AmericanNinjaWarrior.” In the third season, the prize was an endorsement deal with K-Swiss worth $500,000 and to become the face of a national advertisement campaign for the company as well as G4.

From the second through seventh seasons, the fastest competitor to beat the final stage would receive the full prize money, regardless of whether other competitors completed Stage 4 as well. Starting in the tenth season, a guaranteed $100,000 cash prize is offered, without regard of a player finishing all four stages.

The player who advances the furthest on the course in the fastest time is declared the “Last Ninja Standing,” and wins the prize. If any competitor finishes all four stages, the prize money is augmented to $1,000,000.

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If one competitor finishes Stage 4, he wins the entirety of the augmented prize. The qualifying round took place on the beach in Venice, Los Angeles, where a tryout was opened, meaning, competitors from across the United States had to fly themselves there to compete.

Levi Meeuwenberg was the Last Ninja Standing, having gone the farthest in the least amount of time among the American competitors on Leisure 23. Qualifiers were held in Venice, Los Angeles in August.

David Campbell was the Last Ninja Standing, having been the American gone the farthest in the least amount of time on Stage 3. The finale was aired again on August 22, 2011, as a two-hour prime time special on NBC.

Previously, only one American would reach Stage 3 per Leisure competition. David Campbell was again the Last Ninja Standing, having gone the farthest in the least amount of time among the American competitors on Stage 3.

Filming at the entrance of the Venice, Los Angeles course during the fourth season fourth season was notable for differentiating AmericanNinjaWarrior from Leisure and began what is known as “the modern era” of the series. With an increased production budget, preliminary rounds were held in three locations across the United States.

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In addition to Venice, Los Angeles, six regional qualifier competitions (Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, Mid south, Southeast, and Southwest) took place in Dallas and Miami. During the National Finals, which were held for the first time in the United States, Brent Stephenson was the only competitor to reach Stage 3 and became the Last Ninja Standing.

The fifth season premiered on June 30, 2013, on G4, and concluded on September 16, 2013, on NBC. City qualifiers and finals courses aired on both G4 and NBC.

Regional competitions were held in four locations: Venice, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Miami, and Denver. During the National Finals, 41-year-old Joyce Harbor became the first woman to compete there twice in two years (as a wild card), while Brian Arnold fell on the final obstacle of Stage 3 and won the title of Last Ninja Standing.

The sixth season premiered on May 26, 2014, and concluded on September 8, 2014, with original episodes airing solely on NBC. Regional competitions were held in Venice, Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami, and Denver.

In the Dallas qualifier, Kay Catenary became the first female competitor to make it up the Warped Wall. Catenary's two runs have been described as the first “viral moment” of the show and are credited with increasing the seventh season's submissions ten times over.

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During the National Finals, Joe Morality fell on the ante penultimate obstacle of Stage 3 and became the sixth season's Last Ninja Standing. Regional competitions were held in six locations, including two in Los Angeles.

Regional competitions were also held in Kansas City, Houston, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. As Calder completed Stage 4 faster than Britten, he was awarded the full prize money and Britten received nothing, though Britten became the first competitor to complete all six courses (city qualifier, city finals, and four stages of the National Finals) in a single season.

The Fly Wheels, the third obstacle on the Indianapolis city course in the eighth season eighth season of the series began on June 1, 2016, and concluded on September 12, 2016. Regional competitions were held in Venice, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia.

On Stage 3, Drew Diesel fell during his run and became the Last Ninja Standing. The ninth season premiered on June 12, 2017, and ended on September 18, 2017.

A record of 41 competitors successfully completed Stage 1 during the National Finals, including David Campbell, Ryan Straits, Drew Diesel, and Alyssa Bard, who became just the second woman to complete it. Stage 2 saw every competitor eliminated less Joe Morality, Sean Bryan, and Name Richardson.

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However, Diesel fell at a faster time than Bryan, crowning him the Last Ninja Standing. As the result of a format change introduced this season, Diesel was also the first Last Ninja Standing to win $100,000 for being the competitor who went the farthest in the least amount of time on the National Finals course but did not complete Stage 4.

The eleventh season started its premiere on May 29, 2019, and ended on September 16, 2019. New rules regarding the Mega Wall obstacle, which was introduced in the previous season, came into effect.

This season also introduced the Power Tower, where the top two finishers from each city qualifying would race on a giant metal structure to gain the “Speed Pass”, which guaranteed them a spot in the National Finals. Daniel Gil was not able to complete the rope climb on Stage 4 in the 30-second time limit, but Drew Diesel was able to climb it in 27.46, earning him the title of AmericanNinjaWarrior and $1,000,000.

On January 22, 2021, the series was renewed for a twelfth season, which premiered on September 7, 2021. Qualifying cities originally included returns to Los Angeles and St. Louis with a new location, Washington, D.C., with the National Finals initially set to be held again held in Las Vegas.

The season, consisting of eight episodes, was filmed at The Dome at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri ; ANW was the first NBC series to have completed a full season of episodes during the current pandemic. Special Air date Champions Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place Commentators Sideline reporter 1 USA vs. Japan January 13, 2014, Team USA Team Japan Only 2 teams Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-BiamilaJenn Brown 2 USA vs.

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The inaugural competition was aired on January 13, 2014, and was won by Team USA. The second special aired on September 15, 2014, and was won by Team Europe.

The third special aired on January 31, 2016, and was won by Team USA. The fourth international competition was aired on June 4, 2017, and was again won by Team USA.

The fifth special aired on March 11, 2018, and was won by Team Europe. The seventh competition aired on January 26, 2021, and was won by Team Australia.

On May 29, 2016, prior to the premiere of season eight, NBC aired a two-hour all-star special in which hosts Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila chose their own all-star teams composed of three veterans, one rookie, and one woman. Teams competed on stages two, three, and four of the regular season finals course, Mt.

Midoriyama, as well as competitions on a supersized course that tested their skills in competitions on the giant pegboard, 40-foot Salmon Ladder, Flying Shelf Grab, and Jump Hang, concluding with a race to the top of the “Mega” Warped Wall. Joe Morality completed Stage 2 in a record time of 1:08:52.

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Like the previous year's competition, ANW hosts Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila chose their own all-star teams, this year composed of one veteran, one breakout star, and one woman. Team Matt featured Chris Wilczewski, Name Richardson, and Jesse “Flex” Lübeck.

Team Akbar featured Grant McCartney, Neil “Crazy” Crater, and Meagan Martin. Sideline interviewer Kristine Leah picked her team, which consisted of Jessie Graph, Flip Rodriguez, and Nicholas Coolidge.

Teams competed in a relay race to finish sections of stages one, two, and three of the regular season finals course, Mt. Next came the skills' competition on a supersized course, where contestants tested their skills in competition on the 75-feet tall Endless Invisible Ladder, the 4-story-high Super Salmon Ladder, Supersonic Shelf Grab, Striding Steps, and the Mega Wall, now 20 feet high.

Like the last two seasons' competition, ANW hosts Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, along with Kristine Leah, chose their all-star teams composed of two male veterans and one female veteran. The reigning champs, Team Kristine (gray/pink), featured: Jessie Graph, Flip Rodriguez, and J.J. Woods.

Team Matt (blue) featured: Jamie Ran, Lance Pekes, and Jesse Lübeck. Team Akbar featured first-time all-stars: Alyssa Bard, Jon Alexis Jr., and Tyler Yamaguchi.

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For the first half of the special, the athletes competed individually, earning “skills medals”. First was the “Skills Competition”, which consisted of climbing the Super Salmon Ladder, 4 stories high and 35 rungs in the fastest time.

The second skill medal was the Wicked Wingnuts obstacle. Third, upper body strength was tested on the Thunderbolt won by Jamie Ran.

Fourth, a speed and balance challenge on the Striding Steps was won by Jake Murray with a time of 28.76. Finally, in a new obstacle, the Mega Spider Climb, eight women all-stars raced side-by-side 80 feet up to the top of the Stage 4 tower.

The competition was won by Jessie Graph in a time of 24:03, for the POM Wonderful Run of the Night. The second half showcased the team competition: Stage 1 featured a relay race through the obstacles course.

The first racer goes through Snake Run, Propeller Bar, and Double Dipper. The next racer tackles the Jumping Spider, Parkour Run, and the Warped Wall.

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The anchor runs through the Domino Pipes and the Flying Squirrel + the Final Climb. The remaining two teams compete on Stage 2 for the other spot in the finals.

Stage 2 featured the Giant Ring Swing, Cross Cross Salmon Ladder, Wave Runner, Swing Surfer, Wingnut Alley and the Wall Flip. Team Matt won and moved to Stage 3, which featured Floating Boards, Key Lock Hang, the Nail Clipper, Ultimate Cliffhanger, the Body Prop, Peg Cloud, the Time Bomb and the Flying Bar.

The fourth all-stars special aired on May 26, 2019, on NBC, prior to the eleventh season's premiere. Just like the last three seasons' competition, ANW hosts Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, along with Kristine Leah, chose their all-star teams consisting of two male veterans and one female veteran.

Two-time winner Team Kristine (gray/pink), focused on young all-stars: Mathis “Kid” Wadi, Tyler Gillett, and Barclay Socket. Team Matt (blue) reached out on the same time that just missed out on winning last season: Jamie Ran, Lance Pekes (AKA “Cowboy Ninja “), and Jesse “Flex” Lübeck.

Team Akbar (red) featured: Grant McCartney (AKA “Island Ninja “), Meagan Martin, and Jake Murray. For the first half of the special showcased a team-based portion where the athletes competed on Stage 1 as a relay race.

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The team with the fastest time advances directly to the finals on Stage 3. While the other two teams compete on Stage 2 to earn their spot in the final.

Stage 1 obstacle course featured: Archer Alley, Propeller Bar, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Razor Beams, and Twist & Fly + Final Climb. Team Matt edged them out with a time of 1:20.48 (2 seconds faster).

Team Kristine got eliminated when Mathis Wadi wiped out on his portion of the course (Tire Run). Stage 2 featured: Epic Catch & Release, Cross Cross Salmon Ladder, Déjà Vu, Swing Surfer, Wingnut Alley, and Water Walls (the first underwater obstacle).

Stage 3 featured: Floating Boards, En Garden, Crazy Clocks, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Curved Body Prop, Peg Cloud, Cane Lane, and Flying Bar. However, it wasn't fast enough for Team Matt who also completed 6 obstacles with only a 7-second difference (4:52.63).

The fifth all-stars (skills challenge) special aired on August 31, 2021 on NBC, a week before the start of the twelfth season's premiere. Like previous seasons' competition, ANW hosts Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila returned, this time with Yuri Hall as the sideline reporter picking her first team this year.

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Team Matt (blue): Karsten “Big Kat” Williams, Ryan Straits, and Michelle Warner. Team Akbar (red): Grant McCartney, Jake Murray, and Alyssa Bard.

Team Yuri (yellow), like herself, Yuri chose a team of rookies: David “Cake Ninja Wright, Seth Rogers, and Made Howard. “Skills Competition”, where Ninjas earn a 'skills metal' for their individual skills started with the obstacle, Ferris Wheel: the final round featured Daniel Gil vs. Dave Kavanaugh who defeated their proteges: Gil & Mathis “Kid” Wadi (both tackled the obstacle blindfolded) and Kavanaugh & Lucas Real in round one.

The final round featured Chad Lexington who won against Jody “Big Dog” Avila. Then it was the Mega Spider Climb where it was a city battle between Chicago and Atlanta.

It was Michael Torres who beat his fellow Chi-town teammate Ethan “The Swan” Swanson, with a new ANW record time of 16.37. Fan favorite from last season was the “Big Dipper Freestyle Challenge”, where four ninjas chose their own trapeze dive into the water.

“Island Ninja Grant McCartney and Jessie Graph both scored a 52 and tied. The same format was used from last season where all three teams tackle the first stage as a relay race.

The team with the fastest time gets a free pass straight to the finals in the third stage. Stage 1 obstacle course featured: Archer Alley, Spin Your Wheels, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Diving Boards, and Twist & Fly + Final Climb.

Team Matt finished the fastest with a time of 2:29.16 and advanced to the finals. Despite being the fastest through the first two sets of obstacles, Team Akbar failed on the Diving Boards and could not post a time.

Stage 2 featured: Giant Walk the Plank, Extension Ladder, Snap Back, Swing Surfer, Grim Sweeper, Water Walls (underwater obstacle). Stage 3 featured: Grip & Tip, Iron Summit, Crazy Clocks, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Pipe Dream, Cane Lane, Flying Bar.

Team Akbar made it through 5 obstacles, almost 6 before failing on Cane Lane. Celebrity NinjaWarrior is a special episode of ANW where celebrities compete on a modified AmericanNinjaWarrior course and are coached by ANW competitors.

The special aired as part of Red Nose Day, with money raised during the event donated to Comic Relief USA. Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila hosted both editions alongside ANW sideline reporter Kristine Leah.

The second special aired on May 24, 2018, and is notable for being the only time one of the show's hosts (Akbar Gbaja-Biamila) has actually run the course in competition. Each obstacle a celebrity completed raised $5,000 for Red Nose Day; earning up to $30,000 for finishing the whole course.

2015 Favorite Reality Show AmericanNinjaWarrior Season 6 Nominated 2017 Season 8 Nominated People's Choice Awards Awarded Category Nominee Episode(s) Result Ref. 2016 Favorite Competition TV Show AmericanNinjaWarrior Season 7 Nominated 2017 Season 8 Nominated Primetime Emmy AwardsProducers Guild of America Awards Awarded Category Nominee Episode(s) Result Ref.

2017 Outstanding Producer of Competition Television Production Team Season 7, 8 Nominated 2018 Production Team Season 9 Nominated Season Time slot (ET) Episodes Premiered Ended Channel/Network TV season averages (NBC)(Live + SD) Most watched episode(millions) Date Premiere viewers(millions)Date Finale viewers(millions)Viewers (millions) 18–49 rating 1 Saturday 6:00 pm 8 December 12, 2009, N/A December 19, 2009, N/A G4 2009–10 N/AN/AN/A 2 Wednesday 8:00 pm 10 December 8, 2010, N/A December 23, 2010, N/A 2010–11 N/AN/AN/A 3 Sunday 9:00 pm 10 July 31, 2011 0.38 August 21, 2011 0.25 2011 N/AN/A0.38 4 Monday 9:00 pm 24 May 20, 2012 0.34 July 23, 2012 4.87 G4NBC 2012 5.46 2.0 6.78 5 Monday 8:00 pm 21 June 30, 2013 5.04 September 16, 2013 4.04 2013 5.15 1.6 5.81 6 Monday 9:00 pm 14 May 26, 2014 4.65 September 8, 2014 5.21 NBC 2014 5.33 1.8 5.83 7 Monday 8:00 pm 16 May 25, 2015 5.87 September 14, 2015 6.17 2015 6.54 1.9 7.32 8 13 June 1, 2016 6.35 September 12, 2016 5.88 2016 6.28 1.8 7.01 9 15 June 12, 2017 5.36 September 18, 2017 5.96 2017 5.86 1.4 6.47 10 15 May 30, 2018 5.35 September 10, 2018 5.69 2018 5.08 1.1 5.86 11 16 May 29, 2019 4.84 September 16, 2019 4.93 2019 TBA 4.93 12 Monday 8:00 pm (1-3, 5) Monday 9:00 pm (4) Wednesday 9:00 pm (6-7) Friday 8:00 pm (8)8 September 7, 2021 3.66 November 6, 2021 2.97 2020 TBA TBA TBA In Australia and New Zealand, the show is broadcast on SBS2 (2013–2017), 9Go! In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the show is broadcast on Challenge and more recently on Sky Two.

The show is in syndication markets throughout the US and airs on local broadcast channels. At one point syndicated episodes were airing on MTV2 on Saturdays in August 2018.

On August 12, 2019, the series began airing reruns on Nickelodeon. However, after airing just 10 episodes, the series was abruptly pulled from Nick's schedule after August 23, 2019.

Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila host alongside actor and journalist, Alex Curry. The series is Esquire Network's most-watched program in the channel's history.

On May 31, 2016, Esquire Network ordered a sixteen-episode second season that also included a five-episode special college edition that had college-aged competitors go head-to-head against rival schools. On March 6, 2017, it was announced that Team NinjaWarrior will be moving to sibling cable channel USA Network as Esquire Network winds down its linear channel operations and relaunches as an online only service.

The show's second season premiered proper on April 18. Premiered on Universal Kids on October 13, 2018, Matt Iceman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila reprised their roles from ANW as hosts, with Olympic 2016 gold medalist Elijah Browning joining as co-host, guiding competitors in head-to-head challenges.

The series will feature 142 kids ages 9–14 competing along a course of miniature ANW obstacles such as the Skyhooks. Similar to ANW, males and females will run along the same course, and similarly to Ninja vs. Ninja and College Madness, competitors compete head-to-head.

However, they will be divided into three age groups: 9–10, 11–12 and 13–14, with each category coached by fan-favorite athletes: Korea Made, Lucas Gomes, Called Alexander, Caleb Bernie, Danny Bernie, and Natalie Duran. As Calder completed Stage 4 faster than Britten, he was awarded the full prize money and Britten received nothing except the title of the “First American Ninja Warrior.” ^ 2018 Creative Arts Emmy Awards nominees for Outstanding Picture Editing for a Structured or Competition Reality Program “: Nick Gagnon, David Greene, Michael Albion, Corey Biennial, Curtis Pierce, Kyle Barr, Mary Chambers, Matthew Proust, Scott Simmons, Martin Singer, Katherine Griffin, Flavor Mendoza.

^ 28th Producers Guild of America Awards nominees for “Outstanding Producer of Competition Television”: Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Anthony Storm, Brian Richardson, Kristen Stable, David Markus, J.D. Press, D. Max Paris, Zayn Abi-Hashim, Royce Toni, John Gun, Matt Silver berg, Briana Vowels, Mason Funk, Jonathan Provost.

^ 29th Producers Guild of America Awards nominees for “Outstanding Producer of Competition Television”: Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Anthony Storm, Brian Richardson, Kristen Stable, David Markus, Royce Toni, Stephen Taylor, J.D. Press, Jeffrey J. Hyman, D. Max Paris, Briana Vowels, and Jonathan Provost.

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^ “G4 and NBC Partner to Broadcast the New Season of American Ninja Warrior The World's Most Difficult and Action-Packed Obstacle Course Competition Series Airing Weekly This Summer”. ' American Ninja star Kay Catenary of N.J.: 'I didn't realize how many other people would care “.

Weatherman Joe Morality Trains For Season 7 Amid Questions Of Sponsorship And Getting Paid”. “NBC's American Ninja Warrior Shows Its Strength with Fifth-Season Renewal”.

“Military Ninja hopefuls fall to Mount Midoriyama”. ^ American Ninja Warrior Flies Into Its Ninth Season Renewal on NBC” (Press release).

^ American Ninja Warrior taping in Los Angeles postponed due to coronavirus COVID-19”. “Urbana grad and stunt woman Jessie Graph injects The Rock's 'Titan Games' with her star power”.

^ “Season 12 of NBC's Four-Time Emmy Award-Nominated Athletic Competition Series American Ninja Warrior Will Premiere Monday, Sept. 7” (Press release). “Chris Hardwick to Host “The Red Nose Day Special” as NBC Expands Celebration of Red Nose Day to 3-Hour Program Block May 25 with Top Stars”.

“Derek Though, NE-YO, Nikki Bella and More Take on Obstacle Course on “Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day” to Raise Money For Charity”. ^ “DGA Announces Nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television, Commercials and Documentary for 2018”.

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