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• Thursday, 29 July, 2021
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With no booming crowd cheering contestants on, fellow competitors encouraged Zimmerman throughout her run. The competitor grew up “poor and on welfare,” and spent years in the foster care system as a child.

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“In the midst of all the chaos, sports and physical activity taught me the life lessons like grit, perseverance and determination that helped me get through my tough childhood,” she says. Commentators during Zimmerman’s run say she discovered AmericanNinjaWarrior during the show’s seventh season.

A breathtaking remake, jaw-dropping documentary, and familiar take on an old favorite are all on the menu this weekend. Dwayne Johnson will star in and executive produce NBC's upcoming physical competition series The Titan Games.

Midoriyama in under 30 seconds, earning $1 million and joining a very exclusive winners club that until now only included one member. After several years of no cash winners, the show then introduced some twists in Season 10: $10,000 for anyone who conquered an 18-foot Mega Warped Wall, and $100,000 for the athlete who made it the furthest in the Las Vegas finals.

During that run, he reached Stage 3 three times, often finishing the season as the last man standing (and earning $100,000 last year.) Watch the big moment below, then drop a comment with your reaction to Monday’s finale.

The Mega Wall makes a comeback, but Gbajabiamila teases it “just seems like it got taller since last year.” Last season, this challenge came with an instant $10,000 prize with a lowered age limit to accommodate 19-year-old competitors. The new additions include Yuri Hall, a new sideline reporter whose eager to help tell those emotional stories that come with each athlete.

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Premiering Wednesday, May 29 from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT before returning to its regular time slot on Monday, June 17, AmericanNinjaWarrior makes stops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Seattle/Tacoma in season 11. In an episode airing tonight, a man attempts the obstacle course while wearing a dinosaur costume, and the audience loves it.

This T. rex is dominating,” one of the hosts said over loud cheers from spectators watching in Atlanta, Georgia, where the show is filmed. He made it past the block run and the “big dipper,” but his tiny arms lost grip on the spin cycle, making him fall into the pool below.

You could always count on “Match Game” for some wild times, and one of the highlights was when host Gene Rayburn attacked the cameraman for not allowing Charles Nelson Reilly to prep off-camera for his (admittedly off-color) visual gag. Bob Barker Is a True Professional, Exhibit A: The host dealt with a dopey “Price Is Right” contestant who prematurely reveals the correct answer.

Bob Barker Is a True Professional, Exhibit B: The host dealt with a game of Ten Chances that gave away all the answers. Here is the raw footage from Whoop Goldberg's last episode of “Hollywood Squares,” featuring all the NSFW stuff that gets cut out of what you see on TV.

He was expected to beat Ken Jennings' all-time highest winnings record of $2.5 million that day, but lost in a shocking turn of events to opponent Emma Botcher.

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