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Details of all their past runs on ANW, video clips on the course, training gym, age, height, a history of which seasons they have competed on, which obstacles they have previously attempted, UAA & NFL local competition results, and more! She travels to give speeches and presentations and works to show how you can still be beautiful and strong.

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Born (1984-01-12) January 12, 1984 (age 36)Nationality American OccupationStunt woman, television personality Graph has become well known for her athletic achievements on the obstacle course show AmericanNinjaWarrior. In 2017, Graph became the first woman to compete in, and to successfully finish, Stage 2 in Las Vegas, although this was part of the USA vs.

She has stated about her time as a 12-year-old trapeze artist, “The rule was I wasn’t allowed to catch anyone who outweighed me by more than 20 pounds.” Graph held the pole vault record at Georgia Tech and University of Nebraska.

As a stunt woman, she has done tumbling on Make It or Break It, trampolined on Another Period and has done many stunts on rooftops, the sides of bridges or buildings and dramatic wipe outs. She has said she continues to learn new skills from other stunt people who specialize in different areas.

Graph was a contestant on the obstacle course show Wipeout's tenth episode of its first season in 2008. In that appearance, she fell in the penultimate round and thus did not make it to the Wipe out Zone.

She had a possibility of not competing as she had started stem cell treatment of injured shoulders and neck. In season 7 (2015), she appeared at Stage One in Las Vegas, but she could not make it up the Warped Wall.

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In season 8, in the Los Angeles qualifying round, she became the first woman in AmericanNinjaWarrior history to make it up the new 14 1/2-foot Warped Wall and moved on to the city finals along with professional rock climber Natalie Duran. In the Los Angeles city finals, Graph did not complete the course but finished second overall based on the show's “farthest the fastest” metric.

This broke her own record for the highest finish by a woman in a city competition through 2016. Midoriyama, Graph became the first woman to ever complete Stage 1, finishing fourth overall.

In 2017, she became the first woman to compete in, and to successfully finish, Stage 2 in Las Vegas, although this was part of the USA vs. In 2018, for AmericanNinjaWarrior season 10, she completed the Miami City qualifier course atop the Warped Wall, with a 10th place finish overall for the night.

In the Miami city finals she made it to the ninth obstacle, the Stair Hopper, before falling, but it was still far enough fast to give her a 5th place finish overall and another trip to Las Vegas. She was ultimately unable to compete at the Las Vegas National Finals due to filming commitments in the Canary Islands for stunt work on her project, Wonder Woman 1984.

In 2019Graff returned to Ninja competition, appearing in AmericanNinjaWarrior season 11, finishing 8th overall. In the city finals, she finished 3rd overall but made it farther into the 9th obstacle than any other competitor.

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However, in the Las Vegas finals, she fell early on Stage 1 when she failed to make the transition halfway through the Double Dipper obstacle (other ninjas had benefited from their experience the previous year with this difficult obstacle, whereas Graph had not that experience due to her Wonder Woman work). She survived the first filming, but that was interrupted due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, which further allowed her to rest and recover from her medical treatment.

In 2020, she received stem cell treatment for her injured shoulders and neck. ANW12 filming was interrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, giving her recovery time from her medical treatment.

By that logic, watching AmericanNinjaWarrior star and all-around incredible athlete JessieGraff conquer her latest feat should certainly do the motivational trick. To even reach this level and become a team member required Graph to make it through rigorous qualifying rounds.

Despite having successfully completed Stage 1 last year, this time around she slipped and fell early during the round. But her teammates made a strategic decision to put her in the game and compete in Stage 2, and Jessie was eager to have a chance to redeem herself, reports ESPN.

Jessie powered through Stage 2 with a smile on her face, swinging across bars that seem waylay too far apart to reach and lifting a 135-pound “wall” like it weighed nothing. Jessie was essentially born to climb, swing, and dodge just about everything, and from an early age, she knew she wanted to be involved with stunts.

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Since then, she's broken records in pole-vaulting, excelled in gymnastics, and acted as a stunt woman in films and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Bridesmaids. Just last year, Jessie told us how important it is to her to inspire other women to achieve greatness, whatever that may look like to them, and she's certainly doing just that.

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The 36-years-old stunt woman born as Jessica Lauren Graph on 12th January 1984 in New York, United States. She is the daughter of parents Ginny Malcolm and Tom Graph under the birth sign Capricorn.

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She graduated from Urbana High School located in Evansville, Maryland in the year 2002. Caption: JessieGraff’s childhood picture with her mother (Photo: Instagram)Also, she has earned a black belt in Taekwondo and Kung Fu.

On April 12th, 2020, on her Instagram live, Graph announced that she has a husband, and the existence of marriage confirmed by herself. Caption: JessieGraff giving high-five with her co-competitor (Photo: Instagram)Back in 2018, the information about her secret husband told by her fellow ‘ AmericanNinjaWarrior competitor Drew Diesel in one of his interviews.

She started earning a handsome sum of money after working as a stunt woman. In the year 2013, Graph participated in the AmericanNinjaWarrior Show and earns all the money she deserves.

Caption: JessieGraff posing for a picture sitting in the Jeep (Photo: Instagram)According to reports, the stunt women in the U.S. earn anywhere between $5,000 all the way up to $250,000 per year. Graph hard exercise and gymnastics work has yielded her perfectly toned abs and biceps.

In the year 1997, she started her professional career as a stunt woman after she accidentally submitted her resume to her mother’s agent who suggested she be one. She has worked as a stunt woman in several movies including X-Men: First Class, another Period, and Bridesmaids to name a few.

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Caption: JessieGraff doing stunt (Photo: Instagram)However, she came into the limelight for her performance in the series Americanninjawarrior along with Matt Isle man and Jenn Brown and Teen NinjaWarrior. In the year 2019, she featured in the final sinner service of the 8th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

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