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• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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In an exclusive sneak peek at the rebooted All That sketch, Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey Brooks) and her fellow Zoey101 castrates Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Chris Massey (Michael Barrel), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) hilariously face off against the infamous grumpy bodyguard (also played by Spears). + Follow You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

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“That's us on the poster,” Massey says, pointing to an original cast photo from Zoey101, which premiered in 2005. Stump fires back before leaping out of her rocking chair.

As the cast attempted to hold Sanders back, Spears appears in the doorway, asking, “Hey! However, Stump is less than impressed and still refuses to let the cool kids of Pacific Coast Academy backstage.

“I don't care how many names you got, Ms. Jamie Lynn Manuel Miranda ain't getting in without a pass,” Stump says, poking fun at Lin Manuel Miranda. The network shared that Spears would be reprising her role as the bacon-loving bodyguard who attempts to stop the All That cast members and stars of Zoey101 from entering the set.

A few months before that in July, several Zoey101 cast members from the hit Nickelodeon series met up for a night out 11 years after the show went off the air. Massey, Flynn, Butcher, Underwood and Victoria Justice all shared moments from their reunion dinner on social media, giving a shoutout out to their missing costar Spears.

Spears posted the sweet video her former castrates sent her on Instagram. “Hi Jamie Lynn, we miss you, we wish you could be here, and we wish to see you soon,” the group yelled in unison, followed by collectively belting out the Zoey101 theme song, “Follow Me,” which was sung by Spears.

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Thank you all for the video and hope to see you all very soon,” Spears captioned the post, which also included a screenshot of multiple missed FaceTime calls from the group. The series, which followed Zoey and her friends at Pacific Coast Academy in Malibu, California, ran from 2005 to 2008.

Not long after it wrapped its fourth season, Spears (then 16 years old) became pregnant with her first child, daughter Maddie Brian, with then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge. Also, last year, Spears addressed rumors that the show would be making a comeback.

The photos include screenshots of various articles questioning whether the show is returning. The 29-year-old actress, who starred as the titular character, reunites with Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood for a special All That sketch airing Saturday, July 11.

In ET's exclusive first look at the sketch, Spears begins by reprising her role as the grumpy, 101 -year-old, bacon-loving bodyguard Thelma Stump. She's first seen blocking the All That cast members from entering the set, before the Zoey101 actors show up, and they get in a heated confrontation.

ET spoke with Spears in May, while she was promoting her first acting gig in 12 years, Sweet Magnolias, where she talked about being back in front of the camera. Read more: The Pretty Reckless will release even more music ahead of their next LP The All That comedy sketch marks the first on-air Zoey101 reunion since its final episode in 2008.

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The show’s star Jamie Lynn Spears teams up with her fellow castrates for a special All That sketch which airs on Saturday, July 11. Alongside Spears, Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood all appear in the sketch.

Spears begins the scene by reprising the role of the 101 -year-old grumpy bodyguard Thelma Stump. Then, she begins blocking the All That cast members from entering the set before the Zoey101 actors show up.

The show which is the Saturday Night Live for teenage audiences aired its final episode in 2005. Jamie Lynn Spears is reuniting with Zoey101 castrates Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Chris Massey (Michael Barrel), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) in an all -new version of the “Thelma Stump” sketch on Nickelodeon’s All That.

The actors got back together in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 21, for the sketch, which features the singer, 28, returning as the bodyguard from the famous 2002 skit. “Jamie Lynn has met with Nickelodeon about a possible revival, but the talks have been very preliminary and nothing is set in stone,” a source said at the time.

She is set to play Noreen Fitzgibbons, a young nurse who has moved to a small town in South Carolina, determined to build a new life after making a series of bad choices. Chris Klein, Justin Running, Monica Potter, Brooke Elliott and Heather Headley also appear in the series.

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If you didn’t know, Jamie Lynn originated the role on the OG All That and her sister Britney Spears was even a guest on it! Victoria Justice isn't in the pic, but Jamie Lynn did tag her, so we're still hoping that means we might see her reprise her role as Lola soon.

Paul Butcher recently shared where he thought the main cast would be today, and over the summer, rumors were flying that Jamie Lynn was “in talks” to bring the show back. She's also been posting throwback clips from the show, including the historic episode where Zoey and her BFF Chase buried a time capsule.

Reprising the role of Thelma Stump, the bacon-loving bodyguard she played on the original run of All That, for a sketch on the current reboot of the groundbreaking kids comedy show, Spears will also be joined by her castrates from Zoey101, her other popular Nickelodeon series. Zoey101 has had reunions before, and even did a short where the cast opened a time capsule they had buried while they were boarding school students at Pacific Coast Academy in an episode from 10 years prior.

Now, Zoey101‘s Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders, and Matthew Underwood will be able to see their costar again (though this time dressed as security) in the “Thelma Stump” sketch airing in early 2020. This article has been updated to include a photo from the set of the Zoey101 cast reunion.

After delivering one last piece of vital information for everyday life, Lori Beth warps away and Reece takes over the desk. Note: Ryan Alessia, Reece Cad dell, Kate Godfrey, Gabrielle Green, Nathan Jana, Led Lumpkin, and Changchun Screen's first episode as cast members.

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Bed Bath & Beyoncé “Jay-Z Penny”: Rapper Jay-Z (Led) has a new department store (a parody of J. C. Penney) where anything and everything is available. 18110”Episode 1110” CNC October 12, 2019 (2019-10-12)11100.59 Marie Kiddo (Kate) destroys Chad (Ryan) and Randy's (Led) boy-only treehouse Count Dracula (Ryan) talks about the iPhone with the Invisible Man (voiced by Nathan) Bed Bath and Beyoncé Jay-Z Penny “We Need a Dog” Music Video: A music video where two siblings (Led and Gabrielle) explain to their parents (Lowell and Jenna Freddie Alone) about why they need a dog.

18312”Episode 1112” Ty Dolley sign November 9, 2019 (2019-11-09)11120.64 Beyoncé's (Gabrielle) commercial session is interrupted by Coach Preston (Key). Among the “best of” videos featured include “Sicko School Day Mode” by Scott Travis (Led), “We Need a Dog” by the Siblings (Led and Gabrielle featuring Young Dylan), “Juice” by Miss Monica's Kindergarten Class (Gabrielle, Reece, and Kate), and “I Wear Everything” by Cooper & his Best Friend (Nathan and Ryan).

Bed Bath & Beyoncé: two holiday promos “Loud Librarian” (Lori Beth) returns for more mayhem, and brings along a barber shop act. “Cancelled with Nathan”: emojis featuring tongues and one eye closed “So You Can Think You Can Dance While Performing Surgery”: Cat Litter (Gabrielle) and her judges (Nathan, Led, and Kate) have the final say on a contestant's (Reece) performance and surgery on a patient (Changchun).

“Stay Off Your Phone”: Contestants (Kate, Ryan, and Aria) are being challenged by the host (Gabrielle) to avoid using their device in order to win a prize. First time DuMont Cinema employee Tammy (Kate) is giving out too much information about her eclectic life and annoying her manager (Nathan) while he trains her.

Bed Bath & Beyoncé A Barney -like Tyrannosaurus Rex (performed by Anthony Leblanc) is bought to life by scientists, giving the owner of a Dinosaur Park (Led) displeasure. “Life Hacks with Billie and Millie” (Led and Gabrielle) gets a visit from Thomas Edison (J. P. Manor) “Hit 'em with Spanish”: As the title implies, a guest (Ryan) learns how to speak Spanish from its host (Noah Rico) and gets physically attacked at the same time.

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A Taylor Swift fan (Kate) test out songs that has her friends (Gabrielle, Reece, Ryan, and Led) freaking out because she is singing about them. “: It is Ms. Nussbaum's birthday, but the students have a hard time celebrating, as her demands for well wishes and songs are paired with her usual shrieks for quiet.

Things only get worse when she receives her present: a new electric guitar, which helps her lead her incredibly loud band, “Nussbaum and the Hardcovers”. (Ironically, this episode aired a day before Lori Beth Den berg's actual birthday, which is February 2).

18918”Episode 1117” Asher Angel February 8, 2021 (2021-02-08)11170.66 “Cake Clash”: contestants compete for the best cakes, but one clumsy contestant named Kevin (Changchun) makes up by substituting his damaged one with his shoe Positive Poppy (Kate) reminded people to take a thousand steps, but falls into a manhole after she takes one. THE#!age (Ryan) meets another guy named Kevin (Kate) at a theater A couple (Led and Gabrielle) are about to propose at the “Extreme Weather Restaurant” “Cancelled with Nathan”: Heart shaped boxes of chocolates because Nathan can't find one with Caramel (which Aria successfully picked out), and candy hearts (too chalky).

19019”Episode 1118”Young Dylan February 15, 2020 (2021-02-15)11180.53 Music Video: A parody of Billie Eilish's Bad Guy as performed by the Wicked Witch of the West (Aria), Ry lo Ken (Ryan), Lord Voldemort (Changchun), and Joker (Kate) during their card game. “Bed, Bath & Beyoncé” A commercial for the “Fart Fixer” After 25 years, the “Island Girls” (Alisa and Lori Beth, reprising their roles as Kiki and Fran) celebrate their anniversary, but when a delivery guy named Walter (Nathan) and DJ Wyatt (Changchun) arrived, the girls escaped with their jet skis, leaving the guys stranded, thus the beginning of “The Island Boys”.

Green Room: Lori Beth rekindles a romance with the big Ear of Corn. 19120”Episode 1119” Bad Bunny February 22, 2021 (2021-02-22)11190.65 “Simplicity” returns, and yet once again Del (Ryan) is making Larry (Changchun) a loser (for the 27th time).

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19322”Episode 1120” Why Don't We March 21, 2021 (2021-03-21)11200.61 Coach Preston (Key) teaches wrestling class, but did not count on one of the students (Aria) to call out her uncles, The New Day, after belittling her. “Stay Off Your Phone”: a mother and daughter are among the contestants, with Ariana Grande (Nathan) making a guest appearance.

A mannequin named “Barbara” is invited to a girls' (Reece, Gabrielle, and Aria) sleepover. 19423”Episode 1122” Super April 4, 2021 (2021-04-04)11220.49 SimonSlayz (played by PrestonPlayz/Preston) is paired up with Tammy (Kate) during a video game championship.

“Unboxing With Benny” (Changchun) attempts to open a “Nintendo 64 Game System”, and its making him “Freak” The Loud Librarian (Lori Beth) is suffering from allergies, experiencing toothaches, and creating Frankenstein's monster. A superhero named “Supreme Girl” (Gabrielle) takes a side job at a restaurant.

Reece, who is chosen All That's Star of the Week introduces her favorite group Super, who performs “Topping” 19524”Episode 1123” Queen Nadja April 11, 2021 (2021-04-11)11230.44 “Good Burger”: Pete Went attempts to order 5000 burgers from Ed Green Room: Nathan hits the high notes, but Gabrielle counters with her voice, and both accidentally shatter Changchun.

Trisha (T. Smith) (Kate) auditions for a talent show, which annoys the judges (Nathan, Gabrielle, and Changchun) by singing about them. 19625”Episode 1124” Echosmith April 18, 2021 (2021-04-18)11240.59 “Clumsy Kevin” (Changchun) returns, breaks a valuable vase and tries to come up with exaggerated explanations Green Room: Nathan traps Reece, Changchun, and Gabrielle in his “Escape Room of Doom”.

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19726”Episode 1125” Blackbeard April 25, 2021 (2021-04-25)11250.53 “The DJ Salad Story” talks about DJ Salad (Changchun) which features interviews with Ariana Grande (Nathan), Rihanna (Aria), Scooter Byrd (Ryan), Bad Bunny, Pete Davidson, and Travis Scott (Led). Green Room: Kate, Nathan, and Gabrielle enjoy watching a larger than life flat-screen TV.

19827”Episode 1126” Laud May 16, 2021 (2021-05-16)11260.53 Coach Preston (Key) returns to teach DuMont Junior High students how to play ping-pong “Green Room”: Kevin saves Nathan, Reece, and Aria from a trapped TikTok challenge (save for Ryan, though) A commercial for the “Human Car Wash” “An All That Music Video”: Kate spoofs Justin Bieber's Yummy “, set in a school cafeteria “Life Hacks with Billy & Millie”: Millie creates a non-reversible shrink ray, and it shrunk Billy by accident Tammy (Kate) is a witness to a vandalized statue, but TV reporter Ava All swell (Gabrielle) is not getting nowhere and getting too much information from Tammy even when she admits that she has a short memory on whom the culprit is. Changchun and Reece meet four different versions of Laud, but only one goes out to perform “El Techno” with special surprise guest Sofia Reyes Closing scene has Kevin still dancing and the janitor from the “Yummy” spoof watching him while cleaning.

Lil Nas X (Led) promotes a new album Green Room: Annie and Jayden annoys Reece with a song about the cast “Island Boys”: Walter (Nathan) is annoyed and fed up with Wyatt (Changchun) and his jokes Nathan and Led decides over who gets to introduce Trevor Daniel over chicken wings Trevor Daniel performs Falling “ 20029”Episode 1130” New Hope Club July 11, 2021 (2021-07-11)11300.33 “Hit 'em with Spanish”: Alex once again makes another clueless guest (Reece) a victim of a Spanish lesson Green Room: Kate shows Gabrielle how to score in basketball Penny (Aria) tries to design an avatar (Changchun) for her video game A horse and a “moosalope” is chosen as the finalists for the local school mascot.

For the first time since 2005, Jamie Lynn Spears returns to All That as both herself and Thelma Stump, and is reunited with the cast of Zoey 101. Ryan practices Shakespeare with Gabrielle as they introduce New Hope Club, who performs “Let Me Down Slow”.

20130”Episode 1127” Darcy Lynne Farmer July 18, 2021 (2021-07-18)11270.36 “The Sprinklers” (Ryan and Led) try to wreak havoc at a farm fair. Darcy Lynne Farmer and Petunia play cops interrogating a student (Kate) accused of starting a food fight.

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“Vital Information” with Reece Nathan (as a puppet) and Gabrielle introduce Darcy Lynne and Oscar, who performs Something's Got a Hold on Me “. Tammy (Kate) appears in a debate for school president, annoying her opponent (Led) and her principal (Reece).

THE#!age (Ryan) meets Joshua (also Ryan in a dual role) at a basketball game A commercial for the “Lasagna Cooler” which a family (Nathan, Reece, and Lisa Files) gets a product to cool their hot lasagna, but the person (Mark Saul) featured in the ad is cooling the food with his breath instead of the actual product. When the real product is shown during a dinner party with other people, the man turns out to be Stuart who departs in the usual manner.

Green Room: Aria takes up art and shows off her talents to Ryan and Led The Bros (Kate and Gabrielle) and Chignon introduce Mons ta X, who performs “Middle of the Night” 20433”Episode 1132” Johnny Orlando August 8, 2021 (2021-08-08)11320.26 “Cancelled with Nathan”: Virtual Reality games because of his bad experience with one at Baden's house.

A commercial for a dating app for monsters only Clumsy Kevin (Chignon) partakes in the DuMont Dog Show. Green Room: Gabrielle learns that Kate has been stuck in a box for two weeks in order to hide from Reece; Kate had a robot lookalike take her place while having to cover up the fact that she is meeting with other robots later to discuss how to take over the world.

“Island Boys”: Walter (Nathan) attempts to build a signal, and discovered Wyatt (Changchun) had cookies after he breaks the device. “Vital Information” with Reece Ryan, Led, and Nathan assemble musical guest Johnny Orlando, who performs “Waste My Time”.

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In a spoof of the Stranger Things series, a young girl (Aria) is worried about staying at Camp Hawkins for all the strangest reasons which she brings up to her mom (Lisa Files). To make things worse when he addresses her, she accidentally spills her soup on Nathan's BLT sandwich which his mother made him.

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