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• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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The 29-year-old actress, who starred as the titular character, reunites with Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood for a special All That sketch airing Saturday, July 11. In ET's exclusive first look at the sketch, Spears begins by reprising her role as the grumpy, 101 -year-old, bacon-loving bodyguard Thelma Stump.

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She's first seen blocking the All That cast members from entering the set, before the Zoey101 actors show up, and they get in a heated confrontation. In November, Spears ignited suspicions that something exciting was brewing for the Zoey101 cast.

She posted a photo of a script in which nearly every line is blacked out, except one: “Give me that bacon.” ET spoke with Spears in May, while she was promoting her first acting gig in 12 years, Sweet Magnolias, where she talked about being back in front of the camera.

Jamie Lynn Spears is finally making her triumphant return to Nickelodeon, and she’s fitting all her reunions into one place. Reprising the role of Thelma Stump, the bacon-loving bodyguard she played on the original run of All That, for a sketch on the current reboot of the groundbreaking kids comedy show, Spears will also be joined by her castrates from Zoey101, her other popular Nickelodeon series.

Zoey101 has had reunions before, and even did a short where the cast opened a time capsule they had buried while they were boarding school students at Pacific Coast Academy in an episode from 10 years prior. Now, Zoey101‘s Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders, and Matthew Underwood will be able to see their costar again (though this time dressed as security) in the “Thelma Stump” sketch airing in early 2020.

This article has been updated to include a photo from the set of the Zoey101 cast reunion. It has been 15 years since the cast first graced television screens on Nickelodeon and now, their reunion is finally airing this week on another nostalgic show, All That.

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The episode will feature the iconic cast members Chris Massey (Michael Barrett), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky), Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey Brooks), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese), Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) and Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews). Read more: The Pretty Reckless will release even more music ahead of their next LP The All That comedy sketch marks the first on-air Zoey101 reunion since its final episode in 2008.

The show’s star Jamie Lynn Spears teams up with her fellow castrates for a special All That sketch which airs on Saturday, July 11. Alongside Spears, Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood all appear in the sketch.

Spears begins the scene by reprising the role of the 101 -year-old grumpy bodyguard Thelma Stump. Then, she begins blocking the All That cast members from entering the set before the Zoey101 actors show up.

Mark your calendars and set your alarms, guys, because the gang is finally getting back together on Saturday, July 11 at 9:00 P.M., and from the looks of it, this sketch is going to be seriously hilarious. Years after she debuted the iconic sketch on All That, Jamie is reprising her role as the elderly bodyguard Thelma Stump.

And that's not all, the sketch will see Jamie Lynn Spears reviving her All That character, Thelma Stump, the 80-year-old, bacon-loving security guard. Here's hoping someone had the forethought to stuff their pockets full of bacon to bribe the ornery guard, or the whole show will have to take place outside the studio's doors.

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Shortly after the news broke, Spears shared a photo from the upcoming special on Instagram with the caption, “Surprise!! Nickelodeon's official press release revealed the sketch was filmed in Los Angeles, on Thursday, Nov. 21, and the “Thelma Stump” episode will air in early 2020.

Attentive fans likely noticed that Spears teased the news of Stump's return six days ago when she posted a page from her All That script on Instagram. In addition to her nostalgic reunions, the Nickelodeon favorite is currently filming her new Netflix series Sweet Magnolias, which marks her return to TV for the first time since Zoey101 ended.

Victoria Justice isn't in the pic, but Jamie Lynn did tag her, so we're still hoping that means we might see her reprise her role as Lola soon. Paul Butcher recently shared where he thought the main cast would be today, and over the summer, rumors were flying that Jamie Lynn was “in talks” to bring the show back.

CodeWriter(s)Director(s)Viewership Episode guide PreviousNextGallery (images · videos) Sam and Cat enter the Handy Quick to put up a flyer for their babysitting service. A man comes and says that Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of how much sugar it had.

Sam and Cat complain that they just drink 1-2 bottles a week, but the man won't take away the Blue Dog ban. Cat sends Sam, Dice, and Boomer a shopping list for all the stuff they need to start selling Blue Dog.

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They buy the ingredients and then open up the secret safe in Sam's closet. They start making some Blue Dog in the safe and sell it through Sam's window.

But then, the man who banned Blue Dog arrives at Sam and Cat's door. Sam and Cat believe that he was there to bust them for selling Blue Dog.

He was about to pay them for their services, however, he hears a Blue Dog operating machine explode because Dice accidentally left something on there open. The man runs in the room and finds the Blue Dog cases.

The man ends up believing them, starts crying and decides to take away the Blue Dog ban, much to Sam, Cat, Boomer and Dice's joy. Man : Go get all the Blue Dog Soda you got and take it out to the confiscation truck.

(Cat gasps) Blue Dog Soda has been banned in California! But thanks to me, the State Bureau of Interference has passed a law: It is now illegal to sell or to drink Blue Dog Soda.

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Man : That's right, because the public is too stupid to be trusted with things they enjoy. It is revealed Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of too much sugar.

This episode plot similar to the Zoey 101 episode “Coffee Cart Ban” where a beverage is banned and the main character(s) try to overcome this situation (in Zoey 101 coffee is banned on the campus and the students make their own “business” where they secretly sell coffee). It can also be similar to the Carly episode pie, where the group wants to find how to make their favorites pies after their creator died.

This episode plot is also similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Banned in Bikini Bottom” where Crabby Patties are banned and Mr. Arabs and SpongeBob sell them illegally. This episode was removed from Netflix for unknown reasons, but then got added back again on December 7, 2020.

It's possible that this episode is poking fun at the soda ban that former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed regarding sugary drinks and could also be poking fun at the War on Drugs regarding with what people do with their bodies. Cat and Sam's favorite beverage is Blue Dog Soda.

When Sam asks who was at the window, Cat said that she forgot his name, but when Randy comes in with another disguise, she calls him by his name. Cat, Dice, and Boomer were burned in the explosion but there were no signs of a fire i.e. smoke.

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When the man was at the door, Cat told Sam that it wasn't her idea to make Blue Dog Soda. The flyer that Sam takes down is for a lost kitten, but the cat in the photo is clearly an adult.

Randy arriving in disguises, wanting Blue Dog Soda. Oct. 29 (UPI) -- Focus Focus star Bette Miller says the film's upcoming reunion will be memorable for fans.

The 74-year-old actress reflected on the 1993 movie and teased the In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: A Focus Focus Hula ween Takeover special during Wednesday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Focus Focus is a dark comedy fantasy starring Miller, Kathy Najib and Sarah Jessica Parker as the Sanderson sisters, a trio of witches who are resurrected in Salem, Mass., on Halloween night.

“But, now it's a cult classic and now after 27 years the two girls -- Kathy Najib and Sarah Jessica Parker -- and I have reunited for this one night only Hula ween extravaganza,” she added. The Focus Focus Hula ween Takeover is a mockumentary-style special that will take place Friday at 8 p.m. EDT to benefit Miller's New York Restoration Project.

As near perfect as The Expanse has been, one key ingredient that had been missing up to Season 5 was character depth. That is why many fans would agree that Nemesis Games, book 5 that this current season is adapting, is by far the best in The Expanse series.

No more hints or passing remarks of another life once upon a time, we finally see them confronted with the pain, fear, anger, hope and all the raw emotions of their past. To no surprise, the first three episodes of Season 5 fully captured the soul of Nemesis Games and what made it such a great novel.

There was minimal action, but it was nevertheless engaging, as for the first time these characters we have passionately followed over the past few years are sprawled out across space, and to see them grow as individuals was so refreshing. And we feel it also as Amos, no longer leashed by the moral compasses of his Dominant crew, is let loose among the stars in all his rage and violent passion.

As Charles broke down in grief, you could see the confusion and awkwardness in Amos' face, but it could also be sensed that he wanted to console the guy. She cares for Filip and that is felt so deeply when she explains to Holden how badly she wants to stop him from being like his father.

He has already been corrupted by Marco and after rejecting her advances, he drugs her and takes her ship (that was originally brought for him) and brings her along. We have only seen just the tip of the iceberg for Naomi's storyline this season, and if the book means anything, it will be quite an emotional ride.

His name in context with the Dominant has become legendary, as emphasized in his meeting with Lt. Babbage, but in reality to his people back home he is just an ordinary man who abandoned his Martian way of life to pilot a ship for an Farther. The only one from the Dominant who did not go back home was Holden who, unlike his crew mates, didn't really have any unfinished business.

At least through Holden's storyline we got more of Monica Stuart portrayed by the returning and always wonderful Anna Hopkins. Though she technically has no home to go to, as per the theme of this season, Drummer does momentarily find herself, in the words of her lover Oksana, going back to who she was.

As Drummer grieved for the death of her dear friend Ashford, thoughts of revenge and violence plague her mind, the type of emotions that defined her years ago. It was such a touching moment to see Drummer being vulnerable for once and since she is not a character in the book, it'll be interesting to see where her emotional journey takes her.

And though Drummer decides to not take things into her own hands by hunting down Intros, she does help Fred Johnson and Avalara in their search after releasing the recording of Ashford's final moments. Like Amos, Alex, and Naomi, Avalara is depicted as just an ordinary citizen with a history of once being in the center of things, but powerless in the context of her current situation.

* I only noticed it when looking on IMDB, but for fans of the book it looks like the high ranking OPA official by Fred Johnson's side is Bull portrayed by Jose Zúñiga. And we saw glimpses of Michel Pa on Drummer's ship portrayed by Vanessa Smythe.

The camera work in some scenes, like when Amos' ship landed on Lunar, as the perspective swept across the sky before sweeping down to ground level felt like a virtual tour of the future. Collin is a writer and a film and television freak, having grown up during the 90s and 2000s a dedicated fan of Buffy, and Moreno, Angel, before Supernatural took up half his life.

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