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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Jamie Lynn Spears is finally making her triumphant return to Nickelodeon, and she’s fitting all her reunions into one place. Reprising the role of Thelma Stump, the bacon-loving bodyguard she played on the original run of All That, for a sketch on the current reboot of the groundbreaking kids comedy show, Spears will also be joined by her castrates from Zoey101, her other popular Nickelodeon series.

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Zoey101 has had reunions before, and even did a short where the cast opened a time capsule they had buried while they were boarding school students at Pacific Coast Academy in an episode from 10 years prior. Now, Zoey101‘s Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders, and Matthew Underwood will be able to see their costar again (though this time dressed as security) in the “Thelma Stump” sketch airing in early 2020.

This article has been updated to include a photo from the set of the Zoey101 cast reunion. The 29-year-old actress, who starred as the titular character, reunites with Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood for a special All That sketch airing Saturday, July 11.

In ET's exclusive first look at the sketch, Spears begins by reprising her role as the grumpy, 101 -year-old, bacon-loving bodyguard Thelma Stump. She's first seen blocking the All That cast members from entering the set, before the Zoey101 actors show up, and they get in a heated confrontation.

ET spoke with Spears in May, while she was promoting her first acting gig in 12 years, Sweet Magnolias, where she talked about being back in front of the camera. In an exclusive sneak peek at the rebooted All That sketch, Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey Brooks) and her fellow Zoey101 castrates Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Chris Massey (Michael Barrel), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) hilariously face off against the infamous grumpy bodyguard (also played by Spears).

+ Follow You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. “That's us on the poster,” Massey says, pointing to an original cast photo from Zoey101, which premiered in 2005.

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However, Stump is less than impressed and still refuses to let the cool kids of Pacific Coast Academy backstage. “I don't care how many names you got, Ms. Jamie Lynn Manuel Miranda ain't getting in without a pass,” Stump says, poking fun at Lin Manuel Miranda.

The network shared that Spears would be reprising her role as the bacon-loving bodyguard who attempts to stop the All That cast members and stars of Zoey101 from entering the set. A few months before that in July, several Zoey101 cast members from the hit Nickelodeon series met up for a night out 11 years after the show went off the air.

Massey, Flynn, Butcher, Underwood and Victoria Justice all shared moments from their reunion dinner on social media, giving a shoutout out to their missing costar Spears. Spears posted the sweet video her former castrates sent her on Instagram.

“Hi Jamie Lynn, we miss you, we wish you could be here, and we wish to see you soon,” the group yelled in unison, followed by collectively belting out the Zoey101 theme song, “Follow Me,” which was sung by Spears. Thank you all for the video and hope to see you all very soon,” Spears captioned the post, which also included a screenshot of multiple missed FaceTime calls from the group.

The series, which followed Zoey and her friends at Pacific Coast Academy in Malibu, California, ran from 2005 to 2008. Not long after it wrapped its fourth season, Spears (then 16 years old) became pregnant with her first child, daughter Maddie Brian, with then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

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Also, last year, Spears addressed rumors that the show would be making a comeback. The photos include screenshots of various articles questioning whether the show is returning.

Ever since Nickelodeon's hit TV show Zoey101 ended, fans have been hoping for a reunion with its cast members. The show, which followed the lives of students at the fictional California boarding school Pacific Coast Academy, seemed like a total dream.

But, at the end, it was Zoey and Chase's relationship that left fans wondering what was going to happen next between them and hoping for a reunion. © Nickelodeon Seventeen talked with the cast of Zoey101 about their big reunion for All That, a possible reboot, and what they hope happens next.

Luckily, fans will have at least one of their wishes come true thanks to All That, the very show where Jaime Lynn Spears, who also starred as Zoey in Zoey101, had her first start. Now her and her Zoey101 cast mates are back together for a special sketch that brings her to the very beginning of her career.

Seventeen got to talk to the Zoey101 cast about their big reunion, how it was being together again, and a possible revival. Erin Sanders : I think it is nice that we still have the freedom to imagine where our characters are and really give it a lot of thought and creativity.

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Our chemistry snapped right back into place without any prep because we have that personal connection. Going back to actually playing our characters, we want to give it a lot of time and take the responsibility on of making sure we tell their stories accurately, and we can relate to where they are now as young adults.

17: A small clip was already released and fans were absolutely freaking out as soon as it dropped. Paul Butcher : I've always been so impressed by the fan base.

Sean Flynn : Yeah, people really connected to the show, all of our characters, and this world that was created by Dan .

A big part of the show that made it so special was that they really took our input into account as kids. Sean Flynn: There's a lot of questions to answer, and it'd be really fun to explore all those different avenues that could potentially happen in this world that Dan and Nickelodeon created for us.

Jaime Lynn Spears: What's really cool is there still a lot of stories that are open-ended that are very true to real life. There wasn't this perfect ending to every single story and that makes Zoey101 much more of a relatable thing, especially with today's world.

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17: For your fans who will meet you all for the first time through the script, what are your hopes for them when they see the sketch? Paul Butcher: I hope that they connect to the characters like the younger generation did when we were kids.

I've been told a lot by fans that they there's a character for each of them, and it's helped them be comfortable with themselves. Erin Sanders: I think we were able to create something that was visually so beautiful and cinematic.

We were able to show all different kinds of relationships and personalities, and hardships and experiences and moments, including when these characters didn't feel so good about themselves and the moments when they uplifted one another and felt stronger and empowered. I've had so many young women write to me over the years telling me that Quinn Pesky inspired them to pursue their dreams to have a career in STEM, which is wild.

Matthew Underwood : I work with a lot of kids filming projects and when I meet their parents, they were huge fans. I don't know any show that has that sort of dynamic between adults and their kids both relating to the same characters in the same way.

Read more: The Pretty Reckless will release even more music ahead of their next LP The All That comedy sketch marks the first on-air Zoey101 reunion since its final episode in 2008. The show’s star Jamie Lynn Spears teams up with her fellow castrates for a special All That sketch which airs on Saturday, July 11.

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Alongside Spears, Paul Butcher, Sean Flynn, Kristin Herrera, Chris Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood all appear in the sketch. Spears begins the scene by reprising the role of the 101 -year-old grumpy bodyguard Thelma Stump.

Then, she begins blocking the All That cast members from entering the set before the Zoey101 actors show up. The show which is the Saturday Night Live for teenage audiences aired its final episode in 2005.

During a new episode of All That, Jamie Lynn Spears brings back the famous role of Thelma Stump, a very unhappy older woman, who doesn’t want to let the cast of Zoey101 on set. The cast of the Nickelodeon show Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Chris Massey (Michael Barrel), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) beg Thelma to let them inside.

Jamie Lynn Spears is reuniting with Zoey101 castrates Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews), Kristin Herrera (Dana Cruz), Chris Massey (Michael Barrel), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pesky) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) in an all -new version of the “Thelma Stump” sketch on Nickelodeon’s All That. The actors got back together in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 21, for the sketch, which features the singer, 28, returning as the bodyguard from the famous 2002 skit.

“Jamie Lynn has met with Nickelodeon about a possible revival, but the talks have been very preliminary and nothing is set in stone,” a source said at the time. She is set to play Noreen Fitzgibbons, a young nurse who has moved to a small town in South Carolina, determined to build a new life after making a series of bad choices.

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