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Spells ( juts, which also translates to “art,” “technique,” or “skill”) are magical techniques that mambos can perform to attack others or defend themselves by shouting an incantation ( human, which also translates to “spell”). However, in the Human World during the battle to determine King of Mambo World, mambos' spells are restricted: Mambos are unable to cast spells on their own, and they are required a spell book containing their spells and an inhabitant of the Human World capable of reading the incantations of their spell book.

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In the In-Between World during the anime-only Maestro arc, Maestro learned how to read his spell book and can infant his spells from his spell book without the need of a partner. Humans use their heart power ( Kokomo no Chiara) to cast spells from a spell book.

Casting spells consume the caster's heart energy ( Kokomo no energy). The more heart energy the user provides for a spell incantation, the stronger the spell will become when cast.

Using stronger spells also requires a great amount of heart energy. If the caster has an insufficient amount of heart energy or doesn't put forth their heart power when in canting a spell, the mambo won't cast the spell.

Each Mambo has its own unique set of spells. These spells usually revolve around elements (Lightning, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Gravity, etc.

), some form of combat (Defense, Martial Arts, Body Enhancement, Self-Healing, etc. Each Mambo has their own spells and ability, though it's not uncommon for 2 Mambo to have the same spell or ability (for example, Lulu and Kids both have Peruse and Hyde and Fan both have wind abilities).

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Spells are divided into 6 categories: attack, defense, assist, immobilization, transformation, and illusion. They usually involve some kind of energy (for example, Bragg's Drug Was), or a solid mass (for example, Bar's Horizons).

These spells are primarily used in battle to damage the enemy and burn books. They don't really have weaknesses, but they can be countered by another spell of equal or greater power, and they often cannot change direction once they are shot.

These all work in blocking attacks by either making a shield that blocks straight forward attacks (for example, Goo mu's Boobird Dolorous), making a dome like shield that can hold and defend more than just the user (for example, Rein's Sagas Aboard), ones that destroy attacks (for example, Clear Note's Ba Superior), or ones that reflects them (for example, Tia's Gig La Sushi). Out of all spells, defensive ones have the most discernible weaknesses.

First off, straight-forward attack-blocking spells don't cover a wide area. If a mambo is fighting two Mambo (or one that uses controllable spells), another attack can hit the caster by going behind the spell.

Also, dome-like shields can be susceptible to attacks from underground. They always affect either the user (for example, Victoria's Chair), or another target (for example, Pop's Shin Yopopoi Topped Supopopoi) in a way that is not considered attacking.

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Self-affecting assist spells always boost the user in some way, whether by increasing their strength (for example, Aaron's Did Ma Basukarugu), their speed (for example, Sharon's Shin Taurus ), or both (for example, Ted's Dragon Dionagaru).

Assist spells that affect others usually sends some sort of energy at them that activates immediately (for example, Race's Freedom) or has an effect that activates from a trigger (for example, Zatch's Zagreb). There are also assist spells specifically designed for assisting other Mambo, though they are very rare (almost exclusively used by Tia ; for example, her Saifojio spell).

Assist spells don't have any real weaknesses, except for the fact that they can usually affect only one target at a time. Also, some assist spells work together to make attack spells work (for example, Victoria's Shin Chair Misdo won't work without Leila's Iberian Shin Micron and Pa moon's Freeze Aaron).

These spells all involve stopping the enemy from moving, either by making a downward force (for example, Bragg's Bravura), an attack that draws an enemy in (for example, Zatch's Maize Jikerudon), or a physical restriction (for example, Pamoon's Dog Farusudon). The only real weakness to these spells is that if the target has enough strength, endurance, or willpower, they can defeat the spell.

These work simply in a way that transforms the user's appearance (for example, Lancôme's Pork), size (for example, Moral Q's Kanji Judo Robson), or both, including strength (for example, Riga's Go Niodoruk). These don't really have any known weaknesses (except in Lancôme's case where he can only change his appearance while his physical capabilities do not change), and are uncommon when compared to the previous four types.

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These are always used to trick the enemy into believing something (for example, Lancôme's FO Spork makes the enemy think their attack failed). Illusion spells only true weakness is that they will become useless if the enemy sees through the illusion (except Shin Pork), but that doesn't usually happen (except Dike Pork).

Besides abilities and categories, spells are grouped in a 3rd way: by type. A spell's type, and consequently its effect and power, is decided in two ways.

The first is its nature, shown by the root word pertaining to that spell's particular element, such as ZA (lightning), gig (ice), I or UI (wind), AK (water), Lady or emu (fire), canon (beasts), and Ginsu (light). See Main Article: Spell Nomenclature The second way is its form, dictated by the various root words, prefixes, or suffixes which pertain to the effect the spells will have.

A spell with the root word Gansu or gateau in its name means the spell involves firing multiple shots of something, like a Gatling gun (for example, Match / Zeno's Gateau Baker). However, the root an alone can mean multiple shots as well (for example, Louis' Divan Tornado and Moral Q's Anirudh Roboruku) .

A spell with the suffix Prado means it's a spell that comes from the mouth (for example, Purim's Dario and Ago's Piano Break). A spell with zero, usually a prefix, means it involves fists or claws (for example, Kids and Kolulu's Peruse).

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A spell with the suffix used means it's a spell where something is launched (for example, Kido's Raja Peruse). A spell with the root Jio usually means it's a recovery spell (for example, Danny's Work).

A spell with the prefix Gary-, Gary-, or dorm- means it's a drilling spell (for example, Maruss's Piano Garbanzo). A spell with the root words Kurt or disugurugu is something involving dragons, though the former refers exclusively to a dragon's claw (for example, Zatch's Baku Kurt Disugurugu).

A spell with the suffix UGA is usually a faster and stronger version of the Mambo's first spell in the form of a beam (for example, Match / Zeno's Zakeruga and Kido's Garuda). A spell with the root word sagas means it's a cage type spell (for example, Riou's Sagas Canon).

A spell with the suffix Uruk involves strengthening of the mambo's abilities (for example, Momon's FEI Murk). A spell with the root word shark involves scissors or claws (for example, Kikuropu's Amu Shark).

A spell with the prefix am- or amu- involves the user's arms (for example, Bari's Amu Ra Work). A spell with the root word prior or prior in it means 2 beams are fired (for example, Fango's Prior Cayuga).

The final thing that dignifies a spell is its level. A level of a spell comes before the words that tell what kind it is.

The weakest class of spell, usually one of the first spells obtained in a Mambo's book (for example: Zatch's Baker, Race's Minor, or Tia's Said). The 1st Level of Spell, which means the spell is strengthen to a degree that could possibly hold back a Piano, depending on the power of the mambo (for example: Wore's Go Born, Polygon's Go Shutout, Sauron's Go Crude, or Art's Go SOUD).

The 3rd level of spells is Raja which means the spell is one that has a wide area of effect (for example: Suing's Raja Sugar, Zeno's Raja Baker, or Clear Note's Raja Radius). Another 1st level of spells in which the spell gains an increase in destructive power, mostly in the form of a large blast (for example: Zeno's Teamaker, Louis' Tornado, Sharon's Tempura, or Clear Note's Tiramisu).

This type of spell can range from different powers depending on the Mambo. It can be learned before a Piano spell and after a Dog spell, with its power being able to surpass both (for example: Tia's Ma Se shield, Kids's Minor Ma Garuda, Cherish's Jurado Ma Board, Leila's Liberia Ma Micron, Aaron's Did Ma Basukarugu, or Bragg's Nyborutsu Ma Surabaya).

4th level OS spells, the 3rd most powerful class of spells in which they are larger and possesses incredible speed and power (for example: Bragg's Piano Rash, Kids's Piano Garuda, Mass' Piano Garbanzo, or Maestro's Piano Mage shield). Basically a more powerful version of the aspects of Piano.

The 6th, final, and most powerful class of spells is Shin, where every aspect of a spell are increased exponentially. Due to their power, it causes a lot of stress on the Mambo's body, limiting their use of spells of this class (for example: Bragg's Shin Beluga Duration, Polygon's Shin Shutout, or Zatch's Shin Bergman Bad Zakeruga).

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