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Alexis Rhodes, known as Asoka Enjoin in the Japanese version, is a strong female Duelist from the Obelisk Blue dormitory at Duel Academy as well as one of Jaden's closest friends. Alexis's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions.

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Depicted here is the Duelist in full Obelisk Blue regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of her head from different angles. Her attire also features an optional pair of fingerless gloves which reach from wrists up to her elbows.

Her long, dark blond hair is sporadically arranged, with a large portion trailing the upper part of the nape of her neck. Alexis is generally very confident, sweet, caring, brave and strong-willed, yet she does not follow the crowd nor does she regard herself as better than other people like many of her Obelisk peers, though she does show some respect for them, (like during her duel with Chain).

Because she is the most beautiful girl in Duel Academy while also a great duelist, she has earned the names “Madonna” and “Queen of Obelisk Blue”. Cyrus, Chain, Pierre the Gambler, Harrington Rosewood, and Bob Banter have all gotten in duels and dilemmas for her affections.

Ironically, as the series progressed she actually developed a crush on Jaden, whom was one of the few males not to show infatuation with her. She finally wanted to confess her feelings to him at the end of episode 162, but decides not to and instead just says she was glad to have met him.

She has strong confidence in her Dueling skills, but she does not act vain about it, unlike Chain and Aster, and sometimes Jaden. She tries to stay alongside Jaden and support him in defeating evil throughout the series, but often finds herself in trouble and needing his rescuing.

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After Alexis lost her Duel to Chain and was brainwashed into joining the Society of Light, her personality changed dramatically. Alexis Rhodes, along with Zane Trues dale and Chain Princeton, became one of the top students at the Academy.

Alexis and Zane first see Jaden beat Dr. Crowley at the entrance exams and are intrigued by his skills. She first meets Jaden when she watches his midnight Duel against Chain in the Obelisk Blue dormitory.

When Jaden, Cyrus and Chimney Huffington go to investigate the Abandoned Dorm at Duel Academy, they meet Alexis there searching for her missing older brother, Atticus. She still aids Jaden in preparing Cyrus for the Tag Duel and trying to help him believe in himself.

Alexis soon begins to become good friends with Jaden and Cyrus after they win the Tag Duel. She begins to accompany them on occasion during their adventures, showing more signs of interest in Jaden.

However, she still continues spending much of her time searching for clues regarding Atticus' disappearance, with the help of Zane. When Chancellor Sheppard reveals the Shadow Riders' plot to take over the world using the seven Spirit Keys, Alexis is one of the seven chosen to hold the Spirit Keys along with Jaden, Dr. Crowley, Professor Banner, Zane Trues dale, Bastion Masada and Chain.

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While the seven begin defending their keys against the Shadow Riders, Jaden becomes involved in a Duel with a figure known as Night shroud. Alexis suspects that Jaden would be the first Key Keeper to duel against the Shadow Riders.

Alexis thus searches for a way to recover them and is offered a chance to Duel Titan in return for Atticus' memories being restored. After this, she meets her old “friend” Pierre, who decides to duel him in order to get back her mother's scarf.

He was able to gain the upper hand due to his monsters effects, which involved flipping a coin. Alexis realized that if it wasn't for his Second Coin Toss, he would've lost every time, and then was able to win thanks to Cyber Prima's effect.

Along with Chain, Alexis loses her Duel against the final Shadow Rider, Angel. Atticus helps Chain with his crush, and he steals all seven spirit keys in order to force Alexis to Duel with him.

In this Duel Alexis introduces her “Cyber Angel” series, which she uses to defeat Chain. Due to Chain stealing the keys they awaken Amaru the leader of the shadow riders.

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Chain's crush on Alexis continues throughout the series, although after having his free will sapped by Sartorius, his interest fades, until he is rescued by Jaden and returned to his former self. At the beginning of season two, Alexis decides to move into the Slider Red dorm with Jaden, Cyrus, Chain and Tyranny Hassle berry because Dr. Crowley begins constantly pressuring her into becoming a pop star Duelist with Atticus.

During that Duel, Chain, Cyrus and Jaden (who are watching) also point out that she is standing up for Obelisk Blues despite that she was now under Sartorius' control in the Society of Light, perhaps suggesting she was trying to break free. However, Sartorius notices this and thus strips Alexis of her mind completely, rendering her a lifeless and empty puppet.

However, she does not listen to anything Jaden tries convincing her of because her mind was completely stripped by Sartorius, thus she had no memories either. Upon being returned, she has no memory of ever entering the Society of Light or being brainwashed but notices that she and Jaden were in a Duel.

Alexis spent the rest of the Gene Tournament recovering from her brainwashing and later witnessed Chain win the tournament and defeating the rest of the Society of Light: she did, however, point out Chain having lost to Jaden, but he managed to convince her that Duel didn't count as no medals were exchanged. She soon witnessed Blair Flanagan return and challenge Chain for the last Gene medal she had.

During season three, Alexis accompanies Jaden, Cyrus, Axel Brodie, Jim Crocodile Cook, Jesse Anderson and Hassle berry in solving the mystery behind the new professor, Viper's, new bio bands that appear to be sucking the energy from Dueling students. When Viper finally collects enough energy to transport Duel Academy to a different dimension, she aids Jaden, Axel, Bastion, Blair, Jim, Jesse and Hassle berry in fending off the rest of the school, who have been transformed by Label into Duel Ghouls.

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Label is eventually driven from Marcel and the school returned to Duel Academy island, but Jesse was left behind. Alexis joins Atticus, Jaden, Chain, Bastion, Jim, Axel, Hassle berry and Cyrus in finding him by going through a dimensional warp, but are transported to a different dimension than before this time.

However, Jaden becomes so obsessed with finding Jesse that he doesn't notice when Alexis, Atticus, Chain and Hassle berry all fall behind. They are eventually captured by Byron, Mad King of Dark World, and sacrificed by him to create the Super Polymerization card.

It is later discovered by Bastion that they are not dead, but simply transported to an alternate, lifeless and cold dimension. She especially gets mad when Jaden coerces her injured brother into a Duel using the Night shroud mask, until she discovers it was Atticus' idea.

Alexis once tries to make amends with him, saying they are still friends despite what occurred in the alternate dimension, also inviting him to the Duel Academy party. Though they win all of their Duels, Alexis begins to get angry because Jaden continues to ignore her cards and only thinks of his own.

She is eventually Dueled and defeated too, and she and her deck are engulfed in darkness just as Jaden arrives. In the World of Darkness, Alexis greatly begins to doubt her abilities in her teaching career at Duel Academy.

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She has nightmares where the students continue to mock her and insist on how awful of a teacher she is while refusing to attend her classes. She was willing to follow him wherever he went, even if it leads to a series of unfortunate events, Jaden was still there to help her.

During the Dimension World arc onwards, their relationship became more complicated because of Jaden's obsession with finding Jesse. But in season 1, Alexis was shown staring, smiling at Jaden after he mocked Crowley.

The first is when she's clearly frustrated with Jaden getting along with Blair during the pair Duel, and later after she tells him about her decision based on his influence; she just says she was glad she met him, but has a lot of trouble assembling her words, and blushes while she's speaking. Alexis consistently will respond to another female showing interest in Jaden.

For example, in episode 106 when Blair give Jaden a flirty wink, she is clearly not pleased this is also present in the original version. A similar situation also ensues when Mindy, Alexis good friend and roommate, exclaims that she would never let a Slider Red stay on campus.

In episode 15, things take a turn when Harrington Rosewood challenges Jaden to a Duel with the prize of being Alexis fiancé. Despite Jaden winning the Duel, his naivete allows Alexis to downplay the role to one of friendship in the English version, stating, “...it means friend, at least for now, big guy.

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“; in the Japanese version, Asoka instead calls Judah an idiot for not knowing the definition of the word “fiancé”. However, while Alexis is controlled by Sartorius she shows a great deal of dislike for Jaden, referring to him as a “dork” and “loser” multiple times.

On the other hand, Jaden shows some slight affection for Alexis in the original Japanese for the first few episodes. Jaden asks if Alexis was worried about him because she fell in love with him at first sight, causing her to giggle.

Although in episode 3, Cyrus finds a fake love letter in his locker and thinks that Alexis wrote it to him and eventually falls for her that he goes to the Obelisk Blue girls' dorm to see her, only to be caught by the other girls and be held hostage be Jasmine and Mindy. In the manga, Alexis doesn't display any particular romantic feelings for Jaden, but is the object of Bastion Misawa's affections.

Throughout the manga, Bastion shows a lot of interest in Alexis, becoming extremely fidgety and often nervous when she is around. He is noted as being shy with Alexis, and lacks the courage to ask her for her cell phone number.

Alexis is also possibly more flirtatious in the manga, since Cyrus Trues dale is quoted as calling her a “siren.” Alexis at times is shown to get annoyed by Atticus celebrity thing but as a brother and sister they care for each other.

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Before the events of the anime after he mysteriously disappeared in an old abandon dorm, she desperately tries to find him with the help of Zane and when he was comatose after being saved from Night shroud influence by Jaden, she stays by his bed side and is desperately worried. During her first year, she would often been seen talking to Zane in the Lighthouse, and he also helped her in finding clues about Atticus while he disappeared and while Atticus disappeared, Zane acted as an older brother figure to her and is shown to care for Alexis and her well-being, and she is shown to be grateful for his help.

While being stripped of her free will and controlled by Sartorius, Alexis ran a White Night Deck, which was based on the physical feeling of cold, as it focused on slowly exhausting her opponents while preventing them from countering her attacks. During several flashbacks, Alexis is shown Dueling her childhood classmate Pierre (episode 43) and her brother Atticus (93).

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