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Edit Cordell Walker is a veteran Texas Ranger who protect Dallas from the bad guys believes in dealing with them to the old-fashioned way (fighting them). He also works on instincts, due he lived since the childhood in an Indian Reservation with his uncle Ray after the death of his parents.

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James Trieste is his partner, a former player for the Dallas Cowboys football team who uses the modern approach to crime solving such as computers and cellular phones, disbeliever with Walker's methods. Parker, who owns a bar and grill specialized in Western cuisine and Country-Western themes, that he gives Walker advice on some cases.

And all them work for Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill, a beauty, strong and brilliant Texas lady who watches that Walker and Trieste don't break the rules for catching the bad guys. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia Jimmy Brevetted dies three times during the series.

Goofs In the Pilot of the series, CD says he was a ranger 5 years. But in season 2, Alex asks him how long he was a ranger for, and he says “28 years” In the episode where CD was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame, it was announced that CD had 30 years of service.

And although Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud are separated by continents and decades, surprising connections will tie their stories together in the end. Grate accomplishes a feat that is nothing short of brilliant… Poignant, respectful, and historically accurate while pulsating with emotional turmoil, adventure, and suspense.

The audio version provides an ideal (even mandatory) opportunity for libraries to share these resonating tales with readers reluctant to pick up the page. This compelling novel will help young people make sense of today’s refugee crisis.

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With urgent, clear-eyed storytelling, Grate’s Refugee compellingly explores the desperation and strength that unites those struggling for a place to call home. An incredibly important, heartrending, edge-of-the-seat read, bringing light to the plight of immigrants who search for safety and freedom.

Hours after the fiery car crash that killed Paul Walker, the 40-year-old star of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, and another man, details from eyewitnesses and police have emerged to show that the accident occurred during a charity car show that went horribly wrong. “We were collecting toys for the Indiana tornado victims and the Philippine victims,” says Jim Top, who attended the event held by Always Evolving, a Valencia, Calif.-based automotive company.

As the car show was winding down, Walker, whose 15-year-old daughter Meadow Rain also was at the event, got into a red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT with the car’s driver, Always Evolving owner Roger Roads. “Roger was definitely behind the wheel,” says Top, a Santa Clarita, Calif., electrician who was an acquaintance of Roads.

“The crash happened right behind the Always Evolving warehouse, just one street over in a commercial area,” Top says. While a Los Angeles County sheriff’s statement said that “speed was a factor” in the accident, another official would not say so definitively.

“There were probably about 20 friends and employees, screaming and crying, who had grabbed fire extinguishers and had been doing what they could to rescue the guys. Another eyewitness, who did not want to be named, tells PEOPLE he arrived at the crash site within seconds of seeing black smoke.

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