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Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term Synopsis: The Doctor and friends must embark on a mission that forces them to face their darkest fears as they are haunted by a call from beyond the stars.

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I enjoyed 13’s detective style approach to working out what the problem was and the initial confrontation between her and the episode’s villain, Zelig, hit all the right notes for me. What made up for this were the powerful and affecting moments we saw each character go through at the episode’s dénouement which showed how anybody can struggle with things at any time, and how there’s no shame in reaching out and asking for help.

Acting Jodie Whittaker gave what I felt was her first big “I am the Doctor” speech when she faced down Zelig and Malaya having reverse engineered their technology to use against them at the episode’s climax. Ian Elder absolutely stole the show as Zelig, providing us with an urbane and sophisticated villain that called to mind Roger Delgado’s Master.

There was a very good balance of humor and gravity achieved in the scenes between Toxin Cole’s Ryan and Boom Tinging’s Tito, who delivered a touching speech about mental health at the episode’s end. I really liked how Hussein’s words didn’t magically fix everything for Yam, and she had to get more real and more down to earth to help Gill’s character.

The only thing that felt a bit cheesy to me was when Ian Elder and Clare-Hope Ashley screamed at the monster that the Doctor trapped them inside the prison with. The music when Yam pointed out that the computer console was covered in severed fingers was jarring and helped convey the horror of the moment well.

I loved the FX of Zelig’s fingers detaching from his hand and the CGI of the spaceship was so dark and atmospheric and really helped to convey the tone of the episode. The animation detailing the history of how Zelig and Malaya tortured the inhabitants of the two planets was brilliantly done and the scenes of team PARIS’s nightmares were beautifully twisted.

tiger nl celtic build music stars dressed across ceiling stripes
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Back in the day, the reels that the film was projected from was loud and distracting from the content of the silent movies. Charlie Chaplin composed the background score in “Modern Times”.

For the majority of this movie, the soundtrack gives a feeling of mechanism and routine. Another sound we repeatedly hear is the noise that signals the start of the machine.

Imagine if we heard a horn to a clowns car or a whimsical sound. A simple example is this “How to Make Chili Cheese Nacho Dip” video.

When making food or watching cooking shows or videos, there is usually a fun, upbeat soundtrack playing in the background. This entry was posted in Modern Times on January 27, 2016, by Shannon M McCulloch.

Jacob Walker, a tall man with blond hair and wearing a fashionable Savile Row suit, with a jet-black blazer and a dark red tie, walked up to the large marble steps of Angle Mansion. From here, Jacob could hear the soft strumming of violins and cellos from the inside of the mansion, Jacob closed his eyes, and thought back about why he was here.

tiger celtic female stripes music stage number
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He was dressed in a more casual shirt and jeans with loafers. He had been working at his desk and being called in was definitely worrying.

“I’m here to tell you about this… job, I have lined up for you.” Jacob looked visibly worried. I have a mission for you concerning, undercover work.” “But sir, I don’t think this is a good idea.

So, are you going to sit at your desk all day and do nothing, or are you going to get back in the field?” Arnold hadn’t raised his voice much, but there was a feeling of tension in the room. What’s the mission?” “Alright.” Arnold turned his computer around to face Jacob.

Arnold nodded “This man is David Duke. English, educated in Oxford University and graduated with a degree in Art History.

After university, he began to get involved in some criminal activity, using his newly built art firm as a cover.” “What kind of crime are we talking here?” Jacob asked. “He became a fence for everything stolen, using his lackeys to steal things, and them selling them for double the price.

But now, he does filigree eggs, ancient artifacts and recently, Nuclear weapons. And apparently, he sold someone 2 stolen Nuclear weapons.

We want you to find out who bought them, and what this person plans to do with them.” “How do I do that sir?” Jacob asked “Well, a few days from now, David is going to have a party celebrating his birthday at his mansion, it’s obvious that almost everything in the mansion is bought from his dirty money. So, you need to go to the party, arrest David, and bring him in to us.” “Alright.

He would rather take working in a boring desk job with no glory, rather an exciting job as a spy and die with tons of glory with him. Jacob limped slightly to the front door, and knocked on it.

The butler stood to one side as Jacob went inside, and gasped as he saw how big the house was. In the next room, Jacob could hear laughter and conversation from other attendees.

Jacob placed his hand on his ear, which was outfitted a two-way radio with HQ. They other guests were drinking champagne and talking to each other.

Jacob took a glass and lean ton a table, sipping his champagne slowly, in order to stay sharp. “So what business are you in?” Jacob turned around and saw a fat middle-aged businessman was standing next to him.

“I am… in the retirement industry.” Jacob said with a small smile. “Well I happen to be involved in- “Jacob was listening to this boring man’s conversation when he saw David Duke slowly coming down the stairs, with two sinister bodyguards in tow.

If he had met him prior, he would have thought David was an office worker, or an accountant. What’s that over there?” he pointed, the businessman turned around, and Jacob pushed his champagne glass onto the floor.

Jacob quickly walked past him and went over to David. “Mr Duke!” David looked surprised at first, but quickly regained his composure.

I just wanted to get in, so I could have a meeting with you!” The guards were now standing right next to David and Jacob “Is there a problem boss?” one of them asked. In fact, could you take me and… Mr Knight ridge here to the study?” “Of course, sir.

I’ve never sold any.” Jacob smiled. You sold those Nuclear weapons to your client, so who was it?” as Jacob said this, he eyed some scissors on the table next to him.

This man is trying to waste my time!” the guards began to walk towards him, and as soon as he turned his head, he knew he had to act. He quickly lunged for the scissors and slit the first body guard’s throat.

Then, before the other bodyguard could take out his weapon, he jammed the scissors into his neck. Jacob then turned on David, he took out a gun and pointed it at his head.

Now.” Agent Orange was laying on his stomach, sniper rifle ready, when David Duke entered. He was hoping that the birthday boy would make some kind of deal tonight.

“Target is in position, should I move in?” “Yes” the crackled voice replied. “Move in on target” Agent Orange readied his rifle, and aimed, but what he saw next astounded him.

The client was aiming the weapon at the dealer, and the two bodyguards were dead in the background. “It appears that the client is trying to kill the target.” “Listen to the bug.

Agent Orange turned on the bug and listened in. “You sold someone 2 nuclear weapons; I want to know who.” “I swear I didn’t know anyone who- “David was suddenly cut off when Jacob shot him in the kneecap.

What kind of terrorist uses 2 nuclear weapons and calls it a social matter!” Jacob responded. “M-Maxim, Maxim Ran-” the bullet of the rifle hit him in the back of the head, killing him instantly.

“God dammit!” Jacob yelled, and he ran to the window, opened it, and began to fire at the rifleman as he stood up, holstered his weapon, and began to flee. Agent Orange was running away as he began to radio in to his superiors.

“What?” “I’m sorry sir, but I was too late to stop him, but he’s dead now.” Another short silence. “Agent, you’d better kill yourself immediately, because trust me, whatever you do to yourself will be far, far less painful than what we have in store for you back at headquarters.

Agent Orange was flustered, he didn’t know what to do, and he couldn’t bear to imagine what they were going to do to him at the fair. Jacob climbed out of the window and onto the pipe outside.

There was a chance that he could catch the assassin in time. Then, he saw him, the black hair and the pale skin was unmistakable.

Jacob decided to take a chance and catch him, he snuck up behind him, being slow and careful why he was doing so, when suddenly, the assassin saw him. Jacob lunged and grabbed his leg just in time.

“We can put you in custody, give you protection!” “I’m sorry, but nothing can protect me from, him!” and with that, the assassin reached up, and in one swift movement, knocked away Jacob’s hand, and he fell to the ground below, killing him instantly.” “Dammit!” This was the definition of a botched mission. Maxim Raxchovsky was sitting at his leather chair, his headset by his neck.

The operation with Agent Orange had been a complete failure. Luckily, Agent Orange had listened to him and jumped off a building.

That meant that he had tied up his biggest loose end. But this… agent had somehow interrogated Duke and had made him give up some of his name, this was definitely worrying.

It was a good thing that he had supplied Agent Orange with a camera in his eye. A new piece of tech made by R and D. suddenly, Alan, his assistant, came in with a freshly brewed Earl Grey Tea and a USB stick.

Alan handed Maxim his tea and plugged the stick in the computer. Short and muscular, very pale, with gray slicked back hair, and a thick, bushy black beard that covered most of his face, except it couldn’t quite hide his scar crisscrossing down his eye, permanently scarring his retina.

“So, what’s the latest?” Maxim asked in his soft-spoken, Russian accent. “We have some good news sir.” “What is it?” “We have successfully identified the man who interrogated the late Mr Duke.

“Interesting, so, what do you recommend.” “Well we tried to find out where this section is, but I’ve found nothing, then we tried to talk to his old army buddies. Apparently, he was part of the Iraq war before he was honorably discharged.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mr Walker was the only one who made it out alive. Please, tell me about it.” “Well, I suppose we could trick him into going to our headquarters, and make him think that he’s being smart and good being undercover.

And by the time they send in another agent…” “It’ll be too late.” Maxim finished the sentence. Of course, but what will we do in order to make him come to us?” “Well, we could finish Phase 2 of the Hades project early.” “Good idea.

His mouth gaped open, and he took out his AK-47 and ran to his comrades, yelling at them in Russian. The explosion hit the base and completely destroying everything in its path.

The army, the press and the public were visiting, and being held back by everyone. Back in his office, Maxim Raxchovsky saw the whole thing on the news.

Soon enough, Jacob Walker and The Hades Project will be finished and done with before the end of the week. The usual brown and white walls along with the double-glazed windows really created the feeling of an emotionless room.

Mark, the IT consultant, was standing over him with a closed laptop. Although you failed to bring in David Duke alive, you still managed to get a name.

Maxim Ran something.” “Right” Jacob looked more confident now, pleased even. “So, what are we going to do to get the rest of the name?” Mark and Sir exchanged looks.

“Well, we found something interesting.” “What is it?” “Well, we googled Maxim Ran plus weapons. And we found someone.” “Who is it.” Mark opened the laptop and showed Jacob the contents.

Fought in the Afghanistan war, got a massive scar from some guy’s knife, so he’s blind in one eye. He’s in the arms business, supplying guns and ammunition to warring nations.

And because there’s too little evidence to make a conviction, we need to send you undercover again to his gun making headquarters in Kentucky.” “I see.” Sir looked at him questioningly. But it does have one extra feature.” “And what is that?” “Press the analogue stick on the watch, it’ll turn into a saw.

“We wait.” “One of the nuclear bombs has already been detonated in Russia, and it just so happens to be the American one, and because no one knows about the theft except for their respective countries, because this would create a laughingstock of national security. We need you on this now.” Maxim Raxchovsky was in his office again, working.

When he had touched down in Kentucky, he was picked up in a Range Rover by a bald man with an earpiece and a tattoo of a skull on his hand. If Maxim intended to intimidate him for some reason, he was going the direct approach.

“Mr Seville?” The bald man asked. “Yes, that’s me.” Jacob was instructed to keep an upper class accent at all times to signify that he was a rich fellow arms dealer.

From there, Jacob was taken from the airport and went past fields and small towns. Jacob briefly thought whether this man was just going to stop the car and shoot him.

A square building, made entirely of glass, and with a big, red sign saying Raxchovsky Arms. Maxim was dressed in a dark shirt, striped black tie, double-breasted navy-blue suit, white trousers and suede shoes.

He was wearing sunglasses and was holding two glasses of brandy, for himself and Jacob. Scar, slicked back gray hair, and a thick, black beard covering most of his face.

“Mr Seville!” Maxim said in his Russian accent. “Good to meet you Mr Raxchovsky, I’m here to suggest about a company merger with the Seville Corp with Raxchovsky Arms.

Maxim took off his sunglasses, revealing the scar fully. “I know that you just got here, but how would you like a tour of the plant?” “I’d like that very much, Mr Raxchovsky.” He took a sip of the brandy.

Taking place throughout the weapons-making room, to the research and development lab. Maxim was just about to continue the tour, when a man in a gray jumpsuit came up to him.

My name is Alan, and there’s an unfortunate matter that you need to attend to.” “Ah. Could you take Mr Seville to my office to wait there.” The guard grunted and began to walk.

Jacob and the rest of the bodyguards followed in proximity. Now we just wait for him to take a rest.” Jacob walked up the stairs and took the direct route to Maxim’s office.

But one thing first.” And with that, Jacob immediately took out his gun and shot the first three guards in the head before they had time to react. Then, Jacob turned around and crashed his weapon into Gerald’s head.

These weren’t blueprints, these were the schematics for the stolen nuclear weapons! I’m looking at the schematics of the stolen nuclear weapons.

Alright then, get out immediately.” “OK” Jacob was about to leave, when the door opened. I’m going to kill you now.” Jacob was about to reach for his weapon, when suddenly a set of drowsiness fell over him.

“What the_” But before he could say anything else, the entire world around him was spinning, and he fell to the floor. Jacob woke up in a dark green room with a circular roof.

Maxim Raxchovsky entered, all smiles, surrounded by bodyguards. Or should I say, Mr Walker?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maxim sighed.

“Oh please, Mr Walker if you really don’t want to annoy me, you better start telling me the truth, or…” Maxim signalled, and one of the guards took out a machete. “Now, tell me the truth Mr Walker, why were the CIA investigating me?” “I swear I don’t know!” “Very well Mr Walker.” He signalled again.

“Tell me Mr Walker!” “NEVER!” Jacob screamed. You see, I poisoned your brandy, and when you fell asleep, I took you here.” “What is this place?” Jacob asked.

But most of them won’t take my weapons for money, and even if they did, they could only keep me afloat for a few small months. After thinking about it, I decided on starting a war with Russia and the US.

About because the theft was kept a secret to each individual country, everyone would be none the wiser when Russia was bombed and vice versa. Each with a forged paper trail that would lead right back to both countries.

So, I start the war by shooting the nuclear weapon at the US in the next half hour. You work in a small arms business, and a war of this size, will get you a contract of potentially millions!” Maxim nodded.

Maxim sat back down in his chair and took out a gun. “So, I’m going to kill you now.” He pointed the gun at Jacob’s head.

“So, what are you going to do?” “This.” Jacob jumped out of his seat and lunged for Maxim. He fell off his chair, and suddenly the gun was in Jacob’s hand.

“You’re going to pay for what you did to my hand you dick!” he pointed the gun at him. Jacob tried to shoot after him, but he was too weak, and the bullets missed.

The missile, coming out of the ground and the terminal next to it, and in control was… yes! He was standing next to a barrel of gas that was leaking.

When they raided the fair, they found a charred corpse, dead bodies, and a missile just barely stopped from being launched. So, Mark, the technician, had made him a robot hand.

He certainly had strange behaviors; he never even left his office during the main work day. That he had insomnia, that he was extremely socially awkward and refused to talk to anyone.

He walked up the stairs and turned left onto the large and intimidating door that was in front of him. It looked more like a sealed vault than an entrance to the office.

Two guards standing by the door, dressed in black with sunglasses and earpieces towered over Caleb. The guards patted him down, and then Caleb walked inside the office.

The CEO, Alexander Prophet, was standing at his desk. He was slim, short and balding, and he was dressed in a bland gray suit, white shirt and black tie.

Trying to take his eyes off Alexander’s strange choice of attire. “With all due respect sir, what is this all about?” Caleb asked.

He took off one of his surgical gloves briefly, and clicked his fingers. “I am bringing you to my office here today, because I wanted to ask you why you did it.” Caleb wiped his brow.

The complete lack of emotion, is what made Caleb feel afraid. “I don’t know what you’re talking about-“Alexander slammed his hand down on the desk in front of him.

And before he could do anything, Caleb was grabbed and was taken all the way to Alexander’s main desk. “Tell me !” Alexander then nodded at one of the guards, who forced Caleb onto the desk, and began to twist his arm.

But suddenly, those robots came in, and they got under the guy’s skin. But necessary, in order to continue my plan, I needed to make sure that he wouldn’t talk.

So, please go on.” “I tried to go to the police, but they wouldn’t listen to me ! “Caleb, who is the CEO of this company?” “ERM, you are sir.” “And who would get in trouble if a government agency found out that someone was deliberately murdered on my premises?” there was a short silence.

That’s why I want you to forget what you saw about Operation Shadow.” “But what is it?” “That is none of your concern, Mr Owens.” Alexander said with a slightly firmer tone. “ You’re going to forget everything.” “How canyon do that?” “How much did you tell the CIA by the way?” “ERM, I didn’t tell them much, I just told them I saw something interesting at Micron Industries, and they scheduled a meeting.

I won’t say a word.” “Unfortunately, this doesn’t satisfy me, Mr Owens. Considering your recent history of betrayal with this company, I’m afraid I have to terminate you.

Eventually, two people in Biohazard suits came into the office and took out and injection. The two guards forced Caleb to undo one of his sleeves.

The Biohazard suits readied the injection. “Do it.” The guards injected Caleb. End Prologue. Arnold was sitting behind his desk at the CIA, while listening to the current progress report about Micron Industries.

It turns out that Caleb Owens, their potential mole in Micron Industries, was missing, presumed dead. He had been gone for over a week and had missed his planned meeting with the CIA and had been completely silent.

“Jacob, Walker.” Arnold let the syllables roll over his tongue. Thank you.” Mark, a tall, thin man with curly hair, walked towards the door and opened it.

I was the one who designed his hand after the Raxchovsky business.” Arnold nodded. I need you to get in contact with him and tell him to report to HQ immediately.” “But, sir.

9:18 PM Chang Hi sat in his antique mahogany chair, sipping his red wine. Chang was a large, muscular man, with jet-black, slicked back hair, wearing his dinner jacket.

As he studied his guest at the other end of the table. He couldn’t help but feel how his guest was somehow staring into his soul.

What are you getting at?” “I just think it’s a shame, because you’re about to be dancing in a minute, and you don’t know the first thing about it.” “What the hell are you talking about!? But let me teach you about the first dance anyway.” He began to take off his glove.

It was completely smooth, black colored for covert operations, and specially equipped for all combat situations. “G-guards!” the three other guards entered the room, hearing the commotion from outside.

And now, the dancing begins.” He pressed a button on the robotic hand. Jacob turned around and leaped up and came down hard on them.

But Jacob had the first move, and punched the guard. Jacob had charged up the hand for a super attack, and punched the guard in the chest, throwing him through the wall.

The hand turned black again, and Jacob walked towards Hi, who was cowering in terror. And I never fail Mr Hi.” Jacob took out a gun and pointed it at Hi’s head.

There’s been a situation that we think you’re capable of dealing with.” “What about my mission?” “ You’re off the case for now.” “No need, just one second.” Jacob put the phone on speaker and shot Hi in the head. Hi flew off his chair and hit the ground dead.

At once, Arnold noticed that Jacob looked more relaxed, confident. What exactly do you know about them?” “I know they’re currently working on a project on microdots…” Arnold nodded.

“Well, a few days ago, a man named Caleb Owens got in contact with us about some info he wanted to sell to us. Apparently, it looks like somebody died on the premises, and there was some kind of cover up.

We think someone at Micron didn’t want him to talk, and then this person may have made Caleb, disappear.” “ You mean they killed him.” Jacob replied, he sounded very matter of fact. “Another thing is, have you ever heard of Micron’s CEO?” “No, I haven’t.

Selling security systems to companies and the army. But a few years ago, he was diagnosed with Monophobia, or Agoraphobia as it’s known to most people.

He’s terrified of germs, so scared in fact, that he avoids most people, because he believes that he could get infected by them just by talking to them. He’s a highly secretive person, and that’s why we suspect him of being Mr Owens killer.

However, luckily for us, there’s a hotel next door to Micron HQ. So, we’re going to send you to a balcony room, and give you a camera with a telephoto lens and some recording devices.

Alright?” “Alright.” Jacob, was finally ready to take this guy down. The next day. As the plane slowly touched down, Jacob wasn’t sure whether he was amused or annoyed that he had to go back on a mission so quickly.

Still though, he was going to be treated to luxury accommodations in a hotel and was spying at his target from a safe distance for the next two days, so he might as well not complain. At the airport, a silent valet from the CIA picked him up.

He took Jacob to a black sedan outside, which silently took him to the hotel. As they went by, Jacob couldn’t help the majesty and beauty of all the skyscrapers and beautiful buildings as the car drove by.

Finally, the car stopped in front of the hotel. It was a tall building, with maroon colored walls and a sliding glass door.

Jacob thanked the driver, left the sedan and walked inside the hotel. The first thought that ran through Jacob’s head as he walked through the door was how fancy the place was.

A crystal chandelier, mahogany wood desk, and paintings on every wall. Jacob almost chuckled at how brilliant the place was.

We will make sure to put you in a balcony room, courtesy of your… friends.” “Of course.” Jacob took his key card and made his way to the lifts. On his floor of long corridors and seemingly identical doors, Jacob found his room.

A widescreen TV, plush leather chairs and full 24-7 Bluetooth surround sound system. He was amazed at how big the room was, and he shuddered to think about how much it must cost a night.

He took out his bag, filled with cameras, bugs, glass cutting gear, a ski mask, and some rope to tie from one balcony to the next. Moving in.” “Good work agent.” The handler responded.

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