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This would be the way he could show that he knew what was going on even though others would not be clear on the basic core concepts. I'm pretty sure that Sir Arthur wrote way more than 50 words describing him.

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It does not make the slightest difference to any of us which fifty words you used to describe the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. Of course, this applies to him in All the stories, but in this particular one, in the very beginning, he uses his powers of observation to determine that his young lady visitor has come by train.

“No, but I observe the second half of a return ticket in the palm of your left glove. In The Five Orange Pips, he and Watson are sitting by the fire in Baker Street where Holmes live.

When Watson arrives to wish him Merry Christmas, he sees that Holmes is studying a beat-up, old blue hat which he has hung near him to observe. A lens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested that the hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose of examination.

Surprisingly, Arthur Conan Doyle never mentions a deerstalker hat in his Sherlock Holmes stories, though he describes Holmes’s “sharp, eager face framed in his ear-flapped travelling cap” in “Silver Blaze.” It was the original illustrator, Sidney Page, who added this detail to scenes of Holmes in the country (it would have been inappropriate to wear a deerstalker in town, where a top hat or homburg would have been more likely choices). The curved meerschaum pipe associated with Holmes was not in the Doyle stories, either: it was the choice of actor William Gillette and stuck with the character.

a personality disorder that is characterized by antisocial behavior exhibiting pervasive disregard for and violation of the rights, feelings, and safety of others starting in childhood or the early teenage years and continuing into adulthood Some psychologists assert that sociopaths are nervous, volatile, and disorganized, while psychopaths are careful, manipulative, and charming.

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When the first of the Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey, Jr. was released, a form of ratiocination was used in several of the reviews. Other Laminate nouns in English that refer to reason or thinking are cogitation and cerebration.

Today, we find the Sherlock Holmes stories to be full of charming Victorian and Edwardian detail and language, but they were contemporary to their first readers. In this case, Arthur Conan Doyle wanted to give an archaic tone to the statement of the ancient curse, choosing this colorful word.

a person of a weak or sickly constitution; especially : one whose chief concern is his or her ill health The strange character of Thaddeus Photo in The Sign of Four is presented as a fidgety and nervous person.

Conan Doyle’s description (in Watson's voice) shows how varied and interesting his vocabulary was (befogged here means “adorned with a front fastening of braid in an ornamental looped design” and closeness means “hot and stuffy conditions”): Our new acquaintance very deliberately coiled up the tube of his hookah, and produced from behind a curtain a very long, befogged top-coat with astrakhan collar and cuffs.

Three monosyllabic m words figure prominently in the Holmes stories, but are seldom heard in American English. About the word: The setting of “Silver Blaze” and The Hound of the Baskerville is Dartmoor, a region of moorland in southwestern England.

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Definition: 1: wet spongy earth (as of a bog or marsh) 2: heavy often deep mud or slush 3: a troublesome or intractable situation Holmes does use the word clue, as we might expect, but he often uses trifle to describe the kind of small detail, usually missed by others, that leads him to the solution of a case.

Trifle also can mean “a dessert typically consisting of plain or sponge cake often soaked with wine or spirits (as brandy or rum) and topped with layers of preserves, custard, and cream.” Holmes appears not to have been very interested in complicated desserts. You can sort the descriptive words by uniqueness or commonness using the button above.

The algorithm isn't perfect, but it does a pretty good job for most common nouns. The search box should be a simple word or phrase, like “tiger” or “blue eyes”.

On an initial quick analysis it seems that authors of fiction are at least 4x more likely to describe women (as opposed to men) with beauty-related terms (regarding their weight, features and general attractiveness). In fact, “beautiful” is possibly the most widely used adjective for women in all the world's literature, which is quite in line with the general unidimensional representation of women in many other media forms.

On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes, I find many tragic, some comic, a large number merely strange, but none commonplace. I had no keener pleasure than in following Holmes in his professional investigations, and in admiring the rapid deductions, as swift as intuitions, and yet always founded on a logical basis with which he unraveled the problems which were submitted to him.

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In actual practice, though, many people just make up tags and hope they match someday, so there can never really be a complete list. It’s based in part on the results from wave one of The Novelist’s Omega RP Tag Use Survey.

Sherlock RP : Your standard, all-purpose tag for Shylockian role play. The Novelist encourages using general tags even after you’ve developed some more specific interests in the interest of being exposed to new things, but this is generally not the place for ultraniche prompts.

Note that if you skip the “RP” part, you’ll get non-roleplaying fans, some of whom will be confused. Prompts sometimes turn up here that feature some element of light puzzle solving or challenge, but mostly it’s just about potty things and thinking like a detective.

XXX lock : For omeglistas who just want sex scenes, want to cut to those sex scenes with limited preamble, and aren’t interested in sticking around if the story is going to veer in a non-sex direction. Para lock: Was proposed, somewhere along the line, as the tag for people who prefer writing prose paragraphs as opposed to text messages.

Some of you are still using it, but it’s generally not necessary to tag for this just to see non-texting prompts, these days, and it’s probably best considered meaning long replies, by now. John lock (John Watson/ Sherlock Holmes) remains most popular pairing in the Sherlock fandom, to the point where it’s sometimes the easiest tag to search for, surpassing even Sherlock RP.

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A special mention must be made of Mormon here, since it involves a character modified from the Holmes books and not even in the show, Sebastian Moran (he’s paired with a usually-less-evil Jim). By a similar token, there’s Vi clock (Sherlock /Victor Trevor), and Moriarty, in which Richard Brook was a real person and Jim’s twin brother.

Even next-generation characters can be tagged for, as demonstrated by the Ham ex and Alex tags, shipping a hypothetical son of Sherlock (Amish) with a hypothetical son or daughter of Jim (Alex or Alexis). Avenge lock involves The Avengers film franchise and other marvel characters.

Potter lock gets a special shout out because it manly contributes the “everybody’s at a school for magic” concept, rather than characters. Ditto Bond lock, which in theory is about James Bond crossovers, but in practice just means spies and secret agents.

Sherlock meets Mundane! John, but plenty of other stories happen here, too. Virtually fantasy creature you can think of plus “-lock” is will at least occasionally yield a result, and that’s the correct naming convention for all the popular ones, except for when the name of the creature can be understandably shortened to one syllable: Vamp lock, Warlock, and Merrick are all quite popular, to give you an idea. Others such as Fairy lock, Demon lock, Angel lock, God lock, are less commonly spotted, but par for the course.

In terms of tagging frequency, the 1950s-themed Greaser lock and '20s Flapper lock turn up; others tend to be found under Sherlock AU or AU lock. Animal AU's: Dog lock, Hedgehog lock, Otter lock … you guys can figure these out.

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These tags don’t see tons of use, as far we can tell, but when the Novelist did its poll of tags in use, we did find out that a fair number of people put these on their lists hopefully or just for the hell of it. (Cat lock is a nonstandard case, usually implying someone is a humanoid cat-person, after the style of anime, rather than an actual cat.

And don’t confuse Fawn lock, presumably about baby deer, for Fa unlock, presumably about mythological goat-men.) Teen lock: Everybody’s a teenager, frequently attending the same high school/secondary school, just because.

Young lock or Younger lock : Implies that main characters are younger, but probably still adults, and generally sticks closer to the original timeline. Nextgenlock: This isn’t quite a thing, but it’s probably where we should be posting the above-mentioned next-generation character prompts, rather than parent lock, which is a bit of a reach.

Hemlock : Prompts featuring a gender bent (female) Sherlock. Yes, this is used for actual storytelling in addition to kinky stuff, but there’s a bit of divide there.

Dark lock : Arguably a catch-all for darker-themed stuff, but frequently this involves Evil! Sherlock or other evil alternate characterization, with murder, abuse, and manipulation occurring.

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Omega lock : Stuff in the Omega verse AU, generally on the pony side of things. Prince lock / Princess lock : Characters are princes or princesses of fantasy kingdoms in Ye Olden Times.

These quite frequently involve people actually meeting for the first time through a penal service, giving RP's a subtlely cracky vibe, but can be any form of letter writing. It’s not the sort of tag anyone person would use frequently, but makes for a fun change of pace.

Tuna lock : This is really just a fandom running joke, but feel free to prompt things where someone, especially Sherlock, is a tuna. Dawn, Sherlawk: For crack prompts involving the cartoonishly exaggerated versions of these characters who exist somewhere in the fandom’s collective unconscious.

These are formed by putting an adjective and an exclamation point in front of a character’s name: Evil! Note that for best results, you should use these tags if you’d enjoy either playing the character in question or playing against the character, because you’ll be thrown in with people who also match the tag, and somebody’s gotta be the other person.

Technically, several of tags listed elsewhere in this guide fit this category, too, or at least can, but suffice it to say that some of you guys can get pretty kinky (and there’s nothing wrong with that). Also, a “!” or a space (which Omega considers the same) between the term and the “lock” is a common alternate formation.

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Specifically, The Novelist has been informed that BDSM!lock is a popular destination, and we’re aware there’s occasionally some light Aging going on over there in addition to just like kink, in the same way that the Omega verse is mostly about kink, but can support the occasional story, too. * Though they lack specific tags, most terms that were invented to describe categories of fanfic are recognized by your fellow omeglistas.

* Some folks who don’t mind playing not-so-anonymously use their Tumblr name or another fandom username for a personal tag, so other people they know can find them.

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