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Keith Kane (Akira Kane ) (voiced by Neil Ross in the '80s and '90s series and Giles Canton in the 2011 series): Commanding officer of the Vol tron Force, who pilots the Black Lion that forms the torso and head of Vol tron. Keith is a quiet individual who spends much of his time pondering his decisions, thinking up new strategies, and simply being a leader.

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In the Devil's Due comic series, Keith originally ran a dojo prior to being recruited by Hawkins. Lance McClain (ISAM Arrogance ) (voiced by Michael Bell in the '80s and '90s series and Andrew Francis in the 2011 series): Second-in-command of Vol tron, who pilots the Red Lion that forms the right arm of Vol tron.

He is a tall man, both wiry and wily, and Lance is always cracking jokes and teasing others whenever he gets the chance. His home planet Alto (Earth in the Japanese version) was destroyed by nuclear missiles from Emperor Carbon.

In the Devil's Due comic series, he is an orphan named Darrell “Ridge” Stoker who was recruited by the New West Point military academy. In the Devil's Due comic series, he is a Japanese-American man named Sushi “Hunk” Garrett with a Master's in engineering.

Ward in the '80s and '90s series and Ashleigh Ball in the 2011 series): Princess Allure of the planet Arms is the ruler of the Kingdom of Arms (Alter), as well as de facto ruler of the entire planet (though she doesn't have the title Queen regnant), and is also the object of Motor's affections. Daughter of the late King Alford, Allure inherited her father's authority on his death and is commander-in-chief and head of state for the planet Arms, and thus Commander Keith's superior.

However, later she takes over for Sven as the pilot of the Blue Lion that forms Voltron's right leg, and defers to Keith during operational engagements. According to Vol tron The Third Dimension, Allure's biggest fear is the Robot Lions being lost or destroyed and letting down Queen Ariel la.

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Though a bit naïve, especially with matters of romance, Allure is a strong-willed person, and is very capable of ruling her planet, though some like Corn and Nanny tend to doubt this ability. In Episode 6, he was badly injured (killed in the Japanese version) during an attack by Hangar, in which he was stabbed by one of her Roberts, and was sent away to the planet Ebb for medical treatment.

In the comics, before they became Vol tron pilots, Sven was leader of the team until he took drugs and was forced to give the leadership to Keith. The prison ship on which he was transferred accidentally crashed on Planet Doom where Sven went into hiding, becoming a hermit within the caves.

He eventually encountered Allure's cousin from the Planet Pollux, Princess Rozelle, who had been thrown into the Pit of Skulls after she rejected Motor's advances. During Sven's time on Planet Doom he witnessed Carbon and Motor's cruelty to their slaves, which drove him to the point of madness.

Sven was later reassigned to the Planet Pollux with Rozelle and her brother Prince Bangor. Sven eventually became romantically interested in Rozelle, though he was reluctant to pursue his feelings because he felt he was not able to clearly express them to her.

Although Sven no longer pilots the Blue Lion on a regular basis after Episode 6, he (his twin brother in the Japanese version) continued to be featured as a pilot for the Vol tron Force in the opening credits of the series while Allure appears in the closing sequence. In the comics, it is revealed that Sven was leader of the team until he steps down because of the drug use and recommended Keith to take his place.

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In the Devil's Due comic series, Sven is a mysterious former member of an elite Navy squad. The three cadets are recruited by the Vol tron Force to help battle evil when Motor returns.

The three cadets have a hyperactive nature and creating egos at first, causing them to be burdens to the original pilots, but they gradually mature during their training. He's kind of impulsive, always getting into trouble; although many of his antics are beneficial to the success of Vol tron Force.

He sometimes gets jealous of Vince and Lamina because of their connections to Vol tron, and tends to feel left out of the group. Because of this event, Daniel becomes able to talk to Vince telepathically and the two are able to share Volt Com powers.

However, Daniel also developed a Aquarium infection because of this, leading to increased rage and terrible visions. However, due to him becoming overconfident in the series finale, he was forced to give the title back to Keith.

He also has impressive technical skills which helps Ridge out a lot and appears to have some kind of power that links him to Vol tron. The reason of why Vince has it is currently unknown, but it has been revealed that the Vol tron lions have programming that enables them to use Vince's power as a “Key” to allow Vol tron to accomplish special functions when the situation calls for it, particularly to make new formations of Vol tron with new powers by reconfiguring itself with a different lion to form the main body while having the black lion from a limb.

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This explains the true nature of Vince's power, and particularly why it tends to act on its own. It is possible that Vince is a direct descendant of the original creators of Vol tron, who may also have had similar powers.

Vince can use his power under his own will, but sometimes it takes a lot of concentration and effort. However, Vince is keeping his powers a secret from the Vol tron Force because he doesn't truly understand it, and he thinks he can figure it out himself.

After Vince rescued Daniel's consciousness from within Vol tron, the two are able to communicate telepathically and share Volt Com powers. Eventually, Ridge hands over officially piloting the Green Lion to Vince to remain in constant control of the castle's defenses.

It is possible that Queen Oral is Lamina's mother, with 'Aunt' being a title of respect to an elder cousin. However, according to a recent book, Lamina is actually the offspring of Allure's older brother, ALUs.

This may be a result of her hiding her crush on him as it is depicted at the ending of the episode Predator Rob east she had snapped various pictures of him and flirts. Lamina officially takes over piloting the Blue Lion after Allure resigns to be queen.

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Jeff (Aka Manage) (voiced by Neil Ross): North American-accented leader of the entire Vehicle Force and commander of the Air Team, Jeff is head-strong, occasionally quick-tempered, yet still a great fighter and a very capable leader, even if he does not always follow the rules. Although dialogue early in the series hints at something going on between him and Ginger, later episodes suggest a relationship between him and Lisa.

In Fleet of Doom, it is revealed that Jeff and Keith had a friendly rivalry in their academy days. Rocky (Kai Shinobi) (voiced by Lennie Carib): Italian -accented member of the Air Team who loves to eat.

Solo (Shot Klutz): An alien, blue-skinned member of the Air Team who is generally not prominently featured in the series. Chip appears in the final episode of Vol tron : Legendary Defender as Ridge's robot companion.

She is a strong and brave pilot, at one point electing to enter a battle despite having a severe concussion. Ginger fights in honor of her family, who tragically perished in an accident when she was young.

Ward): Kind and compassionate member of the Sea Team, Lisa is wise beyond her years. Bangor (Sara Katz) One of the members of the Vehicle Vol tron Force who is usually treated as an underused background character.

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Shannon (Tattoo Sumo) (voiced by Michael Bell): Irish -accented member of the Sea Team. Like Ginger, he too fights for a noble cause, as his brother is a prisoner of the Rule Empire on Planet Doom.

Handed (Barros Karate ya): Another member of the Vehicle Vol tron Force who is usually treated as a barely used background character. It is later revealed that Lance and Solo once yanked Cliff into a pool as a way of welcoming him to the academy.

Took (Mack Checker) (voiced by Michael Bell): Large member of the Land Team, who can best be described as a “gentle giant.” Took pilots the Armored Equipment Carrier (#13) that forms the left forearm of Vol tron.

Lion Vol tron (Go lion) A sentient robot created by King Alford on Arms to fight against the armies of Planet Doom. Additionally, Vol tron can use Daniel's Volt Com powers to boost the speed of the lions, his formation sequence and himself.

The Red Lion was later found and captured by the Gallons, but rescued by Keith after he bonded with it. Each Lion has the ability to fire laser blasts, and each provides a unique weapon to the united Vol tron form that is unlocked by each Paladin's use of their Bayard; a massive sword can also be formed by combining all the Ba yards except the black one.

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Among its various weapons are a Plasma Blaster, Cross-Beam, Shoulder Cannon, Mouth Dagger, and a full array of Mk.1 Fang Missiles. In all media, when the Black Lion forms the body of Vol tron, his weapon is the Blazing Sword.

In Legendary Defender the Black Lion was created from a comet that crash landed on Emperor Carbon's home planet. Later piloted by Princess Allure in one episode since Lance was using the Blue Lion to find the cure for the deadly flowers.

Among its weapons are Dual Shoulder Triple Barrel Mortars, Lava Cannon, Mk.1 Fang Missiles, and a Curved Mouth Dagger. Weapon form command (Vol tron Force only): Draw Magma Pistols (“Form Blazing Guns” the first time) Reconfiguration command (Vol tron Force only): Form Red Center Legendary Defender features: Fastest of the lions, fire breath, laser cannon on back, produces sword unlocked by the Red Bayard.

Piloted by Keith in its first launch before the Black Lion was recovered, and has now been passed down to Vince in Vol tron Force. Among its weapons are Dual Shoulder Turret Guns, Mouth Dagger, and Mk.1 Fang Missiles.

Weapon form command (Vol tron Force only): Form Boomerang Shield Reconfiguration command (Vol tron Force only): Form Green Center Legendary Defender features: Cloaking mode installed by Ridge, energy cannon that causes spontaneous plant life growth, unknown weapon unlocked by the Green Bayard. Piloted once by Lance when he went off to a distant planet to find the cure by which to heal the Princess.

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Among its weapons are Dual Shoulder Blockbuster Turrets, Mk.1 Fang Missiles, Sidewinder Claw Torpedoes, and a Holy Mouth Dagger. Among its weapons are its Plasma Flash Cannon, Radial Shogun Shoulder Blasters, Mk.1 Fang Missiles, and a Mouth Dagger.

In Vol tron : The Third Dimension, its hangar was redesigned to resemble a sphinx -like form instead of an ordinary cave. In Vol tron Force, Yellow Lion gains a “Vibration Cannon”, “Switchblade Claw Hammer”, and a “Demolition Tail” as well as a prominent under bite which helps serve as a land power and can form the body of Vol tron (known as Yellow Center) which uses the “Wrecking Maces” twin flails.

Vol tron Yellow Center has the unique ability to deploy solar cell wings and recharge the robot when he's away from Planet Arms. When Yellow Center is active, the background music is played in a more rock-inspired style, mirroring Hunk's personality.

Weapon form command (Vol tron Force only): Rock Wrecking Maces (“Form Blazing Something” the first time) Reconfiguration command (Vol tron Force only): Form Yellow Center Legendary Defender features: Heaviest armor of the lions, additional claws and a jet booster, shoulder cannon unlocked by the Yellow Bayard capable of single or multi-shots. The machine was named “V-15” within the comics, and was first deployed after Vol tron to recapture him until they received new orders to support him.

Stellar Ship Explorer (Rugger Guard): Mothership of the Vol tron Vehicle Team, piloted by Commander Hawkins. Awesome tron : A humanoid robot formed from Daniel's motorcycle, Vince's tank, and Lamina's combat vehicle, piloted by the Vol tron cadets.

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He and his lion riders protect the Fresh, ghostly beasts that are an essential part of Ariel's “harmonious spiritual aura”. This could imply that he made a promise to Allure's father, King Author to keep her safe, even if he goes too far.

His biggest role in that series came when the Vol tron Force was on trial for treason; he spoke in their defense, which resulted in the Alliance finding them not guilty. In Legendary Defender Corn is Princess Allure's advisor and the last known surviving male Altman in the universe following the destruction of their home solar system.

He is often forgetful that the current Paladins have different customs, diets, and behaviors, but is at his core a dedicated and kind man. Corn is very concerned for the well-being of the Paladins and Allure, as he is often trying his hardest to ensure that they are adequately fed, rested, and at peace.

Princess Farley (Aimee): Farley is the princess of Planet Lyra who gives Lance the seeds to the famed “Rose of Lyra” so that he can save the people on Planet Arms from the evil flowers sent by Hangar. His body was placed in a royal tomb located directly beneath the Castle of Lions.

Nowadays, he returns to the world of the living in a ghostly form to give advice to his daughter to help her in her struggles to maintain peace on Arms and the surrounding galaxy. She later got her revenge on him by using her magic to capture his spirit and implanting it within a Rob east, preventing the Vol tron force from attacking.

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Manet (voiced by Garry Chalk): Exclusive to Vol tron Force, Manet is a crustacean -like alien smuggler and friend of Keith who was once a political prisoner of the Den Resistance imprisoned in “The Void”, a floating prison operated by Sky Marshall Wade. He was broken out of prison by Keith and escaped into obscurity, not to be heard from again until he is seen helping out with the relief effort by importing food and supplies for Planet Ebb.

He also provided backup for the Vol tron Force by supplying one of his airships filled with Fresh, ancient lion riders in the final battle with Wade. Like Corn, Nanny fusses over the Princess and is bent on keeping her away from all harm.

Ward): Princess Rozelle is Allure's cousin, who lives on the planet Pollux, where she co-rules with her brother, Prince Bangor. Rozelle was once a slave of Motor, until Sven came to her rescue; together they fight for her people against the Rule Empire.

In the Devil's Due comic series, the Space Mice were cybernetic robots constructed for Princess Allure by her father. The robotic Space Mice are continued into Vol tron Force ; they returned as organic beings in Legendary Defender, where they were inside Allure's stasis chamber with her for 10,000 years and thus developed a mental connection to her.

Firm and hardworking, Hawkins is determined to make peace with the Rule Empire, despite how many times they attempt to backstab him in the process. In the Devil's Due comic series, Hawkins was the one who gathered Keith and his crew together in order to have them find Vol tron for their fight against the Rules.

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Midway through the series, he gets transferred back to Galaxy Garrison on Earth, but that does not stop his fight against the Rules. Professor Page (Doctor Search) (voiced by Jack Angel): The S.S. Explorer's chief scientist and acting physician, he can tell all about a planet's history and even its cultures simply by examining a mere sample or artifact.

Hardware : Little green robot aboard the S.S. Explorer, who according to Ginger, is the only one who likes it when the Vehicle Vol tron Force cannot go out on a mission. Along with Commander Steele, he is usually conducting meetings discussing current situations involving the ongoing conflict with the Rule Empire.

Along with Space Marshal Graham, he is usually conducting meetings discussing current situations involving the war with the Rule Empire. Along with Rural, Key is the only other named character in Vol tron whose death is retained without editing or dialogue disclaimers.

He at first was reluctant to have Vol tron reactivated, believing diplomacy could be used to make peace with Motor. When Motor held the Troika Moons hostage in exchange for the destruction of the Vol tron Lions, it was Amalgams who gave the order to destroy them.

This, along with Carbon's position within the Alliance, left Galaxy Garrison open for an easy assault by Motor at the end of the first season. The Rule Empire are the main enemies of the Vol tron Lion and Vehicle Teams, ruled by Emperor Zero.

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When the liberation of planet Rule finally came, Zero quietly stood by as Hazard personally overthrew his rule. The villains of the Lion Vol tron series, ruled by King Carbon in the Danubian galaxy.

In the Devil's Due comic series, Planet Doom is the center of the Rule Empire as the “Kingdom of Night”. He is Carbon's son and prince of Planet Doom, though he would plot to overthrow his father in order to rule Planet Doom in his place with Princess Allure by his side, to whom he has developed a strong and obsessive attraction and because of this he rejects other potential stresses that would be his queen, which is one of the reasons that leads to his downfall.

Motor is a very sly, intelligent, smooth and powerful individual, who exudes force and emanates what seems to be pure evil, except when Allure is around. In the Devil's Due comic series, Motor met Allure while they were children during Carbon's invasion of Arus, and he follows a warrior's code of honor while seeing all nodule life forms as inferior.

In Vol tron : The Third Dimension, Motor was mortally wounded in the final battle, and he was converted into a cyborg after he was placed in prison. However, he is revived years later by his body being infused with Aquarium with side effects that enable him to fight Vol tron despite the size difference.

Much like in The Third Dimension, Motor still is bent on making Allure his queen, but that was only shown in the episode named: Joyride to Doom. In “Motion”, Sven's twin brother kills him at the end of the series at the cost of his own life.

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King Carbon (Emperor Daibazaal) (voiced by Jack Angel in the 80s series and Kevin Michael Richardson in the 90s series): The secondary antagonist of the Vol tron Lion Force, King Carbon of the Planet Doom is one of the rulers of the Rule Empire, though by no means the absolute ruler (who is Emperor Zero), and pretty much operates on his own. Carbon resurfaces in Vol tron : The Third Dimension, having redeemed himself prior to his final defeat, and became a member of the Galaxy Alliance.

However, Carbon's redemption was really a ruse, and he turned out to be the true mastermind behind Motor in a bid to take over the galaxy. Queen Merle (voiced by Tress Marseille): A villains exclusive to the U.S. version and the Devil's Due comic, serving as Motor's bride-to-be as Carbon's attempt to reap the political benefits of their union.

She eventually declared to peacefully ally herself with the Galaxy Alliance, befriending the Vol tron Lion Force. It was Hangar who was responsible for originally splitting Vol tron into five components in the American version.

In the Devil's Due comic series, Hangar had no part in Voltron's origin story, replaced by an ancestor of Carbon's, though she is well versed in it. Motor (Commander Cobra) (voiced by Jack Angel): Took Rural's place as Prince Motor's second-in-command.

Sometimes his rank is either Commander or Captain, and was called Margin in the episode “Motor's New Hitman.” Karl (Reggae) (voiced by Peter Cullen): A cocky, egotistical ace pilot who is recruited by Motor and Hangar.

Motor's voice over continues over what is actually a sunrise; however, the added sound effect suggests an explosion on the planet. Motor states that Karl, unfortunately, did not make a very good landing and would probably be in no condition to fly for a long time.

Commander Cossack (voiced by Jack Angel): A replacement for Motor, he was generally ineffective against Vol tron, though like Rural, he often went into battle throwing everything he could think of against the robot, including various Roberts that were given to him by Hangar for the purpose of battling Vol tron. Queue and Lafitte (voiced by Billy West and Tress Marseille): Exclusive to Vol tron : The Third Dimension, these two space pirates were drafted by Motor for menial work.

Igor (voiced by Clancy Brown): A robotic figure who was commander of Motor's army in Vol tron : The Third Dimension. Maalox (voiced by Ron Harder): Exclusive to Vol tron Force, he is a scientist from the planet Calm with knowledge of the occult and genetic manipulation before he was sent into exile.

He is later revealed to have his own ambitions for universal domination, using Motor as a pawn to get what he wants. She recruits Maalox to resurrect Motor, only to be betrayed by the scientist and fused with an alien arachnid to become the first of a new generation of Roberts.

Viceroy Throw (Supreme Commander Al Capone) (voiced by Peter Cullen): Possibly the worst of the worst, Throw is at bitter ends with Muzak and Hazard, and the loyalist supporter of Emperor Zero. Later, Throw would join forces with Carbon in building the universe's most feared space armada, the Fleet of Doom.

Marshal Keeper (Luciano) (voiced by Michael Bell): Wicked and crafty member of the Rule Supreme Council. Captain Congo (Drake) (voiced by Jack Angel): One of the Rule Empire's best officers, and a loyal friend of Hazard.

Presumably due to an error, during the first two episodes in which this character appears, he was called Major and had a different voice. Captain Quark (Commander Racial) (voiced by Jack Angel): An early opponent of the Explorer and its crew.

Captain Nero (Lafitte) (voiced by Michael Bell): Cruel and heavyset Rule officer. A natural-born kiss-up and backstabber, he lives for nothing more than destroying the Galaxy Alliance and making Hazard look like a fool.

Captain Break (Barbara) (voiced by Jack Angel): Hazard's earliest opponent of peaceful negotiations with the Galaxy Alliance. However, this upsets Shannon, a member of the Vol tron Force Sea Team, whose brother is being held prisoner by the Rules.

Sand is allowed to return to his ship, but he is shot down by a Rule commander, who believes it is a trick by the humans. In the American version, he crash lands on a planet and although he is badly wounded, he apparently survives.

She is confused by Commander Hawkins's treatment of her as a guest rather than as a prisoner like Sand had been. Her final fate is unknown, but Hawkins hoped that she communicated a new alternative to other members of her race.

The Rule Underground Rebel Force was founded by Back to liberate their home world's citizens from tyranny. At the beginning of the series, he was a typical Rule leader bent on galactic conquest.

Throughout the series, he has had to put up with demotions, imprisonment, and worst of all; treacherous underlings who repeatedly and deliberately disobey his direct orders of helping bring peace, in favor of attacking the Alliance. (Underground Rebel Force), she agrees to join in their fight for peace and freedom on planet Rule.

Merak : Supra : Lt. Actor : Brandon : Coffin Rockets : Used to bring Roberts from Planet Doom. Battle Bat beast (Prototype) (3–4): Cyclops (Death hell) (5): A one-eyed Rob east with cannons on its pectoral muscles.

Claw beast/Poison Bug blade (Gaga) (9): A one-eyed Rob east created from Twila's brother who made a deal with Carbon. Rule Evil roots (Breeder) (18): Armadillo (Game Data War Ship) (19): Terror dactyl (Matilda) (20): A Rob east that was used during an attack on Alto.

In Rob east form, Medusa Anna can shoot beams from her eye that turns anything to stone. Omega Comet (Space Wolf) (39–40): Iron-Ripper Crush wheel (39): Goliath Bug tank (Nu) (40): Iron Maiden / Golden Maiden (Rho) (41): Sand mole Monster (Sand) (42): The Rob east form of an innocent Sand Person Allure nicknamed Sandy.

Glaciation (Epsilon) (43): Rule Vol tron 1 (False Motion) (44): Spider (Alpha) (45): Cosmonaut (Chi Grand) (46): Robert (Zeta) (47): Needle (Beta) (48–49): A Rob east. The resulting creatures are biomechanical beasts with the Aquarium enabling them to normally weaken Vol tron with special abilities augmenting their natural talents.

Despite the best efforts of the Vol tron Force team, the Predator Rob east was able to easily defeat them though Motor has it recalled out of pride to be the one to land the final blow. Sky Marshall Wade (voiced by Garry Chalk): Exclusive to Vol tron Force, he is a dangerous, arrogant, crazy, corrupt official who simply wants money and power, having the highest seat of power in the Galaxy Alliance.

Originally a Galaxy Alliance cadet, Wade tried to become a Vol tron pilot, but he was rejected because the Black Lion found him unworthy. However, during his attempts to reverse engineer the Black Lion, Wade was unable to fully understand its technology because Vol tron was created by both science and magic.

When the Vol tron Force reassembled, Wade used his robot lion to try to eliminate them, but his creation was absorbed by Gala, and he was rendered unconscious throughout the remainder of the fight. Wade tried to reduce the Vol tron Force, by trying kill Allure and destroy the Blue Lion.

Using a cordite bullet to take control of Vol tron, Wade interfaces with it and christens it “Wade tron” while attacking a city nearby. Though his plan failed, and he is finally arrested for his crimes, Wade learns of his mental link to Gala and is later freed by her as he allows himself to be assimilated into her Wider RoB east body, so he can use its ability to fuse with Vol tron.

Taking the act as a mockery of his collection, he attacked them with his Vol tron replica (complete with limited edition Blazing Sword), but the cadets formed Awesome tron and defeated him. Leader of the Defenders of the Universe, Shirt was captured by the Gala Empire a year before the start of the series during which he was given a weaponized prosthetic right arm.

But in season three, it is revealed he was teleported to a Gala ship, escaped, and was eventually found by the team. After Keith and Rozelle revealed Motor's true intentions, Hangar took full control over Shirt.

After the fight, Keith discovered that Shirt's soul was trapped inside the Black Lion as his physical body died when he went against Carbon. After the Paladins defeat Motor, Allure uses her powers to transfer Shirt's soul into the clone's body, fully restoring him to normal (though turning his hair completely white in the process).

He had an ex-boyfriend back on earth, named Adam, who broke up with him when Shirt chose to follow his dream and went on the Kerberos Mission, despite a disease he has. Formerly a cadet at the Galaxy Garrison before getting kicked out, Keith was an orphan and the best pilot of his generation.

With the Bayard of the blue, green and yellow Lions, it can be made big enough to slice through giant warships. In Season 2, Keith discovers he has Gala blood, from his mother, who gave his father the Lucite knife which led him to the biggest undercover organization in the universe- the Blade of Marmara.

During Shirt's absence, Keith takes over piloting the Black Lion in season 3 but, at the start of season 4, Keith officially steps down as the leader of Vol tron while handing the position back to Shirt so that he can continue his work with the Blade of Marmara. In season 5, Keith helps a fellow Blade named Kaolin who is working undercover as second-in-command to a Gala general known as a fearsome warlord and is later revealed to be his mother.

After Keith returned with Rozelle, Kaolin, and a cosmic wolf, he went back to piloting the Black Lion and nearly died several times to save Shirt. At the end of the series, Keith turned the Blade of Marmara into an Intergalactic humanitarian relief organization.

Fairly outgoing, cocky, flirty, and confident, Lance is the class clown of the paladins and likes to think of himself as a ladies' man, similar to Brock from Pokémon. However, he can actually be quite sensitive, reflective, and distant at times when his teammates aren't around or when his guard is lowered, and he sometimes suffers from self-esteem issues.

Lance clashed frequently with Keith and the two claimed to be rivals but, with the passage of time, grew to like each other and became friends. Lance is a natural sharpshooter and skilled marksman with his Bayard taking the form of a rifle (as well as the form of an Altman broadsword in Season 5; Allure states that this is extremely rare, and it seems to signify some special ability).

He deeply misses Earth, and wants to complete the mission of destroying Carbon so that he can return to his family, which includes his parents, his brothers Marco and Luis, his sisters Veronica and Rachel, his sister-in-law Lisa, who is married to Luis, his niece and nephew Sylvia and Nadia, and his grandparents. Allure explaining that Lance chose to accept that Keith would make a better leader, just like her father did with Carbon.

At the end of the series, Lance continues to spread Allure's message and protect things that she loved. After her father, brother, and Shirt disappeared on a mission with the Garrison and were declared dead, she broke into the Garrison offices several times and was banned from the premises, leading her to disguise herself as a boy named Ridge Gunderson and attend the institute in secret.

Ridge is very focused on finding her brother and father, and is seen working on locating them nearly constantly until they are finally found in Season 4 and 5 respectively. Ridge's Bayard takes the form of a Qatar (dagger) that can be charged with electricity.

A gentle giant with an equally large appetite, Hunk is the heart of the team, lifting them up and making peace between them. After witnessing first hand the devastation and misery that Carbon's conquest of the universe has brought upon the people of various worlds, Hunk is determined to free those enslaved.

Pilot and keeper of the Castle of Lions, a structure that is a castle and a spaceship, Allure was responsible for granting the Defenders their title and sending them on their mission to liberate the universe, wishing more than anything to finish her father's work in stopping Carbon. Energetic, eccentric, and excitable, Corn serves Allure dutifully whilst being fiercely protective over her.

Carbon's wife, Minerva, however, became obsessed with the Quintessence found in the reality rift, but the exposure was damaging her health. In order to save Minerva, Carbon attempted to bring her into the rift using Voltron, so he could save her with the Quintessence, but the overexposure killed them, forcing Alford to destroy Daibazaal in order to close the rift after the end of their funeral.

Carbon flew into a rage at Alford and the Aliens for the loss of the rift, sparking a war and the beginning of the Gala Empire. Carbon desired to capture Voltron, so he could use the robot's power to create another rift and obtain an infinite amount of Quintessence.

This led Alford to scatter the lions across the universe to keep it out of the hands of the Gala Empire and tied Allure's life force to the giant robot. The Red Lion was later found and captured by the Gallons, but rescued by Keith after he bonded with it.

At the end of the series, the lions left for parts unknown, awaiting the day that they are needed again. The pilot for the Black Lion has to be a natural-born leader, able to keep his head cool at all times, and those who would follow them without question.

Another way someone to be chosen to pilot the Red Lion, is someone who puts the needs of others above their own self glory. Legendary Defender features: Fastest of the lions, heat resistance, magma beam, back mounted rail gun, produces sword unlocked by the Red Bayard.

Legendary Defender features: Cloaking mode installed by Ridge, “Vine Beam” that causes spontaneous plant life growth, arm cannon unlocked by the Green Bayard. The requirements to pilot the Blue Lion has never been explained, but the best guess is that one must deeply care for the lives of others.

Legendary Defender features: “Ice Ray”, sonic blaster, unknown weapon unlocked by the Blue Bayard. Legendary Defender features: Heaviest armor of the lions, additional claws and a jet booster, shoulder cannon unlocked by the Yellow Bayard capable of single or multi-shots.

Its originally was nonfunctional because of its lack of a power source, this was resolved by using a crystal made from the Castle of Lions. The ATLAS originally lacked any close range weapons, but when combined with Vol tron, it can wield a Great Sword.

They lived their for many years, eventually adapting their skills with machines and technology to nature and used coded spores as SOS messages. Team Vol tron answered this distress call and Ryder helped them organize a rescue of their King.

When she discovered that their King had betrayed them, she rallied her people to take back their city and helped Ridge bond with the Green Lion to unlock her new weapon. Later, Ryder and the Alkali assisted the team in constructing a giant Telugu for them as well as housing many refugees on their planet.

Ridge later learned that Ryder died after Minerva's rob east attacked Clarion. When he discovered Katie hacking into his computer for information on the Kerberos mission and her family, he had her removed and barred her from ever setting foot in the Garrison again, prompting her to assume a false, male identity to continue her search.

The Gala Empire was desperate to claim this technology, and imprisoned Slav in a highly fortified installation known as Beta Tram, where he was subjected to torture to extract his knowledge for use in creating genetic and technological enhancements for the Gala Empire. His intelligence makes him aware of numerous alternate realities-so many in fact that he has difficulty distinguishing them from the one in which he currently resides.

The Paladins meet an alternate reality version of him, who is a rebel fighter of the Guns of Samara against the Altman Empire. Slav reappeared at the end of Season 7, arriving at Earth with the Coalition members and happily meeting Veronica.

Some time after this, he was rescued from a Gala prison by a group of rebel fighters and worked alongside them until Ridge finally locates and reunites with him in Season 4, prompting him to join the Vol tron Coalition. Matt is a young man, likely in his late teens or very early twenties, with light brown hair and features greatly resembling his sister.

He has a scar that runs diagonally under his left eye, which he seems to have acquired in or after Gala imprisonment. Matt continued to fight alongside the rebels and eventually contacted his family on Earth, warning them not to broadcast their location as it could put them in danger and that Vol tron has been missing for months.

Having already lost her parents to this colony, Rozelle pleaded with her younger brother, Bangor, not to go. Bangor, faithful to Motor, assured her that she could join them some day and gave his sister a secret communicator.

By chance, she was discovered by Keith and Kaolin, who had come to investigate the colony, and they shared what information they knew. To Rozelle's horror, they discovered that the Aliens taken to the second colony were in fact being harvested for their quintessence.

Keith brought Rozelle back to the Castle to testify this information to the Paladins in order to reveal Motor's deceit and treachery. Afterwards, Rozelle remained with the group as they journeyed back to Earth and continued their efforts against the Gala Empire.

He later accompanies Keith and Shirt back to the Castle of Lions to meet with Allure, where he reveals that the Gala have learned of their existence, forcing them to step up their plans to take down Carbon. This plan would involve shutting down Carbon's command ship, enabling Allure to send it through a massive wormhole to a distant galaxy.

After Motor's defeat, Bolivian was captured by a Druid named Acids and used to lure in other Blade members to their deaths before being rescued by the Paladins. He is later revealed to be a member of the Blade of Marmara, a secret group of Gallons who are against Carbon's rule.

After challenging Keith at the Blade of Marmara headquarters, he joins Bolivian in boarding the Castle of Lions for the remainder of the second season. He, Bolivian, and Allure later board Carbon's command ship in order to battle Hangar and her Druids.

The Blade embedded many agents into these scouting parties in an effort prevent them from finding any more Lions. She was rescued and nursed back to health by Keith's father and eventually fell in love with him.

Over time, she considered being stranded on Earth a blessing and dedicated herself to protecting the Blue Lion, with help from Keith's father. One night, another scouting group arrived and Kaolin and Keith's father set out to stop them.

She kissed her infant son goodbye and left her Lucite knife with her lover before departing. Some time later, she was stationed at Warlord Canvas's base and assumed control of it following his presumed death at the Oral Era.

She revealed herself as Keith's mother, but insisted they focus on their next mission: finding the source of the concentrated quintessence. Their search took them to a quantum abyss, where time and space are distorted and allows them to glimpse the past and future.

Riding on the back of a space creature, Kaolin, Keith and a Cosmic Wolf they adopt finally arrive at the other side of the quantum abyss, though it takes them two years to do so due to the distortion of time and space. Kaolin remains with the team as they travel back to Earth, regularly programming battle simulations in order to keep their skills sharp.

After rescuing Bolivian, Kaolin volunteers to join him and help rebuild the Blades. She apologizes for having to leave Keith a second time, but he gives her back her knife, and they part on good terms.

He desires the Lions of Vol tron, not only because they represent the biggest threat to his campaign, but because he is later revealed to be the Black Paladin before Shirt, from a time when most of the Gala were allies of the Aliens, and still possessing the Black Paladin Bayard. He is able to use his Bayard in far more advanced ways than the current Paladins, able to form a myriad of energy weapons with which he can easily go toe-to-toe directly with the Lions themselves.

In the last episode of Season 2, Carbon faces Vol tron and the Paladins in an experimental Mecca armor and is defeated but left in critical condition, requiring life-support. In season 5, Carbon confronts his son Motor, which ultimately results in his death.

In battle, her magical abilities allow her to teleport, cast illusions, fog the mind with hallucinations, and use her hands to project energy blasts and shields. Hangar is revealed to be Altman in the second-season finale, and orders the remaining Gal ran commanders to summon their lord's son, Prince Motor and is revealed to be Motor's mother in season four as mentioned by Motor when he refers her by her real name Minerva in addition to regaining memories of her being his mother in season five.

In season six, Hangar finds and journeys to Orange, a mystical realm that is the birthplace of Altman alchemy. Unlike his father, he desires to inspire loyalty to the planets they conquer rather than fear to make the Gala Empire stronger.

After Carbon awoke he dismissed Motor from his duties and then declared open season on his life, after learning on what he was planning. With his generals turning against him and forced into a corner, Motor assists the Vol tron Coalition to win a harrowing battle at the last second, and offers a truce.

After killing Carbon, Motor became the new Emperor, despite the fact that he is half-Galra and remains an ally to Team Vol tron. While helping the Vol tron Coalition, Motor created a bond with Princess Allure, that then later developed into romantic feelings reciprocated by her.

In the season six finale, Vol tron defeated him and despite Allure's offers to save him, he is left stranded in the rift until Minerva was able to bring him and his Incline Much back. Acids first appeared in season 1, where he battled and injured Keith after the Paladin tried to steal a sample of concentrated quintessence.

They would not meet again until years later, after Hangar abandoned the Druids and Acids, in an attempt to regain favor with her, captured Bolivian and used a signal to lure in members of the Blade of Marmara, systematically eliminating many of their numbers. Fire of Purification A splinter faction of Gala who chose to leave the Empire when Motor assumed the throne.

He becomes leader of the “Fire of Purification”, his own armada made of Gala who have joined with him after the empire was broken apart. While the Vol tron Paladins are missing in action after defeating Motor, Sendai leads an invasion of planet Earth, capturing many of its citizens and leaving it mostly in ruin.

The Galaxy Garrison manages to put up a fight, but are overwhelmed until the Vol tron Paladins finally make it back. Sendai is building six cannons that, when their firepower is combined above Earth's atmosphere, will completely destroy the planet.

Vol tron and the Galaxy Garrison fight back and destroy the cannons and cripple Sendai's command ship and sending it crashing to Earth. When Motor declared he would wipe out all his enemies, including the rest of the Gala, ACA, For and Third, disturbed by this statement, abandoned Motor for good only to be ejected from the Incline ships by him for their betrayal and were left stranded in space.

In season 7, For and Third became Warlords, while ACA left to find her own path. At the end of the series, ACA, For and Third joined The Blade of Marmara.

Following an act of sabotage that allows the Vol tron Lions and Castle to escape Gala Central Command, Proof is punished by Carbon, despite being innocent, and taken away for interrogation by the Druids, Hangar's order of dark magicians. He is then used by Hangar to give life to a new Rob east that tracks Vol tron to a cluster of sanatorium, home to a Gala rebel base.

He meets his demise when LAZ sacrifices himself by crash landing his ship into his Rob east form. He is then called upon by Carbon to capture Vol tron, and despite attempts at worming his way out of it is forced to comply with the order.

Roberts & Meccas The Gala Empire employs Roberts and meccas generally created by Hangar and her Druids, albeit simply called “Beasts” until Hunk gives them their more popular name in “Shirt's Escape.” There is one noticeable distinction between Roberts and Meccas: Roberts are generally techs powered and given life by the quintessence of a being's soul forcefully implanted into the beast and controlled by Hangar's dark magic while Meccas are generally techs controlled by a pilot.

He possessed a powerful arm cannon based on his gladiator weapon, capable of producing an energy orb that he could fire and then control, using it to strike at enemies when they attempted to attack him. However, Hangar either didn't or couldn't improve upon the design, and Shirt's memories of his early battle enabled the Vol tron pilots to defeat the Gladiator and destroy him.

Its ability to fire multiple blasts at once or concentrate them all into a powerful orb proved a formidable threat to the Vol tron Paladins, with the combined blast proving stronger than Voltron's shoulder cannon. However, they were able to use the cannon's multi-shot feature to hit all the ports at once, and managed to land a devastating blow to the Rob east, which was later encased in crystal by the Balm era that they were fighting on.

However, the creature later revived (albeit now headless), having undergone a metamorphosis in which its power was increased, and it gained a pair of massive Balm era crystals corrupted by its energy as shields. An attempt by the Paladins to destroy it by crashing it into an explosive asteroid proved fruitless, and it was only the sacrifice of LAZ, a member of the Blade of Marmara, that saw this Rob east meeting its end, crushed by an artificially produced singularity.

It shared Voltron's ability to produce weapons when unlocked by a Bayard, specifically the Black Bayard that Carbon retained as the Black Lion's original Paladin, such as an energy sword and a segmented chain weapon. It seems to have had additional abilities based on those of the Black Lion, such as a massive pair of wings that allowed it to fly through space at high speeds and that could form shields capable of neutralizing Voltron's shoulder cannon blast.

After recovering the pieces, the Garrison discovered the power source of the much: a female Altman named Luka. Minerva has built more of these Roberts which are piloted by her Altman acolytes infused with the strength of her dark entities.

When they received word of their home planet's destruction, many went into hiding using their shape shifting to blend in with other races. Motor found many of these survivors and created a hidden colony to hide their existence from Carbon.

Unlike Rozelle, Bangor was fully devoted and loyal to Motor like the rest of the Aliens in their colony. However, Bangor discovered the truth behind the second colony and was able to escape and warn Rozelle, before succumbing to his injuries.

Russians : a race of short, bipedal creatures with a vague resemblance to salamanders/snails exclusive to Legendary Defender. She tries to appease the “Lion Goddess” by performing the Dance of Apology for Allure and the Vol tron team.

With this in mind, he alerts the Gala to Shay's plan to help Hunk and Corn in hopes of sparing her from punishment. Eventually, he has a change of heart and helps the Paladins when they return to liberate them and the Balm era from the Gala.

The Alkali : A race that adapted from machine to nature based technologies after their King, Lubes willingly sold out his people as slaves to live in comfort, by building a super-weapon for Carbon's forces. While lead a liberalization on Clarion with Team Vol tron, later on The Alkali help Ridge to fully connect to the Green Lion in a way that allows her to summon a new weapon.

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