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Edit Complete series cast summary: Richard Base hart ... Adm. Harriman Nelson / ... 110 episodes, 1964-1968 David Edison ... Capt. Edit Voyage chronicled the adventures of the world's first privately owned nuclear submarine, the SSR Sea view.

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Though the show is known for its “monster” episodes, many plots were veiled commentaries of what was happening in the news. Such plot lines as nuclear doomsday, pollution of natural resources, foreign threat, and theft of American technology are all still relevant today.

Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Goofs Any time the Sea view dives below 600 feet, the sea should be completely dark. Visible light does not penetrate the ocean below that level.

Quotes Captain Crane : We can expect to see it again someday. Sea view is designed and built by scientist and engineering genius AdmiralHarriman Nelson (Secret) (Walter Pigeon).

Captain Lee Crane (Robert Sterling) is the submarine's Commanding Officer. The mission includes being out of radio contact for 96 hours while under the Arctic ice cap.

The polar ice suddenly begins to crack and melt, with boulder-size pieces crashing into the ocean around the submerged submarine; surfacing, they discover the sky is on fire. After rescuing scientist Miguel Alvarez (Michael Ankara) and his dog at Ice Floe Delta, Sea view receives radio contact from Mission Director Inspector Began at the Bureau of Marine Exploration.

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He reports that a meteor shower has pierced the Van Allen radiation belt, causing it to catch on fire, resulting in a deadly increase in the global temperature. Nelson's on-board friend and scientist, retired Commodore Lucius Emery (Peter Lorre), concurs it is possible.

Nelson informs the UN that, according to their calculations, if the increasing temperature is not stopped, it will become irreversible and the Earth will die in about three weeks. The Admiral and the Commander propose extinguishing the fire by launching a nuclear missile at the burning belt from the Mariana Islands.

A nuclear explosion should overwhelm and extinguish the flames, “amputating” the belt from the Earth. The chief scientist and head delegate, Vienna's Emilio Stucco (Henry Daniel) rejects the Admiral's plan as too risky.

He believes the composition of the belt's gasses will cause the fire to soon burn itself out when reaching 173 degrees. Nelson disagrees with Stucco's theory, claiming that his estimated burn-out point is incorrect.

The Admiral and the Commodore quickly leave the proceedings intending to get authorization directly from the President himself. The Sea view races to reach the optimal firing position above the Pacific Ocean's Marianas trench in time for the needed angle of projector.

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The rescued scientist, Miguel Alvarez, a religious zealot regarding the catastrophe, is the suspected saboteur. A hostile, unidentified submarine pursues them, diving deep into the Mariana Trench, exceeding its crush depth ; the sub implodes before it can destroy Sea view.

Crane encounters Dr Hitler, the saboteur, as she exits the restricted nuclear reactor core. Her radiation detector badge has turned red, showing she has been exposed to a fatal dose.

The Admiral learns that temperatures are rising faster than projected, proving Stucco's theory is incorrect. Alvarez, believing it is God's will for the Earth to be destroyed, attempts to sabotage the mission by threatening to explode a bomb.

Sea view reaches the Mariana Islands, and over Alvarez's threats and objections, a nuclear missile is launched toward the belt. From August 1, 1958, through August 5, 1958, USS Nautilus (the first nuclear-powered submarine), under the command of Commander (later Captain) William R. Anderson, steamed under the Arctic ice cap to make the first crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic via the North Pole.

The citation began with the words, “For outstanding achievement in completing the first voyage in history across the top of the world, by cruising under the Arctic ice cap from the Bering Strait to the Greenland Sea “. It was named for the radio message he sent to the Chief of Naval Operations to announce that Nautilus had reached the pole.

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Calvert wrote the book Surface at the Pole about this and the other Arctic missions of USS Skate. Two milestones in underwater exploration were achieved in 1960, the year before Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was released.

On January 23, 1960, Jacques Pic card and Lieutenant Don Walsh (USN), in the bathyscaphe Trieste, made the first descent to the bottom of the Challenger Deep. The Challenger Deep is the deepest surveyed spot in the world's oceans, and is located in the Mariana Trench, southwest of Guam.

From February 16, 1960, to May 10, 1960, the submarine USS Triton, under the command of Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr., made the first submerged circumnavigation of the world. Discoveries since then clearly invalidate what the film says: the Van Allen belts (actually somewhat more radiation-dense portions of the magnetosphere) are made up of sub-atomic particles trapped by the Earth's magnetic field in the vacuum of space and cannot catch fire, as fire requires oxygen, fuel, and an ignition source, all of which are insufficient in the Van Allen Belts.

The film's submarine design is unique in that it features an eight-window bow viewport that provides panoramic undersea views. In the novelization by Theodore Sturgeon, the windows are described as “... oversized hull plates which happen to be transparent”.

In the film, Sea view has eight bow windows in the exterior shots, but only four appear in the interior shots showing the lower level Observation Room (the four upper windows are implied to be out of frame, at the top of the Observation Room). In the film, the USES Sea view (United States Oceanographic Survey) is under the authority of Nelson and the Bureau of Marine Exploration rather than the U.S. Navy.

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Set designer Herman Blumenthal did not approach the Navy to do research; he relied solely on pictures of naval vessels in the media. For the filming of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, a number of detailed sets, props and scale models were created to realize the Sea view submarine.

When Irwin Allen decided to make a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea television series, all he had to do was pull the sets out of storage. The film reduced the cost of setting up the show and was the template for the type of stories that were done.

The studios, having made the film, helped make the television series easier to produce. The success of the feature film led to the 1964–1968 ABC television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

During the series run, the film's storyline was remade as a one-hour episode, written by William Welch, and titled “The Sky's on Fire”. In June 1961, Pyramid Books published a novelization of the film by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon.

One of those reprinting pictures Richard Base hart and David Edison on the cover, but the book is still based on the Walter Pigeon film. Collectors who want a novelization of the television series should find City Under the Sea.

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The original 1961 book cover portrays a submarine meeting a fanged sea serpent. In 1961, Dell Comics created a full-color adaptation of the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea film.

Mad magazine published a TV series parody entitled, Voyage to See What's on the Bottom “. There is also a family board game, manufactured by Recolor, that is tied to the film and not the television series.

The game's product carton uses a photo of a wet suited scuba diver with the eight-foot shooting miniature of the Sea view. ^ Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships ^ “Navy's Bathyscaphe Dives 7 Miles in Pacific Trench”; The New York Times ; January 24, 1960; page 1 ^ Beach, Captain Edward L.; Around the World Submerged: The Voyage of the Triton ; Annapolis, Bluejacket Books, Naval Institute Press, 1962 (Bluejacket Books edition 2001); pp.

Tim Collier, Sea view: The Making of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 1992, Alpha Control press. Robert Dow dell, the versatile actor who had supporting roles on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Stone Burke, two ABC series of the 1960s, has died.

His early jobs were as a pinsetter at a Chicago bowling alley, a mail carrier for the ABC network, a hunting guide in Mexico and a railroad brakeman. The actor also popped up on the 1950s anthology series Studio One in Hollywood and Buick-Electra Playhouse and on shows including Moment of Fear, Adam-12, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Chips.

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Celebrate Halloween with IMDb's Top Rated 'Horror' TV Shows They Walk! David Edison, who starred as Captain Lee Crane on the 1960s ABC submarine series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, died Thursday in Los Angeles, a family spokesperson announced.

The handsome actor also portrayed scientist André Delaware, who got turned into an insect in The Fly (1958) long before Jeff Goldblum ever did, and he played CIA operative Felix Later in the James Bond films Live and Let Die (1973) and License to Kill (1989). From 1964 to 1968, Edison's character worked aboard the submarine Sea view under the command of Adm. Harriman Nelson (Richard Base hart) on 110 episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

He worked alongside UTA Hagen and Michael Redgrave in-off Broadway productions by Clifford Odets and Christopher Fry, among others, and made his big-screen debut in the World War II naval drama The Enemy Below (1957), starring Robert Mitch um. After starring in the original The Fly and Son of Robin Hood in 1958, he signed a contract at Twentieth Century Fox, changing his stage name to David Edison.

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