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In order to log in to Academic, you need a WSU Accessed, a computer with Internet access, and a recent version of a Web browser that supports Internet standards, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari. Log in to Academic with your Wayne State University Accessed and password.

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Why don't I see my course when I submit final grades via Academic ? If you do not see your course when you go to submit your final grades via Academic, you may need to contact your schedule coordinator to make sure you are seen as the instructor of record.

Academic is available to Wayne State University students, faculty, staff, applicants and select retirees. When you visit Academic, it will recognize you and display information pertinent to your role(s) at WSU.

Academic accounts may be disabled for one of the following reasons. For security reasons, an account is disabled after the fifth unsuccessful login. A student has not registered...

How do I change the password I use for Academic, Canvas, and Wayne Connect email? Follow the steps below to change your password for Academic, Canvas and Wayne Connect.

Why is my Detailed Schedule information in Academic not displaying correctly? If you have a valid Wayne State University Accessed then you already have an Academic ID.

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Members of the Wayne State University faculty may find assigned courses in Academic. Follow the steps below to view any holds on your records.

If you have a registration hold on your student record, you will not be allowed to register for classes. Follow the steps below to apply for or check the status of financial aid services in Academic.

Follow the steps below to sign up for employee training workshops. Follow the steps below to pay for courses in Academic.

Official Wayne State University grades (final and early assessment) are posted on Academic. In the WSU Resources box on the left-hand side of the page, click Student R...

How can a WSU instructor download a class list in Academic ? Wayne State University faculty can find assigned courses in Academic.

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How does a WSU instructor enter grades in Academic ? Wayne State University faculty must enter final grades in Academic.

Cabinet is an electronic payment system available to Wayne State University students to pay charges for tuition and other student services. Cabinet allows the student, parent, legal guardian or verified third party to pay these charges with a credit c...

Students may print their 1098-T form or Tuition Statement from within Academic. Follow the steps below to access your 1098-T. Log in to Academic at a. Wayne .edu with your Accessed and password. Click Student Resources in the menu on the left. Click FI...

Academic makes it easy to file your taxes when it's convenient for you. Employees may access and print their tax forms from within Academic.

Follow the steps below to access your tax forms. Wayne State University students may access their transcript via Academic.

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Accelerate Employee Development Tools are provided by the vendor Skill soft. Check the Skill soft Knowledge Base for the latest system requirements.

Follow the steps below to provide feedback to the Academic development team directly within the portal. Skip to step four if you are already subscribed to the Feedback stream.

Log in to Academic and click Browse Public Streams in the bottom of ... Streams are how you learn what others are talking about and how you collaborate with your fellow Warriors.

You can follow Streams based on classes, groups, interests, resources and more. Finding streams you kn... Students and employees may both access Wayne State University administrative systems and services within Academic.

These systems and services are found under the Resources' header on the left-hand side of the Academic homepage. Follow the steps below to change your address in the Wayne State University directory. Go to Academic (a. Wayne .edu) and log in with your Accessed and password. In the Resources menu, click View Personal Info under either Student Resources > Student...

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Academic is Wayne State University's highly customizable portal for faculty, staff, students and select others. Follow the steps below to customize your preferences in Academic.

To access User Preferences, click the Settings Icon in the top right c... Follow the steps below to create a new stream in Academic.

Click New Post in the top right of your stream feed on the Academic homepage. Posts can be made by stream authors and read by Followers.

Authors may choose to file posts under multiple streams at one time. Every stream in Academic is made up of a series of Posts.

How do I embed images and use rich text in Academic posts and messages? Posts in Academic may be made more dynamic and interesting with the addition of Rich Text and other customizations.

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Take your text and bold it, italicize it, underline it, create bulleted or numbered lists, insert images and videos, include links an... Academic features a powerful search engine that encompasses multiple types of data.

Academic allows divisions, departments and campus groups to send promotional messages to campus users directly within the message stream. Once you have access to Academic Promotional Messaging you may create ...

OneDrive's files or folders may be shared via Academic by creating a web link. Find the post you wish to delete and click the three dots (...) in the upper right hand corner of it.

Academic creates course streams to supplement communication outside the classroom. Students and faculty are both automatically added to a course stream upon enrollment; students and faculty may both post in these streams and comment on or ...

Select Academic users may post Promotional messages, which are based on a coin system called Academician. Academic users may draw more attention to your posts by utilizing Mentions or Hashtags.

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