Abuela Is Coming Voltron

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 09 May, 2021
• 29 min read

As soon as Rosa finished speaking, a voice drenched with suspicion was then heard from the hallway. Sam Holt stood in awe of this tiny old woman, who looked so frail, and yet held herself with all the confidence of a general in the midst of battle, shouting orders at her troops in the center of the destruction and chaos.


Following closely behind was a very nicely dressed young woman with glasses and a pencil skirt. She walked over to Luis, and Sam assumed she was his wife, Daniella.

Rosa faltered for only a moment, before remembering why they were all gathered in the first place. The screen flickered to life, and everyone was met with the sight of someone they’d been waiting to see for almost a year.

Carlos and Maria began jumping and shouting as if the smiling boy on the screen could actually hear them. Uncle Lance!” Their shouts of joy were interrupted by Daniella shushing them, pulling them closer to where she and Luis were standing.

Rosa was on the verge of tears as her missing son began speaking. At that, Luis brought his hand to his heart and pretended to faint.

“As the guy who brought you this, Sam Holt, probably already told you, I’m in space. Veronica nodded as her eyes flooded with tears, threatening to spill over at any second as she let out a weak laugh.

Lance continued talking, giving a brief history of the war, and telling them about everything Vol tron had accomplished. He spoke about his teammates in great detail, gushing over their skills and talents.

He was especially excited to tell them that Hunk was with him, as he was basically an honorary McClain at this point. Marco laughed at that part, probably picturing Hunk fighting aliens with homemade cookies.

Eventually, Lance stopped, clearly lost in thought. Keith can take back Red, and then they’ll have the perfect Vol tron.

I can see you all again.” He was smiled sadly, and his voice was quivering with a small amount of hope… and something else Sam couldn’t quite place. The tears rolling down her face mirrored her son’s as he finished his message.

Everyone sat in silence for a moment, desperately trying to process what they’d just heard. Veronica looked thoughtful, before a mischievous smirk settle itself on her face.

A determined look crossed Rosa’s face as she spoke for the first time since the message had finished. Winter break started, and it was a great time to be alive.

The McClain kids woke up early and played outside in the snow. Their mom watches them all play in the snow like idiots.

The snowplow came by again, the kids screamed when they saw a massive amount of snow rush by. They hid under their mom’s rental car and wait for it to pass.

They crawled out moments later and saw all the snow that was in their lawn and again blocking their driveway. Sarah and Rico started to roll snow off the driveway.

Lance and Sam join moments later, trying to clear the snow for their mom. “Why does it keep blocking our driveway?” Sam asks.

Lance shrugs and kept rolling the snow into a decent sized snowball. I mean I don’t think it’s a driveway.” Lance points out, Sam looks at it and agrees with his older brother.

” Lance nods, Sarah sat on the snowball she made listening to her brothers. “We don’t hate the house Sarah.” Lance starts.

She told us to run and threw shoes at us.” Lance thought about that. “That’s where you’re from.” He pokes Rico’s nose, the boy giggles happily and fell over in the snow.

He sat up and looks at his older brother with curiosity. “It was fun but damn we were some of the whitest kids there.” Lance laughs with his siblings.

“The white lady who lived in Cuba.” Lance chuckles. “Are we going to see Abuela this year?” Sarah asks hoping they would.

“Yeah I guess.” Lance walks back inside. “Wait for me!” Sarah held Rico’s hand and ran after Lance, Sam follows behind his little siblings.

The kids took off all their snow clothes and walked into the living room. The three sat in the living room playing video games, their mom sat with them and watched the kids played games.

He walks the cold streets of Alter, he quickly got to the café and rushes in. Lance rushes in and let's out a loud sigh, damn it was cold out.

After getting a record time for slowest speed stack he put them away and looked at Allure. “I’m bored back here!” Lance shouts.

Keith walked in when Allure was done posing, he gave her a look that screamed ‘silently judging you’. Keith went into the kitchen to see Lance counting spoons.

“I’m so bored!” “I can tell, you’re counting spoons.” Keith said pointing at all the spoons. He sat on the counter and watched Keith put his coat away, which they threw their coats on a random chair that was in there.

“The café will be closed on Christmas, so I guess I’ll just sit around with Shirt and Allure all day. “The rest of mi familiar lives in Cuba, we’re the only ones in America.” Lance looks at Keith.

“I don't know.” Keith walks up to the ordering window and peaks at Allure. “Hey Allure, what’s our plans for Christmas?” He asks.

She looks up from her book and stares at Keith, she thought for a moment. “Um… well we’re going to my Father’s home for Christmas dinner, he wants to meet you and Shirt.

“Not another word, you are almost eighteen, act like it.” She snaps and went back to reading. Lance lost it, he fell off the counter and tried to recover.

“Come on Keith, he’s going to be family. “I don’t want to be alone in that house.” Keith’s eyes resembled a kitten.

“You’re adorable” Lance coos, Keith lost it and pulled out his switchblade. “ALLURE HE’S Going to KILL ME!” He shouts.

He stuck his tongue out and hugged it close. “Keith gave it to me, it’s mine!” Wrong choice of words, he looked back and noticed Sarah giving him the signature McClain smirk.

“Are you and Princess in love?” Lance felt the heat rise to his face, he shook his head violently. He walks into the kitchen and took his medication, after that he sat in the living room.

His mom was on the phone, she seemed surprised but also happy. Lance turned the TV on and listened to his mom’s conversation.

“She insisted she come up to spend Christmas with us. Because the divorce and all... and she was devastated when she heard about Rebecca last month…” Isabella took a deep breath.

Yes sin necesidad DE racer Mama. He walks up the stairs and went into Sarah and Rico’s room, Sarah somehow fell back asleep in her bed after he left, she wasn't normal.

A loud uncomfortable groan came from Sam, he lightly pushes his brother. “Come on moron, we have to clean.” Lance hops down and started picking up all the shit left on the floor.

They were teenage boys, so their room was in a horrid state. Sam flops down, and landed on his side, lucky for him Lance made a habit of putting pillows on the side of the bed for Sam.

Lance laughs at his brother and went back downstairs. “The upstairs better be clean by the time I get back… also be a dear and sweep… also dust.” Isabella smiles and blew a kiss at her son.

“Nice Herman minor.” Lance said, Sam smiles feeling proud of himself. “I don’t know.” Sam shut the closet and looks at the room.

Lance hands Sam and Rico dusters, he gave Sarah the dustpan. “You two in living room, Sarah and I got kitchen.” Lance commands.

Hold on, here.” He hands Sarah the broom and ran upstairs. “Oh, got one.” He put his phone down and played “Soy Yo”.

It had to load, so the kids started cleaning while the ad played. As soon as the song played the kids started to dance a bit.

Lance looked at his sister and shook his hips a little before the lyrics came on. Sarah giggled, she thought her brother looked goofy.

Ago lo Que fewer y Munro en El intent. “And dance” He said in a cool tone, Sam rolls his eyes and continued to work.

“Oh nice, you broke Mama’s family picture.” Rico no no no!” Lance ran at his brother and made him drop the glass.

“I’ll clean it up, you go dust over there sweetie.” Lance picks it up the broken frame and threw the glass away. Sam and Rico started to vacuum the carpet in the living room, the floor was mostly wood and was connected to the dining room, but they had a big carpet in the middle.

They shoveled the dirt patch that they call a driveway. They walk in and flop on the couch, Sarah walks back from suffering the living room, dining room, and kitchen and lies on her brothers.

“I do not want to go to work tonight!” Lance complains. Lance groans and flops back down on the couch, taking Sarah with him.

I had to shovel my dirt patch driveway, and now I’m tired.” Lance complains. “You still have to come in and help out, what if it suddenly goes busy.” Keith hisses.

I find men appealing, not women.” Keith said. “If ya ask me it makes things more complicated.” The two sat around the kitchen doing nothing since nobody was there.

Lance returned late and noticed Sam wasn’t in his room. He gave up on his brother and decided to just let him be an idiot.

He saw Sarah and Rico were passed out, hopefully Sam was kind enough to wait till they fell asleep. Lance curled up on his bed and fell asleep.

Lance woke up the next morning and saw Sam in his bed conked out. He noticed Keith was on the couch asleep, Rico curled up right next to him.

“Not going to ask.” He walks into the kitchen and reaches for his medication. Isabella was making final adjustments to the house before Abuela showed up.

Thought you might like a picture of your “boyfriend” curled up with your baby brother on the couch. Lance’s face turned red in an instant.

“Uh huh, and I’m a happily married woman.” Isabella said sarcastically. “Haven’t told Abuela what?” Isabella asks.

Keith walked upholding Rico giving Lance and Isabella a sleepy yet annoyed look. He hands Isabella Rico and stares at Lance.

Keith raises an eyebrow, that annoyed Lance. Lance gave his mom a look that said ‘do not get involved’ and went back to arguing with his friend.

“Whey- NO!” Lance shouts, he took of his glasses and rubs his face. Sarah walks down in a zombie state, she immediately woke up when she saw Keith.

Keith puts Sarah down and follows her to the living room. “You can’t walk away from the- Keith get back here!” Lance shouts.

I can’t- I can’t hear you over the TV!” Keith said in a playful tone. He decided to help his mom with the final touches.

She opens it to reveal a smaller woman at the door. Her hair was grayish, her skin tan, and her body was chubby like Isabella’s.

“ ¡Yo he per dido much DESE Que SE mud a Los Estates UNIDO, Esper Que Estes send bravado Bain mi Nina! ” The old lady notices her grandkids and opened her arms up.

¡Even a DAR a TU Vaisey abuela UN Abrams, vino to-do El Camino pasta aqua para verse! Lance and Sarah ran at their Grandma and about tackled her down, they’ve missed her so much.

He clung to Keith and stared her down, he’s never seen his Abuela before, so it was scary to him. Keith noticed Rico and grabs his hand.

Rosa winks at her daughter, she chuckled slightly. The family, plus Keith, all heard something rushing down the stairs.

It sounded like something was falling down, but it was Sam stomping down the stairs as fast as he can. ” She held her arms out, Sam almost tackled her down.

Keith felt a little embarrassed that Lance was holding him so close, however he had no idea what to say because he had no clue what everyone else was saying. “Yeah she is.” Lance nods, he got up and dragged his friend off his feet and placed in front of the old woman.

Vine a verse, no Tania NI idea Que SU amigo Estonia aqua. The rest of the family laughs, Isabella grips Keith’s shoulder.

He thought they put up a tree and that was it, nope not the McClain's. Lance and Sam were decorating the outside with lights, and complaining the whole time.

Keith was putting Christmas knick-knacks everywhere. They were cheesy and stupid looking, but Keith kind of liked them.

He and Shirt only put up a tree and string beads around it, so they don’t pay more for electricity. Sarah and Rico ran around placing things everywhere.

He noticed that Rebecca’s was hanging up as well, he couldn’t help but stare at it in sadness. Isabella walks up to him as Rosa was rearranging the tree.

“Lance wanted it up, he wouldn’t let it sit in a box. He wants to keep her alive, just one more Christmas with her.” That sounded like Lance, Keith could tell those two were close.

Something told Keith that Lance’s strength and inspiration was Rebecca. “I think she would’ve wanted it up, probably saying ‘you’d better not forget me!’.” Keith smiles, he hopes he didn’t say the wrong thing.

His father holding him up to put the star on the top. Hell Shirt’s parent’s made their tree all fancy with matching ornaments and everything.

Nothing matched, it was a cluster of goofy ornaments, all had meaning, all had a place on the tree. It was their own little tree, their own unique style to their Christmas story.

“Uh… w-why don’t we hang her up somewhere, okay?” He stutters, he saw Isabella giving him the same smirk as Sarah. !” Keith stutters, then he hid his face.

“I DO NOT, SHUT UP!” He whines, Isabella covered her mouth in shock, Rico giggled a bit, and Rosa had no idea what was going on. He saw everyone’s reactions and tried to ignore them by putting another ornament on.

Isabella ran outside and called to Lance, who was tying Sam up with the lights and not hanging them up. “Because you’re not doing anything so come here, Sam untangle yourself!” Isabella commands her kids.

Keith walks down and Isabella stops him and took the box from him. Also” She points up, Lance and Keith’s eyes grew to the size of saucers.

Keith about walked away, but Sarah pushed him back. “Do you not think Princess is pretty enough?” Sarah pouts with a sad face.

He didn’t want to be a part of this, though he was under a mistletoe with his crush… he wasn’t bold enough to kiss him. “ Crew Que princes BS may Linda y me Austria Dale UN best, pro El me Odin POR hello.

Man up and kiss your Princess!” She pushes Keith at Lance, the two stared at each other wide-eyed, face red. They felt all eyes on them, even Sam was watching through the window.

Keith lowers his head, his eyes never left Lance. Lance grabs Keith’s face, they quickly tapped the others lips and freaked out.

“Come on Princess, you did it!” Sarah found Keith hiding in her and Rico’s room. Nun ca sense Que dos chicks pesos serial tan... normal.

“ Keith LE Austen a Los chicks Mama, POR lo Que POR suggests Estonia avergonzada DE bear an alien tan guano Como Lance. Lance ha credo pasta SER bast ante El looker.

“Okay, I’ll leave you.” They all left Keith alone, outside Lance was chasing Sam with a branch he found. Keith lies on the couch while everyone went to bed, Isabella went to work still.

He stares at the ceiling, the lights from the tree lit up the entire room, it was relaxing. Keith smiles and stared at all the colors lighting up off the white ceiling.

Not really.” Keith sat up and let Lance sit next to him. “I’m… I’m sorry about her… mi Mama.” Lance said, Keith just stares at him.

Calling you my boyfriend, though I have to repeat to her we’re just friends.” That sentence made Keith’s stomach turn. “Just friends” sounded awful, like a punch to the gut.

“I don’t think what we did counts as a kiss Lance, we touched lips and freaked the fuck out. “Whatever.” Keith curled up and stared at the floor, the wood reflected the lights differently, Keith liked how it looked like little circles on the floor.

Keith quickly looked at him, embarrassed but surprised Lance was asking. Keith looked away and messed with a strand of his hair.

“Yeah, no one will ever know.” Lance rubs the side of Keith’s face. “Only us.” Lance leans in and softly kisses Keith.

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