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Anagram puzzles meet word search. Whoever was responsible managed to send that ship up the river almost exactly at zero hour.

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From the Some time ago, the dockers of a certain port were begged to get a ship ready to join a convoy by zero hour. Zero hour for landing was to be 04:50 and re-embarkation was timed for 07:30 two hours and forty minutes for the commando operation.

Zero hour was postponed after the attacking force lost its way. Therefore, zero hour was to be half an hour later for the inner than the outer beaches.

The engine's previous operating history is maintained, and it is returned with zero hours since major overhaul. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995 Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.

If he left them, they might get away and send word through the vanished radioman to the Jerry squadrons awaiting the zero hour. Under portraits of Trotsky and Lenin they sang Russian songs and gathered about in knots waiting for zero hour '--one o'clock.

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Word forms: plural zero -hours contracts countable noun zero -hours contract is a contract where the employer does not have to provide regular work for the employee, but the employee has to be on call in case they are needed to work. COULD Advanced English Dictionary.

They're most often used by those sectors of the economy that require a flexible workforce due to their changeable need for staff, such as restaurants and factories. Due to their very nature, it's important for employers and workers to understand that their relationship is not the same as a normal employer/employee scenario.

One note of caution for employers who use zero hour contracts is to make sure that they become to rely upon those initially employed under a zero hours contract to fulfill their weekly hours as this over time could allow workers to claim that an obligation for them to work had been created, and as such, giving them according rights of an employee. Employers don’t want to find themselves having an obligation to provide work to staff members they will not require on a consistent basis.

At Howells Solicitors we specialize in providing expert legal advice to both employees and businesses alike. For example, this type of maintenance would occur if you wait until a machine stops working before fixing it.

Preventive, in which a certain level of service is maintained to identify and to fix potential vulnerabilities. Predictive, in which physical variables that may indicate a problem with the equipment, such as vibration, temperature, and power consumption, are monitored.

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An example would include installing sensors in an HVAC system that would provide notification when it's time for a filter change. This type of maintenance is also used as a last-resort attempt to extend the life of equipment that has lost functional abilities.

Common situations in which breakdown maintenance is not used include in an airplane or with vehicle tires, as doing so would put lives in jeopardy. For most types of equipment, these steps should be taken at least once a month to find potential problems early.

Corrective model: Arising breakdown repair applied to the least critical equipment. Systematic model: Includes tasks done regardless of the condition of the equipment, measurements and tests to determine potential issues, and repair of identified faults.

High-availability model: Used for equipment for which failure would be catastrophic, including items with above 90 percent of availability and resultant high production costs and demand. Often, no time can be allotted to stop this machine for preventive, corrective, or systematic maintenance.

For this reason, it requires predictive maintenance techniques along with an equipment shutdown for a complete overhaul at least once a year. This type of model is commonly used for continuously rotating equipment, power production turbines, high-temperature furnaces, and reaction tanks or reactor deposits.

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Legal maintenance requirements typically apply to equipment that has the potential to harm people or the environment and outline specific tests, tasks, and inspections that must be included in the maintenance plan. Maintenance must be subcontracted to a specialist when special knowledge or additional resources are required.

You will be entitled to basic statutory employment rights such as the National Minimum Wage (NEW), holiday pay and statutory rest breaks, based on the hours that you are required to work. As long as you agree to perform it 'personally' (i.e. to do the work yourself rather than by sending someone else, or by using a limited company) you will be a 'worker'.

As a result, you will qualify for ‘worker’ rights, including the NEW, holiday pay, rest breaks and freedom from discrimination. Some zero -hours contract workers may struggle to meet this threshold, especially if you rely on more than one job.

Across all the sectors where zero hours contracts have become common, including retail, hospitality, social care and the gig economy, unions are making gains for workers, whether by bringing test cases in the employment tribunal, campaigning to tackle abuses, negotiating improvements to terms and conditions or helping workers to connect and organize. Make sure to get individual advice on your case from your union, a source on our free help page or an independent financial advisor before taking any action.

As you go through labor, your doctor will use different terms to describe how your baby is progressing through the birth canal. Fetal station describes how far down your baby’s head has descended into your pelvis.

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Your doctor determines the fetal station by examining your cervix and locating where the lowest part of your baby is in relation to your pelvis. Your doctor will then assign a number from -5 to +5 to describe where your baby’s presenting part (usually the head) is located.

This figure represents the number of centimeters the baby has descended into the pelvis. A doctor will usually perform a cervical check to determine how wide your cervix is and how far down your baby has moved.

Your doctor will then assign a number from -5 to +5 to describe where your baby is in relation to the social spines. The social spines are bony protrusions located in the narrowest part of your pelvis.

If the head is high and not yet engaged in the birth canal, it may float away from their fingers. Once your baby’s head fills the vaginal opening, just before birth, the fetal station is +5.

Each change in number usually means your baby has descended another centimeter into your pelvis. You will feel more room for deep breaths, but your bladder may be compressed, so you’ll need to urinate often.

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Cervical examination to determine fetal station can be a fast and painless. An alternative to cervical exam for fetal station is using an ultrasound machine, which uses sound waves to determine the baby’s position.

Doctors might choose to use this imaging tool as an alternative or way to confirm what they identify as the fetal station. Two doctors could both conduct a cervical exam to try to determine fetal station and come up with two different numbers.

Some women may have a shorter pelvis, which could change the way a doctor would typically measure fetal station. Another reason your doctor may want to use caution with using fetal station is that too many vaginal exams done while a woman is in labor may increase the chance of infection.

This means the baby’s face, instead of the back of their head, is pointing toward the front of the mother’s pelvis. Doctors use this scoring system to determine how successful a labor induction is going and the likelihood that you’ll be able to deliver vaginally or need to have a cesarean delivery.

A Bishop’s score of less than 3 means that you are unlikely to deliver without some form of induction, like medications given to promote contractions. Doctors may use the Bishop’s score to justify certain medical procedures, like labor induction.

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