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• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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In a world where technology is adopted from an early age and children are accustomed to video games and computers, VR proves an effect method of training. VR can transport a trainee into a number of different situations, places and environments for a range of training purposes.

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Likewise, it can also be used to teach soldiers some softer skills, including communication with local civilians or international counterparts when out in the field. Another of its uses includes treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for soldiers who have returned from combat and need help adjusting to normal life situations; this is known as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (BRET).

Virtual reality can be used by coaches and players to train more efficiently across a range of sports, as they are able to watch and experience certain situations repeatedly and can improve each time. Some say it can also be used to improve athletes' cognitive abilities when injured, as it allows them to experience gameplay scenarios virtually.

Potentially, this could also allow for those who cannot afford to spend money on attending live sports events to feel included as they can enjoy the same experience remotely, either for free or at a lesser cost. For example, some patients with anxiety find meditating using VR to be an effective method to manage stress reactivity and boost coping mechanisms.

Due to its interactive nature, medical and dental students have begun using VR to practice surgeries and procedures, allowing for a consequence free learning environment; the risk of inflicting harm or making a mistake while practicing on real patients is eliminated. Using VR technology in the medical industry is an effective way to not only improve the quality of students in training, but it also presents a great opportunity to optimize costs, especially since health services are continuously under pressure with tight budgets.

They can also be taken on virtual field trips, for example, to museums, taking tours of the solar system and going back in time to different eras. Research has found that VR can be a motivating platform to safely practice social skills for children, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

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Technology company, Flores, has developed virtual reality scenarios that allow children to learn and practice skills such as pointing, making eye contact and building social connections. For example, virtual simulations of store environments can be extremely useful for retailers to design their signage and product displays without fully committing to the build like you would in the real world.

Some popular brands that have already begun implementing VR in their business include: Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and Gap. Viruses for these big names encompass offering a 360-degree experience of fashion shows and allowing customers to try on clothes virtually.

In 2016, we gave our Summer Intern team an exciting digital project to work on: creating a 360° virtual reality video that could be used at University recruitment fairs. The virtual reality headset enabled students to immerse themselves in the FDM office and experience the organization in the digital world.

However, much advancement we’ve seen, VR is still in its early stages, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the years to come as the technology is becoming more affordable and more widely available. Training uses for virtual reality are especially important for people with dangerous jobs, like military servicemen and women.

Because of the intensive nature of training all branches of the armed forces, militaries around the world have started implementing super practical uses for virtual reality, including flight and combat simulation, battlefield medical training, and driving simulations. But as far as we’re concerned, military training is an amazing use for virtual reality, and we hope it helps keep our servicemen and women safer and better prepared.

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In this case, virtual reality can be used to put the soldier in a noisy environment, such as a theme park or crowded room. Otherwise, the soldier can practice relaxation exercises (such as deep breathing techniques) that keep anxiety and panic attacks at bay.

In this case, the use for virtual reality is the same: to help the soldier come to terms with the series of events and then control the effects on the mind and body. If the soldier can understand the traumatic event, they might feel more equipped to make peace with it and move on.

During their residency, med students are allowed to start assisting in the operating room, eventually performing surgery on their own. Prior to their first solo cut, they practice on cadavers or specialized equipment made for that procedure.

But some are lucky enough to use virtual reality when preparing for a robotic surgery, which can almost feel like the real thing when combined with haptic feedback. World of Comedies uses virtual reality to explore the human anatomy, even diving into specific parts by letting the user see the inside of arteries and brain synapses.

On a more widespread scale, Google launched Expeditions as a way to find uses for virtual reality in the everyday classroom. There are hundreds of expeditions that could be used in a variety of subjects like biology, history, architecture, and even career services.

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Just like military training, virtual reality in education is certainly not meant to replace real experience, but rather to supplement it. In an effort to make everyday situations safer for workers, the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico (makers of the first American atomic bomb), are finding a practical use for virtual reality.

If, for example, the labs were collaborating on a project and needed to send scientists to each other’s facilities, VISIBLE could allow them to feel more comfortable with their new environment prior to setting foot in the building. The American justice system is rooted in the right to a fair trial, which involves being judged by a jury of your peers.

This use for virtual reality could offer a unique perspective for jurors, who otherwise might not have been able to fully grasp the entire crime scene. While this type of crime scene reconstruction is not fully tested, nor widely adopted, another possible use for virtual reality in the courtroom is witness preparation.

Allowing witnesses to use virtual reality during preparation can help people feel more comfortable, as they’ll be more familiar with the courtroom before walking in. Instead of answering questions in a lawyer’s office, they can put on a VR headset and practice “in the courtroom,” complete with stand-in jurors, a judge, an audience, and the defense team.

Time will tell if courts across the globe will adopt the use of virtual reality during trial or if it will be altogether thrown out. Changes in the justice system are typically slow and there are many reasons this technology could be disputed, only one of which is cost.

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As with many other groundbreaking pieces of technology in the past hundred years, virtual reality is unlikely to fade away. As manufacturers develop cheaper head-mounted displays and the technology becomes more widely accessible, uses for virtual reality will expand.

She is an Oakland native with seven years of experience in Content Marketing who loves baking, biking, and Bob. VR has certainly ridden the wave of the Gartner Hype Cycle over the past few years, but with the tech heavyweights of Facebook, Amazon and Google throwing their hats into the ring, ever-improving headsets and a wider range of virtual experiences available, VR seems to be on its way to mass adoption.

With ever-increasing competition in the jobs sector, a VR experience like this enables an employer to stand out from the crowd. This is particularly useful for workforce training that involves a high level of risk such as combat scenarios or construction work as trainees are able to learn valuable skills and procedures in an engaging and safe environment.

From public speaking and hands-on training to decision-making and crisis management, employees can gain integral skills, knowledge and experience without having to travel long distances or sit in repetitive, tedious presentations. Its ability to transport the viewer to an alternate reality is particularly powerful when aiding those who suffer from psychological fears and the traumatic memories that come with PTSD.

The same can be said for physical therapy, where VR has been proven to speed up recovery time as it allows the patient to act out their prescribed exercises in a more fun and focused environment. 360° CGI reconstructions of the inside of the human body allow access to areas that otherwise would have been impossible to learn about, whilst training scenarios allow students to experience difficult surgical procedures without the high levels of risk.

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To continue engaging young minds in the classroom, many educational institutions are beginning to explore the practical use of VR in this setting. In place of these conventional ‘field trips’, VR can transport pupils to the same locations, such as exhibitions and historic landmarks, without ever leaving the classroom.

VR can also be employed to bring historic events to life and add a deeper layer of understanding by immersing the students in 360° experiences and demonstrations. VR is also being applied in the engineering and manufacturing sectors because of its ability to give individuals 360° demonstrations of products in a virtual, hazard-free environment.

This application of VR is both time and cost-effective because it tests that every element of a product, process or mechanism is suitably designed and operates appropriately before manufacturing commences. One of the most notable benefits of using VR in manufacturing is that it removes the difficulties and complications that comes with creating huge physical prototypes.

Innovations included in this review use VR to navigate patient’s blood vessels, train nurses, detect Alzheimer’s disease, and more. The study, conducted by the University of Washington Medical Center, demonstrated how a catheter with electromagnetic sensors could be steered by the physician using this technology.

With VR’s ability to test navigational skills of users, these scientists believe that the technology will be optimal for pinpointing those who are more at risk of dementia. Health, a medical technology company focusing on VR products and data analysis, has recently announced it will be offering a system that alleviates hot flashes.

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With many patients going through menopause or chemotherapy treatments being affected negatively by hot flashes, Health is offering an innovative remedy for these individuals’ symptoms.

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