2019 Warrior Hockey Sticks

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 25 July, 2021
• 3 min read

With the ERGO SHAFT SHAPE and the new SABER TAPER, the Alpha provides the best performance and the lightest weight allowing for quicker shots and more confident hands. Features a lightning quick release and our Dagger Tapper III technology.

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With the 2019 Warrior Alpha sticks available for purchase, Pure Hockey is giving you all the information you’ll need to decide which model is best for you. Warrior fans will love the advances made in the new Alpha line, with a variety of new technologies and performance benefits to help bring their skills to the next level.

The new Alpha line consists of low-kick point sticks, best suited for players who most often take quick-motion shots, shoot close to the net, and need a quick release over pure power. If you’re unsure which kick point fits your game best, or you’re looking for an accurate assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey store.

Constructed with Warrior’s Dynamic Strike technology, this stick is built to offer excellent control and response for stick handling, passing, and shooting. The Alpha DX features the Fuel core Blade, offering a lightweight polymer core surrounded by composite layering for a stronger design, enhanced puck feel, and more pop when shooting.

Also included is Warrior’s Ergo shaft shape, a contoured design that fits comfortably and securely in your hands, and the Apex Grip Texture which provides a textured zone coupled with a tacky soft grip finish that locks easily into your hands for maximum control. The Alpha DX is a lightweight and dynamic option, ideal for players who skate four to five-plus times per week and need a high-performing stick.

The Alpha DX Pro features the Sabre Taper for a quick and powerful release; the Fuel core blade for enhanced puck feel and more shot pop; the True 1 Phantom Feel for lightweight control and response; and the Ergo shaft shape, so the shaft fits comfortably in your hands. The DX Pro also includes Warrior’s Apex Grip, providing a tacky soft feel in your hands for improved control.

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Warrior also features the Apex Grip on the DX3, providing players the type of surface they’re looking for to control the stick during play. The Warrior Alpha DX4, like the DX3, features some top technologies at a great value, making this model an excellent choice for the weekly player whose game calls for a low-kick point stick.

Included in the DX4 is Warrior’s Sabre Taper, True 1 Phantom Feel, Fuel core Blade, Ergo shaft shape, and the Apex Grip. Still a dynamic material, the Minimum Carbon 400 offers a good feel that casual players will appreciate when they hit the ice.

The Warrior Alpha DX5 stick rounds out the 2019 line, providing a great option for the occasional or new-to- hockey player. This model includes some technologies found in the Alpha DX, like the Sabre Taper, True 1 Phantom Feel, and Ergo shaft shape.

Bauer’s 2019 Prodigy sticks are constructed specifically for young players based on flex and performance needs. This taper design, used in the 2019 X2.7 model and in some top Vapor sticks from the previous generation, improves recoil speed by keeping energy in the lower part of the shaft, helping to get the puck off the blade as fast as possible.

While Bauer has redesigned their taper construction for the top-end senior Vapor models this year, ART still proves to be a dynamic technology, especially for this level of play, that will help skaters get their shots off quick. For the construction, Bauer includes UP Carbon Fiber in both the shaft and blade.

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Balance strategically layers added carbon fiber in the blade for more strength without weighing down the stick, while also reinforcing the edges for increased durability. Inside the blade is Bauer’s AERO FOAM I core, offering solid shot pop and a good puck feel.

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